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FLAWD: Focused Lifestyle & Winning Disciplines. The show is about CrossFit, Personal Development and Productivity. The Show host: Peter Larsson interviews interesting people about their Focused Lifestyle & Winning Disciplines. Main language is Swedish

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FLAWD: Focused Lifestyle & Winning Disciplines. The show is about CrossFit, Personal Development and Productivity. The Show host: Peter Larsson interviews interesting people about their Focused Lifestyle & Winning Disciplines. Main language is Swedish

    TFP #067 Harry Ng - Sorted

    TFP #067 Harry Ng - Sorted

    In episode #067
    We meet Harry the co-founder of Sorted. A productivity app for "Hyper-Scheduling". Please give the podcast 5 star review an tell everyone you know. Thank you.

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    Selected Links: sortedapp.com  

    (00:33) Peter introduces the show and shares what he has been up to during 2020 season (CFL3, MovNat L1 etc)
    (02:30) Who is Harry - and why did he started Sorted together with Niel
    (04:30) Sorted has over 1Million downloads.
    (06:30) Harry and his family are "Nomads" i.e. they are traveling the world and working remotely. How does this work? Harry got inspired by the classic book: 4hour work week by Tim Ferrris
    (09:30) Okinawa in Japan is so far the best place that Harry has been to. It is also one of the earths "blue zones" ? Want to live forever read our post about longevity
    (11:00) What is productivity for Harry? Think that you are an "arrow" - be clear: what you are working on, Be clear about your: Process, Use "Atomic Habits" (incremental changes) so you move forward every day.
    (12:00) Harrys goal process: Here we focus on Harrys 5 big life goals. And his goal to read: 1000 books.
    Make sure to have a list of books to read. Check out this book list if you want tips on what books to read:  10 books that will change your life forever Family of 4 is another life goal for Harry. Check out Remente App and Coach.Me app for goals and habits Harry Prefers reading "real book" so he can make notes in e-books. Check out ReadWise app if you are an avid reader. GoodReads, check me out there: https://www.goodreads.com/peterlarsson (21:30) Is To-Do list good or bad? List based and Scheduling based apps. Schedule
    (24:30) Why cant I just write things down in a list? - Priorities change, times/scheduling is also important to conside
    (28:00) How do I prevent over-scheduling? Hyper-Scheduling is an extension of GTD.
    First: roughly Schedule what you want to do. Move lower priority to another day 2nd: more important stuff on top of the list - use AutoSchedule - remember things will change during a day 3rd: if extra time or less you can quickly shift tasks in the app - 4: if you have set a time for your task you will not over schedule (at least not as much since you estimate time for your task) (31:00) What is Hyper-Scheduling and what are the 3 pillars? Hyper-Scheduling is: "on top of scheduling" - "TimeBlocking" in a more concise way. Read more
    3 Pillars of Hyper-Scheduling
    Unified  - a single timeline Effortless - no friction Flexible - unpredictability happens, adjust your plan (38:00) Story of the apple designer and commitment. Peter likes the buffer time. Task managers is not only about work.
    (40:00) How does Harrys own workflow work?
    Harry reviews the next day in the evening - Time Ruler to shift tasks, tasks that are together are linked In the morning - Harry reviews and plan again (depending on energy level etc) either autoschedule for either full day or half day. then start working During the day: a standard day will be with meetings. Other conversations are made in Slack. Harry uses the BulletJournal style on his iPad. (47:00) How to avoid "new shiny object syndrome"? You do not need to limit yourself. Remind yourself of what you actually want to do. Check your goals!
    (50:00) You can make a recurring task in the app.
    (51:00) What is "Magic Select" remember that is should be flexible - read more
    (57:00) what is the biggest mistake users make about hyper-scheduling and Sorted? Rigid planning. New users think that the just because it is there - it is "set in stone". Also do not schedule to many things in the beginning. 2-3 tasks

    (59:00) Booktips - Remote and Deep Work.
    (63:00) Productivity Gadget? - a Waterbottle creates the habit. IF THIS Then THAT
    (66:00) FutureForeca

