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America’s only daily morning talk show for creatives just like you. Exploring the reality of trying to live your creative dreams. Sometimes educational, sometimes off topic but always entertaining! New Episodes Monday-Friday!

Adventures In Design Mark Brickey

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America’s only daily morning talk show for creatives just like you. Exploring the reality of trying to live your creative dreams. Sometimes educational, sometimes off topic but always entertaining! New Episodes Monday-Friday!

    Disney Imagineering and Model Making: A Conversation with Chris Crump

    Disney Imagineering and Model Making: A Conversation with Chris Crump

    Today we're joined by a special guest, Chris Crump, the son of the legendary original Walt Disney Imagineer, Rolly Crump. Chris takes us on a journey through time, sharing fascinating insights into his father's groundbreaking work during the '60s, including a side hustle that was ahead of its time.
    Discover what it was like for Rolly Crump to collaborate with the iconic Walt Disney himself and the unique experience of having Walt as a Creative Director. Chris also offers a glimpse into his own adventures as an Imagineer at Walt Disney Imagineering, where he became a master model builder for theme parks, movies, and television, crafting everything from the Starship Enterprise model used in several films to an entire model of Tokyo Sea theme park.
    Get ready to ride through the magic of attraction design as Chris recounts his personal experience riding an attraction he helped bring to life. Learn why model-making remains a vital part of the creative process, with the mantra that "models don't lie."
    Chris introduces his book, "The Great Crump Presents His Magic: The Art of Rolly Crump," celebrating his father's artwork, legacy, and the fascinating creative journey that continues to inspire Disney enthusiasts and artists alike. Join us on this mesmerizing exploration of Disney Imagineering and the art of model making.
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    The Art of Series: A Conversation with Jason Edmiston

    The Art of Series: A Conversation with Jason Edmiston

    Join Mark Brickey in this informative episode of "Adventures In Design" as he engages in a compelling conversation with the talented artist Jason Edmiston. Together, they explore the importance of creating a series as an artist, a journey that begins from the ground up—with no reputation, no famous name, just a burning desire to become the best version of oneself and to be recognized for one's talents.

    Jason shares the story of how he painstakingly developed his very first series and dives deep into the immense success of his "Eyes Without A Face" series. In this episode, he breaks down the blueprint to this success, offering valuable insights that you can easily apply to your own creative career. Discover tips on crafting a range of products at different price points within your series and, most importantly, how to take control of your career in an industry where uncertainty often reigns supreme.

    As an added bonus, Mark and Jason delve into the significance of artist series, emphasizing how they foster consistency—a key ingredient for social media growth and appeasing the algorithm overlords. Tune in for an illuminating discussion on the artistry, strategy, and resilience it takes.

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    Frank Kozik "Punk Rock Warhol" - Remembering Kozik With Special Co-host Jermaine Rogers

    Frank Kozik "Punk Rock Warhol" - Remembering Kozik With Special Co-host Jermaine Rogers

    In this heartfelt episode, join us as we pay tribute to the legendary Frank Kozik, a creative genius who left an indelible mark on the world of art and pop culture. Hosted by a special co-host, Jermaine Rogers, we delve into the life and legacy of Frank Kozik, who sadly passed away last year at the age of 61. Kozik's impact on the art world was immense.
    Known for his contributions as "The Modern Gig Poster," a master of vinyl toy design, and a relentless explorer of pop culture's depths, Kozik's journey resonates with Andy Warhol's mantra: "Good Business Is The Best Art." Often referred to as the "Punk Rock Warhol" by Sheppard Fairey, Frank Kozik succeeded at everything he tried, and that's why his absence feels so profound.
    In this episode, we explore how Frank Kozik's art and legacy will continue to inspire and captivate future generations. We extend our gratitude to his partner Sharon, Scott Tolleson, and, of course, our amazing co-host, Jermaine Rogers, for joining us in this tribute to a true creative icon. Join us as we celebrate the enduring impact of Frank Kozik's art and remember the man who made it all possible.
    Recorded live at Designer Con 2023 
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    The DKNG SHOW: Balancing Dreams and Responsibilities

