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Winning Teams with John Murphy is dedicated to helping you get the important things done. The goal is to help you be the best you can be and live with vitality.

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Winning Teams with John Murphy is dedicated to helping you get the important things done. The goal is to help you be the best you can be and live with vitality.

    How to Attract and Retain Key Talent with Kim Troy | Episode #77

    How to Attract and Retain Key Talent with Kim Troy | Episode #77

    Through her unusual and amazing experiences, today’s guest brings a unique perspective to organizations when it comes to attracting and retaining talent. In a challenging market, there’s a big fight for talent and companies need to have a solid strategy in making sure they’re doing the right things to find and keep the right people.

    Kim Troy joins us for this conversation as an expert in the space of hiring. She is the founder and CEO of Civilis Consulting and in this episode, Kim shares the things you need in place to not only attract the right people, but to keep them as well. In addition, she also explains what is important for the hiring manager role within an organization. Her background consists of so much experience and in her adventures in southern Africa working with conservation organizations, she learned the impact a company can have through diversity and driving people’s motivation and skill development as well as finding resources when there seemed to be none.

    What We Talked About in This Episode:

    How Kim Helps Organizations Find Talent in a Challenging Market

    Becoming Crystal Clear on Who You Are as a Company

    Articulating Company Culture

    Compelling People to Spend Time in an Organization’s Environment

    The Different Types of Cultures and Values in Various Types of Companies

    Attractive Elements in a Company Culture

    Authenticity Regarding the Right Employees for the Job

    The Current Focus on Making a Difference

    Hiring in a Multi-Generational Workplace

    The Role of a Hiring Manager in the Current Market

    The Shift Towards Creativity, Collaboration, and Innovation

    Company Qualities That Retain New Talent

    Why Two Way Communication is Crucial

    What Kim Learned in Her Time Working in Conservation Organizations in Africa

    The True Definition of Resilience

    Kim’s Book Recommendations and Daily Rituals

    About Our Guest:

    Kim Troy is the Founder and CEO of Civilis Consulting, a trailblazing relationship-focused sales, marketing, operations and culture consultancy that helps businesses break through barriers to growth. Civilis’ seasoned consultants work alongside management teams, board leadership, entrepreneurs and CEOs to implement results-oriented business strategies that accomplish what’s never been done before.

    Prior to Civilis, Kim founded Kimberly Troy Consulting, which works with field-based wildlife conservation organizations – primarily in southern Africa – to improve utilization of financial and human resources. She has also held executive level positions in Human Resources, Operations and Sales for some of the world’s largest retailers, including L Brands. Her expertise includes brand strategy and execution, relationship-based business development strategies, multi-unit sales management, business operations, consumer behavior, change management, and corporate culture transformation.


              Connect with Kim Troy:

    *  https://www.civilisconsulting.com/

    Links and Resources:

    * Kim Troy on LinkedIn

    * Civilis Counseling Website

              Connect with John Murphy:


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    You Can Change Other People with Peter Bregman and Howie Jacobson | Episode #76

    You Can Change Other People with Peter Bregman and Howie Jacobson | Episode #76

    Contrary to the popular saying, “You can’t change other people, you can only change yourself,” today’s guests explain otherwise. Authors of You Can Change Other People, Peter Bregman and Howie Jacobson join the podcast today to share their insight and how true leadership is in fact changing others for the better.

    Peter Bregman is a globally recognized executive coach, the author of several books, a highly sought after keynote speaker, and the founder of Bregman Partners. Howie Jacobson, also an executive coach working with both startups and Fortune 500 companies, and Peter collaborated to bring us this wonderful read that I highly recommend. 

    In today’s episode, Peter and Howie share their tips and strategies from a professional and personal perspective. What they have found is that these business and leadership methods of communicating and helping others are just as applicable to our personal lives as they both demonstrate through insightful anecdotes. 