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    TFP #066 CFL3

    TFP #066 CFL3

    In episode #066
    Peter shares his thoughts about CFL3/CCFT education and credential as a CrossFit Coach.  What is the "Six-Eight" Rule? How can you start the process of becoming a CFL3? Please give the podcast 5 star review and tell everyone you know. Thank you.
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    whoami Peter Larsson CFL3 Founder of FLAWD Selected Links:
    CCFT - Study Materials  How to pass CFL3 Journal Pat Sherwood - on Elegance in CF Journal Pat Sherwood - CF Linchpin YouTube CF Infinity Wall -  Virtousity - FLAWD Related podcast episodes and articles
    Listen Camilla Salomonsson Sveriges CrossFit Nobless ; The FLAWD podcast (#022) Josh Marunde RockStar Athlete The FLAWD podcast (episode #011) John Plogell - CF OG &amp The FLAWD Podcast (#058) TFP #061 David Thorp – DomarJäveln – The FLAWD Podcast TFP #059 Per Mattsson – Coaches Congress – The FLAWD Podcast Carl Paoli – Freestyle Connection – The FLAWD podcast (#032) Patrick McKeown – Oxygen Advantage (#055) Read Crossfit Breathing Flow FMS How I use it in coaching Swimming Running Experience In Gothenburg? Join Peters Evolutionary fitness class A Corona Safe outdoors, fitness system, where MovNat is a foundational part. Visit direct link to book. Or visit  all events on FLAWD on eventbrite FLAWD events & workshops  Also I have my own outdoors gym - contact me for IRL or Online coaching. Shownotes
    (00:33) Peter introduces the show
    (01:30) What is CrossFit? Crossfit
    (02:30) Greg Glassman Defined CrossFit as: "Increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains" (05:00) CrossFit Magical 8  or "themes. "Understanding these themes and the contexts in which to apply them will give trainers the general principles for evaluating movement. There are positions or movement patterns that do not fit neatly into these categories, as well as
    movements that do not demonstrate all the themes. This list is not meant to be exhaustive. It is simply a classification
    tool that can be used to aid development of one’s coaching skill set." These themes are: MLS - midline stabilization, C2E - core-to-extremity movement, Balance about the frontal plane, Posterior-chain engagement, Sound hip function, Active shoulders, Full range of motion about a joint, and Effective stance and/or grip. (08.30) What is Level 3= and what are the requirements? (11:40) What are the 6 Domains of CCFT? Domain D1: Screening and Ongoing Assessment Domain D2: Programming Domain D3: Teaching Domain D4: Coaching Domain D5: Nutrition and Lifestyle Domain D6: Class Management and Professional Responsibilities (15:30) What is the difference between CFL3 and CCFT? (16:30) What should you do? 1: Read everything at least 2x. 2: Review How to pass the CFL3 exam Use the study tool of 6-8 study tool The Six: teaching, seeing, correcting, group management, presence and attitude, demonstration. The Eight: midline stabilization, core-to-extremity movement, balance about the frontal plain, posterior-chain engagement,
    sound hip function, active shoulders, full range of motion about a joint, effective stance and/or grip. 3: Go to CF website and undertake the online courses - Spot the flaw (19:30) Motivation for you to get the CFL3 if you have CFL2 today? Instead of having expiration date, it (20:30) Pat Sherwood Check him out on CF Linchpin with BTWB and read his CF Journal about Elegance "Pat Sherwood addresses the concept of clever simplicity in fitness and in life." (22:00)  I hope this gave you a clue and an idea of where to start? What is L4? (25:40) MCI - Mechanics, Consistancy, Intensity Read more:  More resources Jami Tikannen  Peters CFL1 and CF Mob Chuck Carswell CrossFit Journal Want More FLAWD?
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    As a

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    TFP #065 Bernd Reicheneder - MovNat

    TFP #065 Bernd Reicheneder - MovNat

    For complete shownotes visit: FLAWD.se/Podcast
    In episode #065
    We meet Bernd a MovNat Team instructor. Based in Munich. We are talking about Natural Movement. We discuss Natural Development Sequence. The MovNat tree. Is nature a religion now? We talk about Breathing. Mindfullness in Movement and balancing. Is it possible to do CrossFit and MovNat? What is the MovNat tree? Be strong to be helpful and much much more. It goes hand in hand with all the concepts at FLAWD. Please give the podcast 5 star review an tell everyone you know. Thank you.


