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A New Direction is a weekly podcast that interviews best selling authors from around the world in success and leadership to enhance your life, career, and business.

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A New Direction is a weekly podcast that interviews best selling authors from around the world in success and leadership to enhance your life, career, and business.

    Leadership for Greatness: Lessons from John Wooden – Lynn Guerin

    Leadership for Greatness: Lessons from John Wooden – Lynn Guerin

    John Wooden was the greatest college basketball coach of all time.  He won 10 National Championships and 4 undefeated seasons while at UCLA.  Some have even said, that John Wooden was the greatest coach of any sport...it would be hard to argue against him.  As great as John Wooden was as a basketball coach he was even a better coach of life.  His players loved him, and he invested himself in them.  His leadership was legendary and still is today.  We are so fortunate to have with us on this episode of A New Direction Lynn Guerin who spent the last 25+ years with coach Wooden up until his last dying words.  He worked with Coach Wooden to develop a coaching model for success and leadership.  And continues today to coach companies the "Wooden Way".

    Along with Jason Lavin, Lynn Guerin have written the book "Coach 'Em Way Up" based on the fundamental principles espoused by Coach Wooden.  The book is practical and insightful into the Leadership and success lesson Coach Wooden practiced every single day and taught to his teams.  Always the engineer he created his "Pyramid of Success" which would guide him daily and continues to guide others who follow it.  The book "Coach 'Em Way Up" is filled with not only tremendous insights, but also work sheets to help you coach yourself (which is the most important person to begin with), and use with your teams.  There is also an online assessment that I highly recommend you should take.  I took it twice (the first time I was in denial).  To access the assessment click on or copy and paste https://www.thejohnrwoodencourse.com/the-pyramid-of-success-assessment-for-individuals and for A New Direction listeners if you use the code "Coach50" you will get 50% off the assessment.  It is a great deal and it will change the way you look at yourself and your leadership.

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    Entrepreneur Success Be Undaunted – Kara Goldin

    Entrepreneur Success Be Undaunted – Kara Goldin

    If you talk to the most successful Entrepreneurs in the world you will find that there are many traits that are associated with success.  And one of those traits is being undaunted.  Being entrepreneur requires you to be perseverant even when everyone else wants you to quit.  It means being resilient when you yourself feel like quitting.  As an Undaunted  entrepreneur you must stand up for yourself, putting yourself out there, believing in yourself, your product or service and not letting circumstances dictate your actions.  The fact is if you want success in your entrepreneur life, you need to lead the undaunted life.  And that is true of this weeks guest on A New Direction, CEO and Founder of Hint Water Kara Goldin.  If there is anyone who has demonstrated that success comes from being undaunted she is the poster child.

    Kara's book "undaunted" is a journey from Kara's beginnings of working in a toy store to having an entrepreneurial idea that she could make a sugar free water taste good and be good for you when she started in Hint.  As you follow along on her incredible journey she shares with you entrepreneur and success lessons she learned along the way that she applied to her everyday living.  And now on A New Direction through her book "Undaunted" she shares with you those lessons so that you can achieve your dream of being an entrepreneur and become the success you were designed to become.  Kara Goldin is one of those guests that you will listen to over and over again!

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    Leading in Crisis: Leaders in Lockdown – Atholl Duncan

    Leading in Crisis: Leaders in Lockdown – Atholl Duncan

    Let's be honest the real test of a leader is how are they leading in a crisis.  And there has been no greater crisis in most of our lifetimes then dealing with our world and Covid-19.  If you are an aspiring leader, or perhaps a current leader and you are questioning your ability to lead, you would not be alone.   But there is hope!  Author, Executive Coach, and former journalist Atholl Duncan from Scotland joins us in this episode of A New Direction. And he is bringing with him some of the worlds top leading leaders and how they lead in crisis.

    Atholl Duncan's book is entitled "Leaders in Lockdown".  He interview 28 of some of the world's most respected and powerful business leaders and while they were in the Covid-19 lockdown how they were leading their companies during this period.  The leaders were candid with what they were facing, and what they were doing to either keep their keep their companies financially profitable, and their people engaged and employed.  The book is an insightful read into the thoughts and processes of these leaders, and how each have their own perspective.  One thing is for sure, there is more than one way to lead and leading.

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    Creativity – The Secret to Business Success – Nir Bashan

    Creativity – The Secret to Business Success – Nir Bashan

    Every business focuses on pretty much the same thing...the numbers, or as we like to say, "the analytics".  But like a doctor who can only prescribe medicine for the symptoms, the numbers, or analytics cannot get to the core of your issues and problems.  What is more the number and analytics cannot solve your problems.  But Creativity can!  This is the problem with society in general today.  Our schools, teachers and universities focus on left brain analytic training that is focused on getting the right answer...versus getting the most creative solution.  The fact is business today is so left brain focus we have a tendency to not hire right brain people.  And we certainly do not want to put those "creativity champions" in leadership.  But the fact is if you want to be successful, if you want growth, if you want to get unstuck in your business and career there is only one way to get there...creativity.  Thank fully creative expert and author of "The Creator Mindset" Nir Bashan joins us in this episode of A New Direction.

