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Dedicated to interviewing leading edge experts, practitioners in their field, and people who are living examples of sustainability. Covers environmental subject matter that is not readily discussed in depth in mainstream media.

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Dedicated to interviewing leading edge experts, practitioners in their field, and people who are living examples of sustainability. Covers environmental subject matter that is not readily discussed in depth in mainstream media.

    Tim Lynch: Awakening NZ Farmers & Ethical Doctors - Push back NZ Government - And Media Silence

    Tim Lynch: Awakening NZ Farmers & Ethical Doctors - Push back NZ Government - And Media Silence

    Never has New Zealand been so divided as of now - not since the ‘racially selected’ white South African rugby tour of NZ of 1981.
    This was when thousands of very courageous New Zealanders, especially the young, in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s donned crash helmets, padded clothing and made wooden shields and went into battle for the black and coloured South African’s.
    Who could never vote or represent their country. These principled NZers went against the Conservative ‘National’ Government of the time and were prepared to blockade rugby stadiums around the country. This was a battle for justice and the right for self determination due to people being judged by the colour of one's skin.
    With this week’s show Tim started off with greeting all breathers out there across Auckland's greater region and further out within the teaming biosphere of our sacred planet - where he mentions that all animals, trees, plankton and humans  - share the one breath - as of this moment.
    Stating that we are immersed in momentous times - all of us - and we are unknowing of the outcome … 
    Saying  - that he sincerely wishes you all well as we revitalise ourselves for the future that we didn’t plan on - but intuitively many knew could come to us - in one way or another.
    We are the 5% of this planet's awakening population that could be far more than 7% or even 10% of people engaged in this Great Awakening.
    With 7.8 billion souls sharing the invisible breath during this time - he said we must remember that we have been given a free body in which to live and he trusts - prosper and experience moments of joy - which is our birthright.
    As you very well know we as a humanity are realising that we have to come together in ‘unity consciousness’ to create a new way of breaking out of the hypnosis that MainStream Media has used to capture our mind, close down our heart and in some clever ways - control our very thought process.
    We are surrounded in possibilities 
    The imperative for us at this moment on this magnificent planet - we call home - is to realise that we are all surrounded in possibilities, and that we must start with our inner self and make sure that every thought and every word stated and each action we take is going to make us - at heart - a more honest, courageous and forthright human being that at soul level resonates with service to the greater good. 
    Service to self in these times is not an option. Yes, many of us are even challenged by our family members - so if you find yourself at odds with your family - still keep your love strong for them and our neighbours in the neighbourhood and community that we live in.
    Becoming Aware ASAP
    Education and sharing of empowering knowledge is more than important - it is imperative - if we are to gain a foothold in the narrative that has been censored by MSM and has kept our citizens in the dark 
    Note that there is a chance that GreenplanetFM could find itself de platformed and taken down - like the hundreds of thousands overseas - due to the controlling hitech corporates in Silicon valley and beyond - wanting to interrupt our narrative that questions not only their ethics and motives - but also why are they stifling free speech?.
    New Zealand’s Birthright is Free Speech 
    Fortunately coming from New Zealand where free speech is a foundation stone of our country and as long as it is not slanderous and obscene or extolls acts of violence - GreenplanetFM.com will always be able to broadcast - even as in the case of an interview with Lynda Wharton, a natural healer here in Auckland being taken down and deleted by YouTube - we trust that we will continue to freely express ourselves as we work to emancipate humanity from the malaise that has fallen over a large percentage of our world.
    Planetary Power Struggle of Freedom and democracy - versus Control
    However - Tim draws our attention as we explore the deeper implications of losing the importance of our freedoms an

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    Rob Wilson: Farmers across NZ Protest Government Regulations, Non Consulting, Water Rights, Land Grabs

    Rob Wilson: Farmers across NZ Protest Government Regulations, Non Consulting, Water Rights, Land Grabs

