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Go beyond the basics of service design and learn what it truly takes to deliver services that make a positive impact on people, business and planet.

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Go beyond the basics of service design and learn what it truly takes to deliver services that make a positive impact on people, business and planet.

    Why BAD services are good for you / Lou Downe / Ep. #205

    Why BAD services are good for you / Lou Downe / Ep. #205

    Good Services... A book that has quickly become a classic in our field.
    If you haven't read it yet, it's a must. It outlines the 10 principles of good services, which is pretty fundamental stuff.
    But even before writing it, Lou Downe was already an icon, creating impact as the Director of Design at the Government Digital Service in the UK.
    So when I heard through the grapevine that there was a sequel in the making, I just had to invite Lou back to the show.
    Interestingly enough, our conversation started with a question: Why, even after all these years, are we still trying to justify the value we bring to the table?
    There's nothing wrong with articulating our value, of course. But how can we make it a two-way street, rather than all the burden falling on us, the design community?
    These days, Lou runs the School of Good Design, where they help professionals tackle this very challenge. So in this episode, we get to tap into a wealth of practical advice based on their experience.
    But we didn't stop there. We also dive into:
    * What has changed since "Good Services" was published in 2020?
    * What drove Lou to write a follow-up, and how will it differ from the first one?
    * What does the future hold for service design?
    Lou dropped a surprise during our conversation.
    As the new book is still in the works, there's a unique opportunity for you to contribute!
    You'll hear all the details in the episode.

    --- [ 1. GUIDE ] ---

    00:00 Welcome (keep the same)

    04:00 Beyond Design Justification

    05:20 Good Services Journey

    08:00 The Gap: Bad Services

    13:30 Finding Value's Middle Ground

    16:00 External Validation

    19:00 Misunderstanding Service Design

    25:00 Lightbulb Moment

    28:30 Great Service Example

    31:30 Design vs. Service Pros

    35:00 Understanding the Service

    37:00 Service "Designers" debate

    44:00 Understanding your role

    48:00 Grow Service Design Skills

    51:00 The New Service Book

    53:00 New Book vs. Good Services

    55:00 How We Can Help

    56:30 Wrapping Up

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    Exploring The Materials of Service Design / Simon Clathworthy / Ep. #204

    Exploring The Materials of Service Design / Simon Clathworthy / Ep. #204

    What are the materials of service design... A seemingly simple question, but one that I believe has the potential to reshape our understanding of service design.

    Historically, design has always been about shaping and manipulating materials to give form to things around us.

    It's only in recent years, with the popularization of design thinking, that design has drifted away from its roots and heritage of a craft.

    The focus shifted on -sometimes mindlessly- following a flawed double diamond process.

    Even though people over the recent years have tried to raise the question of what the materials of service design are, the conversation never really caught on.

    Something tells me that's about to change with the release of the book "The Materials of Service Design." (links below)

    This book, in my opinion, marks a turning point in the history of our field. Yes, I absolutely feel it's that important, and no, I'm not getting any commissions on the book sales.

    It offers a fresh, materials-based perspective that adds a much needed nuance and richness to how we think about service design.

    Imagine being able to have constructive conversations about designing with time, relationships, culture, and all the other materials that make up services.

    Imagine understanding the properties of these materials deeply enough to co-create a shared library of service design patterns.

    The implications are huge.

    This approach once again makes it clear that services can't be designed by a single person; they require the involvement of experts from many areas.

    It also challenges us to reimagine how we teach service design.

    All in all, it really does open up a world of new questions and possibilities.

    As you hopefully can read, I'm excited about the direction and trajectory that could take us.

    So, join ​Simon Clatworthy​, co-author of the book, and myself as we dive into this exciting new perspective of a materials-based approach to service design.

    --- [ 1. GUIDE ] ---

    00:00 Welcome to Episode 204

    04:30 Beyond the Toolkit

    08:00 The 4 Unexpected Materials

    11:00 Lost Essential?

    16:30 Service Design vs. Design Thinking

    20:00 Skills for Designing Services

    24:00 Unveiling the Book's Materials

    30:00 Data as Material: Conversations

    34:00 Shaping Conversations

    42:00 Time: A Material to Master

    44:30 Measuring Time in Design

    46:30 Specialization in Service Design

    49:00 The Rise of Service Design Specialists

    51:00 Co-Design: Your Service Design Team

    54:30 The Responsibility of Design

    58:00 Implications for Service Designers

    1:01:00 Beyond Designers: Service Experts

    1:06:00 The "Taste Buds" of a Service

    1:07:00 A Library of Service Materials

    1:09:00 Aesthetics of Service Design

    --- [ 2. LINKS ] ---

    The Materials of Service Design (Book) - https://go.servicedesignshow.com/yl2ym

    50% discount on the print copy with code: BLOM50 (valid until 31st July 2024)

    How to Read A Film by James Monaco (Book) - https://a.co/d/8Rv0ZE5

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    The Secrets to Effective Design Leadership / Marzia Arico / Ep. #203

    The Secrets to Effective Design Leadership / Marzia Arico / Ep. #203

    What does it take to become a great design leader...

