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A New Direction is a weekly podcast that interviews best selling authors from around the world in success and leadership to enhance your life, career, and business.

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A New Direction is a weekly podcast that interviews best selling authors from around the world in success and leadership to enhance your life, career, and business.

    Avoiding The 10 Biggest Business Mistakes – Patrick Burke

    Avoiding The 10 Biggest Business Mistakes – Patrick Burke

    Owning your own business is exciting.  However, when you choose to own your own business you are responsible to make the decisions.  And this is where business mistakes happen...in the decision making process.  It has been said that in the game of golf that the one thing a professional golfer does that an amateur does not do, is they know how to avoid the mistakes.  This of course makes them more successful.  If you could avoid the business mistakes that so many business owners and entrepreneurs make what do you think your chances of success would be.  Certainly greater.  Fortunately for us Patrick Burke who has worked with more the 200 entrepreneurs and companies is going to help you avoid "The 10 Biggest Business Mistakes" joins us on this episode of A New Direction.

    Patrick Burke's book is a no nonsense, get directly to the point book that looks at what his experience has shown him as the most common and crushing business mistakes.  In "The 10 Biggest Business Mistakes...And How to Avoid Them" Patrick takes through the journey of first exploring the right kind of business for you.  It asks the all important question are you trying to fit in the business or does the business fit you?  He takes us through partnerships, the power of branding, when to sell or not to sell, hiring the right team, culture and more!  "The 10 Biggest Business Mistakes" is a book filled with wisdom that you for sure will want to apply to your business immediately!

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    Success Left a Clue – Changing Your Life with Mindset and Action – Robert Riopel

    Success Left a Clue – Changing Your Life with Mindset and Action – Robert Riopel

    How do you go from being in debt to owning franchises, owning property and your own business?  It all starts with changing your stinkin' thinkin'.  Let's face it we all want some sort of success.  Or we would like to have even more success.  And when is comes to success we have a tendency to look outward.  We want to find some "trick", some easy way to find this illusive thing we call success.  The fact is there are no "tricks", there are no "fast tracks", there are no "easy" ways, and there is no "pay for success" course.  The fact is that when you interact with the most successful people in the world, and you keep your eyes open, "Success Leaves a Clue".  And in this episode of A New Direction, Robert Riopel author of "Success Left a Clue" joins us to tell us his "rags to riches" story and give you clues on how you can change the outcomes.

    Robert Riopel book "Success Left A Clue: 6 Life Changing Habits to Achieving Your Dreams While Keeping it Real, Relevant & Repeatable" is a success book on mindset and action.  Let's be honest with each other for a second so often we think of "intentions", "mantras", and "pledges" as a little "new agey" or as Robert Riopel calls it "Wu-Wu".  But wait, we have thoughts everyday concerning our success.  We have doubt, we question, we have cynicism, and sarcasm, but think for a second what if your thoughts were more positive?  What if you shed the doubt?  Could it make a difference?  You have to admit to think more positively and being more positively intentional about your thoughts certainly wouldn't hurt...right?  And if we  practiced getting ride of the doubt and fear and negativity in our mind it certainly would make the world around us better...true?  So if we start with the right mindset, then take action on those positive and productive thoughts, does it not make sense that our lives would be better and more successful?  Of course it does!  It also means that we can better and more positively affect the lives of others!  As it keeps perpetuating we see more clues to success...and so then it is true, "Success Left a Clue".


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    Rebel Leadership: How to Thrive in Uncertain Times – Larry Robertson

    Rebel Leadership: How to Thrive in Uncertain Times – Larry Robertson

    When we think about leadership we typically think of a single person.  Some sort of top performer that leads a group of people.  However, what if is there is another way to look at it?  What if we looked at leadership by going against the grain?  Does that sound "rebel"?   The truth is we  do need a new view of looking at it.  After all we do live in a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) and is not going to end.  And with the pandemic things are going to moving faster with even more uncertainty.  We need a different something different, we need something new, we need Rebel Leadership and thankfully  Larry Robertson joins us on this episode of A New Direction.