    NZ Farmers are pushing back against bureaucratic Government and Local Council regulators (especially land grabs) due to no open communication, or open meetings and sharing of information and genuine consultation.
    Rob sees the farming sector throughout rural NZ being challenged like never before. Yes, there is water pollution, chemicals on the land, (huge stocking numbers - Corporate farms) and health issues that need to be continually addressed. However, what farmers have been experiencing though is escalating Governmental regulations, plus local Council intrusions into their lives by a hive of unknown bureaucrat regulators pushing an agenda, that in many ways is - one size fits all. 
    The United Nations Agenda21 and Agenda2030. 
    This adds to the recent GreenplanetFM.com - interview of Heather Meri Pennycook - where we cover many of the same issues - but worded differently, especially the expanding nation wide push back that continues to grow, via Groundswell, but with a very defined focus.   
    Yet, what’s getting under the ‘farming sectors’ skin is the extreme lack of face to face consultation and communication. especially the sharing of information at local gatherings, town hall meetings and villages. For the farmers it’s just more paperwork, and compliance. Like the Emperors of the past exacting tribute from the peasants  and having an intermediary, the Governor collects taxes and that one follow ‘dictats’ - without human contact and open discussions.
    This has resulted in the Groundswell uprising and farm tractors descending on villages, towns and cities across NZ with a follow up statement that this will occur again mid August if the Govt and local Councils do not front up.
    Yes, it’s about the pace of change - on the back of climate change - increasing storms, encroaching sea levels and weather*events but it’s being run by bureaucrats - who have no skin in the game - with  no financial risk involved making demands on a map somewhere. Plus, most bureaucrats have never been out in stormy cold weather - in the wind and the rain, helping cows calve or sheep stuck in a drain, or dealing with a flood, fallen trees etc etc.
    Yet it’s about SNA’s. What is an SNA? SNA stands for Significant Natural Area and they are becoming  important whichever way you look at them. Forest and Bird says they are "New Zealand's most important remnants of native habitat - places where rare or threatened plants or animals are still found". However  after the signing of the United Nations Rio’ Agreement in 1992 - NZ committed to Agenda 21 and more lately, Agenda2030 - so as to impel environmental and ecological change by 2030. Hence the ’so-called’ hurry’.  
    However the fine print and the detail is all hidden in plain sight. 
    Like the 17 United Nations sustainability development goals - they look and sound wonderful - we are going to eradicate poverty and have equality - have a sustainable future and look after our environment.  
    But, if you go to www.aag.org.nz  - and download the fine print of what that Agenda actually is - and it’s a 352 page document - it virtually covers every aspect of our lives - healthcare, education  - and a stock take every single living being and resource and mineral on the planet - so that ‘they’ can ‘stock take’ everything thing - eventually right across our country - and more and more are saying - control it.
    From your reading you will see that the Agenda wants to eradicate that which is not sustainable - and that is - the private ownership of land. i.e. farming - private ownership of motor vehicles, roading, irrigation, ski fields, golf courses - even the family unit - in their eyes is listed as unsustainable. That this is something that ‘bureaucrats’ want to eradicate. So once we read the fine print we become aware of where our Government is taking us, Be it National o

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    Joe Rifici: COVID Tyranny and 5G RADIATION Two Boots For Eight Billion Faces

