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Yael Bar tur, secular sinner, and Chaya Leah Sufrin, pious Haredi, ask each other the hard questions, from Torah to Tinder

Ask a Jew Yael Bar tur, Chaya Leah Sufrin

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Yael Bar tur, secular sinner, and Chaya Leah Sufrin, pious Haredi, ask each other the hard questions, from Torah to Tinder

    Cowardice will end us - with Winston Marshall

    Cowardice will end us - with Winston Marshall

    This week, we welcome Lord Winston Marshall (we assume he’s a Lord, he’s from England) - musician, writer, podcaster and noble friend of the Jews. You may know Winston as co-founder of the band “Mumford and Sons” and more recently as host of “The Winston Marshall Show” which you can find on Youtube or wherever you get your podcasts. Winston just returned from a trip to Israel where he did some excellent reporting, and he has a lot to say about the Middle East, Britian, October 7th and hope.

    **In LA on Saturday, Feb 24th? Join us for a meetup!** More info on Substack askajew.substack.com

    • 1 hr 8 min
    Black Shabbos Goy - With Coleman Hughes

    Black Shabbos Goy - With Coleman Hughes

    Writer, musician, rapper, author and podcaster Coleman Hughes joins us this week to discuss his new book which you should buy and read, "The End of Race Politics: Arguments for a Colorblind America."

    We cover Neoracism, Israel, wokeness, writing and more. Also, who called Coleman a "black shabbos goy"? Listen to find out.
    Sure, Coleman has done a few interviews lately, but only ours bestowed upon him a porn name and you’ll have to listen to learn what it is. Ok, it's too good not to share. We'll tell you. It's Poleman Huge.

    • 1 hr 14 min
    Imagine UN Me

    Imagine UN Me

    In this episode, we discuss the personal stories of two fallen IDF soldiers - Ahmad Abu Latif and Cedrick Garin. You can read more about Ahmad in a story from our friend Nancy Rommelmann (see show notes), and see a video of both young men on our substack, askajew.substack.com.

    We also share stories and photos from a visit to the site of the Nova massacre and Kibbutz Kfar Aza, warning - it gets a little heavy.
    But fear not - we leave plenty of time to talk about a bunch of NYPD cops going out for kosher sushi, the pros and cons of herring, and a personality breakdown based on your favorite Ninja Turtle.

    Have a question? Send it to askajewpod@gmail.com

    • 1 hr 7 min
    From the Potomac River to the Atlantic Sea - DC Dispatch with James Kirchick

    From the Potomac River to the Atlantic Sea - DC Dispatch with James Kirchick

    James Kirchick is a journalist and author of the NY Times bestseller "Secret City: The Hidden History of Gay Washington". You may know him from his work in Air Mail, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, and others. Follow Jamie on Twitter, read his excellent latest piece in the Atlantic about the importance of protecting free speech, and of course his exclusive interview with Armie Hammer (in show notes).

    • 1 hr 16 min
    Paragliding into the Superbowl like...

    Paragliding into the Superbowl like...

    Good morning from Israel, where it is currently October 116th. on this solo pod, the girls occupy familiar and new territories:
    • Being sick at home
    • We are brothers?
    • Hostages forever.
    • The Russian roulette that is Jerusalem bus travel
    • Chaya Leah guarding trash cans
    • A funny story about false teeth (is there a story about false teeth that isn't funny?)
    • A tribute to Chaya Leah's beloved aunt, may her memory be a blessing
    • Would you gain or lose weight in a Shiva?
    • A very Israel soccer game
    • What is a Ballerina Farm?
    • Holocaust poetry
    • Reagan Airport gets "Community Noted"
    • The Rebbe demands....

    • 1 hr
    AAJ 84 Nick Gillespie and the Pussy Cats in Outer Space

    AAJ 84 Nick Gillespie and the Pussy Cats in Outer Space

    Nick Gillespie is an editor at large at Reason, the libertarian magazine of "free minds and free markets," and host of The Reason Interview With Nick Gillespie, he’s also our favorite libertarian!

    In this episode we talk about:

    Hollywood’s portrayal of Israel

    (we all agree that Paul Newman is the perfect looking Jew)

    Exodus by Leon Uris (the book!) Get the Book

    Exodus (the movie!) Watch the movie here

    Excellent article in Mosaic Magazine Read the article here

    Fiddler on the Roof

    Does anyone really care about the Palestinians

    Are college students worse today (Nick defends them!)

    The death of institutions

    Free speech on campus

    Leslie Fiedler

    Capitalism and the Jews by Jerry Mueller

    Get the book here

    Why is our political system so broken?

    We are not our grandparents, but maybe ChayaLeah's kids are.....

    Jewish Power

    And much, much more

    • 1 hr 47 min

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5.0 out of 5
154 Ratings

154 Ratings

theydontmakejewslikejesus ,

GREAT for the Jews

You totally made my midlife crisis (and my first worldwide antisemitic deluge) not terrible! Chaya and Yael- please stay safe and don’t ever stop talking, or obviously, the terrorists will have won 😂.

Tucksma ,

Love this show!

Love the guests and the hosts. I love that there are two lovely Jews from different backgrounds who speak candidly with each other. I love that they say the things I am feeling, making me feel less alone and more empowered.

Rememberist ,

Wow. I’m hooked.

Your interview with Jamie Kirchick was so good. Whenever someone has a new book and you listen to so interviews with them, you don’t expect a really new take. You two gave Jamie the space to say things he couldn’t say on other podcasts, and I’m grateful to each of you for making that happen.

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