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Award-winning anthology series of audio dramas, in the realm of the strange, speculative, and supernatural. Some episodes include more mature content, but have warning labels.

19 Nocturne Boulevard Julie Hoverson

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Award-winning anthology series of audio dramas, in the realm of the strange, speculative, and supernatural. Some episodes include more mature content, but have warning labels.

    19 Nocturne Boulevard - THE OUTPOST - Reissue

    19 Nocturne Boulevard - THE OUTPOST - Reissue

    [The Outpost won the Gold Mark Time Award for best sci fi audio drama for 2008]
    You wake up, millions of light years away, in a place nothing like home. 
    ...What do YOU do?
    Cast List
    Grant Hickey - Gene Thorkildsen Vanessa 98949 - Julie Hoverson Lassiter - Russell Gold Yasmin - Melissa D. Johnson Recorder - Beverly Poole Episode and incidental music from the album "...go..." by Sulatus (www.sulatus.cbl.pl). 
    (available on Jamendo.com) [Used under a Creative Commons license.]
    Show theme:  Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech.com)
    Recorded with the assistance of Ryan Hirst of Neohoodoo Studio
    Editing and Sound:   Julie Hoverson
    Cover Design:  Brett Coulstock
    "What kind of a place is it?  Would you believe it's a habitat, in an asteroid cloud, in a distant corner of the galaxy?"
    The Outpost
    This story was very loosely inspired by the movie Suna No Onna (Woman in the Dunes), from 1964; directed by Hiroshi Teshigahara from the novel by Kôbô Abe, as adapted by Eiko Yoshida, starring Eiji Okada and Kyôko Kishida and the sand. 
    It's an awesome film - superficially about a man who is trapped by a small town and placed with a woman as her new husband.  In the film, he's an office worker and amateur entymologist seeking to make some kind of name for himself by finding a new species of bug on his day trip to a beach.  He falls asleep and wakes to find he missed the last bus, but a local town has someone who will take him in for the night  - a woman who lives at the bottom of this odd huge sand pit. 
    The whole town live at the bottoms of these pits, and we slowly realize that the sand has built up over the town for generations, and they just dig out the areas around the huts by night and have the sand taken away. The woman lost her husband and child in a sandslide and cannot handle the work of digging the sand all by herself, so they have placed the man with her as her new husband - letting him down and taking away the ladder.  The man also finds out that he's not the only one - other men in other houses were similarly abducted.
    I didn’t want to work with any of that for my story, specifically since I had determined to make it a gender reverse, and a woman kidnapped and handed to a man to be trapped as his wife is kind of ... a lot of real history.
    So I focused on the subtext and themes of the movie.  At its heart, it's a culture clash, the man representing "modern japan" (in the 60s) and the town and woman being so traditional that they won't even leave ancient homes that are being devoured by the sand.  In modern life, people are cogs, and he's coming from a life where he's basically interchangeable - hardly even missed when he vanishes - into one where the good of the community and the comfort of the partner are directly affected by the actions of the individual and each person is therefore important.
    That gave me a more satisfying framework to play with.  By creating these two cultures - the efficient and interchangeable people she comes from - where even her personal achievements are somewhat generic - and the humble, personal, and individual life in the asteroids, where he takes time to respect the dead, and is proud of his little triumphs.
    I also wanted an equivalent to the sand.  The film is basically a three character piece, with the sand as much a presence as the two people in it.  I made the outpost, with its gripes and problems, sounds, and needs, as similar to that as I could.  
    I like to think it's the writing that makes this episode really great but I give a lot of credit to my costar, for being able to bring to life a male character that is strong without being overbearing, who is in control without being controlling, and who is never ashamed to feel.
    That left me free to be a bitch. 
    Of course the climax comes in both stories when the captive has a chance to walk away.  I won't spoil it.

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    Atomic Julie - Beyond the Yellow Fog (pt3 of 8) by Emmett McDowell

    Atomic Julie - Beyond the Yellow Fog (pt3 of 8) by Emmett McDowell

    Chapters 3 and 4!
    The ship finally gets into orbit, and with difficulty must try and escape law enforcement.