    Joe Rifici: COVID Tyranny and 5G RADIATION Two Boots For Eight Billion Faces

    None of us would have thought that humanity - especially in the Western World would be cowered and on the back foot as we are today. Disunity across Nations. Particularly, Australia, Canada, the disunited Kingdom and the Un-united States and here in NZ as well.
    That has finally caused farmers to descend on our towns and cities. There is an underlying unrest and social/psychological turmoil.
    What we have found ourselves in - is a hybrid version of a non-physical civil war of the spirit - between those who question virtually everything - versus those who obey the Government narrative - parroted verbatim by subservient 'bought and paid for' - MSM - tools of the Globalists at the apex of the pyramid of power.  
    Great Reset - World Economic Forum.      
    The global elitist and their political puppets 'have made their move on humanity' and the method is based on the Great Reset out of Davos, the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. It will be a cashless society where everyone will be surveilled and with your name attached to a number. It is not coming, it is here - having been enacted by gradualism and progressive - little by little, bit by bit - movements. It could be a matter of months - or by Christmas and into 2022 - but it will be 5 years earlier than (Agenda) 2030.
    Joe, when going to university in the USA saw the US Govt toppling elected governments in South America and Central America and also the invasion of Vietnam and says that corruption has been in the USA - since the virtual beginning. But, in the last 60 years it’s accelerated and he says it's coming to the culmination of what we witness today. Secrecy and Covert operations and ‘black’ operations and false flag operations have been the hallmark for the last 60 years. Saying that if people are not aware of this history and the Assassination of John F Kennedy and his brother Robert as well as 911 in New York etc etc, – they are not getting the picture. Particularly of what we are seeing today and that it is actually happening.
    So besides intelligence operations, the military industrial complex has been instrumental – furthering their own interests and the money to be made with war and invasions etc. But more so - the development of technology – and essentially in the US, technology starts with the military.  
    The US takes public tax money and funds and then does the research and development of most technologies – and in this interview – microwave technology – which they started – and digital technology as well. They have been doing this at the public expense – and eventually they will commercialise what they want to make money from and after the Research and Development has been completed will release these technologies for military applications  and the rest into the consumer market. Like microwave ovens for example. and sonar for war ships and fish finders for recreational fishermen etc.
    This is where we are at today 
    Mass Media – Tyranny
    Which has been totally taken over – by the Corporate world - ‘and captured’ – so today we have just a handful of networks in large countries controlling all of the media – newspapers, television, radio etc. Plus much of the internet  - so again, it’s a centralisation of power and a total takeover of communications – news and media. 
    Again by a handful of corporate networks. This has never happened in history before. There have been over this time some journalists and journals endeavouring to get to the truth – and were instrumental in stopping the Vietnam war – and if it was not for courageous journalists that war would have carried on for who knows when?
    Pharmaceutical – Medical Tyranny
    This has come about in many ways by people becoming disempowered and the abnegation of personal responsibility for their own health. That humans have gradually - and slowly over time, abrogated responsibility to take care of their ‘sovereignty of their body’ and all that enta

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    Ray Broomhall: COVID Tyranny and 5G RADIATION Two Boots For Eight Billion Faces

    Ray Broomhall: COVID Tyranny and 5G RADIATION Two Boots For Eight Billion Faces

    What people may not know is that the current roll out of the 5G telecommunications network, is a massive undertaking being coordinated around the world and pushed by the corporate elite.
    Engulfing the entire planet via 100 thousand satellites, millions of telecommunication towers, small cells and billions of 5G connected devices flooding the world with invisible electro smog pollution in the form of electromagnetic radiation.
    The 5G rollout will increase man-made electromagnetic radiation at unprecedented levels with little to no concern for the safety and wellbeing of the humans who will be exposed to it.
    In Australia concerned citizens have formed a political Party called the ‘NO 5G Party’ - that will be in every state across Australia.  Ray is the president of it at the moment and they have a thousand members and at the next General Election they will be running candidates in every State, specifically on electro magnetic radiation issues. Also, its a Party to educate people that there has been a unprecedented upgrading and building of Mobile telephone towers and ‘small cells’ for 5G across Australia - saying it has been happening here in NZ and that most people have no idea that this is happening as we read to this.
    That in Australia all the Telcos are eagerly waiting the Australian Govt’s 5G 26 Gigahertz frequency sale. We know that the 26 Gigahertz band is a frequency that is billions of times higher than the frequencies that we have been exposed up to now. Thus is very problematic health wise. The will come to NZ too.
    This will mean that 26 Gigahertz Non ionising electro magnetic radiation penetrates our bodies.
    26 Gigahertz Non ionising electro magnetic radiation penetrates our bodies. Through both skin and tissue at 26 billion pulses per second. 
    Compared with only 50 pulses per second as found in the 50 hertz frequency - as irradiated by many of the electrical appliances around the home.
    Vodafone in this interview admits that the radio wave penetrates the skin - listen. And Ray says that he is sure that people do not consent to that.
    Some frequencies penetrate the skin to a depth of 8.1 millimetres. 
    ARPANSA.gov.au - the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency  - listen toabout Dr Ken Karipidis - is an expert on jopw tradition affects the human body.
    What this has come os that humanity is being assaulted  
    These wireless frequencies are an assault on the human body.  This is where the battle lines are.
    The Crimes Act in NZ 1961 - Under Section 2 - gives an interpretation - An assault means the act of intentionally applying or attempting to apply force to the person of another - directly or indirectly  or threatening by any act or gesture to apply such force to the person of another.
    Electro magnetic radiation is a force and if you do not consent to it - then who ever is touching you or penetrating you - must stop. Otherwise it is an offence under the Crimes Act 1961.
    Listen to this interview: Of Dr Bruce Hocking’s research with children in Australia in 1996   - irradiated from 3 broadcast towers in Sydney NSW.  LISTEN - he found that there was a 60%  increase in childhood deaths from childhood lymphatic leukaemia in the immediate vicinity of those towers. His was a time when the frequencies were far lower than todays frequencies.
    Listen to 19 children dying with lymphatic leukaemia in Rome Italy when the Italian supreme court found them guilty due to them living in to closer proximity to the Vatican radio station.
    An Italian court has found a Roman Catholic cardinal and a director of Vatican Radio guilty of polluting the atmosphere with powerful electromagnetic waves from a radio transmission station.