    Regardless of whether or not it's in your official job title, you're already leading to some degree.

    You are leading because your work is to deliver change.

    Change because we want to break free from outdated mental models that can't solve today's challenges.

    But what kind of leadership is needed to transform our organizations from the dehumanizing machines they are today into adaptable living beings?

    Returning guest Marzia Arico has some valuable perspectives on this.

    With a PhD in Organizational Studies and experience leading complex projects at LiveWork, she has many juicy insights to share with us.

    In this episode, we explore the emergence of a new, more empathetic leadership style that's quite different from the traditional notion of leadership.

    We discuss how to present ourselves confidently in our work, even when imposter syndrome is lurking around the corner.

    And we also delve into whether we should be explicit about the change we seek make or take a more trojan horse approach to influencing things.

    This is a must-listen episode for anyone who wants to step up, take charge, and offer an alternative to the current leaders who aren't doing what's required today.

    This conversation is a powerful reminder that we are all setting an example. Each and every day. So let's be intentional about what we want to put into the world.

    Take care and keep making a positive impact.

    ~ Marc

    --- [ 1. GUIDE ] ---

    00:00 Welcome to Episode 203

    03:30 Welcome back Marzia

    04:30 Machines to Living Beings

    11:30 What made her want to make the change

    17:00 How to quickly build your confidence

    21:30 From Machines to Living Orgs

    30:30 Onboard with How, Not What

    33:30 Conversation with the oblivious

    40:00 Empathizing with the machine

    42:00 The example of technology

    46:00 Fast-tracking to leadership

    47:00 Being strategic when you talk

    50:30 Discussions to ponder

    51:30 Food for thought

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    Can Design Help Us Break Free From Broken Systems? / Fang-Jui Chang / Episode #202

    Can Design Help Us Break Free From Broken Systems? / Fang-Jui Chang / Episode #202

    Why is it that we rarely question the systems that govern our day-to-day lives?

    Imagine building a rocket ship while still believing the sun revolves around the earth. Even though this sounds ridiculous today, it's not that long ago that this was the accepted notion. When Galileo first made the claim that it was actually the other way around, he even got jail time.

    Yeah, people don't really like it when their fundamental beliefs are put up for scrutiny. Our history is full of "truths" we later debunked.

    Okay, so what does this have to do with service design What if you're currently designing services that are based on flawed beliefs? There's certainly reason to think so.

    So, in this week's episode, we explore what these beliefs could be. For that, I have invited ​Fang-Jui Chang​ from the Dark Matter Labs to join us at the Show.

    In the conversation we dive into the hidden systems we take for granted, like ownership, currency, and even government.

    Fair warning: This episode will challenge your assumptions. It might even feel a bit like mental jiu-jitsu at first (it surely did for me). But once things click, a whole new world of possibilities opens up. And judging by the news, I would argue that we need a radical new perspective on how our world operates in many areas.

    So join me for a conversation that will challenge the way you see the world, question some fundamental "truths" and give you some fresh insights along the way.

    This is one of those episodes where I had to let the ideas marinade a bit. It's all too easy to dismiss them because they seem incompatible with how our existing worldview. But defer judgment, and you might be surprised what happens.

    Take care and keep making a positive impact.

    ~ Marc

    --- [ 1. GUIDE ] ---

    00:00 Welcome to Episode 202

    04:00 Who is Fang-Jui

    07:00 How she got into SD

    10:00 Lightning Round

    12:30 All beings thriving

    18:30 Outdated systems fail

    23:00 Asking a river permission

    30:00 What we took for granted

    38:30 How to prevent overwhelm

    46:00 Moving forward without panic

    48:00 The skill that will help

    51:30 what we can to help

    1:01:00 where to reach them

    1:01:30 One thing you can remember

    --- [ 2. LINKS ] ---

    Please get in touch with the Radicle Civics team via radiclecivics@darkmatterlabs.org if you are interested in building proof of possibilities in your cities or communities and funding the work.

