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An interview podcast where we talk to people that are engaged in the connection of art and music to technology. Visual artists, musicians, software developers and other creatives are invited to talk about their background, current work and future vision.

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An interview podcast where we talk to people that are engaged in the connection of art and music to technology. Visual artists, musicians, software developers and other creatives are invited to talk about their background, current work and future vision.

    Podcast Finale

    Podcast Finale

    Unfortunately, today is the last day of podcasting for the Art + Music + Technology podcast. Health issues have gotten in the way, and it would be impossible to continue.
    You can read the transcription of this article, as well as finding some interesting writing on my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/posts/66445163
    Thank you for being such a great group of friends and supporters during this long series of music 

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    Panic Girl (Martha Bahr)

    Panic Girl (Martha Bahr)

    Oh yeah! I’ve been working on getting this interview for a while. It combines modular synths (love ‘em), compositional techniques, an extremely busy schedule – and even using the voice as an instrument! The time that I got to spend with Martha Bahr (Panic Girl) was more than amazing – it was transforming for me. The way that Martha approaches her work is going to be helpful to anyone making electronic music.
    So I just spilt the beans on a few of the topic we covered, but we were all over the place. And we got along like old friends – even though I don’t think we’d ever met. Martha is super-easy to talk to, and leads a very interesting life, so doing this interview was like falling out of a tree.
    I don’t need to talk this one up much – truly one of my favorite interviews ever. Dig in!
    Oh, and you can check out her new album here: https://iuwerecords.bandcamp.com/album/washed-ashore
    Transcription available at http://www.darwingrosse.com/AMT/transcript-0380.html
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    Podcast 379: Greg LoPiccolo

    Podcast 379: Greg LoPiccolo

    So there are precious few music software packages that will come up during discussions at my family’s dinner table. Logic? No way. Ableton Live? Mainly because the kids really like their T-shirts. But if I want to get the kids chattering, I can bring up the family’s retro-love of Guitar Hero or Rock Band. And who was leading product development of those products? Today’s guess – Greg LoPiccolo! Greg has moved onto new things – including his new company, ToneStone (https://tonestone.com/) And while he’s no longer creating consumer games, the idea of combining a game mentality with music is still in his bones. But now, instead of trying to match riffs with Zakk Wylde or Slash, you are actually producing, mixing and sharing your own musical creations.
    Greg is really into many game-oriented ideas surrounding this effort, and it is really interesting to dig into his mind to see how he is creating his simple but deep music production project. I push to find out the limits, and to find out the perspective that make it unique in the marketplace.
    Transcription available at http://www.darwingrosse.com/AMT/transcript-0379.html
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    Jean-François Charles

    Jean-François Charles

    What can I say about Jean-François Charles, other than he is amazing! He is one of the people in this world that has bothered to describe spectral processing in a way that is both musical and accessible (to the extent that it can be…), and has backed it up with a great career of both performance and academics. With training as both an engineer and a musician, he was perfectly situated for the oncoming rush of music technology, and both his musical work and his teachings are ground-breaking.
    In our discussion, we talk about his history, his current work, and his clarinet+electronics release Electroclarinet (https://www.electroclarinet.com/p/listen.html). We also dig into what made him fascinated with spectral processing in particular, and how he was influenced by many (but particularly by Stockhausen) to feature that in his work. We also learn a bit about how he creates a ‘score’, including the processing bits, that are sharable with this world.
    You can hear the Electroclarinet pieces above, and learn more about his body of work on his website (https://www.jeanfrancoischarles.com/). Check out some of those papers; they were seminal works that got a lot of people to dig in beyond just using someone else’s software. It’s also great that Jean-François not only sells access to the written scores for some of his work, but also bundles them with electronic forms for performance. You can see all of the on his Gumroad site: https://newfloremusic.gumroad.com/
    Transcription available at http://www.darwingrosse.com/AMT/transcript-0378.html
    Exclusive extra content on the Patron page: https://www.patreon.com/darwingrosse

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    Podcast 377: Udit Duseja

    Podcast 377: Udit Duseja

    Udit Duseja has built quite a career. Starting off dropping Pro Tools markers while hanging at a recording studio, he is now doing sound design and sound editing work across a wide range of films. In preparing for this interview, I did a fair amount of research (watching films – oh, so hard!), and was blown away by the consistent quality, and often unexpected surprises, found in his work.
    In our discussion, we chat about his background growing up in India, his studies at University of Edenborough, and how he shaped his career to be a multi-continental sound artist. We also get some glimpses into how he approaches sound design,  as well as some of the ways that he puts together the sound library that is at the core of his practice.
    We also dig into the details of the tools that he uses, and how he approaches layers (and in many cases recreating) the sound environments that are provided in a film. He also describes some of the details of working with directors – and especially how that works in our current COVID (and post-COVID) world.
    For more information, you can check out http://www.uditduseja.com
    Transcription available at http://www.darwingrosse.com/AMT/transcript-0377.html
    Exclusive extra content on the Patron page: https://www.patreon.com/darwingrosse

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    Podcast 376: Peder Simonsen

    Podcast 376: Peder Simonsen

    Sometimes my attention is grabbed by something unexpected. In researching Peder Simonsen, I was very impressed with his production work, his work with modular system – but then I read about his work with the tuba. Microtonal tuba. In a group. That stopped me in my tracks, and I had to learn more. I ended up having a fascinating conversation with Peder, and got an amazing education about so many things!
    In our discussion, we talk about microtonal tuba – and it, how does it work? – the application of microtonalism with his modular system, and his unique compositional and structural concepts. His recordings have a unique way of developing over time – there’s a linearity to them that I found really intriguing, and we explored how he hears the music that he’s making.
    Peder is also involved in a lot of groups, and also does a fair amount of production work with others. This puts him in a position to work on many types of collaboration, and we dig into this as well. How do you write for a microtonal tuba trio? How do you mix a modular system with an experimental jazz orchestra? So damned interesting…
    For more information, you can check out the following:
    Peder’s web page: https://www.pedersimonsen.com/
    Robin Hayward’s microtonal tuba - https://robinhayward.com/eng/mitontuba.php
    Sofa Music - label of microtub and many other experimental Norwegians: https://www.sofamusic.no/
    Tubbutec microtonal tuning module - https://tubbutec.de/%C2%B5tune/
    Transcription available at http://www.darwingrosse.com/AMT/transcript-0376.html
    Exclusive extra content on the Patron page: https://www.patreon.com/darwingrosse

    • 46 min

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4.9 out of 5
94 Ratings

94 Ratings

JB Birdsong ,

Thank you!!!

Found this podcast after you stopped. What a gem! Great interviews.

VHS_Kid on MW3 ,

Thank you!

Your podcast has been insightful, and well thought out. Rest easy up there with a clouds module brother.

malfoxley ,

Great show!

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