    Note that today - Leukaemia is now the most common cancer in Australian Children 
    Mobile phones were introduce in 1981 and the sharp increase in chi

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    Heather Meri Pennycook: Are Councils Applying United Nations Agenda’s throughout New Zealand?

    Heather Meri Pennycook: Are Councils Applying United Nations Agenda’s throughout New Zealand?

    This is a whopper of an interview, I can see why people in the rural sector of NZ are flocking to hear Heather Meri (and Rob Wilson) lay out the UN Agenda 21 and 2030. Plus, the planned addition of the ‘Great Reset’ that the World Economic Forum from Davos in Switzerland is going to superimpose over our planet and civilisation.
    This new economic model will cover every survival contingency regarding the well being of the 7.8 billion souls on this planet, including all biota within the biosphere. 
    Heather Meri says that there is more legislation coming out of Parliament that is going to affect us. However she has addressed about 80 meetings around the country over the past 6 or 7 months - 37 in the North Island. Encouraging groups to form so has to assist in educating their community, but in particular, to do their own research. Some weeks ago she had about 250 people show up to a talk in the Nelson area of Moutere - because people are waking up to what is being planned for them. That there are SNA’s being ‘Significant Natural Areas’  - and the local Council has just sent out letters to people who have land holdings with circles around huge areas of their land saying that this area is going to be designated an SNA a ‘significant natural area’. This may or may not include natural bush or anything that you recognise needing protection - some people had an area of gorse … but what Heather Meri says - it's a blatant land grab …  that once this land is designated an SNA you still pay rates on it - but you have to fence it off - you have to do the weed control, but you are not allowed to put animals on it or to use it.
    Land owners are aware of the need to protect special areas in NZ, and people that Heather Meri knows, are already availing themselves of Queen Elisabeth 2 Covenants and Riparian planting - and fencing off native bush. People are proud to take care of our environment here in NZ - she says there may be a very, very, small minority of people who are not playing by the rules and this needs to be addressed - but you don’t blanket legislate the entire country and treat everybody like a criminal and cripple their viability on their farm. 
    People are losing between 30 to 90% of their land use.
    This is shocking … in Kaeo in Northland, we have heard at a people's meeting that 42% of the land in Northland has been claimed as a SNA - that there were a number of people at that meeting who said their entire land holding was designated SNA other than where their house presently stood and with only one meter from the house. Everything else had been designated SNA.  ( in a later text to Heather Meri, I said have them photograph that letter and share it with AAG.org.nz - and build up a file.
    Sometime this July, legislation is coming on a National Policy Statement on Indigenous Biodiversity - and in this the Government is going to take the criteria for allocating SNA’s - and make it even more wide spread. Heather Meri says now they are including mobile fauna - for example the native falcon - if a native falcon flies over your property and decides to nest in your pine forest - the authorities are going to put a circle around your pine plantation and make it an SNA.
    So once you can’t use it or harvest it or plant or run livestock on it - most of the time you are destroying the viability of one's farm.
    To the layman this makes no sense - but when you look at the big picture and ask where this is coming from? It’s further up the pyramid of power. You get a crystal clear understanding.
    In August 2019 the Prime Minister of NZ was the keynote speaker at the Goal Keepers Conference in New York - a Bill and Melinda Gates initiative where our PM stood up and told the audience how NZ was achieving the goals of implementing Agenda 21 and 2030. Saying that these agendas had already been integrated into our legislation. Though this has been enacted through Parliament basically no-one - meaning ordinary NZers

