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We're three "regular" (whatever that means, lol) dudes who love to sing and create podcasts.

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We're three "regular" (whatever that means, lol) dudes who love to sing and create podcasts.

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4.6 out of 5
27 Ratings

27 Ratings

Ty McKinnie ,

The 3 Wise Men I always needed.

You guys are like the big brothers I never had. Your personalities are endearing and your perspectives are so refreshing. Keep doing what you do. You guys are saving lives.

Rashi Ty ,

Are You Purposely Dumbing It Down?

- Kim K is not the first woman of questionable character to get an audience with a President: JFK & Marilyn Monroe (she didn't advise). Unqualified President = unqualified advisors.
- Jack Johnson, the first Black person Trump pardoned, is DEAD, right before Trump pardoned two ALIVE public racists: Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Dnesh D'Souza; and the rest of Trump's list is just as scandalous. Johnson lucked out as an alive Black replacement.
- In referencing teenage marriages, firsthand accounts (as recent as 2017) reveal the girls married unwillingly and even after marriage wanted nothing more than to be children. Historically, these marriages were usually to relieve the family of the economic strain of another child.

Reginald Glover ,

A Loyal Listener Constantly Questioning Their Subscription

I was elated to find a podcast with the perspectives shared by the hosts. The impact of your stories stands testament to what Eric means by the vocalized experiences of out, gay, black people saving lives. Understanding that the real lives of the hosts are most important, the lack of consistency and routine in the episodes released leaves me questioning my subscription.
Unannounced hiatuses and broken promises to their listeners to return the next week, only for a new episode to come out months later results in the poor viewership on platforms like YouTube.
After having listened to all the episodes at least thrice out of the need to hear these stories that resonate with mine, it would definitely help to know a schedule for episode release in the future to avoid the past disappointments, and/or an announcement letting the listeners know that a new episode won't be in the cards this week.
An update to the review (January 27, 2018):
After being excited by the surprise return of Dose of DEM, once again, I found myself coming to the understanding that these voices are not in fact resonating with my own. The disparaging views expressed by Mike and Eric, when describing anyone that is not respectably Black or male identifying, has left a sour taste in my mouth and a sense of false hope in my time spent with you all. From my time listening to this most recent episode, I do not blame Tracey Africa for not making an appearance like expected in the past episodes. These deprecating views have overshadowed the assumed intentions of the show, noted by the lack of participation in the conversation by Demarcus.
I can say that I once enjoyed hearing the opinions and experiences of this trio, but I can no longer subscribe to such masked hate.

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