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Amharic Pod is your Amharic-to-English conversation practice. From beginner to advance episodes and dialogues, listen to phrases and vocabulary used in context with translation and explanations. Come and learn Amharic with us!

Amharic Pod Amharic Pod - Learn the Language

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Amharic Pod is your Amharic-to-English conversation practice. From beginner to advance episodes and dialogues, listen to phrases and vocabulary used in context with translation and explanations. Come and learn Amharic with us!

    Intermediate - Yetafa Sew

    Intermediate - Yetafa Sew

    Kevin: Inde-inde yetafa sew! Hulu selam noew? sira qeyersh ende?
    Ende! A vanished person! Is everything at peace (well)? Did you change your job?

    Chéri: Selam noew yemesgen! ere Izaw negn alqeyerkum. Ante mech meteh taqaleh?
    Everything is at peace (well). I am still there...I have not changed (my job). When have you ever come by?

    Kevin: Balefew samint metiche neber. Alnegerushim malet noew?
    I came last week. Did they not tell you?

    Chéri: bechirash! Melikt titehilign neber?
    Not at all! Did you leave a message?

    Kevin: Ay melikt altewkum. kehedku behuala gin silk dewiye neber.
    No, I did not leave a message. I called you on the phone after I left though.

    Chéri: Esunim alsemawim. gid-yelem enkwuan ahun agegnehu.
    I did not hear that either. No problem, I'm glad I ran into to you now.

    Kevin: Minew leguday feligeshign neber?
    What is it...did you need me for some matter?

    Cher: Awo le'ande guday ifeligihalew. Buna ligabzih ina achawitihalew.
    Yes, I need you for a some matter. Let me buy you coffee and I will tell you about it.

    Kevin: Eshi mengedun miree.
    Ok! Lead the way.

    • 9 min
    Intermediate - Past tense, vacation

    Intermediate - Past tense, vacation

    PODCAST - past tense

    Kevin: Balefew amet le’erefet min aderegsh?
    What did you do for break last year?

    Sherry: Wede Ethiopia hedku.
    verb, future, present, past
    (mehed, ehedalew, eyehedku, hedku)
    I went to Ethiopia.

    Kevin: Eshi endet neber?
    Ok, how was it?

    Sherry: Betam tiru neber. Betesebochen ayew, gwadegnochen teyeku, ketemawun gobegnew, yeteleyaye migib belaw. Des yil neber.
    verb, future, present, past
    (mayet, ayalehew, eyayehew, ayew)
    (meteyeq, eteyiqalew, eyeteyeku, teyeku)
    (megobgnet, egobegnalew, eyegobegnew, gobegnew)
    (meblat, ebelalew, eyebelaw, belaw)
    It was very good. I saw my family, I visited my friends, I toured the city, and ate all sorts of different foods. It was nice.

    Kevin: Bedenb noewa yarefshiw!
    verb, future, present, past
    (maref, tarfeeyalesh, eyarefsh, yarefshiw)
    So you really rested well!

    Sherry: Awo bedenb arefku! Endihum tinish sira seraw.
    verb, future, present, past
    (mesrat, eseralhu, eyeseraw, seraw)
    Yes, I rested well. I also worked a little.

    • 15 min
    Advanced - Graduation and plans for break

    Advanced - Graduation and plans for break

    PODCAST - future tense

    Kevin: Sherry tmihiritishin cheresh alu. Enkwan des’alesh! Ahun min litadergee tase’biyalesh?
    Sherry they say you completed your schooling? Congratulations! What will you do now?

    Sherry: Ameseginalehu! Yemeeqetilehu samint emereqalew. Ke’zam behuala tinish erefet ewesdalew.
    Thank you! I will graduate next week. Then I will take a break.

    Kevin: Melkam. Le’erefet min tadergeeyalesh?
    Good. What will you do during break?

    Sherry: Wede hulet-sost ageroch le’gubignit ehedalew. Simeles demo sira egebalew. Endeehum timihirten lemeqetel eyasebku noew.
    I will go to visit 2 or 3 countries. When I return I will go to work. I am also planning to continue with my education.

    Kevin: Betam tiru! Sira agniteshal malet noew?
    Very good! So does that mean you’ve already found a job?

    Sherry: Hulet bota agnichalew. Yetignaw endemigeba ke’erfet simelese ewesinalehu.
    I have found 2 jobs. I will decide which one I will take when I return from break.

    • 18 min
    Advanced - Bargain in Mercato

    Advanced - Bargain in Mercato

    Advanced - Bargain in Mercato by Amharic Pod - Learn the Language

    • 13 min
    Intermediate - I am hungry

    Intermediate - I am hungry

    Intermediate Dialogue:

    Chéri: Ïne rabäñ. Miïsa ïnïbla?
    Kevin: ïncčlalän. Ïne rïboñal
    Chéri: Mälkam ïzih bät ïnïbla?
    Kevin: Ïshi mïn mäblat tïfälïgiyalesh? Mïn tït'äcčiyalezh?
    Chéri: Ïne kïtfo ïbälalähu. Fanta dämo t't'alehu. Antäs?
    Kevin: Ïne tïbs ïbälalähu. Yämït'ät'aw dämo wäyïn näw.
    Cheri: Melkam ïnïzäz

    • 10 min
    Beginner - Fidel (Letters)

    Beginner - Fidel (Letters)

    Beginner - Fidel (Letters) by Amharic Pod - Learn the Language

    • 4 min

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
37 Ratings

37 Ratings

Habesha Finance ,

The potential is great

I’d be very interested if this podcast can continue to develop. So much potential for this especially for those of us diasporas and others who are eager to learn Amharic. Are there plans to add more episodes and continue this podcast?

grillgang🥶 ,



Yene Konjyo ,

Welcome back!

You were greatly missed! I shocked my father in law. He praised my wife and she gave you full credit. Please teach me more.

It sounds like you guys have been busy! 👼🏽 Congratulations! But we still need our lessons 😁

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