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Welcome to The Free and Fearless Podcast where we talk about having more freedom and income than you know what to do with, creating digital products that people love, and making offers that sell themselves, all while serving your purpose and living your best life.

I’m your host, Lidiya, a blogger, course creator, business owner and founder of LetsReachSuccess.com, and I’m here to help you build your dream business and be bold and unapologetic.

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Welcome to The Free and Fearless Podcast where we talk about having more freedom and income than you know what to do with, creating digital products that people love, and making offers that sell themselves, all while serving your purpose and living your best life.

I’m your host, Lidiya, a blogger, course creator, business owner and founder of LetsReachSuccess.com, and I’m here to help you build your dream business and be bold and unapologetic.

    2021 Year in Review & Annual Income Report

    2021 Year in Review & Annual Income Report

    Welcome to episode 31 of the Free and Fearless podcast and the first one for 2022. This is my annual income report and year in review post, and you’ll hear me talk about the bolder actions I took every month, the things I did differently in my business and how it all worked out, the offers I created and the launches I did for them, how I spent over $10K on my business, and much more.

    Tune into the episode below:

    Show Notes:

    * how 2021 started for me* what helped me feel abundance in my business for the first time* the one daily practice I’ve been consistent with since last February* how I escaped lockdown right before my birthday* a big step I took in my business in March* how the launch of Fearless Content went* what I did in June that changed the way I do business* what goes into a launch* a big new product idea I had and what I did about it* the one campaign that brought hundreds of new students in my course* what I planned for the final quarter of the year* one more course I released in 2021 and how I presold it* total revenue for the year + for each income stream* how I spent $11,257 on my business (without counting taxes)* an overview of the offers I released and promoted in 2021* how many pageviews I got on the blog and where that traffic came from* email list growth* how the podcast did in 2021


    * Fearless Content* The Abundant Biz Journal Challenge [free]* High Vibe Honey [tapping membership]* $1K Blogger* The 5-Figure Blog Biz Checklist [freebie]* Blog to Biz System* Blog Income Boost [workshop]* Bold Business School* The Epic Online Course Checklist [freebie]* Blog Audit* The Passive Income Blog Boss [free course]* The Blog Sponsorship Boss


    Happy New Year, I hope it’s your best one ever. That’s what I plan to make mine, regardless of outer circumstances, because we might be dealt certain cards every year, but we get to choose how to play them.

    Today’s episode is something I promised I would share, and it’s sort of a tradition. Every January, after I summarize how my year in business went and calculate all the numbers, I publish an annual income report.

    You can check out the previous one a href="https://letsreachsuccess.com/blogging-business-annual-income-report/" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noope...

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    4 Powerful Things I Learned About Manifestation This Year

    4 Powerful Things I Learned About Manifestation This Year

    Welcome to episode 30 of the Free and Fearless podcast. This is Lidiya and I’m releasing this episode in the last day of 2021. I didn’t plan for it, but felt inspired to talk about one of my favorite topics – manifestation – and review some of my biggest lessons related to it and what progress I’ve seen, mainly in terms of mindset and reframing limiting beliefs.

    Tune in below:

    Show Notes:

    * How spending time with family during the holidays can be an opportunity for growth* To take time off your business or not* What does manifestation really mean* How to use the ladder of believability to reframe your beliefs* Examples of limiting beliefs around money that I changed in the last year* The key part of manifestation most people skip* What I’m doing in my business now vs a year ago* How the Ego works* What happened when I faced my biggest issues* How leaving the How and When helps you attract what you want faster* Why it might actually be a good sign when everything’s going wrong* How your low standards are blocking your manifestations* How the Universe tests you before giving you what you want* My final advice for you this year


    * The Blog Sponsorship Boss [course]* How Hailey Noa Went from a Burned-Out Lawyer to an Aligned Soul Purpose & Business Coach* How to Go from The ‘Hustle’ Phase to The ‘Alignment’ Phase [episode]* Manifestation Babe* Gala Darling


    I’m looking at most things in life in a totally different way than I did a year ago. I’ve expanded my consciousness and trained my mind to believe new things that are aligned with my vision for the next stage of my life. In theory, this was hard. Once it became my new reality, I’m seeing the benefits and it feels so good.

    Let me share a few quick updates too. Since the last episode, I launched my new course The Blog Sponsorship Boss which is all about making money from sponsored blog posts, finding and pitching brands, negotiating and getting paid every time. I’m now releasing one module per week, Module 3 is in the works now and will be released on Monday. This kept me productive during the holidays as I gave my word to the students who enrolled that a new module will be waiting for them every Monday. 

    So regardless of how I felt, the traveling, the time I spent around family back in my home country and what else happened unexpectedly, I showed up. I created the content, designed the presentations, recorded the lessons, edited what needed editing, added bonuses and little details to make sure each module serves students well. This is an example of how my business keeps me disciplined and teaches me a whole new level of responsibility and self-trust.

