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Learn how to deliver your message effectively and receive engagement and investment on your Insta-time. Delivers both broad and focused techniques to get your women-owned business in front of your ideal follower. Show airs weekly.


Authentic Online Marketing with Ruthie Gray Ruthie Gray

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Learn how to deliver your message effectively and receive engagement and investment on your Insta-time. Delivers both broad and focused techniques to get your women-owned business in front of your ideal follower. Show airs weekly.


    Ep. 16: Why audience clarity is the secret to driving traffic from your bio

    Ep. 16: Why audience clarity is the secret to driving traffic from your bio

    Let’s talk audience clarity! So everybody knows it's difficult to get people off Instagram and on to your site, your podcast, blog website, or maybe a shop like a Shopify. However, it's not impossible and I'm living proof of that.  I want to talk to you a little bit about it today because there are some simple tips that you can start using to begin driving that traffic from Instagram onto your site. But first, you have to get clear who it is you serve.

    I'll share a tool for this later, but all of your content hinges on this!


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    How Audience Clarity Drives Traffic from your Bio

    Like I've said many times before, a lot of people that follow me happened to be women my age. We're in our second half of life. We're trying to get used to not raising kids anymore, and it's kind of exciting, you know, once you get over the grief and you realize, Hey, I can do some other stuff.

    I's fun to help other people, um, with this new project. Also, a lot of people that follow me are old souls. We just kind of connect for some reason. 


    So you don't have to be a certain age to benefit from this in other words or a female, but that's who I work with usually. That’s the first step in fostering audience clarity. You have to get clear on who it is you serve. And the way I did this, I've told us before, I test it and I kept testing to see who responded to my content because I was also sharing my life.


    Part of my life was caregiving. I was in and out of doctor's offices with both my parents until my dad passed as one thing, I'm a GiGi. I share funny things about my grandkids. They sang happy birthday yesterday in my stories. You want to share things like that because story branding is crucial for audience clarity. You're going to see where I'm going with this later.




    Get clear on who you serve. And like I said, I'll have a tool later for that. The reason that you want to drive traffic off of Instagram by way of audience clarity is largely because typically sales don’t happen right from Instagram.

    Now it can happen, but especially if you have a service, it usually doesn't happen right there. Really the key is to have a newsletter and that Instagram paired with a newsletter. That’s how I market. 


    Get Clear

    For example, I told my newsletter readers, “come watch the Live today.” It's a training, so you can get in and on the loop. That works. Using them both and copying those links and things like that is super, super important. I'm going to take a break really quick to let my friend Alison, come on cause she's going to tell us something.

    Alison has all kinds of energy and she kills it on the Reels and teaches all kinds of ...

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    Episode 15: Get real Instagram Followers with these 6 tips!

    Episode 15: Get real Instagram Followers with these 6 tips!

    Today's podcast is all about how to get real Instagram followers! This is installment three of four in our series about the four evergreen key components that don't change on Instagram.

    If you missed Episodes 1 and 2 of our series, you can go back to season 2, Episode 13, “Does Your Instagram Bio Attract or Repel Potential Clients?”, and then Episode 14, “Rate Your Instagram Content with These Proven Techniques?” These can be found in the links below, but those are the first two key components; a solid bio and a solid content strategy to draw in followers and convert to clients. 

    So today we're talking about gaining real Instagram followers. I wanted to add some fresh tactics from our recent research. My team and I are always researching trends and changes on the platform to keep you and my membership in the loop.

    Be sure to follow or subscribe to the podcast to get episodes when they drop! 

    Before I share today's episode, if you're listening the week of November 22nd, the very day this drops, I want to invite you to my Instagram Live today on Instagram at 1:00 PM. On my @authenticmarketingpod Instagram account, I'm going to share the very next evergreen component to a solid account right there.

    It's all about how to drive traffic off the platform and onto your podcast, website, blog product, wherever you really need followers to go. It works, so set a reminder right now to meet me at the Live so you can ask questions! We’ll discuss component number four for developing a solid Instagram strategy. So check out my Live if you’re listening today November 22nd at 1:00 PM on my Instagram, Eastern standard time.

    I'll give number four there and I'm going to spill the beans on my early Black Friday sale that starts today. You don't want to miss it! The early bird bonuses are out of this world. They're only around until midnight, the 24th of November, 2021. Think: Instagram meets email list building for a brilliant marketing plan to create solid followers, readers, and conversions for your marketing. 


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    * Episode 13



    * Episode 14



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    We've discussed component number one of the four Evergreen components on Instagram-- a solid bio. Number two is a valued content strategy. In this series, I took a walk down memory lane about our local cafe we frequented each Sunday after church, when our kids were growing up, it was a whole experience.

    I liken that to your bio and how people look at that to see the kind of the vibe you're putting out and what you offer. The choices behind the counter, the food served that day that I liken to your content. 

    Today our topic of gaining real Instagram followers falls along the lines of community.

    You must build community in order to gain followers, it's simply essential. You can't gain followers without establishing community.

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    Episode 14: Rate your Instagram content strategy with these proven techniques

    Episode 14: Rate your Instagram content strategy with these proven techniques

    Hey y'all and welcome to our podcast all about Instagram content strategy. We’re back to discuss part two of our November series all about the four components that make up a solid Instagram platform. These four things will not and have never changed. And we don't see them changing any time. 

