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Java, Serverless, Clouds, Architecture and Web conversations with Adam Bien

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Java, Serverless, Clouds, Architecture and Web conversations with Adam Bien

    The Reset Boy

    The Reset Boy

    An airhacks.fm conversation with Vinicius Senger (@vsenger) about:
    msx computer,
    delivering pizza to buy computer with 12 years,
    learning Basic to write games,
    learning dBASE,
    arduino and Java,
    writing dBase software for real estate management,
    the step clipper functions,
    harbour project or clipper on linux,
    learning C,
    the reset boy,
    Delphi vs. Visual Basic,
    NetWare LANtastic,
    writing Perl for Sun Microsystems,
    teaching Java,
    SL-275, SL-285, SL-310, OO-226, SL-425, SL-500,
    SNMP and traps,
    Sun Tech Days,
    the Globalcode company,
    The Developer’s Conference (TDC),
    the Sun SPOTs,
    the network is the computer,
    Amazon Corretto openJDK,
    Vinicius on Github: vsenger,
    Java on AWS
    Vinicius Senger on twitter: @vsenger

    • 1 hr 27 min
    Understanding and Practising Quarkus

    Understanding and Practising Quarkus

    An airhacks.fm conversation with Antonio Goncalves (@agoncal) about:
    previously Antonio on airhacks.fm with "#135 Writing Boring Software: From WebLogic over GlassFish to Quarkus",
    Understanding quarkus book,
    JDD JavaEE Session: Future Is Now, But Is Not Evenly Distributed Yet,
    Practicing Quarkus,
    The Ten Years After Talk,
    the Petstore Java EE 7,
    micronaut and Jakarta EE core Profile,
    Qute vs JSPs,
    Jakarta EE and the WAR requirements,
    joining the developer relations division at Microsoft,
    cloud migrations and the the 7rs,
    Java on Azure,
    OpenAOI on Azure,
    Glassfish contributions,
    Micronaut and Helidon,
    Java and SnapStart with CRaC "#240 Serverless Java (17) on AWS",
    Azure Bicep,
    Azure EventHub,
    switching costs vs. portability,
    Underwater Datacenter,
    Antonios books
    Antonio Goncalves on twitter: @agoncal

    • 58 min
    Java FX, Codename One, Swing, Flutter and a Bit Android

    Java FX, Codename One, Swing, Flutter and a Bit Android

    An airhacks.fm conversation with Shai Almog (@debugagent) about:
    Shai previously on episode "#238 The History of Mobile Java and Codename One",
    flutter, Java FX and Codename One,
    the challenges of marketing,
    google fuchsia,
    immediate mode graphics and Swing,
    JavaFX and Scene Graph Mode,
    Java FX got the idea from F3,
    GPU acceleration,
    apache tvm,
    the tornadovm project,
    Codename One generates a xcode project,
    Flutter ships with runtime
    Shai Almog on twitter: @debugagent

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Simplicity is a Good Incentive

    Simplicity is a Good Incentive

    An airhacks.fm conversation with Ceki Guelcue (@ceki) about:
    cava the Turkish Java,
    PC XT 8080,
    360 kB floppy disk,
    using Turbo Pascal,
    developing a board game in Turbo Pascal,
    learning MS-DOS,
    studying physics,
    using Smaky,
    Logitech is based in Lausanne,
    programming over physics,
    CDMA algorithm,
    OSI model,
    ping pong the simplest possible transport protocol,
    ping pong protocol is also known as Time-division multiplexing,
    TCP is a very simple protocol,
    easy of implementation is an interesting property,
    SLF4j a simple logging framework,
    learning C and struggling with pointers,
    the division algorithm is magical,
    Mix Network,
    developing mix-based email system,
    the beginnings of tor,
    the tor project,
    enjoying operator overloading in C++,
    DSLs might be a waste of time,
    the LogBack DS,
    Log4j vs. java.util.logging,
    anonymity and freedom,
    using traffic analysis to analyse tor,
    onion routing and tor,
    tor’s honeypots,
    Ceki's paper: Mixing Email with Babel,
    Ceki's company: qos.ch
    Ceki Guelcue on twitter: @ceki

    • 59 min
    Serverless Java (17) on AWS

    Serverless Java (17) on AWS

    An airhacks.fm conversation with Maximilian Schellhorn (@maschnetwork) about:
    playing Halo with Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo,
    amazing graphics with crytec and crysis,
    learning HTML and the great marquee tag,
    semi-professional Call of Duty 4 gaming,
    learning Delphi and GUI programming,
    button oriented programming in Delphi,
    building ski school software in Delphi,
    from Delphi to Java and Spring,
    learning patterns with Java,
    starting at cloudflight.io,
    from Zalando to AWS,
    starting at AWS as Solution Architect,
    deploying quarkus as AWS Lambda,
    full stack Infrastructure as Code with Java,
    creating Java content on AWS,
    SAM, CloudFormation and CDK,
    CDK with SAM CLI,
    declarative development with SAM,
    state management and IaC,
    AWS Serverless Java Container,
    Lambda SnapStart optimises the startup time,
    SnapStart snapshots,
    using CRaC hooks for SnapShot,
    caching with ShapStart vs. PostConstruct,
    from Kotlin to Java 17,
    data classes in Kotlin vs. Java Records,
    sealed classes as error handlers,
    serverless on-premise and in the clouds,
    using S3 and DynamoDB,
    DynamoDB and IaM security,
    lambda SQS integration,
    Java on AWS Lambda Workshop,
    Caching Data in the Snapshot,
    announcement: AWS Lambda adds support for Java 17
    Maximilian Schellhorn on twitter: @maschnetwork

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Low-Code, No-Code with Java

    Low-Code, No-Code with Java

    An airhacks.fm conversation with Richard Fichtner (@richardfichtner) about:
    the jcon.one conference,
    the cinedom and thunderdome,
    Digital Crafts Day,
    80485 Intel with ISDN router,
    starting with Turbo Pascal,
    the ISDN extension card,
    prehistoric and Prince of Persia,
    Wing Commander,
    starting with SUSE Linux,
    ISDN router and asterisks,
    lilo the Linux loader,
    geocities and myspace,
    Internet Cafes and resetting the computers,
    Netscape Composer and Netscape Navigator,
    Netscape Mail,
    teaching HTML at school,
    xpage is a WYSIWYG,
    Florian Habermann the god of programming,
    xdev the low code / nocode environment,
    xdev is Java 21 compatible,
    xapi the framework,
    moving from Swing to Vaadin,
    the extended persistence context and EntityManager,
    PersistenceContextType.EXTENDED and interactive applications,
    Vaadin flow and WebComponents,
    GWT and Vaadin,
    xdev the Vaadin IDE,
    xdev a no-code IDE,
    SqlEngine a custom DSL for SQL with xdev,
    RapidClipse and Eclipse,
    Eclipse performance significantly improved in recent releases
    Richard Fichtner on twitter: @richardfichtner

    • 1 hr 8 min

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5.0 out of 5
4 Ratings

4 Ratings

mvelasco07 ,

A must-listen!

Can’t believe an incredibly valuable resource like this podcast is FREE! 🤩
No matter the topic, you’re guaranteed to gain something from Adam and his guests in each episode - can’t recommend airlocks.fm enough!

LennyLMF ,

Awesome show for Java people

If you like Java, you will love this podcast. Perfect mix of technical and people stories. with great guests.

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