    This time of the year can bring many unresolved issues, so here’s what I have to say about that.

    You are not responsible for the programming you received as a child, but now,

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    How I Earned $128,386 from Blog Sponsorships Alone in The Last 4 Years

    How I Earned $128,386 from Blog Sponsorships Alone in The Last 4 Years

    Welcome to episode 29 of the Free and Fearless podcast. If you’re here, chances are you already have a blogging business and want to increase your revenue or are just interested in how sponsored blogging works and how to get started with it.

    Tune into the episode below to hear about my journey with sponsored blogging and how I made over 6 figures solely from that one income stream in the last years:

    Show Notes:

    * What’s my most special income stream* My new course and how it can help you (+ discount)* My blogging journey (from 2013 to today)* Why there’s a lot of confusion in the sponsored blogging industry* Who’s in charge during a sponsored collaboration* 7 steps you can take right now to start earning from blog sponsorships* What’s different about my new program


    * The Blog Sponsorship Boss



    Earlier this month, I dug deeper into my business numbers.

    I was doing my November income report, preparing my new course on blog sponsorships, but also wondered how much I’ve earned since 2018 (as that’s the first year when I began tracking every number in my business and publishing a detailed monthly income report on the blog).

    I was curious how much of it came from blog sponsorships alone. I spent some time diving into the numbers and had a lot of fun with them.

    Then I looked at the total amount: $128,386

    This was a cause for celebration. We’re often so focused on the current month, our revenue goal or the next launch, that we fail to celebrate the other numbers and milestones in our business.

    For example, I’ll never forget the first time I had a $5K month as a full-time blogger.

    I’ll also never forget the feeling of hitting over 1 million page views on the blog (that was in 2019). 

    Replacing my income from freelance writing with the revenue from the blog back in 2018 was the Freedom milestone for me as it meant I never had to work for clients anymore.

    But one thing has always stood out, mostly because 80% of bloggers (big or small) have no idea how it works, whether it’s legit at all, and how to get started with it.

    That’s blog sponsorships – the special income stream I created early on that has been paying my bills ever since, and which sort of feels like passive income as it gives the freedom to work on anything else I desire (in this case, my online course business).

    Let me and my blog be the proof that earning from blog sponsorships is a real thing and anyone can do it.

    This is also a good example of why I say owning a platform such as your own blog on the Internet is powerful AF!

    Most give up early on, others want quick results and get discouraged quickly. But those who keep growing the blog (for years!), know what it means to reap the benefits.

    We’re talking passive income streams for the rest of your life, building a name for yourself, starting any new business you feel like and still using your blog as the foundation of your brand. 

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    Why I’m Not a Coach & What I Love About The Online Course Business

    Why I’m Not a Coach & What I Love About The Online Course Business

    Welcome to episode 28 of the Free and Fearless podcast. Today, I’ll answer one of the top questions I get. Why I’m not a coach when this is such a profitable business model? When everyone seems to be doing it this way? When I could easily grow my income if I offer coaching packages right now? And especially why I don’t do it when people from my audience have asked me for that?

    I’ll keep it real, as always, and I’ll discuss why this business model isn’t for me and why the other one I’m so in love with – being a course creator – is perfect for me. 

    I’m definitely not telling anyone not to become a coach, but most often we just hear about the benefits of this business model. I have enough coaches around me to know why this isn’t something I want and how it will affect my lifestyle, my mood, my work and so much more, in a way that actually gets me further way from the kind of business that I’m building.

    Because I’ll always try to create my dream life and run my dream business, but most people out there follow the profitable and trendy ventures, and there’s usually a price to pay for that.

    Tune into the episode below: 

    Show Notes:

    * [02:17] Why having coaching sessions goes against my business code* [02:55] 2 things I dread that are a big part of being a coach* [04:57] The connection between your learning style and the business model that’s best for you* [06:24] The 1 thing I don’t wanna do to my audience* [08:11] Why I need a more scalable business model* [09:07] What I love the most about being a course creator* [10:43] Courses vs experiences* [11:35] The next 3 offers I’m releasing


    1. I don’t like working 1:1 with people.

    The first reason why I’m not a coach and why I’m not planning on becoming one is because I don’t like working 1:1 with people, not as a student and not a teacher.

    It’s just not for me and I believe that we should all do work we love. Of course there will be administrative tasks and more technical stuff we gotta deal with, but your day to day activities as a business owner should be something you’re really good at. It should be what comes naturally to you, what gives you energy, and puts a smile on your face.

    Having a coaching session with someone would exhaust me, I won’t look forward to it. I won’t be happy and energetic for the rest of the day.

    2. No calls or deadlines.

    Reason #2 is closely related to the first one – I don’t want any calls and deadlines in my business. I’m just not that type of person and I’m okay with it.

