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Comfort Yourself.

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Comfort Yourself.

    너의 아침이 설렘으로 가득하길 바라

    너의 아침이 설렘으로 가득하길 바라

    [00:03] Luke Chiang - Home[02:56] Hamzaa - Sunday Morning[06:18] Gabe Bondoc - First Choice[09:35] Cosmo's Midnight, ,Ruel - Down for You[12:52] Andrew Allen - Loving You Tonight[15:56] Albert Posis - For You[20:28] Sam Ock - Beautiful People[23:43] Drew Cole - Sour Love[26:56] Jason Mraz - I'm yours[31:01] Shamir Virgo & Ameer Corro - ROSES

    • 34 min
    무슨 소리 안 들려 봄 오는 소리🌸

    무슨 소리 안 들려 봄 오는 소리🌸

    [00:03] Khai dreams - Sunkissed[02:11] Gabe Bondoc - Nothing More[05:48] Jeremy Zucker - comethru[08:50] Eric Benet - In The End[12:32] David Choi - Underneath Your Love[15:42] AJ Rafael - We Could Happen[19:19] Ardhito Pramono - bitterlove[22:52] Jeremy Passion - Lemonade[25:56] Ross David - When I'm With You[30:29] Taba Chake - Walk With Me

    • 33 min
    그냥.. 오늘 니가 꼭 들었음 하는 노래

    그냥.. 오늘 니가 꼭 들었음 하는 노래

    [00:03] Jeremy Zucker - always i'll care[02:33] ASTN - 18[05:27] YAYYOUNG - don't wanna fall in love again[09:08] sway bleu - Why You[11:36] slchld - camellia[14:11] Alt Bloom - October Eyes[16:43] Mills - The Feeling[20:45] Crush - Lay Your Head On Me[23:50] Alec Benjamin - Must Have Been The Wind[26:52] NIKI - lowkey[29:46] Finding Hope - Night Light

    • 32 min
    나른한 오후, 그 따스한 햇살과 함께 :)

    나른한 오후, 그 따스한 햇살과 함께 :)

    [00:03] Gabe Bondoc - Stronger Than[04:32] Jae Jin - Gonna Be Honest[07:42] David Choi - Enjoy the View[11:14] Jeff Bernat - Ms. Seductive[14:41] Kristian Lloyd - Just Like The Movies[17:53] Forrest - Grandpop's Uke[22:04] Numcha - Keep Cold[26:02] Sundial - Your Text[29:22] Feyde - Next 2 U[33:21] Zee Avi - Bitter Heart[36:01] chevy - uwu

    • 37 min
    오늘 너의 하루는 어땠어?

    오늘 너의 하루는 어땠어?

    [00:03] Lauv - Changes[02:43] keshi - blue[05:43] No Rome - Seventeen[10:08] LANY - Malibu Nights[14:30] Joji - Head in the Clouds[17:28] Faime - Save [20:42] LANY - pink skies[23:51] Lauv & LANY - Mean It[27:44] Troye Sivan - Animal[32:05] Finding Hope - Without You

    • 35 min
    '음악이 없다면, 인생은 한낱 실수일 뿐'

    '음악이 없다면, 인생은 한낱 실수일 뿐'

    [00:03] Trevor Wesley - Chivalry is dead (Acoustic Version)[03:17] Luke Chiang - Paragraphs[07:13] Tatiana Manaois - B.O.M.O.[10:34] Tessa Violet - Crush[14:15] Ruby Amanfu - Our Love[17:21] Stephanie Poetri - I Love You 3000[20:54] Travis Garland - Didn't Stand A Chance[25:14] Bernard Dinate - Breeze[28:05] Juke Ross - Fresh Roses[31:29] Emily Burns ‒ Vanilla Sundae[35:03] Gareth. T - I Keep Scrolling Wishing You Would Comment..[38:00] Billy Raffoul - Coffee[41:12] Mac Ayres - Wrong[45:48] Jeff Bernat - My Dear[49:56] MAE - been around[52:16] Peter Fenn - Like Crzy[55:16] peachy - falling for u

    • 57 min

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5.0 out of 5
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12 Ratings

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