    What We Talked About in This Episode:

    The Misconception of Not Being Able to Change Other People

    Professional Methodology in Your Personal Life

    Leadership is Changing People to Be Great

    A Leader’s Role as Aligning People and Leverage Strengths

    The Four Steps in Changing Other People

    Shifting From Critic to Ally: The Do’s and Don’ts

    The Importance of Authenticity

    Complaining is Not an Invitation to Give Advice

    Becoming Your Own Best Ally

    Taking Ownership of Decisions and Helping Others Do the Same

    The Distinction Between Motivation and Follow Through

    Plan for Pivotal Moments

    How to Build Emotional Courage

    Always Ask About the Outcome

    Intentionally Following a Process to Avoid Ineffective Habits

    Peter and Howie’s Book Recommendations and Daily Rituals

    About Our Guest:

    Peter Bregman is the founder and CEO of Bregman Partners, an executive coaching company focusing on achieving success through people. Bregman Partners work in partnership with their clients to effectively execute their strategies or change initiatives all through strengthening their people. Peter is the author of several books including You Can Change Other People, Leading with Emotional Courage, and 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done. He is also the host of the Bregman Leadership Podcast.

    Howie Jacobson is an executive coach to clients ranging from startup founders to established and rising Fortune 100 leaders. He’s also the director of coaching at Bregman Partners. Howie has coached and trained executives and managers across diverse organizations and industries and is the coauthor of You Can Change Other People. In addition to his business background, Howie is also a health educator and host of the Plant Yourself Podcast.


              Connect with Peter Bregman and Howie Jacobson:

    * https://bregmanpartners.com/

               Links and Resources:

    Bregman Partners Website

    Peter Bregman on LinkedIn

    Howie Jacobson on LinkedIn

    You Can Change Other People by Peter Bregman and Howie Jacobson

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    The CEO Compass to Success with Deborah Anne Coviello | Episode #75

    The CEO Compass to Success with Deborah Anne Coviello | Episode #75

    The CEO of any size company must be prepared to drive and grow the business. But it takes a whole lot more than just focusing on the results. That’s what today’s guest is passionate about and in our conversation today, Deborah Coviello explains the CEO’s Compass.

    Deborah is the founder of Illumination Partners and the host of The Drop In CEO Podcast. She is also the author of The CEO’s Compass: Your Guide to Get Back on Track which is an excellent read for anyone in a leadership role. Today she enlightens us on what causes CEOs to find themselves off track and how to find their true north again. The compass concept is easy to understand and effective as she shows CEOs how to engage, grow, and develop people on their team. She is confident that coaching and growing people to become the best they can be is the driving force behind a successful business.

    Listen on to our conversation to find out great tips on developing a strong team of valued individuals, how to effectively give and receive feedback in a safe environment, and the things to keep on your compass to follow to your destination.

    What We Talked About in This Episode:

    Deborah’s Background as an Engineer and Her Extensive Journey

    The Things That Cause CEOs to Get Off Track

    The True North of Peace of Mind

    Elevating and Aligning People

    The Compass Points of The CEO’s Compass

    The Right People and the Right Processes Are Not Enough

    A Common “Ah-ha” Moment for the CEO

    Corporate Courage

    Making Course Corrections Using the CEO’s Compass Points

    Deborah’s Experience with CEOs Who Truly Value Their People

    Why Some CEOs Manage Instead of Coach

    Feedback is a Gift

    Three Things to Remember for Feedback: Continue, Start, and Change 

    Creating a Safe Environment Through the Power of Listening

    Deborah’s Book Recommendation and Daily Rituals

    About Our Guest:

    Deb Coviello is the Founder of Illumination Partners and the host of The Drop In CEO podcast. For more than twenty years, she has been transforming businesses from within, elevating the talents of their organizations to new performance levels. Her experience has taught her to put tremendous value on people, whom she considers as the heart of every business. When hiring a consultant, Deb knows that the primary goal will always be a resolution to a problem. As The Drop In CEO Deb provides her clients with 25+ years worth of experience and strategy in Quality and Operational Excellence roles combined with her 20 years in the Flavors and Fragrance industry, to identify, assess, and solve the issues that are preventing their business growth. Certified as Lean and Six Sigma Blackbelt in Process Improvement, she has also developed significant leadership insight that “People’’ are your greatest tool in your toolbox. In order to deliver on her promise of offering “peace of mind,” she focuses on utilizing the talents of her client’s team and elevating them to new levels of performance, setting them up to better serve their organization.


