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A New Direction is a weekly podcast that interviews best selling authors from around the world in success and leadership to enhance your life, career, and business.

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A New Direction is a weekly podcast that interviews best selling authors from around the world in success and leadership to enhance your life, career, and business.

    Business Kung Fu – 5 Elements that Will Change Your Business

    Business Kung Fu – 5 Elements that Will Change Your Business

    Business Kung Fu - 5 Elements that Will Change Your Business

    When you think about business and entrepreneurial success and what it takes to get there, the principles of the fighting style Kung Fu probably do not come to mind.

    But if you think about it a bit more deeply when you consider it what it takes to become proficient in a fighting style like Kung Fu, your business often will have a similar path.

    You start off by doing the things you don't necessarily enjoy doing. You grind out tirelessly having to put in the work. Most of the time the work you put in is preparation for your future.

    The fact is in the beginning of your business that you are in you are not ready for the fight. In the beginning is the training so you can learn how to fight and take on your opponent.

    In this episode of A New Direction best-selling author, award winning entrepreneur, and speaker Craig Cooke joins us to talk through some of the elements of his latest book "Business Kung Fu: Modern Strategy | Ancient Truth"

    Craig Cooke's book: "Business Kung Fu: Modern Strategy, Ancient Truth, Your Success" is a fascinating read.

    Craig Cooke takes his experience in martial arts and makes a clear connection between Kung Fu and Business.

    The biggest connection is that like learning Kung Fu when you start a business you are going to be doing things that you don't want to do.  And you will spend hours doing it.

    One of the biggest eye opening parts of Business Kung Fu is how Craig takes the classic Chinese 5 Element Theory and relates it to the 5 fundamental elements of business and entrepreneurship.

    Those being, Passion, Discipline, Expertise, Confidence and Faith and then back to Passion again.

    What is so interesting about these 5 elements and how they lead to one another they can either spiral you up or they can spiral you down when you don't have these elements.

    The book is a very fast read, but the mindset lessons are powerful and are needed in today's fast paced business world.


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    9 Attributes to Becoming Invaluable

    9 Attributes to Becoming Invaluable

    How Will You Become Invaluable?

    What is your worth? Do you know your true value? How are you measuring it? Is it money? A title? Stuff? Does it go deeper? Are you invaluable?

    And what is your purpose? Do you know what it is? How about your values? Can you list them off? Would those that know you agree?  Again, finding your purpose and knowing your core values, contributes to becoming invaluable.

    The fact of the matter is these questions are so important. Do others find you "Invaluable"...or could they live without you?

    Let's get "Invaluable"! Let's make such a positive impact on the world that the world can't live without us. Such an impact that our business cannot live without us. Such an impact that the community can't live without you.

    How? Well, in this episode of A New Direction best-selling author Steven J. Bowen and Dr. Terry Lyles give us the 9 Attributes that when followed will make you invaluable and create a life of fulfillment and meaning and make you the leader people desire.

    Steven J. Bowen and Dr. Terry Lyles' book, "Becoming Invaluable: Develop the Willitude to Navigotiate Success" is a must read for everyone.  

    If you have ever questioned your self-worth, if you have ever thought that there is more to life than where you are right now, Becoming Invaluable will be "Invaluable".

    The book asks starts with a basic question: "what do you think is the highest calling in life you can have?"  Then as the bedrock to answering that question moves us into knowing our purpose and values.

    From there the authors help us understand that by working on 9 attributes we can develop ourselves to Becoming Invaluable.

    Those 9 Attributes are:

    * Knowledge

    * Skills

    * Attitude

    * Health

    * Strength

    * A set of values to guide you in the right direction.

    * A purpose in life.

    * A sense of willitude.

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    Leadership from Who You Are Not Who You Were

    Leadership from Who You Are Not Who You Were

    Moving Past Your Past So You Can Move Forward in Your Leadership

    Most of us have a tendency to ignore our past. We try to make light of it as if it has no effect on us. Here is an undeniable truth, your past is affecting your leadership.

    You cannot escape that fact that how you lead is a result of the way you were raised. And while for many of you there may have been much good, because our brains are wired for negativity it is those negative things in our past that we carry into our businesses every day that keep us from being the leaders we could be.

    In this episode of A New Direction Serial Entrepreneur Jeff Giagnocavo current Co-Owner of Gardner's Mattress & More talks about how by being honest about his abuse as a child affected his life and leadership.

    This is one of the most powerful, honest, books I have read on leadership development.

    Jeff's book "The Space for Leadership: Lessons for who you can be, regardless of who you were" is a power packed book.  

    Jeff tells us about his childhood abuse and how by dealing with his past that he was able to become a more effect leader.

    Each chapter has a powerful leadership lesson that comes out of his journey of healing.  His story challenges all of us to take a closer look at our past and discover those things that are holding us back from being the shield we need to be to those we lead.