    The Creator Mindset is one of the most eye opening business books that you will ever read.  The fact is we make the mistake of linking "art" and "music" with creativity.  But those are only subsets of the creator mindset.  If you want solutions to tomorrows problems it will come from The Creator Mindset and not another PowerPoint presentation filled with numbers.  Nir Bashan's book "The Creator Mindset" will challenge you...but only if you are open to it and do not shut down your brain.  It will open you to the fact that every single one of us has creative ability, but as with most of us we are so focused on the numbers on the left side of our brain our right side creative side is left dormant and in fact starts to wither like a plant without water.  Think about this you have two halves of your brain, you have become so focused on using the left half, leaving the right half alone, you are only realizing half of your potential.  It's time to relearn how to be creative.  It's time to get "The Creator Mindset".

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    Opportunity Is All Around Us – Money In The Streets – Barry Habib

    Opportunity Is All Around Us – Money In The Streets – Barry Habib

    Opportunity is truly all around us.   However, so few of us capitalize on them and for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes we don't see them because of fear, sometimes we miss them because of our attitude of negativity, or perhaps we miss it because we simply do not have the skills to recognize opportunities.  So how do we develop those skills?  Well fortunately for us on this episode of A New Direction,  multi-talented, multi-entrepreneur Barry Habib teaches you the skills that are needed to not only see the opportunity, but leverage it.  It all starts with your mindset.  And when it comes to having a positive mindset Barry understands it full well.  Born into an immigrant family that could not speak English and had no money, Barry had to learn that no matter what the circumstances that you find yourself in, you always have control of your mindset, your attitude and your effort.

    Barry has written what I consider one of the most encouraging, inspirational, and helpful books that will change your life on a personal, professional, and financial level.  The book is entitled "Money in the Streets: A Playbook for Finding and Seizing the Opportunity All Around You".  Money in the streets is a phrase that means there are opportunities all around us that others are passing by.  Here is Barry's take on his book:

    "If you want more success in your life, if you want greater success no matter where you are, but mostly, if you want to do good for others with your success, then you're the person I want reading this book, because... You have the power to change the world."

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    PTSD: It Affects Us All – Arsenal of Hope – Jen Satterly

    PTSD: It Affects Us All – Arsenal of Hope – Jen Satterly

    According to the National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 7-8% of the population is suffering from this malady.  It is often ignored, misunderstood, and often attribute other reasons to the behavior of those with PTSD.   For sure those men and women who are or were combat veterans, first responders, and Covid front line workers have the greatest potential to develop PTSD.  The statistics for combat veterans that suffer from PTSD is between 11 -20%  The fact is not everyone has it, and it looks different in each person who does have it.  It surrounds us everyday, but we ignore it.   People you work with, people you manage, people that live right next store can be suffering from it, but because of shame and embarrassment they keep it behind closed doors.  It affects their job, their spouses, their children, and their friends and family.  But thankfully on this episode of A New Direction Author Jen Satterly wife of Delta Force Command Sergeant Major Tom Satterly who suffers from PTSD after 20 years of deployment gives you insights and tactics to give you hope for those who deal with PTS...because it truly is not a disorder.

    Jen Satterly's book entitled "Arsenal of Hope: Tactics for Taking on PTSD, Together" is a vulnerable look inside at what it is really like to live with someone who has PTSD.  She also reveals as a coach to many veterans the journey, and the hard work it takes to make even a small step in recovery from PTSD.  And yes people can and do recover.  As Jen Satterly explains it is a biological problem from years of training to be an elite fighting machine, meant to protect others and rid the world of evil.  "Arsenal of Hope" is powerfully insightful and filled with practical information to help those who have PTSD, and help them get help.  Jen Satterly along with her husband Tom Satterly are co-founders of the All Secure Foundation which helps our veterans and first responders overcome their PTSD and find the right resources to help them live the thriving life after the military.  You can learn more by going to www.allsecurefoundation.com

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

Maureen Metcalf ,

Jay's Wisdom and Expertise

Jay is passionate about his listeners growth and success! He shares the insights he gains from his commitment to learning so others can develop because of his time investment. Thank you, Jay!

Loree Bischoff ,

Jay is pure gold!

Brimming with expertise on personal development, Jay is full of wisdom that he shares in a down-to-earth and practical way. He is very open and honest about his own journey and the rules for success that he cultivated from his life lessons are relevant to anyone who is a seeker of personal mastery. He is a gracious host that asks meaningful and intelligent questions, giving listeners a rich experience and valuable takeaways.

Loyal but losing patience ,

An absolutely fantastic show

Jay is the real deal. A man committed to his own personal growth and the well being of his listeners. He really takes the time to research and understand his guests. Plus, he’s pure joy and positivity. If you’re looking to move your life in a positive direction, then this is the show for you.

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