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Philadelphia's longest running music podcast (we think), with your host, Dan Drago. Conversations with artists and community, intimate musical performances, in-depth discussions on performing, touring, recording, and being alive.

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Philadelphia's longest running music podcast (we think), with your host, Dan Drago. Conversations with artists and community, intimate musical performances, in-depth discussions on performing, touring, recording, and being alive.

    James Haro

    James Haro

    James Haro came from Los Angeles (San Gabriel to be exact) over 15 years ago and made his home here in Philly. He talks with Dan about growing up in an old mission town, being a "secret songwriter" from age 6, early bands and projects (mostly lost to the depths of MySpace), coming to Drexel for college, and why he never wanted to leave. James began his current project, James Haro In Storage, during the early pandemic times, writing and recording out of (you guessed it) a storage unit. He's since released singles, put on a one-man show for Fringe/Canonball Fest in 2023, and continues to be active in the community with a quarterly open mic at Plays and Players' upstairs bar and music room. James' newest EP, 'Go Ahead', is out on June 20th and available wherever you get digital music. 
    Photo by Ashley E. Smith

    • 1 hr 19 min
    Benjamin Hughes #2

    Benjamin Hughes #2

    Dan and Benjamin Hughes of Night Windows have been friends since about 2011 or so, when their bands played together in New York a few times. Dan holds Ben up as one of his favorite songwriters of all time, and Ben returns to the show for the first time in about six years. Ben talks about the recent Night Windows records, including the most recent 'In Memories' LP, and delves into how the songs came together, the difference with the writing process on the last couple of records, and how he didn't write or do anything musical for nearly half a year during the pandemic. Grief, sadness, small-town life, and how to come out of it are all themes that live large in the Night Windows song book, and Ben gets into all of it. 'In Memories' is out now and available wherever you get digital music, and also available on vinyl through the band's website. 
    Night Windows w. Graduation Speech, 6/12 at McLaughlin Norcross Memorial Dell
    Check out Ben's first 25 O'Clock appearance back in early 2015.

    • 1 hr 12 min
    Chris Kasper

    Chris Kasper

    Dan has been a Chris Kasper fan since he first heard him on WXPN over 15 years ago. Chris sits down to talk about growing up a metalhead drummer, surrounded by a whole family of musicians. From loud drums and Led Zeppelin to discovering bluegrass and Appalachian folk while living in West Virginia, Chris reminisces on moving to Philadelphia almost 20 years ago, meeting peers like Amos Lee, Ben Arnold and Birdie Busch at Dawson Street Pub, playing shows at The Fire, and growing into the Americana singer-songwriter that we all know. Improvisation, uncertainty, working in the moment: these are all things that Chris loves to employ when making records, and his newest is no exception. Chris Kasper's latest LP, 'Sunlight In An Empty Room' is out now, available wherever you get digital music, and on vinyl at his website. 
    Photo by Kiley Ryan

    • 1 hr 25 min
    Bret Tobias

    Bret Tobias

    Dan talks with Bret Tobias, formerly of The Bigger Lovers and Moped, now helming The Bret Tobias Set. From seeing the Replacements on MTV, discovering House of Love and Philly's own The Wishniaks, it was inevitable that Bret make his life about music. Bret talks about his aversion to being classified in any scene or community, the independent music feeding frenzy of the mid 90s that had Moped being wined and dined by A&R and execs, and the sudden, overnight disappearance of said attention. He takes us through the saga of The Bigger Lovers and the many records and tours alongside some of their heroes (Superchunk, Minus 5, Jonathan Richman, Alex Chilton, etc), and how he's always kept something going musically, no matter what. The Bret Tobias Set put out an absolutely stellar EP last year called 'Pleaser Vol. 1', and the band is a who's-who of Philadelphia indie rock, featuring members of A.M. Mills, Photon Band, and The War On Drugs. A new record is on the way this fall, and we're honored to offer a special sneak peak at their upcoming single, "Fait Accompli", due out on June 20th. 

    • 1 hr 12 min
    James Everhart (Cosmic Guilt)

    James Everhart (Cosmic Guilt)

    Dan talks with James Everhart, a man who's been part of a lot of Philadelphia music over the years, about his long tenure amidst bands like Low Cut Connie, Scantron, and his current project, 10-member supergroup Cosmic Guilt. James talks about hitting the road with Low Cut Connie right out of college, and how he had to pull back from the touring life for his own mental health and stability. Dan and James talk about the careful balance that it takes to have a band with 10 members, British psych folk, James' designs for Philly brewery Human Robot, letting each member put their mark on a song, a close eye on visual aesthetics, and the inspiration for their newest album being a mansion made out of junk in Vineland, NJ. Cosmic Guilt's newest album, 'Palace Of Depression', is out May 31st on their Bandcamp and wherever you get digital music. 

    • 1 hr 12 min
    Todd Mecaughey

    Todd Mecaughey

    Todd Mecaughey has been part of the Philadelphia music community for a good while, in bands like New Connection and Secret American. He's also an engineer and producer at Cambridge Sound Studios, and has been since its inception. Dan and Todd talk about their love of Phish and the Grateful Dead (and how both bands are pretty dang punk rock), learning the ropes under former Sigma Sound producer Jim Salamone as a young engineer, watching the upward swing of Secret American fall apart and turning to podcast production for a paycheck during the pandemic, the 'Workaholics' cast and touring as their live FOH tech for their podcast 'This Is Important', and balancing fatherhood and family life with the never ending demands of the music business.

    • 1 hr 27 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
20 Ratings

20 Ratings

heykitzy ,

Best Philly-centric music podcast!

Dan claims that this is Philadelphia’s longest running music podcast. I don’t know if that’s true, but I do know that it’s my favorite Philly-centric music podcast!

saute_gai ,

Beautiful expression

This podcast is nothing short of incredible. The exposure for Philly artists is incredible and as a someone who strives to find new music across all genres this is one of the most amazing podcasts to do so! If you haven’t subscribed already, do so immediately.

mojopin12 ,

Great Podcast

The opening theme, the interviews, and the host Dan Drago, make this podcast Great! Even not being from Philadelphia, Dan does a fantastic job creating an interest in the music scene, and art world, around the Philadelphia area. It has helped me find some great local music acts to listen to. In the sad continental desert that the commercial music scene has become, Dan marks the small pockets of oasis that is being born in the Philli area. Check it out, and find some new things you might otherwise not find without the Drago compass that is, 25 O’clock.

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