    The book implores us to take a deeper dive into ourselves, and become more vulnerable about who we were and who we are and who we can become.  Get your self a copy of  The Space for Leadership.

    Would you like a signed copy of the book?  How about some FREE insights into better leadership.  Check out his give aways by going to www.theJeffG.com/book

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    Sales Success: The Alchemy of Being Successful

    Sales Success: The Alchemy of Being Successful

    The Alchemy of Successful Sales

    When it comes to being successful in sales it takes a little knowledge from many disciplines. It is a little science. It is also a bit of art. Then let's not forget the disciplines of psychology and philosophy.

    And for many people they may say there is a little magic too. In fact, one could say that to be successful in sales is little alchemy.

    What can you do to improve your ability to be more successful in sales. In this episode of A New Direction Senior Vice President of Sales for Madison Global, Judd Weisgal rejoins us to talk about how he trains his salespeople to sell to fortune 500 companies.

    Judd Weisgal has 25 years in sales, is the Senior Vice President of Sales for Madison Global, leads a sale team of nearly 100 people and sells himself.

    In this episode we walk through the sales cycle from prospecting to referrals, whether you are in B2C or B2B sales.

    Judd further discusses how there is a movie version of sales and then there is what it takes to be successful in sales.

    Things we learn in this episode:

    It's not about your personality.

    It's not ABC but AAV (Always Add Value).

    You have to have some perseverance.

    How can you serve and help.

    Successful sales is like dating and then getting married.

    And so much more!  Are you ready to become more successful in your career?  Or perhaps you lead a team and maybe it's time to change tactics.  Or maybe your methods need to be updated.

    Join us for a powerful show that will boost your sales and make you more successful.

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    Imposter Syndrome How to Overcome It

    Imposter Syndrome How to Overcome It

    We All Will Experience Imposter Syndrome, but How do We get Through it?

    Imposter syndrome is real.  You may be reading this right now and realize that you have some parts of your life you are living as an imposter.

    Most often we think of "imposter syndrome" in our work.  When we have taken a task, and we believe we are not qualified or competent to do the job.

    But imposter syndrome is really about authenticity.  Are we living the life from an authentic place or because we want to people please, fear looking weak, do we live in the world as an imposter?

    The fact is imposter syndrome can show up in many different ways:  Workaholism, Perfectionism, People pleasing.

    Not only that, but beneath the surface there is self-doubt, low-confidence, and low-self esteem.  What is the answer?  And how can we get through it?

    In this episode of A New Direction Coline Monsarrat joins us to take us through her story of trial after trial, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  She describes herself as living a life with a mask...a life living with imposter syndrome.

    She provides us with the challenges, insights, and solutions to overcoming imposter syndrome with her book, "You Are Not an Imposter".

    Coline's book, "You Are Not an Imposter: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Unlock Your True Potential So You Can Thrive in Life" is a truly gripping view of Coline's life of living with imposter syndrome.

    She takes us through how seeing herself as an imposter in her career, created severe physical health challenges that changed her life forever and nearly cost her everything.

    You Are Not an Imposter is filled with how we can become an imposter, why we maintain it, and the work that must be done to overcome it.

    It is a great book!  I highly recommend you get a copy.  Truly insightful.

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    Leader Hacks for the High-Level Leader

    Leader Hacks for the High-Level Leader

    Timeless Hacks for Every Leader

    Are you a high-level leader? Or are you an aspiring leader? Are you a CEO, Owner or founder? If this sounds like you then one thing, we all know for sure is...is that leadership is hard.

    While there may not be any shortcuts to being a great leader, there are some small hacks that can make you a more effective in your leadership. In fact, it may come down to your "swizzle". What is "swizzle" you so eagerly ask?

    Enter Best Selling Author and former Chief of Staff Emily Sander. And she joins us on this episode of A New Direction to talk about her book entitled, " Hacking Executive Leadership". This is a great book that will give you some fantastic practical leadership hacks to up your game.

    Emily Sander's book, "Hacking Executive Leadership: Go from insecure, indecisive, and overloaded to confident, influential, and effective is a timeless book for every leader.

    The practical "hacks" that Emily puts down are the foundations of what every leader including the executive leader should be doing.

    The book opens with quite confidently in that Emily says, "This book will change you." And I have to be honest after reading it...it did change me!  She made me think, and her insights are things I implemented right away.

    I believe Hacking Executive Leadership should be an essential read for any person who is in leadership or is an aspiring leader.  She has great Pro Tips, Fabulous Quotes, and uses examples not only from her life, but the lives of others.

    Absolutely a must read.

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34 Ratings

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I enjoyed my conversation with Coach Jay; he was well-prepared and made the show very informative. He went above and beyond to delight the listeners.

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Energetic and thoughtful

Jay is a real pro. He's a high-energy, high-thoughtfulness host. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Jay and his guests.

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My now go to place to find great reads! Jay is a great interviewer getting to the depth of the matter.

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