    • 26 min
    19 Nocturne Boulevard - WHERE ARE YOU NOW? - Reissue

    19 Nocturne Boulevard - WHERE ARE YOU NOW? - Reissue

    [warning - mature themes and explicit violence]
    A surreal Q&A session reveals the workings of a victim's mind.
    Cast List
    Marnie - Julie Hoverson Doc - Julie Hoverson Jerry - Brandon O'Brien Momma - Risa Torres Harold - Mr. Synyster Deputy Fred - Joel Harvey Little Girl - Krystal Baker Little Boy - Marhya Post Grampa - Rick Lewis Music:  Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech.com)
    Editing and Sound:   Julie Hoverson 
    Cover Photos:  Alan Bridges (courtesy of Stock Xchange.com)
    "What kind of a place is it? Don't you know where you are?"
    Where are You Now?
    This is a weird ass episode.
    I wrote this very deliberately in a stream of consciousness style, probably inspired by a weird dream, but I don't remember specifically.
    I did write the entire script in roughly one sitting, then cast and recorded it immediately - I wanted to see if I could make an entire episode in a single week, which I basically did.
    The most challenging effect in this was throwing the chiffoniere down the stairs.
    I actually have a sort of sequel - more in tone than using the same character(s), obviously - in mind, and may do it someday.  A big part of the idea for this was to make the vast bulk of the dialog mine, so I didn’t have to get too much out of other people, thus making it a quicker recording turnaround.
    I'm going to explain, sort of, what this episode is and what it means, at the end of the transcript, below.  A lot of info will be there, since most of my memories of making this are tied up in why I wrote what I wrote.
    Olivia Doc (F/40+), german, sounds like shrink Marnie (F/20), hysterical young woman Harold (M/30), mush mouthed freak Fred (M/30), a crooked deputy Old Man (M/senile) Creepy Little Girl (F/10) Creepy Little Boy (M/10) Momma (F/30ish), Mrs. Cleaver - with cleaver Jerry (M/20), Marnie's dead boyfriend. OLIVIA  Did you have any trouble finding it?  What do you mean, what kind of a place is it?  Don't you know where you are? 
    SCENE 1.
    DOC    Where are you now?
    MARNIE    [startled awake] What?
    DOC    Can you hear my voice, Marnie?
    MARNIE    Yes.
    DOC    Where are you now?
    MARNIE    [slightly panicked] I - I don't know.
    DOC    Tell me what you see.
    MARNIE    I see a room. 
    DOC    Are there people in the room?
    MARNIE    [fear] Yes!
    DOC    You are safe, Marnie.  Calm down.  Now tell me what you see.
    MARNIE    [calm, almost robotic]  I see five people sitting at the table. 
    DOC    Are you sitting with them?
    MARNIE    No, I'm in the corner. 
    DOC    Do they know you're there?
    MARNIE    [ominous] Oh, yes.
    DOC    Tell me what they look like.
    MARNIE    There's a very old man, a small boy, a girl who looks a bit older than the boy, a police officer, and a very large man with a bag over his head.
    DOC    Is there food on the table?
    MARNIE    No.  It's not here yet.
    DOC    Good.  Tell me one thing about the little girl.
    MARNIE    Her eyes can suck your soul.
    DOC    Good.  And the old man?
    MARNIE    He has a scar on his leg that aches when it rains.
    DOC    Good.  Has the food arrived yet?
    MARNIE    The one with the bag is named Harold.
    DOC    Please answer only the questions I ask you, Marnie.
    MARNIE    [frightened, small]  I'm sorry.
    DOC    I forgive you. 
    MARNIE    I love you.
    DOC    That was not the question.
    MARNIE    [trying to remember] Um. Um.  The food!  No.  Still no food.
    DOC    Good.  Are you comfortable?
    MARNIE    [lying, almost a whisper] Yessss.
    DOC    Very good.  Tell me about where you are sitting.
    MARNIE    I'm in the corner.
    DOC    Are you in a chair?  Look down.
    MARNIE    It's a chair with wheels, and straps. 

    • 31 min
    Atomic Julie - Beyond the Yellow Fog (pt2 of 8) by Emmett McDowell

    Atomic Julie - Beyond the Yellow Fog (pt2 of 8) by Emmett McDowell

    Gavin Murdock is ambushed before he can even get on his new ship!  Will he be able to accomplish his clandestine goals?

