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Dive into 'Underground Frequencies,' a distinct podcast series that showcases an array of live techno sets from a diverse lineup of artists, ranging from the underground scene's emerging talents to its most revered figures. This series is dedicated to capturing the unfiltered spirit of techno, providing a stage for artists to share their most electrifying live performances. Participation is complimentary, inviting artists to contribute their unique sounds to our growing community. Subscribe to 'Underground Frequencies' for a deep dive into the pulsating heart of techno music. Curated by Sebastiaan Hooft at Redesign Records. Loved globally.

Techno Live Sets: Underground Frequencies Sebastiaan Hooft

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Dive into 'Underground Frequencies,' a distinct podcast series that showcases an array of live techno sets from a diverse lineup of artists, ranging from the underground scene's emerging talents to its most revered figures. This series is dedicated to capturing the unfiltered spirit of techno, providing a stage for artists to share their most electrifying live performances. Participation is complimentary, inviting artists to contribute their unique sounds to our growing community. Subscribe to 'Underground Frequencies' for a deep dive into the pulsating heart of techno music. Curated by Sebastiaan Hooft at Redesign Records. Loved globally.

    Sebastiaan Hooft at Tipi Island | 13 July 2024

    Sebastiaan Hooft at Tipi Island | 13 July 2024

    Last weekend, Sebastiaan Hooft delivered an unforgettable live set at Tipi Island in the Netherlands, now featured on Underground Frequencies: Techno Live Sets.
    This final 80 minutes of his set was a masterclass in techno, blending deep, pulsating beats with soaring melodies that kept the crowd moving and connected from start to finish.
    Sebastiaan Hooft has established himself as a pivotal force in the techno scene. His journey spans from early DJing at school parties to headlining major clubs and festivals, and his unique blend of house and techno has captivated audiences worldwide. His dedication to a healthy, balanced lifestyle set him apart, making him not just a DJ but a thought leader in both music and life.
    SEBASTIAAN HOOFT ON INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/sebastiaanhooft/
    The set recorded at Tipi Island showcases Sebastiaan's ability to create an immersive and dynamic musical experience. His transitions are seamless, his track selections are impeccable, and the energy he brings to the decks is unmatched. Listening to this set, you’ll understand why he’s a favorite among techno enthusiasts.
    Congratulations to Caroline Peters for curating the festival's fantastic vibe. Her efforts ensured that the energy and atmosphere were perfect, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.
    For those eager to dive deeper into the music, the full tracklist of Sebastiaan Hooft's set is available at 1001 Tracklists. Make sure to check it out and relive the magic of that night.
    Stay tuned to Underground Frequencies for more incredible live sets, and don't forget to subscribe to Sebastiaan Hooft’s weekly show, The Midnight Project, for your regular dose of fresh techno vibes.

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    Shadowstar at The Concourse Project | 13 May 2024

    Shadowstar at The Concourse Project | 13 May 2024

    On May 13, 2024, The Concourse Project in Austin became a techno temple as fans gathered for an extraordinary night of music. The venue was buzzing with anticipation, with everyone eagerly awaiting the opening set from Shadowstar, a rising force in the electronic music scene. This set was a prelude to HI-LO’s highly anticipated 3-hour performance.
    Shadowstar has been making waves with his deep, atmospheric soundscapes and relentless energy. His sets blend hypnotic rhythms with melodic undertones, creating an immersive experience that captivates audiences from the first beat to the last.
    As the lights dimmed and the first notes of Spektre’s "Foreword" reverberated through the venue, Shadowstar took command of the decks with a confidence and presence that immediately drew the crowd in. The deep, throbbing basslines and ethereal melodies set the tone for what was to come, promising a night of pure auditory bliss.
    Shadowstar fully displayed his ability to craft a seamless and dynamic set. Each transition was smooth and calculated, keeping the energy in the room at a constant high. Tracks like Joseph Ray’s "Inside (feat. Meli)" and No Nameleft’s "Stepping on Candyfloss" showcased his knack for blending melodic elements with driving beats, creating a soundscape that was both engaging and exhilarating.
    One of the night's highlights came when Shadowstar dropped Parallel Voices’ "Dreams of Dew." The intricate melodies and atmospheric build-ups transported the audience to another realm, creating a moment of collective euphoria. This was followed by the tribal-infused rhythms of Imar’s "Masai," which added a new layer of intensity to the set and showcased Shadowstar’s versatility.
    Shadowstar also treated the crowd to some of his unreleased tracks, giving a glimpse into his creative process and unique sound. Each of these tracks was a testament to his talent and ability to craft immersive, powerful music. The peak of the set came with his production, "The Ninth Gate," which enveloped the venue in a hypnotic trance, leaving the audience in awe.
    Throughout the set, Shadowstar demonstrated an exceptional ability to read the crowd and elevate the atmosphere. His performance was not just a series of tracks but a carefully curated journey that kept the audience engaged and dancing from start to finish. The final moments of his set were met with roaring applause and cheers, a testament to his impact on the crowd.
    As Shadowstar stepped away from the decks, the stage was set for HI-LO to take over. The atmosphere was charged with excitement and anticipation, thanks to the incredible foundation laid by Shadowstar. His performance was a powerful reminder of why he is considered one of the most promising talents in today's electronic music scene.
    Keeping an eye on his progress will be rewarding for those who want to follow Shadowstar's journey and stay updated on his latest releases and performances. Shadowstar’s rise in the electronic music world is a testament to his passion, talent, and dedication to his craft. As he continues to push boundaries and explore new sonic territories, fans can look forward to many more unforgettable sets.
    Stay tuned to Underground Frequencies for more recaps of incredible events and insights into the ever-evolving world of electronic music. Don't forget to tip us!