              Connect with Deborah Anne Coviello:

    https://dropinceo.com/about-us/Link and Resources

    The Drop in CEO Website

    Deb Coviello on Linked ...

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    Master Your Next Presentation with Brenden Kumarasamy | Episode #74

    Master Your Next Presentation with Brenden Kumarasamy | Episode #74

    Communication is a foundational skill that is crucial to any professional in any industry, but it is often the thing we struggle with the most. How can we become better and more confident with not only presentations, but communication as a whole? And with the words of today’s guest, “How would the world change if you were an excellent communicator?”

    Today’s guest is Brenden Kumarasamy who joins us today from Montreal. Brenden is a master communicator and is using his skills to help build the skills of others through his coaching program and YouTube channel, MasterTalk. His ultimate goal is to help his clients become top 1% communicators in their respective industries and in today’s very interesting conversation, he demonstrates the power of strong communication skills. In this episode, Brenden gives tips on how to become a great speaker and gives us practice activities to work with on the regular. These activities need little to no preparation and he even shows us how they work on the spot.

    Communicating precisely is an important life skill. How can you improve your skills to impact the world?

    What We Talked About in This Episode:

    Brenden’s Background in Competitive Speaking and Inspiration for Master Talk

    The Foundational Skill of Communication

    Random Work Exercises and How to Practice Presentation Skills

    What Separates the 1% Top Communicators from the Average

    Communication Goal Setting

    Where to Start to Improve Public Speaking Skills

    Preparing for a Presentation Like a Jigsaw Puzzle

    The Different Balls to Juggle While Speaking

    Why People Struggle With Presenting

    Having an Impact Through Remote Presentations

    How to Help the Speaker as a Recipient

    How Would the World Change if You Were an Excellent Communicator?

    Brenden’s Book Recommendation and Daily Rituals

    About Our Guest:

    Brenden Kumarasamy is the creator of MasterTalk, a YouTube channel that teaches people how to make better presentations and master the art of public speaking. Starting out as a competitive presenter in college, Brenden discovered the need for coaching in this area. MasterTalk has become more than a YouTube channel and now Brenden serves ambitious executives and coaches to become top 1% communicators in their industries. MasterTalk was created to help the world master the art of communication. Through a series of educational content, Brenden’s goal is to be the bridge between everyone’s ideas. Through MasterTalk, Brenden has worked with clients in companies like Salesforce, Amazon, IBM, Morgan Stanley, Blue Cross, J. Water Thompson, Deloitte, Verizon, and many more.


              Connect with Brenden Kumarasamy:


    Links and Resources:

    Kadabra Leadership Teamwork Change Website

    Wendy Ryan on LinkedIn

    Learn, Lead, Lift by Wendy Ryan

             Connect with John Murphy:



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    Learn to Lead and Lift Your People with Wendy Ryan | Episode #73

    Learn to Lead and Lift Your People with Wendy Ryan | Episode #73

    As the entire world shows the need for true leadership, we are faced with the tough questions of what that means and how we can not only lead, but lift as well. This episode is all about how to show up as a leader that makes a difference and the real definition of mindfulness in leadership. Author Wendy Ryan joins us today to share her expertise on the topic and will leave you feeling motivated and inspired.

    Wendy Ryan is the founder and CEO of Kadabra and joins us from Silicon Valley. She is an expert in the field of leadership and change management and has worked with many organizations around the globe. Her recent book Learn, Lead, Lift is an excellent read that we discuss in detail in this episode. Today, listen as Wendy shares with us what it means to be a leader in a changing and volatile world, the importance of equity and inclusion, and how to face current leadership challenges we aren’t sure how to tackle.

