AMPstigator Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
32 Ratings

32 Ratings

KMP112 ,

The Authentic AMP you need!

Whether it’s inspiration, information or a nudge you’re seeking in the personal, professional or spiritual realm, Lauren has it covered! From solo personal stories to thoughtfully selected guests, every episode will leave you with something to think about and the need to dig deeper into the topics! The authenticity and transparency of Lauren and the purpose of this podcast shines through! There is something very special about women sharing their stories and supporting and learning from each other- the very foundation of these discussions!

Megh knocked ,


I always learn something from Lauren and her guests! I love AMPstigator and the purpose behind each episode. It’s so helpful in overcoming and also helping move forward in a positive way.

Amandasharesjoy ,

Passion and purpose filled conversations

Lauren has a unique gift of highlighting everyone’s unique purpose and passion and bringing out the best in every single conversation. This podcast is full of joy, inspiration, and people that are looking to use their unique gifts to impact the world. I highly recommend this show to anyone that is looking to learn, grow, and use their talents to impact the lives of others.

jwill_311 ,

Insightful and inspiring!

This podcast has really opened my eyes. In listening to the journeys of others, I’m inspired to look deeper into my own journey. Every time Lauren asks a guest a question, I find myself trying to answer it for myself! I take away one or two (or 20!) a-ha moments from every episode, the next episode can never come out soon enough!! Keep them coming, Lauren!!

CB12S ,


I love the diverse experiences on this podcast, proving that there is no one single path to finding purpose. The stories were fascinating and I couldn’t stop listening! I am always left feeling motivated and hopeful after listening.

Kelvarez ,


This podcast delivers on its name. I binged season 1 in a week and have saved season 2 episodes for prime time during my long runs each week. Thought provoking and sincere, Lauren brings dynamic and interesting guests to her podcast and dives deep to let their unique stories shine. She wants to help everyone find their purpose and interviews her guests to highlight how they found theirs. I love listening along and following Lauren on her own journey to purpose. Perfect length for a long commute, amazingly paced and full of wisdom. Highly recommend.

Carley Westfall ,


Love EVERYTHING about this podcast! Lauren is such a pro and each episode is incredibly inspiring!!!

Ball the baller ,

Genuine & Authentic

Lauren has inspirational guests that challenge your thinking and living, she is genuine, kind and authentic! This podcast is a must listen to for anyone who loves growth, a giggle here and there and moving content!

Newsie Turned PharmD ,

Couldn’t have come at a better time!

Loving these conversations! The podcast is thoughtful, engaging, and refreshing. Thanks for sharing these great minds with all of us! I look forward to more! You are finding your purpose, Lauren. Thanks for sharing it with all of us!!

Lauren's sidekick ,

My Flourishing Friend

I’m one podcast in and am leaving a review to insist others join in! Lauren’s excellence in this forum is only matched by her interviewing skills and vast vocabulary! So fun to experience this baby #4. Can’t wait to keep learning. On to episode two!