    • 20 min
    19 Nocturne Boulevard - THE SAKI QUARTETTE - Reissue

    19 Nocturne Boulevard - THE SAKI QUARTETTE - Reissue

    Adapted by Julie Hoverson from several stories by Saki (H.H. Munro).
    Four girls waiting for punishment tell tales of pranks they've pulled.
    Cast List
    Vera - Beverly Poole Matilda - Lyndsey Thomas Helen - Julie Hoverson Nora - Chandra Wade Alice - Xandria Nirvana Barber     Shock Tactics
    Heasant - Megan Lane Bertie - Jasper Loovis The Boar-Pig 
    Stossen - Jody Montague Miss Stossen - Hillary Dixon The Storyteller
    Bachelor - Cole Hornaday The Open Window
    Nuttel - Kim Turner Aunt - Robyn Keyes Uncle - Rick Lewis Alice's stunt doubles
    Caira Greenfield and Draven Schoberg Music:  Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech.com)
    Editing and Sound:   Julie Hoverson
    Cover Photo:  Daniel O'Connell (courtesy of Stock Xchange.com)
    "What kind of a place is it? Why it's an Edwardian girls' school, can't you tell? 
    This way to the Headmistress' office..."
    [transcript follows]
    The Saki Quartette
    Adapted by Julie Hoverson from several stories.
    I am a huge fan of H.H. Munro, who wrote under the pen name Saki in the early years of the 20th century.  His career ended prematurely when he was killed in The Great War at the age of 46.
    Saki is mainly remembered today for the amazing story "The Open Window," which I encourage everyone to read before listening to this episode, so I don't spoil it for you.  It's available on Project Gutenberg, you can get a reading on librivox, it's around.  It is considered to be one of the best short stories ever written in English, right up there with The Lottery by Shirley Jackson.
    While Saki wrote a number of supernatural, suspense, or speculative stories, his forte was relatively cruel humor - but always inflicted on those pompous enough that you didn’t feel too badly for them.  And since nobody really got hurt - unless you take it from a modern "mental damage" perspective, you can laugh.  Clovis Sangrail was an ever-recurrent character who sailed through many stories leaving havoc in his wake, but Vera from The Open Window reappeared from time to time as well (later described as a "flapper") - the two of them intersecting in The Almanac.
    This episode is an homage to Saki, and incorporates elements from four of his short stories - Shock Tactics, The Boar-Pig, The Storyteller, and of course The Open Window - with a bit of wrap story that is entirely my own.
    Three of the four principal girls were from my old high school's drama department, the fourth was me.  Several of the other voices were drawn from ART (American Radio Theater).  It's not a perfect recording - we can't seem to keep the pronunciation of "aunt" straight between us (including me) - and I hadn’t yet learned how to clean tracks perfectly yet, but overall it's fun and quite funny.
    Episodes like this were one reason I determined form the start that I wasn't going to nail myself into a "horror story" format.  The name "19 Nocturne Boulevard" is suggestive of the dark side, but open-ended enough to go anywhere I wanted to go.
    And as an aside, it has nothing to do with nocturne alley, is it, from Harry Potter?  Several people have commented on that, but when I created 19 Nocturne Boulevard, it was sometime around 2006, and I hadn’t - I may have heard of Harry Potter, but I never actually read the books.  This was entirely on my own.  It’s not a pun like Nocturne alley - nocturnally - was.
    I remember the summer of sitting there and thinking I want a number, and an address that sounds cool - what's a cool street? While sitting around at meetings of American Radio Theater.
    Olivia, host Vera [open window] [15], sly Matilda [boar-pig] [14], mischievous Helen [shock tactics] [10], eager Nora [storyteller] [11], shy, rules-bound Alice [15], older girl, screams a lot [Shock Tactics]
    Bertie, Helen's o

    • 34 min
    Atomic Julie - Beyond The Yellow Fog (pt1 of 8) By Emmett McDowell

    Atomic Julie - Beyond The Yellow Fog (pt1 of 8) By Emmett McDowell

    A new 8 part series!
    Chapter 1 - Gavin Murdock gets himself a berth on a venusian slaver ship with a unique spacedrive.  But what is his secret motivation?

    • 18 min

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119 Ratings

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Enjoying the Additiion of Guest Shows

I've subscribed to 19 Nocturne and have always enjoyed this podcast with Julie being so creative as well as a an iconic voice artist in the field of audio theatre. Lately, Julie has added guest shows to her feed and this has also provided a service to source other audio drama fiction (of which I've subscribed to several after hearing on 19 Nocturne) better than I could before on my own. I appreciate her.

natasha Rusdia ,

One of the best audiodrama

Humorous, witty, entertaining! Excellent writing! I am glad I found it!

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Awesome 🙋🏻‍♀️

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