    I know it’s the opposite of how the world works today, but freedom and doing things my way were always priorities for me. Keeping things the way I like is also how I can serve my audience, how I can make the most of my time and skills, and keep providing value.

    Most people tell me I’ve created more content than they’ve seen from any other blogger or business owner in general. One of the reasons why is that I stick to the kind of content I love. Mainly written content, which is blog posts in my case, and lead magnets. But also courses and the podcast. 

    I can keep going forever, as long as it’s on my terms.

    If I had even 1 coaching call a day,

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    The Role of Passion in Business and How to Use it for Growth

    The Role of Passion in Business and How to Use it for Growth

    Welcome to episode 27 of the Free and Fearless podcast. Today I’m going to talk about the reason why I do what I do, why this show and any other content I create exists, and why I am where I am today. That’s passion.

    It’s what helped me start the business, what helped me keep going, and what always keeps me motivated to grow it no matter what.

    I’ll share a bit more about the role passion plays in all this and why I consider it one of the main ingredients of any form of success, and also how you can start a passion-based business and what its main characteristics are.

    Tune into the episode below.

    Show Notes:

    * Why 90% of businesses fail* An example of a passion-based business that turned into the 6th largest company in the world* How to stay humble when your business grows* 4 steps to starting a passion-based business* Signs you’re doing what you love


    The Role of Passion in Business

    Your business is your way of leaving something behind, achieving financial independence, being totally free and flexible, and helping others. But passion is the fuel that gets your there.

    It’s the thing that allows you to take up on new challenges and enjoy every step of the process.

    It’s what allows you to work crazy hours when you’re building a business, and not complain about it. 

    It’s what will help you have a full-time business and build a lifestyle you absolutely love thanks to that. It might take some time, but as long as you stay in the game, there’s no other chance but to win.

    The failure rate of startups is 90%. Which means most businesses fail. Some see that as a discouraging fact. But I know why that is. Most people simply give up.

    There are 1000 reasons to give up, if you look for them. But if you’re passionate about what you do, it also means there’s no reality where you won’t do it. Most people, me included, admit that we would do that work for free. And we usually do, at least in the beginning. 

    Passion not only gets you started in business but it keeps you going forever.

    That’s something that no business degree, investor, business plan, or amount of initial capital can even measure up to.

    My mentors in life and business are people I’ve found online who are all self-made entrepreneurs, living their best life, and growing every single day. They are passionate about what they do, and – honestly – I don’t think I can ever learn from or invest in someone who isn’t that.

    This passion in business helps you relate to your ideal clients. It lets you be as real as possible and this is magnetic. I can immediately spot who’s real in their content, branding, products and just how they share their story online. 

    I have no time to spend on their blog, listening to their podcast, checking out their updates on social, or buy a product from them if they aren’t real. It’s just not what I’m looking for.

    But those that I truly admire are the people I keep on my mind daily. I know how they started from nothing, how they had $0 in their bank accounts when first starting the business.

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    Your 8-Step Process to Living Your Biggest, Boldest Life

    Your 8-Step Process to Living Your Biggest, Boldest Life

    Welcome to episode 26 of the Free and Fearless podcast. I’ll now share with you 8 steps that I consider important for anyone who wants to be bold enough to live their biggest life, and – of course – create not just a business, but their dream business. We’re here to aim high and go big!

    Tune into the episode below:

    Show Notes:

    * [02:02] How what you don’t want in life can be more useful than what you want* [03:51] Examples of strong boundaries in my business* [06:08] How I’ve used a special kind of guarantee in my latest offer to set the right expectations* [07:50] What comes after the hustle stage* [08:53] The role of manifestation in living your boldest life* [10:28] The kind of growth uncovering your traumas can lead to


    * Blog Audit* The Abundant Biz Journal Challenge [free]* The Epic Online Course Checklist [free]* The 5-Figure Blog Biz Checklist [free]* Free course for bloggers* Fearless Content [course]* It Didn’t Start With You [book]


    1. Find clarity 

    Identify anything in your current life, environment and way of thinking that isn’t what you truly desire or which doesn’t resonate with you. Start eliminating ruthlessly. 

    Then, define what you want, make a plan, and start working on it.

    When my personal growth journey started, I spent enough time to realize that, to be honest with myself, to define what I really want and make a step-by-step plan on how to get it, here I am.

    Waking up with excitement, having a smile on my face while working, writing daily – which is my favorite thing. Inspiring people and being productive and disciplined without needing anyone to make me do any of it.

    But it wasn’t until I found out my passion – personal development, combined it with the best way to express myself and the right medium for me – writing, and read everything I could on how to turn that into something more.

    Then, I found out that freedom and independence were more important to me than I thought. I did what I could to become self-employed and location independent.

    So barriers like country, having a boss, working a job I don’t enjoy, being stuck in an office 8 hours a day, being told what to do, having to wake up at a certain time, just don’t exist anymore. Because I did what I could to remove them.

    My point here is: elimination is one of the key processes in life,

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