    What We Talked About in This Episode:

    Wendy’s Background and Her Broad Perspective

    Kadabra’s Purpose and Mission

    The Investments Wendy Makes in People and Ideas

    The Need for Diversity in All Businesses

    Who Wendy’s Book is Intended For

    Mindfulness and Self Awareness in Leadership

    Showing Your Values Through Your Actions

    The Issues in Managing a Multigenerational Workforce

    VUCA and What That Means for Leadership

    The Goal of Equity and Inclusion Over Diversity

    The Downfall of a Scarcity Mindset

    The Difference Between a Great Leader and an Average Leader

    Wendy’s Book Recommendation and Daily Rituals

    About Our Guest:

    Wendy Ryan is the CEO of Kadabra, an interdisciplinary team of leadership and organizational change experts based in Silicon Valley, California. With over 25 years of combined experience in human resources, organizational development, non-profit leadership and executive coaching Wendy has partnered with hundreds of individuals and organizations throughout the U.S. helping front-line through C-suite leaders and board members achieve success as individuals and in teams. In addition to her work with Kadabra, Wendy is an active mentor, strategic advisor and angel investor in early stage, BIPOC, LGBTQ++ and womxn-led companies and an advocate for expanding diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility in the investor and business ecosystem.


              Connect with Wendy Ryan:


    Links and Resources:

    Kadabra Leadership Teamwork Change Website

    Wendy Ryan on LinkedIn

    Learn, Lead, Lift by Wendy Ryan

             Connect with John Murphy:





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    How to Create That Compelling Vision with Oleg Konovalov | Episode #72

    How to Create That Compelling Vision with Oleg Konovalov | Episode #72

    Joining us today is global leadership expert and author of The Vision Code, Oleg Konovalov. He is certainly a leadership guru and has extensive experience across the world with global companies. He has authored several other books, but today we dig deep into the importance of creating a clear vision. In his book, he details the six key criteria in creating a solid vision and in this episode, he helps us understand each one.

    If vision is so crucial and important to a company or organization, why is it so difficult to establish and communicate? Oleg explains in this interview why leaders struggle with this aspect of business and the difficulty in getting past your own human connection to the past and your ego. Oleg’s book is excellent and highly recommended, but take a listen to this episode for a good outline of the valuable content he has to offer in creating a compelling vision.

    What We Talked About in This Episode:

    The Human Connection to the Past and Their Ego

    The Abstract Definition of Vision

    Emotional and Passionate Parts of Vision

    The Difference Between a Vision and a Mission

    Why Companies Struggle with Clarity

    Creating an Executable Vision

    How to Detach Yourself From Your Ego to Create a Vision

    The Six Key Criteria is Developing a Solid Vision

    Create Value for Everyone, Everywhere You Can

    Why Leader Spend Little Time on Communicating Vision

    Understanding Changes and Adjustments

    Revisiting Your Vision on a Monthly Basis

    Oleg’s Daily Rituals

    About Our Guest:

    Dr. Oleg Konovalov is a global thought leader, author, business educator, consultant, and C-suite coach. Oleg is named among the top eight global experts in leadership and shortlisted for the Distinguished Award in Leadership by Thinkers50. He is on Global Gurus Top 30 in Leadership, has been recognized as #1 Global Thought Leader on Culture by Thinkers 360, is #1 Global Leading Coach (Marshall Goldsmith Thinkers50) and has been named as one of the Top 10 Most Inspiring Global Thought Leaders. He is the author of The Vision Code (2021), LEADEROLOGY (2019), Corporate Superpower (2018), Organisational Anatomy (2016), and Hidden Russia (2014). His research identifies entrepreneurs’ and managers’ strategic needs in the areas of leadership. Oleg helps leaders to become the masters of the future and achieve new levels of success.


              Connect with Oleg Konovalov:

    * https://www.olegkonovalov.com/

                Links and Resources:

    * Oleg Konovalov Website

    The Vision Code: How to Create and Execute a Compelling Vision for Your Business by Oleg Konovalov




             Connect with John Murphy:

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