    The DKNG SHOW: Balancing Dreams and Responsibilities

    Join hosts Mark Brickey and Nathan Goldman, one of the brilliant minds behind DKNG Studios. In this thought-provoking conversation, Nathan shares his insights on the art of running a small-scale graphic design studio. While known for their creative genius, Nathan's recent experience of becoming a parent has led him to contemplate the long-term implications of being self-employed.
    This episode delves deep into the responsibilities that come with the pursuit of a career that prioritizes personal satisfaction and creativity over traditional retirement plans. Mark and Nathan explore the delicate balance between following your dreams and ensuring a secure future for yourself and your loved ones.
    To access the full episode and support the invaluable content of "Adventures In Design," we encourage you to join the Circle of Trust at https://aid.network/. Join us for a candid conversation that delves into the heart of the creative journey, its challenges, and the ever-important consideration of long-term financial security.

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    Dreams, Design, and Barbie: With Connie Collingsworth

    Dreams, Design, and Barbie: With Connie Collingsworth

    In this exciting episode of "Adventures In Design," hosted by Mark Brickey, we welcome a special guest, Mark's longtime friend and co-founder of La Honda Records, Connie Collingsworth. Tune in to discover the inspiring journey of a rock poster legend who transitioned into the music industry.

    In the first segment, Mark celebrates Connie's triumph as an album she designed for an artist she helped break finds its place in the prestigious heart of downtown Nashville, with none other than Post Malone himself showing support by sporting their T-shirts. It's a testament to dreams coming true and genuine happiness for a friend's success.
    Segment two explores the unexpected parallels between being an NFL quarterback and the life of a designer. Mark and Connie share insights on how these seemingly different roles share common threads of strategy, teamwork, and creativity.
    Lastly, as one of the toughest women in the industry, Connie lends her unique perspective in the final segment, discussing the buzzworthy Barbie movie. Join us for a captivating conversation that delves into dreams realized, the art of design, and an intriguing take on a cultural phenomenon. To access the full episode and support the content, join the Circle of Trust at https://aid.network/. Your support fuels the adventures in design and creativity that Mark Brickey brings to your ears.

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    The Power of Multiple Income Streams

    The Power of Multiple Income Streams

    In this episode, we delve into the dynamic world of diversifying your freelance career through the lens of Sean Mort. Sean, a seasoned freelancer, brings a fascinating mix of creative endeavors to the table, which not only keeps his freelance career diverse but also taps into his various creative moods.
    As we chat with Sean, we uncover the trifecta of his freelance world: a design studio, a clothing company, and an art fair. Each of these ventures contributes its unique flavor to his professional journey. His design studio allows him to flex his creative muscles on client projects, his clothing company lets him explore fashion and branding, and his art fair provides a platform for artists to shine.
    However, it's Sean's newest venture, a sticker business, that's been turning heads and opening wallets. With its rapid growth and impressive financial returns for a relatively modest time investment, it's a prime example of how diversifying your income streams can lead to unexpected success.
    Join us as we unpack the strategies, challenges, and triumphs of Sean's multifaceted freelance career. Learn how embracing diversity in your freelance endeavors can not only provide financial stability but also cater to your ever-evolving creative passions. If you're looking for inspiration on how to harness the power of multiple income streams, this episode is a must-listen.

    In this exclusive bonus segment available only to Circle of Trust members at AID.network, the roles are reversed, and Sean Mort takes the interviewer's seat to dive into the multifaceted career of host Mark Brickey. Mark shares insights into his three distinct career paths, offering an intimate look into his journey. From his role as the host of "Adventures In Design" to his YouTube venture "Hey, Brickey!" and, most notably, his recent position as the New Business Development Director at Lincoln Design Co., this candid conversation unveils the diverse experiences and lessons Mark has accumulated over the years. Circle of Trust members gain access to this exclusive content along with the full archive of "Adventures In Design," providing a deeper, behind-the-scenes understanding of Mark's remarkable career. Join the Circle of Trust today at https://aid.network/ to unlock this enriching bonus episode and explore the wealth of creative insights it holds.

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