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    .whoami ?
    Bernd Reicheneder, Munich based Movnat Team Instructor. Watch the episode on Youtube?

    Selected Links: movnatmuenchen.de FLAWD Related podcast episodes and articles
    Listen Jim Klopman – Balance is Power #045 Stuart Elwell - Fucntional Movement Screen #28 Patrick McKeown – Oxygen Advantage (#055) Read MovNat on FLAWD Breathing Flow FMS How I use it in coaching Crossfit Swimming Running Experience In Gothenburg? Join Peters Evolutionary fitness class A Corona Safe outdoors, fitness system, where MovNat is a foundational part. Visit direct link to book. Or visit  all events on FLAWD on eventbrite FLAWD events & workshops  Also I have my own outdoors gym - contact me for IRL or Online coaching.
    (00:33) Peter introduces the show and shares what he has been up to during 2020 season (CFL3, MovNat L1 etc)
    (04:24) Bernd - what is going on at the moment?
    (06:30) How did Bernd found MovNat? Very related to FMS  that I use on FLAWD athletes and we have talked about in episode 28. Bernd also has backround in shotokan karate (12:00) What is MovNat Foundation? What is the basis: A fitness system built out of the movements we have evolved from.
    (14:00) - the MovNat tree (15:00) In the MovNat tree we have basics that we learn first, and jumping, vaulting and climbing. (17.45) NDS - Natural Development Sequence/Neurological Development Sequence and how we humans evolve when young and a discussion about our movement patterns related to MovNat (21:00) Bernd is Team Instructor and we discuss MovNat- we start with breathing, position, move in Sequence. Rehab and Prehab. (23:00) what is the difference between MovNat and Natural Movement? We all should  do a the "practice of natural movement". MovNat is the method to re-learn the physical competence of doing Natural Movement in a safe and efficient way. (25:00) What have we lost in modern civilisation? 3 things we can influence directly: 1. Moving, 2. Breathing, 3. Nutrition "The Better you eat, the less time you have to waste exercising and have more time for philosophy" - Seneca (a stoic)
    (27:00) Do I really need a system for movement? Am I not always moving naturally? (29:00) 15 hour "training" in evolution. Daniel Lieberman working (YouTube video Survival: Evolution and exercise dilemma). Fitness training for keeping up our function. (33:00) What will happen if I don't move? "I do not need this "natural movement", I need to sit down and" (35:00) The "mismatch theory" sometimes called the evolutionary trap Mismatch theory represents the idea that traits that evolved in an organism in one environment can be disadvantageous in a different environment. Daniel Wolpert - the real reasons for our brain (36:40) Origins from MovNat. How did it begin? Georges Herbert "Method Naturelle" - "train to be useful" and MovNat mantra is "Be strong to be helpful". 2009 MovNat. (42:00) Breathing and Balance - why is it important in this system (47:00) How can you apply or practice MovNat? Just by doing it in nature.. :) (48:00) Mental shift of balancing from ground, to 2-3m up from the  MovNat Level 3 explanation 2m up from the article: Mount the top of the wall, Get Up into a standing position, then Ba

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    TFP #064 Oskar Andermo - Strategic Tech Coaching

    TFP #064 Oskar Andermo - Strategic Tech Coaching

    For complete shownotes visit: FLAWD.se/Podcast
    In episode #064
    We meet Oskar Andermo. A Dubai based coach and entreprenour. We discuss how live is in Dubai during the 2020 Pandemic. Mental Toughness and the importance of Mental Training. Oskar is one of the disciples of Lars-Erik Uneståhl that is the father of Mental training from episode 54. We discuss how to start Mental Training, changing emotional states with triggers. What is NLP? What is the Disney strategy? Importance of accountability. Setting Goals. Creating Habits. How we can use nature to be more creative? Oskar shares his “Triple I” Method with: Inspiration, Information and Implementation. We get a lot of practical tips and we also get some ideas for visualising our goals and creating magic moments. If you are into personal development – this is the go to episode for you. It goes hand in hand with all the concepts at FLAWD. Please give the podcast 5 star review an tell everyone you know. Thank you.

