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Podcast exploring creativity. Hosted by graphic designer Dylan Mazziotti & chocolatier Steve Hatch.

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Podcast exploring creativity. Hosted by graphic designer Dylan Mazziotti & chocolatier Steve Hatch.

    CRE8TIVITY 183: “Emily Merrell”

    CRE8TIVITY 183: “Emily Merrell”

    In this episode, musician / podcaster / teacher Emily Merrell joins Steve & Dylan to talk about podcasting, music, creativity & more! We had alot of fun recording this and hope you enjoy it, as well! It being Thanksgiging week, we would also like to thank everyone for their continued support of us and the podcast! Happy Thanksgiving!


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    Podcast: Website

    Emily’s interview with Steve!


    ARTIFICE · Ep. 139: Stephen Hatch

    • 55 min
    CRE8TIVITY 182: “The Fresh King Benjamin”

    CRE8TIVITY 182: “The Fresh King Benjamin”

    Ben Brown aka The Fresh King Benjamin joins Steve & Dylan on the podcast to talk about being raised on a polygamist compound, his life now as a comedian and speaker, his experiences at Burning Man & more in a funny, honest and sometimes difficult ways.


    LINKS: Website  | Instagram | TikTok | YouTube

    Ben’s next Utah show will be at The Rickles Room on November 10-11:  Get Your Tickets!

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    • 1 hr 18 min
    CRE8TIVITY 181: “An October Evening (2023)”

    CRE8TIVITY 181: “An October Evening (2023)”

    The creators of An October Evening (Stephen King Simmons & Andrea Hansen) return to Your Cre8tivity for the fourth time to celebrate their 17th year! We get a few details about the show, discuss vendors, their partnership with Bar X with includes a specialty cocktail which is available now until the night of the show!

    We also get an update on Stephen’s The Parker Sessions. (Home Video, Local Screenings, Etc.)

    As well as details on his new film Lead Belly, which will debut it’s trailer at the event.



    Eventbrite | Mark of The Beastro – 666 State Street

    Check out the previous installments with An October Evening!

    Episode 026 (2017) | Episode 145 (2021) | Episode 170 (2022)

    • 28 min
    CRE8TIVITY 180: “Natalie Allsup-Edwards”

    CRE8TIVITY 180: “Natalie Allsup-Edwards”

    Natalie Allsup-Edwards grew up in a toy store In an environment of creativity and entrepreneurship and it still shows! She owns multiple businesses (Hand Drawn Photo Booth, Local Artist Sticker Machine) that foster community, connection and sharing art! This is a fun episode!  Please join us!

    Ebay auction link: https://www.ebay.com/usr/goblina


    Hand Drawn Photo Booth: Website | Instagram

    Local Artist Sticker Machine: Website | Instagram

    Shmoofi3zZ: Instagram

    Dylan’s previous interview with Natalie!

    • 50 min
    CRE8TIVITY 179: “JD”

    CRE8TIVITY 179: “JD”

    After a bit of a break, Your Cre8tivity is back with an incredible comedian know by two letters JD as well as his moniker @comedyshortbus! We dig into his name, getting into comedy, nurturing his comedy, adventures along the way, the shortbus itself and what is next…


    Follow JD on Instagram: @comedyshortbus

    Get your tickets for his headlining shows: Wiseguys Comedy, Historic Ogden

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    • 1 hr 4 min
    CRE8TIVITY 178: “Parr’s Mobile Mini Golf”

    CRE8TIVITY 178: “Parr’s Mobile Mini Golf”

    In this new episode, Brandon Davis from Parr’s Mobile Mini Golf joins us to tell us about his “incredible” business! We find out how it all began, learning woodworking to build the holes where the name came from, add-on features, what’s new (full 18 whole course… now available) & what the future holds…!


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    • 37 min

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