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    What it takes come out stronger from a crisis / Lilli Graf / Ep #201

    What it takes come out stronger from a crisis / Lilli Graf / Ep #201

    My daughter dared me to 15 meters free-fall... I was on a climbing track with her, and this was one of the "attractions." Of course, she had taken the plunge without shedding a sweat.

    So, there I was standing on the edge, ready to take the jump, while everything in my body was screaming NO. I hesitated, terrified... but backing out was not an option. Especially not when a 10-year old girl is cheering dad on from the ground.

    Sometimes, you just have to leap into the unknown and trust that things will turn out alright.

    Our guest this week, Lilli Graf, also took a massive leap. She left a safe job at a respected design agency to go independent and start her own business. Why? Because she knew 'less bad' isn't good enough anymore when it comes to our climate crisis.

    Her journey in the last few years has thrown up many challenges. So, I wanted to know what kept her going, what she had learned so far, and what she would have done differently, looking back.

    Of course, we also had to talk about what pushed her over the edge to make the leap in the first place. This episode is about way more than climate solutions (though those are fascinating).

    It's about YOU... As service design professionals, we champion change. We push our clients to step into the unknown. But how often do we do that same?

    I hope this honest and open conversation will inspire you to leap more often. What fascinated me is how well Lilli's story shows the ripple effect of our choices. From childhood to career, it all connects.

    What will your next ripple be?

    --- [ 1. GUIDE ] ---

    00:00 Welcome to Episode 201

    03:00 Who is Lilli

    04:00 how Lilli heard about SD

    05:15 Lightning Round

    06:15 Community needs to reflect

    11:15 Why Lilli needed to Step Back

    13:30 Moving to the sustainability spectrum

    19:30 World that's not going to be here

    22:30 Black foot tribe

    25:00 The responses / the results

    29:15 Crisis to nature and to ourselves

    33:15 How do I preserve this life?

    39:15 What Imma Collective is doing

    45:00 The biggest challenge

    49:00 Do it with Joy and patience

    50:30 The journey most proud of so far

    51:30 One piece of advise

    54:30 How to embark in this journey too

    --- [ 2. LINKS ] ---

    Change by Design by Tim Brown (Book)
    Everyday Utopia: What 2,000 Years of Wild Experiments Can Teach Us About the Good Life by Kristen R. Ghodsee (Book)

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    Your Burning Questions Answered / Marc Fonteijn / Ep #200

    Your Burning Questions Answered / Marc Fonteijn / Ep #200

    Recently, I turned 43... I don't really celebrate my birthdays anymore.

    Don't worry; I have an amazing wife who makes sure there's always cake.

    But I do always try to take a moment and reflect on my past year because “The only time you should ever look back, is to see how far you've come.”

    Well, today, it's not just about my journey; it's about ours.

    We've hit a massive Service Design Show milestone: 200 episodes!

    That's a new interview every two weeks for over 8 years.

    And by now, we've clocked in over 500.000 listens to our conversations. Truly mind-boggling.

    Especially when you consider how niche our field is (still). It tells me what I do matters to people like you.

    Honestly, if I had to, I'd still do this show just for my own learning... but knowing you're out there makes it so much better.

    To celebrate, I'm flipping the script. For this episode, it's me answering YOUR questions. Some are about service design, some get a bit personal...

    Here's a sneak peek:

    Is Journey Management the next big thing?
    Will service design disappear?
    How does the Show make money?
    How do I keep sane working solo?

    You might be surprised by some of the answers.

    Guess, there's only one way to find out...

    This episode was a lot of fun and quite a challenge to produce. Let me know if you like this format – maybe we'll do a follow up...

    Take care,

    ~ Marc

    --- [ 1. GUIDE ] ---

    00:00 Welcome to episode 200

    01:50 Why Service Design

    04:30 Lessons learned from 200+ conversations

    10:15 The business model

    16:15 How to stay healthy and sane

    25:00 Communicating service design

    31:00 Designing timeless services

    36:00 Is Journey Management the next big thing

    40:00 Where are things going

    --- [ 2. LINKS ] ---


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4.0 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

Joeri777 ,

So many awesome ideas.

The Service Design Show is packed with stories, insights and ideas for service designers around the world. So glad to see more people and organizations embracing it and Marc has been an instrumental part in getting them there.

dr kelso ,

Doesn’t answer harder questions

The episode ‘ask harder questions’ points out the flaws in service design. By not being able to answer harder questions then: how to serve/sell more products the quickest so we have more revenues so our stakeholder are happy. My subscription ends here...
Service design=Management lingo 14.7beta

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