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    .whoami ?
    Oskar Andermo, Dubai based entreprenour, speaker, coach. Coach leaders and entrepreneurs on a successful happy life

    Selected Links: Strategictechcoaching.com Related podcast episodes and articles
    Listen Accountability Partner – Miniepisode The FLAWD podcast (#029) Anders Olsson – Medveten Andning (#060) Focused Productivity Framework  Lars-Eric Uneståhl – Mental Träning (#054) Patrick McKeown – Oxygen Advantage (#055) Read Breathing Flow Experience FLAWD events & workshops 
    (02:15) Oskar elevator pitch
    (02:45) Oskars background, how did he end up in Dubai? He moved to Dubai in 2007
    (06:00) How is life in Dubai during the 2020 Pandemic (COVID19)? And how is the mental aspect
    (09:00) Why should I meditate? And what meditation would Oskar recommend? Are we over-stimulated today? Mental Training Method. App Oak. Start with Guided meditation. Check out IMT – Integrated Mental Training  (13:30) We discuss Lars-Eric Uneståhl #054 (15:40) What would a Mental Toughness Training program with Oskar look like? There is the long term training and short term training. Self esteem. Breathing. Triggers. (too flood with positive emotions). And Music as a trigger. Lil Jon Song (19.00) Lil Jon, DJ Snake – Turn Down for What  (19.30) What is NLP?  – NeuroLinguistic Programming – Oskar is a Certified Practitioner. (22:30) What is the “Disney Strategy” ? Dreamer, Doer and the analyst. Link (24:00) Smart Phone Coaching System Book- Use your phone as extra accountability. Strategic Tech Coaching. (25:00) We discuss the Strategic Tech Coaching model of: “Triple I” – Inspiration, Information and Implementation, to reach your dreams. (26:00) TUGS – The Ultimate Goal Seminar – Oskar shares how i gets his clients to the first I in the deserts of Dubai. An “awe” experience. “a lot of creativity comes from nature”. Go out in Nature to get inspired. (30:00) Goals. TUGS – Inspiration – a spark of inspiration. Then Triple I: Inspiration>Information>Implementation (34:20) The power of habits. Book tips: James Clear book – Atomic Habit (35:00) Dont just learn! Implement! Accountability “1Thing” method (42:30) Why aren’t more people reaching their goals? Ken Wilber: Showing Up, Growing Up, Waking Up, Cleaning Up. (45:30) Its not about being perfect. It is about striving to become better person. (47:05) What is Oskars action steps for the listeners 1. Go out in nature and thing about your goals for the next year. Break it down. Find pictures for that goal. Put them in the goal folder. Review that goal folder from time to time 2. Be Grateful. (“Vitamin G”) Collect pictures of people and experiences you are grateful for, in your Gratitude folder. 3. Collect Magic Moments.  Moments t

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    TFP #063 Mikaela Åhlin Kottulinsky - Racing

    TFP #063 Mikaela Åhlin Kottulinsky - Racing

    För fullständiga shownotes: https://flawd.se/podcast
    I avsnitt #063
    Vi lär känna Mikaela. En av Sveriges bästa racing förare. Vi snackar förstås om racing. Mikaelas bakgrund, där motorsport är en stor del av familjen. Hur det är att vara kvinna i en mansdominerad sport (män och kvinnor tävlar tillsammans inom racing). Vi får följa med på Mikaelas resa från hur hon hittade Go-Cart hela vägen till att hon vinner ett STCC lopp. Vi pratar om man kan leva på racing. Mikaela berättar om vikten av träning, både fysisk och mental träning. Vi lär oss hur Mikaela använder andning för att hitta fokus inför ett lopp. Och mycket mycket mer! Låt dig svepas med och inspireras i detta spännande och fartfyllda avsnitt av The FLAWD Podcast. Berätta för alla du känner om podden, ge podden 5 stjärnor där du hittat den.

