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Curt Thompson, MD and Pepper Sweeney host a series of conversations on the mind and how we interact with our faith, communities, and ourselves.

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Curt Thompson, MD and Pepper Sweeney host a series of conversations on the mind and how we interact with our faith, communities, and ourselves.

    S4E12 Wrap Q&A

    S4E12 Wrap Q&A

    Being Known Podcast normally ends our season with a wrap up episode highlighting each episode with one more nugget of wisdom.  This season we mixed things up a bit and asked our listeners and followers what they wanted to know more about.


    We received over 40 questions seeking additional wisdom on sexual trauma, generational trauma, trauma and the church and more.


    A few of the questions asked include:

    How does trauma play out in our relationship with God? And how does this affect our ability to attune to God?
    Can trauma cause a type of amnesia where we forget past events? And why/how does this happen?
    If I already have grown children, is it too late to heal my trauma and not pass my trauma onto my kids?


    In Curt’s own words, “I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to end the season.  It allowed us to be live action and real time.  It offered us a glimpse of what people are learning and what they desire to learn more about.”


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    • 56 min
    S4E11 Healing Trauma: The Wholeness of Integration

    S4E11 Healing Trauma: The Wholeness of Integration

    We were made to create beauty and goodness in the world. But evil has other plans, and wields trauma as a way to devour us before that goodness and beauty can be realized. But—God had other plans beyond those of evil—plans that evil never saw coming, and still doesn’t. For indeed, God’s intention is not to ignore trauma, but wade right into it and right up to it, allowing himself to be subjected to its worst possible form. And so, despite the traumatic execution by crucifixion of a prisoner from a backwater village of a now non-existent ancient empire on a non-descript Friday—we call that Friday Good because God has come not merely to be with us in our traumas, but to transform them, bringing us to wholeness, to beauty and goodness, in ways we could never imagine. Join us as we together imagine Jesus coming to find us in the bomb craters that make up the story of our lives—and as we then tell a new story of beauty and goodness that will transform our minds, and change our brains along the way.

    • 49 min
    S4E10 Healing Trauma: The Power of Presence

    S4E10 Healing Trauma: The Power of Presence

    If there is anything we know about trauma, it’s that it depends on disintegration and isolation to do its dirty work. And if there is anything we know about its healing, it’s that the presence of others is the beginning of integration, which leads to the creation of beauty and goodness in the face of painfully broken stories. But it’s tricky: for the very thing we need the most—the presence of loving relationships—is often the context in which our traumas have initially taken place. Listen in as Curt and Pepper talk about how we can begin to practice the presence of God and of others—the presence that we need despite our terror that it is something we won’t be able to survive.

    • 52 min
    S4E9 Trauma and the Church

    S4E9 Trauma and the Church

    One thing we know about infections: some of the most difficult to treat are actually contracted inside hospitals. How is it that the place where we come to heal can also be the very place where some of our most painful experiences of trauma occur? From pastoral and spiritual abuse to sexual assault that spares no denominational traditions, that place where we would expect to be as safe as any can at times seem like just the opposite. And who would want to have anything to do with a God that would appear to turn a blind eye to such behavior? Join us as we pull the curtain back on what it means to encounter trauma in the church—only to discover that what we encounter may surprise us, especially when we find out that none of it surprises Jesus. And he is just the one we need to help us make sense out of what makes no sense at all.

    • 53 min
    S4E8 Family and Generational Trauma

    S4E8 Family and Generational Trauma

    Despite our fierce commitment to individualism, trauma is far more likely to follow the way the mind has actually been made, rather than the way we have for the last several hundred years tried to pretend that it works. We would like to think that the trauma that I experience or perpetrate will only have effects on me or the ones upon whom I inflict it. But that would not be true to the way the brain works. As we will discover, what happens in one generation doesn’t’ necessarily stay in that generation. Rather, it can have the tendency to travel down ancestral lines, leaving others to pay the price for events that occurred long before they were even born. Join Pepper and Curt as we discover the steam that the train of trauma can gather over the course of generations—and what we can begin to do to stop it in its tracks.

    • 45 min
    S4E7 Sexual Trauma

    S4E7 Sexual Trauma

    What is it about sex that seems to make everything—especially trauma—so much more difficult? Moreover, how is sexual trauma so much more debilitating than some other forms of our topic? No matter how much we would like to wish otherwise, there is just no getting around the fact that few things shatter lives more than the events of trauma that surround our sexuality. Join Pepper and Curt as we wade into this, one of the more sensitive—and beautiful—topics of this series. Sensitive because it addresses the parts of what it means to be most fragile as human beings. And beautiful because it addresses those same parts from which our greatest vulnerability and generativity spring forth. But above all else, join us because if your story is being told through the lens of sexual trauma, Jesus is at the ready to meet you to make sure that you begin to tell your story very differently.

    • 48 min

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