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Yael Bar tur, secular sinner, and Chaya Leah Sufrin, pious Haredi, ask each other the hard questions, from Torah to Tinder

Ask a Jew Yael Bar tur, Chaya Leah Sufrin

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Yael Bar tur, secular sinner, and Chaya Leah Sufrin, pious Haredi, ask each other the hard questions, from Torah to Tinder

    Casseroles for All!

    Casseroles for All!

    Mark Epperson, ordained Presbyterian minister turned musical theatre performer, comes to educate us about Jesus Christ. You know who else loves you? We do! That's why we're having a Zoom hangout Sunday, April 2nd. Subscribe to askajew.substack.com for details.

    • 1 hr 14 min
    Some of Our Best Friends Are Christians

    Some of Our Best Friends Are Christians

    Yael is back from Mexico, where she is profiled at the airport and almost gets a tattoo from an Argentine of German descent. Chaya Leah first tells a horror story of an interfaith breakfast, and then proceeds to offend everyone who loves the New Testament. Something for everyone on this episode of Ask a Jew!

    • 1 hr 1 min


    Get out your jazz hands! In this episode of "Ask A Jew," men and women are dancing together! We welcome our two Broadway correspondents, playwright Jeremy Kareken ("Lifespan of a Fact"), and actor, director, singer and Jewish activist Ari Axelrod.

    Not a big theatre fan? Don't worry, we get to the holocaust real fast!

    We also discuss recent acts of antisemitism on and off Broadway (off Broadway antisemitism is a little smaller but usually still interesting), disagree a bit about micro-aggressions, and long for the failed Anne Frank musical (shhh!!!!)

    Questions? Askajewpod@gmail.com
    Follow us on Substack: Askajew.substack.com
    Instagram: @ AskAJewPod

    • 52 min
    The Jews of the Jews

    The Jews of the Jews

    Tom Brady, Ozempic, Madonna, and other heroes from the bible are discussed in this week's episode. We also give free medical advice, answer your questions about the NBA, and tell a lot of stories that start with, "I probably shouldn't say this on the podcast, but..."
    Remember to email us your questions at askajewpod@gmail.com, and to like, rate and review us on Apple Podcasts!

    • 1 hr 7 min
    Jew People

    Jew People

    This week we discuss Netflix's new romcom "You People," which frankly we find offensive to people who like funny movies and attractive male leads.
    We also learn about a Kosher Superbowl halftime show, what Orthodox kids learned from Dr. Drew, and... our very ambitious underage stalker.
    Dumb questions about Judaism? Email askajewpod@gmail.com

    • 1 hr 5 min
    From Prison to Judaism

    From Prison to Judaism

    This week we interview David Ben-Moshe, a black guy from Baltimore who discovered Judaism while serving time in federal prison for drug and gun charges, and now lives in Israel as an orthodox Jew. Yup. Don't worry, we ask ALL the important questions in this episode, like "What kind of drugs did you sell," "Will we lose weight if *we* go to prison?" and "How did you find Jews to hang out with?" (answer: the white guys without the swastika tattoos)

    David takes us through the pretty awesome spiritual journey of how he found comfort in the uncertainty of Judaism, how he always kept his eyes on the prize while doing time, and the wonderful and and not so wonderful people he met along the way. We also learn about how American bureaucracy almost crushed David's hopes and dreams as a convicted felon, to which Israeli bureaucracy replied - hold my beer!

    David will be in NYC soon and we may host a little event, so if you are interested in joining, make sure to sign up to our Substack: Askajew.substack.com

    • 1 hr 37 min

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5.0 out of 5
86 Ratings

86 Ratings

@NinaBadzin ,

Always interesting

I love listening to Chaya Leah and Yael talk about basically ANYTHING. Their friendship is inspiring and makes me want to broaden my friendships. I hope they make this podcast for a long time.

136423689964212467 ,


New favorite! This podcast is good for the Jews. Like my conversations with friends but funnier. Thanks ladies!

Wellmandude ,

Ask a Zionist

This podcast lacks a lot of nuance in understanding Palestinian struggle!

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