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    Paula Sanz at Redesign Records | 21 June 2024

    Paula Sanz at Redesign Records | 21 June 2024

    Underground Frequencies is excited to present a live set by Paula Sanz, a standout DJ from Murcia, Spain. Known for her bright and energetic presence, Paula crafts DJ sets that blend melodic and vocal techno, taking listeners on an upbeat yet aggressive journey.
    Paula's passion for music has been evident since her early years. She began singing in rap and reggae groups during her teenage years, but her path shifted when she discovered her love for mixing techno. What started as a hobby quickly became a profession, with Paula playing at private parties in Madrid, Amsterdam, and London. After moving to Milan, she gained recognition and began performing at renowned clubs like Rocket, Dude, Republic, Redroom, Shambala, and Tunnel. Her collaborations with Italian collectives Settemenouno and the Saturn Movement further established her presence in the scene. Paula has held residencies at Milano Underground and Arcade Zone (The Company) and has played at various private parties, restaurants, outdoor events, and boat parties in Venice.
    Paula's musical influences are diverse, spanning jazz, R&B, soul, reggae, hip hop, drum & bass, piano & classical music, hard techno, and melodic techno. Her sets are designed to envelop her audience in powerful, emotive sounds, featuring hard-hitting bases and strong vocals.
    Paula will debut her latest release, "Pesante Castigo," on Redesign Records tonight. This track showcases her unique style and production skills and promises to be a highlight of her set.
    Please stay connected with Paula Sanz and follow her latest projects and performances on Instagram at www.instagram.com/paula__sanz
    Thank you for joining us for this exceptional performance. Enjoy the night with the captivating sounds of Paula Sanz, and stay tuned for more events from Underground Frequencies. Don't forget to tip us!

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    The Midnight Project 2024 Summer Special - The Midnight Project Techno Music

    The Midnight Project 2024 Summer Special - The Midnight Project Techno Music

    Greetings Midnighters!
    Summer is here, and with it comes our special edition of The Midnight Project, dropping this Saturday. I'm excited to share 28 fresh, high-energy techno tracks perfect for those long summer days.
    As always, the full tracklist is available at 1001 Tracklists, but let me take you behind the scenes of a few standout tracks you'll hear in this episode.
    First, we have the electrifying remix of "Wasted" by Joyhauser, reimagined by the legendary Bart Skils. Bart's unique ability to infuse tracks with a driving, hypnotic energy makes this remix a masterpiece. His career, spanning over two decades, has solidified him as a key player in the techno scene, known for his impeccable mixing and production skills.
    Next, let's dive into "Basiliscus" by Fabio Salvati, released on my own Redesign Records. This track showcases Fabio's innovative approach to techno, characterized by intricate layers and deep, pulsating beats. It's always a pleasure to feature tracks from artists who push the boundaries of the genre and bring fresh sounds to the table.
    And, of course, I'm thrilled to include one of my latest remixes, "Eternum" by Slim Black. This track allowed me to explore new dimensions of sound and rhythm, creating a remix that stays true to the original while adding my twist. Remixing is a passion of mine, and I'm excited to share the result with you.
    As we gear up for this special summer edition, I want to remind you to subscribe to the show and share the love with fellow techno fans, making them a Midnighter.
    Remember to comment with your favorite track from the show or recommend an artist I should bring to the next show. Let's keep the techno spirit alive and thriving!
    Full tracklist at 1001 Tracklists: https://www.1001tracklists.com/source/80bhhv/the-midnight-project/index.html and subscribe to my newsletter via this link.
    Sebastiaan Hooft