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    Mikaela Åhlin Kottulinksy, Sveriges främsta racing förare.
    Avsnittsbild tagen av: Sophie Odelberg sophieodelberg.se Instagram: @sophieodelberg - Tack Sophie! :) 

    Utvalda länkar: Mikaelas Hemsida  Mikaelas Instagram: @mikaelaakottulinsky Extreme E – the Electric Odyssey Continental: Mikaela Meets Youtube serie PWR Racing team TotusFitness Kort klipp när Mikaela kör elektrisk bil i 612 HP (hästkrafter?) Relaterade podcast avsnitt  och  artiklar Lyssna Anders Olsson – Medveten Andning (#060) Lars-Eric Uneståhl – Mental Träning (#054) Patrick McKeown – Oxygen Advantage (#055) Andning Flow Kolla in våra aktuella events och workshops 
    (02:15) – här börjar podden. Vem är Mikaela?
    (03:30)  Mikaela berättar om nära att “gå in i väggen” hösten.
    (05:30) 5 st färgburkar i Maj 2017. “Något som inte stämmer”. Lennart Augustsson (Mikaelas Mentala Coach) hjälper Mikaela (09:00) Mental Träning. Vi får höra hur Mikaela använder andningsövningar för att förebygga att inte gå in i väggen.  In genom näsan, ut genom munnen. Lyssna gärna på (12:00) “My Business, Your Business, Gods Business” – vad innebär det? Ett verktyg för att hjälpa till att hitta Fokus! (bild med blundar! hitta ej) (18:50) Vi får höra Mikaelas historia inom motorsport. Med bla Morfar som enda svensk vunnit Dakkar rally. Även Mamma, Pappa och bror har varit aktiva inom motorsport och därefter som 12 åring hittade hon Go-Cart. (24:10) Hur utvecklades karriären efter Go-Carten? Mikaela hade inga direkta planer på att bli profss från början (28:00) Är det lättare nu att få sponsorer/jobb än tidigare. (28:50) Mikaela berättar om sina stoltaste ögonblick hittills i karriären. Blandannat när hon vann 28juni 2014 vann Scirocco Cup, som första kvinna. Och 2018: när Mikaela vann STCC i Karlskoga och blev historisk som första kvinna. (31:10) Vi får höra om “efterspelet” efter att Mikaela vinner STCC, men får uppleva en mindre rolig presskonferens. (36:30) Peter berättar om sin rally upplevelse. (37:30) Hur går en tävling till? Allt från tidskvalet, kvalificeringsrunda Q1 (kval 1) och Q2. Och sen Race 1. Vad är “balance of performance”? (42:10) Kan man “maska” i kvaliceringsrunda? (43:45) Vad är “Compensation Weight” och vad har det att göra med Kettlebells? 🙂 Senast hade Mikaela 60Kg extra med sig! och vi knyter tillbaka till “Gods Business”. (43:30) Vad är Extreme E!? En helt ny typ av motorsport serie som är helt eldriven och körs Off-road! Den ska köras 2021 på 5 platser i världen, där man har klimatpåverkan. (48:30) Vilka platser körs Extreme E? – Kolla in Mikaelas Youtube serie hos Continental: Mikaela Meets Youtube serie (53:45) Hur funkar det med team? Vilka är med? Får man va hur många som helst? T.ex. STCC finns inget tak, medans Extreme E har max 12. Varför ska man kunna läsa gra

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    TFP #062 Markus Torgeby - Sova Ute

