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Dario's tango guide will help improve your dancing.

Dario's Tango Guide Knowledge Environments, Inc.

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Dario's tango guide will help improve your dancing.


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2 beoordelingen

2 beoordelingen

oszagi ,

If not an absolute beginer, great!

I took some tango lessons before and maybe spent most of the time learning mainly how to walk. At a point it all became too mechanical so when I had to learn the specific steps I just (wrongly) decided that there was no freedom in dancing Tango. Time has passed and sometimes I find myself in the street or at the supermarket just walking the Tango-way or making some hints of Tango movements when turning corners... But that´s me, the point is that the basics stay with you so when I came accross to Dario´s guide I was amazed at how easily I could start learning all these old and some new steps again. Each podcast is ment for just one step so it gives you more or less two weeks to practice it before you go to the next, which, even if you can´t practice everyday, is certainly enough time. Again, if you or your partner have never taken any lessons then this won´t help. But if one of you knows the basics, then this is a great guide to teach the other and get going.

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