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日本語と英語でサッカーの世界情報についての話を聴いて、英語が学べるポッドキャスト。 // A weekly podcast in Japanese & English, discussing the world of football.

サッカーと英語 // Football & English Football & English

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日本語と英語でサッカーの世界情報についての話を聴いて、英語が学べるポッドキャスト。 // A weekly podcast in Japanese & English, discussing the world of football.

    Tragedy Chanting

    Tragedy Chanting

    Football fans are known for being loyal and doing as much as they can to try to help their team win. But a minority of supporters think that means chanting about tragic events involving the opposition, and authorities are coming down hard with banning orders.
    This week we’re exploring one of football’s worst aspects: tragedy chanting.

    • 32 min


    Excited about the chance to come off the bench and change the game? Or frustrated because you’re not starting? Substitutes play a crucial role in deciding football matches, and this week we required a substitute of our own! Unfortunately, we are not able to publish the interview we conducted with a staff member at one of the world’s biggest football clubs…so we’re bringing this episode off the bench!

    • 35 min
    Shirt Swapping

    Shirt Swapping

    It’s often seen as a symbol of solidarity and mutual respect between two footballers. Shirts that hold incredible value and are often some of the most sought-after memorabilia items.
    But isn’t it really just swapping a smelly, sweaty shirt that will likely be packed away in a box somewhere?

    • 36 min
    Sin Bin

    Sin Bin

    Examining the impending trial of blue cards and sending players to the 'sin bin' for cynical fouls and dissent.

    • 31 min
    J.League 2024 Preview

    J.League 2024 Preview

    Another exciting J.League season is about to kick off. How close will Tomo and Tommy get with their predictions?

    • 29 min
    Asian Cup 2023 Review

    Asian Cup 2023 Review

    Looking back on a disappointing Asian Cup for Australia and Japan. Did we really enjoy it?

    • 25 min

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