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There is truth. We can learn it, live it, and be liberated by it. Join me and other truth seekers in a quest to have the truth make us free.

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There is truth. We can learn it, live it, and be liberated by it. Join me and other truth seekers in a quest to have the truth make us free.

    EP 124: It's "Not Bad" - Morality In Our Everyday Lives

    EP 124: It's "Not Bad" - Morality In Our Everyday Lives

    In studying forgiveness as a moral action, I dug deeper into the idea of morals and morality itself. What I often call "natural law" can also be called the "natural moral law" so I wanted to better understand the moral component of the natural law. I had some huge insights -- things I'd never thought of before that make my own inner battles with myself and my conscience take on a whole new dimension.Join me today as we dig into what it means to be moral, why we say something is "not wrong" and how that harms us, and the role of scripture in our moral, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional lives. Check Out My BOOK and Courses: https://www.audreyrindlisbacher.com/ (https://www.audreyrindlisbacher.com/)

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    EP 123: Is Sameness Another Word for Equality? Group Discussion of Emotional Coddling and Other Relevant Themes from The Giver

    EP 123: Is Sameness Another Word for Equality? Group Discussion of Emotional Coddling and Other Relevant Themes from The Giver

    February Book Club pick is The Giver! This novel is rich with themes that are incredibly relevant today:* sameness vs equality* safety vs freedom* wisdom and suffering* moral law vs civil law* constrained vs unconstrained visionsJoin us as we discuss these and other themes that help us make sense of the cultural unraveling we are watching right before our eyes!Discuss The Giver with us! Join the Audrey Rindlisbacher Library for a discussion community, resource guide and more: https://www.audreyrindlisbacher.com/ (https://www.audreyrindlisbacher.com/)Follow my Audrey Rindlisbacher Author FB page for articles, videos, my thoughts, and other resources I discover as I study and prepare these podcasts and my books: https://www.facebook.com/audreyrindlisbacherauthor/ (https://www.facebook.com/audreyrindlisbacherauthor/)

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    EP 122: How Values Can Heal Our Nation (and You)

    EP 122: How Values Can Heal Our Nation (and You)

    What holds any organization together, whether it's a family, business, or nation? SHARE VALUES. And the nature of those values, how they're taught and promoted, and whether or not people are held accountable to them, is the fabric that makes individual lives and organizes work, or fall apart.That is precisely what is happening to our culture today--the loss of shared values.Join me in this podcast to learn HOW incorporating shared values has been the foundation of every major civilization, WHY shared values work, WHAT they have to do with the natural law and virtue, and WHERE you can start today to apply these principles in your own life.Get Your "Truth Seekers Starter Kit": https://www.audreyrindlisbacher.com/Grab your copy of my book "The Mission Driven Life: Discover and Fulfill Your Unique Contribution to the World": https://www.audreyrindlisbacher.com/Become a Truth Seeker and expand your ability to recognize and live true principles by joining the Audrey Rindlisbacher Library: https://www.audreyrindlisbacher.com/

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    EP 121: Seeing "Your" Truth and "The" Truth

    EP 121: Seeing "Your" Truth and "The" Truth

    Through ideologies like "wokeness," LGBTQ+, postmodernism and others, we are fed a constant diet of the "your truth, my truth" paradigm. Although there is some truth to the idea that you and I see things very differently, we don't have to choose between the concept of "your" truth and "the" truth--when we properly understand what they really mean, and how they can work together. Join me in this podcast for images and stories that will help you discern between these concepts of truth and learn how the natural law can be seen more clearly! For more discussions of these ideas or to join my book club check out the Audrey Rindlisbacher library: https://www.audreyrindlisbacher.com/ (https://www.audreyrindlisbacher.com/)To learn more about how you can more closely align your life with the natural law and true principles, check out my book The Mission Driven Life: https://www.audreyrindlisbacher.com/ (https://www.audreyrindlisbacher.com/)

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    EP 120: What Comes Before the Natural Law

    EP 120: What Comes Before the Natural Law

    Awakened one morning with quotes in my mind, I spent the day researching and making connections until I saw the central problem we face--what comes before the natural law. If we want to present God's laws and principles as the solution to today's problems, we need to first show others that there actually is a problem to solve. With beginning insights into where to go from here, in this podcast I introduce you to the quotes I found, the connections I made, and how we'll begin to unravel the problem and the solution of the natural moral law.Find out more about the natural law and true principles in the Audrey Rindlisbacher library here: https://www.audreyrindlisbacher.com/ (https://www.audreyrindlisbacher.com/)Join my monthly book club and get your Reading and Discussion Guide, study skill and more: https://www.audreyrindlisbacher.com/ (https://www.audreyrindlisbacher.com/)Listen to my podcast on Albert Schweitzer: https://blubrry.com/the_mission_driven_mom/41957108/mission-driven-stories-albert-schweitzer/ (https://blubrry.com/the_mission_driven_mom/41957108/mission-driven-stories-albert-schweitzer/)

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    EP 119: The Seeds of Feminism- The Impact of A Doll's House Discussed

    EP 119: The Seeds of Feminism- The Impact of A Doll's House Discussed

    A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen, first published in 1879 was, at one point, the most frequently performed play in the world and has continued to be performed regularly throughout the 20th and into the 21st century. In addition to its popularity with the public, many scholars list Ibsen right after Shakespeare as the greatest playwright in history. Ibsen, like Shakespeare holds a mirror up to life by creating situations where his audience is forced to look at itself and its underlying assumptions. In A Doll's House, Ibsen introduces us to Dora, who occupies her husband's home like a doll in a dollhouse. She does everything the men around her have always told her to do, never bothering to truly think for herself. And when the most noble act she has ever performed comes to be seen by the man she is sacrificing for as irresponsible and dangerous, she is forced to look inside for the answers. Her internal struggle results in a discussion about the nature of womanhood and the value of the individual—as well as the seeds of feminism. As Nora explains her intellectual journey and the conclusions she has drawn, she resolves to leave her family in order to repair her own mind and soul. Controversial, insightful, thought-provoking and persuasive, this play not only set the stage for how we think and act today, it will force you to take a closer look at who you are and what you truly stand for.Watch My Book Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL7JRyGDACk (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL7JRyGDACk)Get the Reading and Discussion Guide and Author Bio in the Audrey Rindlisbacher Library: https://www.audreyrindlisbacher.com/ (https://www.audreyrindlisbacher.com/)

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
49 Ratings

49 Ratings

Puma697 ,

Such great insights!

I am loving the new podcasts and the insights Audrey is sharing from her study! The podcasts are articulate and well spoken and help to get me thinking more deeply. Thank you Audrey!

oohdhdhdh ,

Love the Podcast

I love to listen to the Mission Driven Mom. I have to go back to re-listen to them so I can take notes. I believe we can change our direction in our families, community’s, and country when we follow eternal truths and principles. It is an inspired listening.

Mom5littles ,

Mind Blown! So educational and life changing.

Some of my favorite podcasts episodes of all time are from The Mission Driven Mom. My mind has been blown with many ah-ha moments as I hear stories filled with principles and truth. I love learning from Audrey about those in the past and present that live principle centered lives and what they have done for God and others. Always worth the listen!

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