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    Mosher at MISA Santiago | 23 March 2024

    Mosher at MISA Santiago | 23 March 2024

    We're set for a thrilling ride with a special live edition featuring Mosher, recorded at the vibrant MISA Club Room in Santiago de Chile. As we dive into the heart of techno’s live scene, let’s get to know more about the maestro behind the decks.
    WEBSITE: https://www.moshergrooves.com/
    Born in a small town in Argentina in 1988, Mosher has been a trailblazer in the techno scene since 2013. His sets are renowned for their intensity and ability to connect deeply with the crowd. He’s graced the decks at significant events and packed clubs worldwide, sharing stages with techno luminaries like Ben Klock, Pan-Pot, and Sama Abdulhadi, to name a few.
    We kick off the night with "Run Away" by Metodi Hristov featuring MANSHN, where Metodi's masterful blend of techno and minimal vibes sets the pace. Tracks like these have earned Mosher accolades and support from heavyweights like Maceo Plex and The Yellowheads, ensuring his sounds resonate on global dance floors.
    As the set builds, don’t miss the adrenaline surge with "Adrenaline" by Fade. & Dankers, a perfect showcase of Mosher's skill in elevating energy levels to peak euphoria.
    And, of course, Sebastiaan Hooft takes us deeper into the night with his remix of Slim Black’s "Eternum." Sebastiaan’s reinterpretation adds a signature twist, infusing the track with a unique blend of deep, soul-stirring techno.
    Catch the full magic of Mosher’s set and explore the entire tracklist at 1001 Tracklists. I’m eager to hear which tracks captured your imagination. Comment with your favorites or suggest an artist you’d love to see featured.
    Let’s keep the techno spirit alive by sharing this journey with friends and subscribing for more. Let's make every count with Underground Frequencies: Techno Live Sets.
    Until the next beat drops, keep living those techno moments. Don't forget to tip us!

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    Charles Mooyaart at Redesign Melodic | 29 March 2024

    Charles Mooyaart at Redesign Melodic | 29 March 2024

    In this electrifying episode of Underground Frequencies: Techno Live Sets, we delve deep into the heart of techno with an exclusive set from the prodigious talent Charles Mooyaart. Fresh from the Redesign Records studios to promote his latest release, "Fusional," on the groundbreaking Melodic label, Charles is the most pivotal artist on this innovative imprint.
    Known for his impeccable skill in crafting rhythms that resonate with the soul of underground techno, Charles presents a collection of originals that showcases his mastery of the genre and his profound understanding of the dance floor's dynamics. His latest offering, "Fusional," epitomizes the essence of melodic techno with its intricate harmonies and evocative textures, setting a new standard for the genre.
    As we navigate through this meticulously curated set, Charles Mooyaart takes us on a sonic journey that explores the vast landscapes of techno. From pulsating beats to mesmerizing melodies, each track is a testament to Charles's ability to balance intensity with emotion, creating an experience that is both invigorating and introspective.
    What sets this episode apart is the selection of tracks and the narrative that Charles weaves through his music. It's a story of techno's evolution, roots, and future, told through the lens of an artist deeply connected to its essence. This set celebrates techno's underground spirit, highlighting the genre's capacity to evoke powerful emotions and connect individuals across different walks of life.
    Listeners can expect to be taken on a powerful and poignant journey, where each transition is thoughtfully executed to maintain a seamless flow. Charles Mooyaart's set on Underground Frequencies is a masterclass in maintaining balance within a set—balancing energy and calm, darkness and light, complexity and simplicity.
    As we immerse ourselves in this set, it becomes evident that Charles Mooyaart is not just playing music; he tells us a story, inviting us into his world. This episode is a must-listen for anyone who cherishes the depth and diversity of techno, offering a glimpse into the mind of an artist at the forefront of shaping the genre's future.
    Join us on this mesmerizing journey through the depths of techno and experience the power of Charles Mooyaart's originals, including his groundbreaking new release, "Fusional," exclusively on Underground Frequencies: Techno Live Sets. It's more than just a set; it's a pivotal moment in techno, marking the emergence of a sound that is as revolutionary as it is resonant.
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