    TFP #062 Markus Torgeby - Sova Ute

    I avsnitt #062 - för fullständiga shownotes: FLAWD.se/Podcast
    Vi gästas ännu en gång av Markus Torgeby, som var med redan i avsnitt TFP#014.  Där pratade vi om löpning, Markus första bok och, Markus historia och hans livsfilosofi. Detta avsnittet pratar vi om Markus nya bok: Sova ute, som han skrivit med sin bok. Boken handlar om hur vi (den moderna människan) kan komma närmare naturen, lugnet, stressen genom att vara mer i naturen och framförallt då och då sova ute i skog och natur. Markus är otroligt skön att lyssna på och prata med och boken är riktigt snygg och praktisk. I avsnittet lär vi oss också hur man förutspår framtiden med “enslinje”, massor med andra praktiska tips. Markus förra avsnitt är ett av de mest populära i The FLAWD Podcast, och jag hoppas detta avsnittet blir ännu mer populärt. Berätta för alla du känner om podden, ge 5 stjärnor, dela, lajka, prenumerera och allt annat fränt!

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    Vem? Markus Torgeby, Sveriges främsta utomhus sovare. Och allmänt skön person

    Utvalda länkar: Läs relaterade artiklar på FLAWD:, Löpning, Sömn, Kyla Kolla in våra aktuella events och workshops  Markus Websida Torgeby kläder: torgeby.com Instagram Böcker: Markus och Frida Torgeby – Sova ute, om att finna sitt lugn i naturen Markus Torgeby – Löparen Relaterade podcast avsnitt: Markus Torgeby – Löparen – The FLAWD podcast (episode #014)
    (02:15) – här börjar podden
    (03:00) Vad har hänt sen sist? Senaste 3 år sen!  Vad snacka vi om senaste podden Markus Torgeby – Löparen – The FLAWD podcast (episode #014)
    (04:00) Vi kopplar till skillnaden att stress, ångest utbrändhet har ökat sen dess. Markus berättar om “enslinjen”. Att sia om framtiden. 2 referenspunkter för att nå en tredje. Vart landar vi om vi fortsätter såhär? (07:00) Hur ser framtiden ut för Markus? “Rå-Grymt”?!  :) (09:00) Markus morfar var fiskare och han va inte “rädd” för att liv. Att leva med årstiderna (precis som PaulssonPaleo) (11:30) Boken: Sova ute – Markus beskriver det som en kokbok, men inte recept på laga mat, utan recept på livet ute. (14:00) Markus pratar om AI och menar då “Analog Intelligens”. När det ena växer växer det andra. (15:20) Kyla är som en röd tråd i Markus liv – Läs om forskningen i FLAWDs artikel om kyla  (16:05) Historen om “arga gubben” som kör en luring och hur Markus bygger sin relation med kyla från 12 års ålder. (18:30) Vi pratar om trender och Anders Hansen och Markus har ett förhållningssätt till livet och han behöver inte forskningsrapport. Vi behöver tid att reflektera. 500 burpees = mentalt se 2 serier. (22:30)  Ska du va i toppen, så måste du våga. Man väntar inte på forskningen. Svensk skidåkning är som försäkringskassan. (25:00) Peters historia om sova ute på balkongen. (28:30) Markus tips: Sova på västsida på sommaren. Östsida på vintern. Framförallt (30:00) Första steget till att sova ute? Öppna rutan. Sverige har vi fördelen att det verkligen är mörkt. (33:00) Sova inne är som att springa på platt asfalt. Sova ute är som att springa på en naturstig. (35:05) Markus beskriver en natt i skogen med en av döttrarna. (37:00) Att sova ute i stan. Vi diskuterar också att inte prestera. (41:00) “Hoppa och landa på magen”. SwimRun (42:00) Har vi mer tid idag än för 35 år sen? Det ärliga svaret från Peter är nej. (45:00) Ifrågasätt hela tiden. Och att leva i “två världar”. Markus var 39 år när han fick tvättmaskin! (48:10) Markus reflektion kring vad som är utveckling och ett exempel kring träning hur det ska “kännas”. (52:45) Kontrasterna i livet. Varmt, Kallt. Mörkt, ljust. 1.6Miljoner svenskar käkar medicin mot depression. Är det ve

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