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A New Direction is a weekly podcast that interviews best selling authors from around the world in success and leadership to enhance your life, career, and business.

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A New Direction is a weekly podcast that interviews best selling authors from around the world in success and leadership to enhance your life, career, and business.

    14 Mindshifts for a Thriving Successful Life

    14 Mindshifts for a Thriving Successful Life

    Live a more Thriving and Successful Life!

    It doesn't matter how old you are, we all want to live a life that is thriving and successful.

    Who doesn't want to be live a healthier, happier, more prosperous life? We all do.  Who doesn't want to be more successful?

    How do we get there? What must you and I change to take our lives to the successful life?

    In this episode of A New Direction, Entrepreneur and Coach Rand Selig joins us and provides for us insights on how you and I can live a more thriving successful life.

    It is not going to be easy. But nothing that is worth it ever is. Join us and get ready to make a change that will change your life into a Thriving  Successful life!

    Rand Selig's book, "Thriving!: How to Create a Healthier, Happier, and More Prosperous Life" is a well-researched and well guided reading book and workbook.

    Thriving takes us on a journey starting with building our character, then dealing with our mindsets of money, relationships, spiritual issues, gratitude, finding our purpose, living authentically and more!

    The overriding theme of the Thriving is that we have the power over our decisions.  We have choices, no matter our circumstances.

    In fact, one of the most powerful statements about the most successful is that they may not control what happens to them, but they can always control how they respond to those circumstances.

    Great book, filled with so many amazing quotes, research, and suggestions for self-improvement.  I really enjoyed this one and know those who read it...it will be life changing.

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    Coach Jay here!  Thanks for listening to and reading about this episode of A New Direction.

    I am a business and life coach that specializes in helping people improve their performance in their business and life and help them become more successful in all aspects of their life.

    You may have thought about a coach, but you just were not sure if a coach is for you.

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    The Art and Science of 1:1 Meetings That Build Productivity and Success

    The Art and Science of 1:1 Meetings That Build Productivity and Success

    The Art and Science of 1:1 Meetings

    That Build Productivity and Success

    How many times have you heard, "we have too many meetings"? How much thought have you given to that statement?

    Let me ask you this if the meetings were both personally and professionally meaningful to you, and they were productive would you say the same thing? Probably not.

    Then there is the 1:1 meeting. Sadly, when we think about those meetings since they happen typically so infrequently, we often dread them. Because when we are asked to come into the office for a 1:1 it is not usually good news.

    What if we changed all that? What if we did more frequent 1:1s that actually were planned. That could be fulfilling, life changing, business changing, and would improve both the employee and the employer?

    Well, that is exactly what we are going to dig into on this episode of A New Direction with Organizational Psychologist and Meeting Expert Dr. Steven Rogelberg and his latest book "Glad We Met: The Art and Science of 1:1 Meetings".

    Steven Rogelberg's book, "Glad We Met: The Art and Science of 1:1 Meetings" is by far one of the best books on how to have successful 1:1 meetings.

    This book is for mangers and their direct reports, owners and their employees, C-suite professionals and their employees, consultants, coaches, and anyone else who is trying to improve.

    The science behind "Glad We Met" is thorough and puts teeth behind many of the thoughts, words, and phrases we use everyday when it comes to creating meetings that have meaning and move the needle when it comes the people we work with.

    The book is not a dry read.  In fact Steven Rogelberg makes "Glad We Met" and enjoyable read with his wit and humor.

    The bonus of this book is that Steven provides questions, assessments, and guides to help you make you 1:1 meetings the best that they can be.

    Please note that ALL proceeds from "Glad We Met" go to cancer research in support of Steven's sister-in-law.  I personally believe it is a must read!

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    The New ROI – Return on Individuals

    The New ROI – Return on Individuals

    There's a New ROI in Town and It's Called Return on Individuals

    There is a saying in business that goes "You can't manage what you can't measure".

    I would also add, "You can't manage what you cannot define".

    Are people valuable? Are not your employees people?

    And yet the fact is we manage people, but what is their measurement?

    What number do you put on an employee that determines if they are valuable or not valuable?

    But can you run your business without employees? What's the cost of losing an employee? What's the cost of a great employee to your business?

    There is much to be said that "engaged" employees create more profit...but how do we define "engaged" employees?

    Then it has been said that "happy" employees are more productive, but this too begs the question...how do we define a "happy" employee?

    If we want to measure employee "happiness" or "engagement" we must do it is such away that the average person off the street can come into any office and say, "ah, that's a happy employee" or "that's an engaged employee.

    So, it still begs the question...what is the ROI of your employees?

    Clearly there is a lot of work to do, and there are some answers we need to try to define.

    In this episode of A New Direction Business Valuation Expert and Corporate Financial Executive Dave Bookbinder joins us to take us on a journey of the many experts he has interviewed to help us find the elusive ROI...and help us define these elusive yet important terms.

    Return On Individuals

    Dave Bookbinder's book, "The NEW ROI: Return on Individuals: Going Behind the Numbers" is a book of interviews that Dave conducted on his show entitled "Behind the Numbers".

    The book is an eclectic culmination of different perspectives of quantifying the importance of human capital.

    The fact is we all know the people in our business are fundamental to success, but how do we go about measuring that in a way that is clear, standardized and makes sense.

    Further how do go about defining operationally terms like "engagement" and "happy" when it comes to employees.

    The book really has some strong key themes, such as the importance of culture and it's effect on employees, the impact of leadership on employees, the employee environment, and philosophies from business owners on how to get the most of employees and keep them.

    All in all, The New ROI is a very solid book that understands the importance of employee contribution but opens of the door to a ton of questions of how to define it and measure it.

