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Heyyyy, welcome to the Life Without School podcast by Stark Raving Dad! Here to help you and your children live the life *you* want to, not just the one you’re told you should.

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Heyyyy, welcome to the Life Without School podcast by Stark Raving Dad! Here to help you and your children live the life *you* want to, not just the one you’re told you should.

    Your Child Is Falling Behind

    Your Child Is Falling Behind

    In this episode I'm talking more about something this podcast was literally born from: the idea of children falling behind where they should be.

    First, I talk about how the world generally views progress in childhood, and why it’s so problematic and broken. And then second, I present a different view of that. A different idea of measurement and benchmarking and progress for our children.

    Wherever you are in your journey right now, I hope this way of looking at things brings you and your children some comfort, some reassurance, and some *confidence*.

    • 33 min
    Turning Around The "Ohhhh, You Homeschool?" Questions

    Turning Around The "Ohhhh, You Homeschool?" Questions

    In this episode I'm going to do something that might feel a bit uncomfortable. But if we want to move education forward in any real meaningful way, the kind of thinking I’m about to take you through is incredibly important.
    I’m going to take some of the main questions that home educators are traditionally asked - some of the main worries people express when they hear you’re a home educating family - and then I’m very simply going to turn them around.
    I’m going to ask them of the formal education system that’s currently in place almost globally. And I’m going to put some pressure on that system to give us honest answers to those questions.
    I think you’ll find this conversation, and the questions it asks, both interesting and challenging - whether you’re home educating or not!

    (my coaching, course and community resources: https://starkravingdadblog.com/shop/)

    • 25 min
    Dear Grandparents

    Dear Grandparents

    With so many families making the decision to leave the formal education system and take their own path through life, it also means there are a whole lot of grandparents out there going...
    Hold on, what’s happening here?! We have a comprehensive, effective school system designed specifically to educate us in all the areas we’ll need to fully prepare for life. Why on earth would anyone walk away from that? And...what’s going to happen to my grandchildren now that they’ve had the opportunity to go through that system taken away?
    It...just seems a bit crazy.
    Grandparents, I hear you. So today, in this episode, I’m sitting down to have a chat with *you*.

    p.s. if you enjoy this episode, I've written a guide on this topic called The Home Schooling Guide for Grandparents. There’s lot of the same material covered, but the process of reading and reflection is quite different to listening. Take a look :-)

    • 35 min
    We're Looking At Education All Wrong

    We're Looking At Education All Wrong

    The definition of education is being taught, and the learning that results from it. A process that happens, for a child, in a classroom.
    But if you read that a couple of times, does it sound interesting and inspiring? Does it really sound like it’s centered on our children, designed to help them become independent, life-long learners, who know how to get the best out of themselves?
    I don’t think it does. So today, together, we’re going to give education a new definition. We’re going to take the entire concept, and everything that sits within it, and look at it all with fresh eyes.
    You might find some of what we discover here surprising.
    And I *know* you will find it enlightening.

    • 35 min
    The Big Home Education Questions Everyone Asks

    The Big Home Education Questions Everyone Asks

    Will your children be sheltered? How will you educate them properly if you're not a qualified teacher? How will they get a good job when they grow up?
    Everyone who chooses a life without school will be asked these kinds of questions at some point. In this episode, we chat through the nine most common ones a home educating family will hear, with the goal of empowering you to confidently frame your own answers to them, in your own ways. I hope revisiting this episode from time to time will give you those little boosts of confidence you sometimes need, whenever you need them.
    And - because I’ve been asked many times for an episode that speaks directly to your family and friends, to help them understand your thinking behind the questions they will want to ask you - I hope you’ll find this episode a good starting place to share with them. One that is the right balance of thoughtful, and thought-provoking.
    Thank you for listening!

    • 31 min
    Monthly Q&A: Comparing Your Children To Others | Slow Life Seasons | Explaining Home Ed to Your Kids

    Monthly Q&A: Comparing Your Children To Others | Slow Life Seasons | Explaining Home Ed to Your Kids

    We're back with another question and answer episode, where I take a few of your questions and talk my way through them. I really love working on this episode each month, because your questions always reflect the struggles, the worries, and the hopes and dreams, of so many of us. A big thank you to Amy, Jacqui and Kate for taking the time to send in their recordings so we can hear, directly, from this wonderful community.
    In this episode we talk about:
    How to avoid comparing our children to others - especially those who go to school.How to navigate slower educational seasons of life when we don't feel we're doing enough.How to explain home schooling and unschooling to our children, as we move away from the school system.

    • 28 min

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5.0 out of 5
46 Ratings

46 Ratings

jacobrmorris ,

So excited about the potential

Thanks Issy for opening my eyes to the world of home schooling and dispelling all the myths that I was holding onto. Having your podcast to guide us is seriously taking a lot of the fear and apprehension away and giving us a clear road map to follow with confidence. The prospect of home schooling our 3 kids in the future, is now a far more exciting prospect than sending them off to regular school.

Krisandcarls ,

Laughed and Cried the whole time I’m listening

Thank you so much for being so real and articulating so well what all of us feel and need to hear in this journey. All while assisting us in giving ourselves permission to live life our way, and our kids their way! So empowering! Thank you!

RoseyGravey ,

Better than Netflix

Mind blowing chat! I’ve been teaching for over 20 years… this resonates with my heart, challenges my head and reflects my values!

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