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Learn Arabic with free MP3 audio podcasts, lesson transcripts and downloads

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4.5 out of 5
191 Ratings

191 Ratings

JoeTheEskimo ,

Best used in conjunction with other resources.

PROS: ArabicPod is an excellent resource to improve your pronunciation and vocabulary. I began using it because I wanted exposure to native pronunciation and colloquial dialect(s), and it has proven very useful for these purposes. The teachers, Mohammed and Ehab, have a clear passion for teaching and engaging personalities. Their banter often leaves me laughing and makes language learning very fun rather than dry. There is no other resource out there quite like this one and I’m very thankful that they have devoted the time and effort to create this.

CONS: The teachers switch between dialects from episode episode / mix elements of different dialects with no discernible pattern and do not always alert you when this is the case. E.g., sometimes they use the shaami construction for the future tense while other times they will use the fuSHa construction, but will present them as equivalent without alerting the beginner listener to when each should be used. Additionally, they will sometimes not explain a grammatical construct fully or give an explanation that is not quite precise (e.g., explaining “qad” as simply being a word that emphasizes the statement, rather than a particle that creates the “have done“ construction). I only picked up on these things because I happen to have discovered this resource late in my studies after doing a lot of book study and exposure to other resources prior to this. A complete beginner to Arabic would not discern these things, and for this reason I feel that it is best used in conjunction with other resources, like a proper grammar book, so as to not develop a confused grasp of grammar/dialect. It has enormous value as stated above, but is not sufficient in itself by a complete beginner / someone who has no other experience with the language. It should be used in conjunction with other resources (but of course this is true of almost any resource).

Msaid25 ,

I cant reach them all

How many do you have? I havent reached more than 20.

JakeyJake2019 ,

Well Done!

Thank you so much for doing these short, efficient, and enjoyable podcasts. These bite size lessons are the perfect way to keep your listeners' attention and present Arabic in a fun rather than intimidating way. Please make more!

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