    And it is having those thoughts and discussions that make the book very provoking.

    a href="https://www.amazon.com/NEW-ROI-Behind-Numbers-Individuals/dp/0999237136/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&dib_tag=AUTHOR&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.CJqvIV8D-_lgxhep0lDQwMNqnLO2F5ltbh-3Snl6xKk.

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    Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur 10 Mindsets for Success

    Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur 10 Mindsets for Success

    Want to be an Entrepreneur...It's about your mindset

    So many of us dream of being a successful entrepreneur.

    There is such an allure of owning your own business, being in control of your destiny, and knowing it is yours has quite the appeal.

    And while most all of us have had dreams of being an entrepreneur, most of us will not do it.

    Why?  Because to be a successful entrepreneur requires a change in mindset.  And not just one, but many mindsets.

    First, you have to be willing to have the mindset of being a risk taker, and then you need to take action on.

    You also need to have a different attitude, have a different money mindset, changing your mindset of leadership, building a presence and more.

    And in this episode of A New Direction Dr. Charlene Walters joins us to talk about her latest book, "Launch Your Entrepreneur".

    If you have thought about becoming an entrepreneur and have wondered what it will take to be successful, then you will want to join us right here!

    Charlene Walter's Book, "Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur" is in my opinion one of the most comprehensive books on how to become a successful entrepreneur.

    The book is based on 10 mindsets that every aspiring entrepreneur must have.  And starts with the first mindset of "Taking Action".

    The book moves us through specifics such as dealing with your own financial mindset, personal branding, social media, and so much more.

    Dr. Walters digs deep into issues that every entrepreneur faces such as imposter syndrome, being in competition, the struggle with selling, grit, resiliency, self-sabotage and a number of psychological and emotional issues.

    As you can tell nearly everything is on the table to discuss in Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur.

    And do not let the subtitle fool you...this book is literally for everyone!

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    Coach Jay here!

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    52 Insights to Help You Find Career Fulfillment

    52 Insights to Help You Find Career Fulfillment

    Is It Time to Change Your Career or Change You?

    Are you one of those people who when Sunday evening comes around you are already dreading Monday morning?

    Do you feel like you are stuck? Like you need the job because you need the money, but you really don't want to be doing what you are doing?

    Have you thought about trying to go on your own, but the fear of failure is keeping you from trying?

    If any of these career related questions sound like you, then you should know you are not alone.

    In fact, there are people that you work with who probably share your exact same feelings. So, what should you do?

    In this episode of A New Direction Human Resources Expert and Career Coach Rich Salon join us to talk us through 52 Does of Reality to help you find Career Fulfillment in "Career Trust".

    Rich Salon's book, "Career Trust: Fifty-Two Doses of Reality To Help You Find Career Fulfillment" is one of those fun reading books that will give you some practical insights into your career.

    The 52 Doses of reality will make you think through if you need to make a change in your career to be more fulfilled or perhaps do you need to change to be more fulfilled.

    The book also talks through the mental and emotional challenges of dealing with a career or job change.  It is highly enlightening an insightful.

    If you want a quick read that will open your mind to the possibilities of a career change as well as being encouraged where you are right now, "Career Trust" is a book that you will want on your bookshelf.

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    The Creator Mindset: 92 Tools to Unlock Secrets to Innovation & Growth

    The Creator Mindset: 92 Tools to Unlock Secrets to Innovation & Growth

    Having a Creator Mindset that Will Change Your Business and Your Life

    It seems you can look at nearly any online magazine or traditional magazine or news

    paper and somewhere you are going to see the words AI...Artificial Intelligence.

    Sadly the world of AI and our own laziness is robbing us one of the most fundamental and superior abilities we have over the AI/Computer world...our creativity.

    We have lost our "Creator Mindset". What is the "Creator Mindset" you eagerly ask?

    It is opening your mind to the fact that we all have creative abilities. That within you is a creator and a creator mindset that you can bring into your business and life.

    And in this episode of A New Direction The Creator Mindset author Nir Bashon joins us to help you reopen your mind to being the creative creator you always have been.

    Nir Bashan's book, "The Creator Mindset: 92 Tools to Unlock the Secrets to Innovation, Growth, and Sustainability" is literally for every person and every business.

    He dispels all the myths that most people have around creativity and explains in a clear practical way how any of us can begin to be more creative.

    Nir also addresses the issue of AI and creativity and dismantles the idea that AI can on some fashion replace the creativity of humans.  It simply cannot.  AI can be a tool, but not a replacement for our creativity.

    Near also addresses a number of psychological issues when it comes to creativity, right brain/left brain, listening, negativity, and our ego for just a few.

    The book will change you.  I promise.  It changed me.  One quote from the book that still stands out to me is this.  "There is no problem that creativity cannot solve".  Genius!

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    Coach Jay here!  Thanks for listening to and reading about this episode of A New Direction.

    I am a business and life coach that specializes in helping people improve their performance in their business and life and help them become more successful in all aspects of their life.

    You may have thought about a coach, but you just were not sure if a coach is for you.  That’s a great question to ask,

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
35 Ratings

35 Ratings

Rand-Thriving! ,

Awesome Host

Coach Jay is awesome. He throughly read my book before the podcast and did an excellent job of our time together.

Rahulkaran ,

Well Prepared Host

I enjoyed my conversation with Coach Jay; he was well-prepared and made the show very informative. He went above and beyond to delight the listeners.

Mgrabanqqqq ,

Energetic and thoughtful

Jay is a real pro. He's a high-energy, high-thoughtfulness host. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Jay and his guests.

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