    Rebel Leadership: How to Thrive in Uncertain Times is a leadership book like none other.  The book is filled with research and interviews of some of the worlds most amazing leaders and how they turned "rebel" when it comes to how leadership can work in an uncertain world.  One of the primary focuses of the book is that "Rebel Leadership" is a mindset.  It is one that goes against the grain of what we think of when we think leadership, but one that works in a variety of different industries and Larry Robertson has the science to back it up.   Rebel Leadership is ultimately shared among the culture.  So if you want more stability, peak performance, and greater success in a volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous world...it's time to get rebel...it's time for "Rebel Leadership"

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    Burnout Proof – Avoiding the Negativity of Stress – Michael Levitt

    Burnout Proof – Avoiding the Negativity of Stress – Michael Levitt

    Burnout is a very real condition.  Research on burnout suggest it costs companies billions of dollars in revenue as people can no longer function in their job, because they experience burnout.  How does burnout show up?  Fatigue, irritability, lack of motivation, making more frequent mistakes, not caring about the quality of your work, dread, sickness and many other symptoms.  It can be a devastating situation when one experiences burnout.  And that what this week's guest on A New Direction, Michael Levitt explains on this episode.  Michael Levitt experienced burnout from his job. He had a heart attack that should have killed him, He lost his job, then lost his, house, watched his car get repossessed, and his life turned completely upside down.  And now because of his experience and rebuilding his life and career Michael Levitt helps you avoid the negativity of stress.

    Michael Levitt's book is entitled "Burnout Proof: How to Establish Boundaries to Avoid the Negativity of Stress".  I like to call this a "Direct and to the point" book.  It is a little over 60 pages long, and as Michael reveals his story he describes what Burnout is, what the symptoms can look like both from a work and life standpoint. he also provides insights and tips on how to prevent burnout.  He even suggests that you do an inventory of your current place of work as you may in fact need a change to protect your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  It is a powerful show.  So please share it with your friends and give A New Direction a positive review on your favorite podcast listening app.

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    Career Skills You Were Never Taught – The Career Toolkit – Mark Herschberg

    Career Skills You Were Never Taught – The Career Toolkit – Mark Herschberg

    Most of your life you are going to be in a career.  So how many classes through out your life time did you take that truly helped you?  Well, if you are like most of us the answer is...zero.  When it comes to our career there is little to help us.  No one really talks about making a "career plan", or the difference between "leadership and management" and how to navigate those waters, or how to do really good "Networking" versus doing really bad networking.  What about working in a corporate environment are you ready for corporate politics?  Well thankfully for all of us MIT Instructor and graduate Mark Herschberg is with us on A New Direction to help you navigate these questions and more.

    Mark Herschberg's book is entitled "The Career Toolkit: Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You" is the exact same information from his MIT college course on preparing for a career.  The Career Toolkit is the most comprehensive, complete and practical guide to starting a career, changing a career, and finding a career.  If you know a college student, or someone who is looking to change their career, you need to tell them to purchase "The Career Toolkit".  They will thank you for recommending it.

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    From Strategy to Results – The Gears of Execution – Sean Ryan

    From Strategy to Results – The Gears of Execution – Sean Ryan

    If your people were to be asked the following questions about your business strategy what would be their response?

    * Can your team members give you a one or two sentence description of how your company distinguishes itself?

    * Can they tell you the top two or three things company must be great at, or must get better at to be successful?

    * Can they tell you how the previous two answers translate into the critical three to five things they must accomplish to contribute to the execution of the strategy?

    If you don't like the answers to these questions then execution is going to to be nearly impossible.  So,  how would you answer these strategy questions:

    * How crisp and clear is your organization strategy to the people who are responsible for executing it every day?

    * How well can team members at every level of your organization describe their role in executing your strategy?

    * How effectively are you translating strategy to execution to results?

    The last question is critical!!  Is your strategy producing the results you desire?  If the answer is no...thankfully we have Sean Ryan with us on A New Direction to get your strategy into execution so you achieve the results you are looking for.  Because without Execution there are no results.

    Sean Ryan is the Founder and President of WhiteWater Consulting and the Author of  "Get in Gear: The Seven Gears that Drive Strategy to Results"  And in this episode Sean Ryan leads us down the road of first of all making sure have a sound strategy, then walk us through the gears that create execution so that you can have the results you had hoped for in your business.   Get in Gear is a quick read, full of great questions that will challenge you and your business.  Make sure you get your copy today!

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
27 Ratings

27 Ratings

mherschberg ,

A fantastic show

Jay is a unique combination of enthusiasm, wisdom, and compassion. He brings on a range of experts, but unlike most podcast hosts takes the time to do his research and read the books to really go in depth with the content. He cares about his audience with a sincerity that shines through the episodes.

Maureen Metcalf ,

Jay's Wisdom and Expertise

Jay is passionate about his listeners growth and success! He shares the insights he gains from his commitment to learning so others can develop because of his time investment. Thank you, Jay!

Loree Bischoff ,

Jay is pure gold!

Brimming with expertise on personal development, Jay is full of wisdom that he shares in a down-to-earth and practical way. He is very open and honest about his own journey and the rules for success that he cultivated from his life lessons are relevant to anyone who is a seeker of personal mastery. He is a gracious host that asks meaningful and intelligent questions, giving listeners a rich experience and valuable takeaways.

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