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    Antoinette James: Are NZ Kiwis Revolting? Food for Thought in an Unsavoury World

    Antoinette James: Are NZ Kiwis Revolting? Food for Thought in an Unsavoury World

    Mother, Author, Researcher ‘What is happening behind the curtain?’ The UN Agendas, the World Economic Forum - Your Future?
    Giving a wider understanding of the issues facing us today, both in NZ and globally. Worth your while to listen to the whole interview.
    Author of ‘We are Revolting’ and her new book just out ‘Under the Shadow’, Antoinette lays the groundwork of her research as to what is happening on a global scale. She says she is a big picture person. 
    The fact that over the years, our NZ Governments, both left and right have signed us on to the United Nations Agenda21 and Agenda23 that have slipped through without there being a public discourse or debate and education of ‘we the people’ as to what does this all translate into. Why the silence and why have our elected representatives not mentioned this to their constituents? Especially as this all started back in 1992.
    Then there is the question of what’s the game plan being acted out under cover of the Covid crisis? Where and where does the World Economic Forum from Davos in Switzerland put the ‘Great Reset’ in place. Where the cashless society comes into being, that by 2030 ‘we will own nothing and we will be happy’ - how about - full of Joy!  Note, that both our Prime Minister and our Deputy Prime Minister have attended the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. Yet a quietened NZ MSM, ‘soothed with ample funding’ from our Government discreetly looks the other way.   
    This is what happened - the Fourth Estate (your Media) have remained silent and tight lipped. 
    With a new book just out:
    UNDER THE SHADOW: Agenda 21 in New Zealand
    New Zealand National and Labour governments have collaborated in binding the country to UN goals.
    National Prime Minister Jim Bolger signed Agenda 21 in 1992,
    without democratic debate!
    Labour Prime Minister Helen Clark rolled-out NCEA underpinned with UN Common Core Curriculum goals in the early 2000s,
    without democratic debate!
    National Prime Minister John Key signed Agenda 2030 in 2015,
    without democratic debate!
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern authored New Zealand’s first Voluntary National Review 2019: An audit of the country’s progress and commitment to UN 2030 dictatorship, without democratic debate!
    Every New Zealander’s life is going to change for the worse.
    UNDER THE SHADOW is a 314-page exposé of Agenda 21/2030 outcomes and projections in New Zealand. This publication has over 300 quotes and citations from many documents, publications, speeches and statements.
    Under the Shadow gives the Agenda backstory, names the architects, explains the ideology and exposes the elites main driving force.
    Copies of UNDER THE SHADOW can be purchased on AMAZON or for New Zealand postal addresses, directly from the author - $35 plus P&P
    Having presented this info at many public meetings last year, I found the tree metaphor became an easy way to untangle while putting a handle on the very historic and complicated UN tiptoe to Agenda 2030. 
    This is the contents to give you a feel to what is covered -
    Life Under the Shadow of Agenda 21..................………..15
                          Religious Roots…………………....……….21
                         One World Religion………………….…......36
    Grafting of Agenda 21………………………………...........39
                                  Arthur Balfour……………………...…...39
                                  Alger Hiss………………………..….…..40

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8 Ratings

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