    IG changes formats a lot! You don't know where things are, you go in there and ponder what is consistent.  Last week, we talked about the bio and across the board in all forms of social media, you usually have a bio and we likened this to walking in a cafe and your first impressions. The bio is kind of like what you see when you first walk in. It will help you see if you're in the right place. 

    The Instagram bio gives the first impressions and it's how you connect really with your people.

    Your bio sets the tone for your platform and it shows who you are going to follow or not. It shows what you're there to do for your followers. Your bio isn't really about you! It's about how you can help your people as the hook to get them to come in and stay.

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    * Expedition_Marriage





    Your Instagram Content Strategy

    Now, today we're going to talk about your Instagram content strategy. So when we would go into the cafe and get in line, I would have a four year old on my hip, and then we had the six-year-old and the nine-year-old, and the 11 year old, and they're all looking at all the different selections and what they want this week.

    So, what's behind the glass in the cafe? What you’re serving is your content. It's what you're giving. Now, granted, we were buying the food and your Instagram content strategy should be very closely related to what you are marketing.

    What do you have for sale? Affiliate sales? Is it your own product? Or, perhaps you are trying to streamline traffic to a website, blog, podcast? Maybe you are generating funds from that area, but nevertheless, your content needs to be closely branded. You need to be speaking to that person who your bio is about & that your product is about.

    So, you want to be giving. For example, think about tangible, snack size foods that basically get them used to your kind of teaching and connection method.  For instance, deliver education within your field. 



    Educating Your Audience

    Wren Robbins, my friend and podcaster at a href="https://wrenrobbins.

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    Ep. 13: Does your Instagram bio attract or repel potential clients?

    Ep. 13: Does your Instagram bio attract or repel potential clients?

    Today's episode is all about the Instagram bio. We are getting ready to do a series of four episodes here in November. Every Monday, beginning the 8th, to the 15th, 22nd and 29th. They’re all about the four main components to an Instagram platform that never change. Now, we all know Instagram changes constantly at the speed of light. It is frustrating!

    We all get that. However, there are four main components that do stay the same that you can count on so far. These things are kind of the same across all boards. As far as all social media, you need to keep all these four things in mind usually. The first is a great Instagram bio. You’ll always have a bio in just about every type of social media that there is.

    The second is the content you have to have. Good content is crucial.

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    Right? We have to provide valuable content. That's the second. The third item is followers. You have to have followers, no matter which platform you’re on and when. People who follow you and engage with your content are crucial to your small business. Everyone wants more followers because that grows your platform and grows your reach.

    Lastly, you almost always need to have a link where you can drive traffic off of that social media platform. So in these next four weeks, we are going to really hone in on these four items and talk about them a little bit. While we do that, I want you to picture, in your mind, a cafe. 


    Making an entrance memorable with your bio

    When my kids were growing up, our favorite cafe was called K&W. Does anybody remember the K&W cafes? Oh, their macaroni and cheese was to die for. So was the chocolate pie. So, every Sunday after church, We would go there. Usually, a bunch of our friends would show up and our kids would oftentimes go in a different booth than us so that they could feel like they had their own space or whatever.

    We would eat with our friends. It was just a great time from the beginning to the end, because the first thing you saw when you walked in the door was actually a person who was sort of the face of the cafe. She had blonde hair, piled on top of her head, lopsided and the kids always commented on it. She was always very nice, dynamic and welcoming and she always had something to say.

    Then, we would start to go through the glorious aisle to see all the food starting with the cold things and I’d get their pea salad.

    I loved their lasagna and they had different varieties of protein. Then there was the Mac and Cheese and the mashed potatoes and gravy.

    We loved their gravy. Then there were the breads and desserts. We always got either the chocolate pie or a chocolate pudding. This was around the formative years of my kids growing up. They’ll always remember that cafe and I remember the day they left town & closed down.

    We were all so sad. I don't think we've ever actually found a really good restaurant that we loved quite as much as that cafe. Now, I want to talk to you about cafes because I want you to think of the analogy here. There’s a similarity, when someone lands on your site, “How welcoming is it?”


    Your bio predicts your content

    I want you to think about something today. We're especially going to talk about the Instagram bio today. When someone lands on your site, they want to know how you're going to help. So, a lot of times they'll go to your bio first,

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    Ep. 12: 5 Instagram updates for your small business

    Ep. 12: 5 Instagram updates for your small business

    5 Instagram Updates For Your Small Business


    Let’s talk Instagram Updates! Inside my authentic social marketing Membership, members get debriefed on the latest Instagram trends and what to do next.  We hold discussions on the latest trends as soon as they become relevant. Over the past month, we broke from podcast recording to guest-star on several podcasts, including the My Side of 50 Podcast with Cathy Lawdanski, all about caregiving and the midlife pivot! 

    This episode is a conversation snippet from one of our recent meetings and is a great brand booster that can help take the grunt work off figuring out IG’s ever-changing algorithmic and social framework. 

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    First, let’s discuss the changes Instagram has made to their video avenues. 

    Instagram Video

    All feed videos including IGTV, Instagram Live, video posts, everything besides Reels are now stored under a new “Instagram Video” tab found on your profile. These items will still be viewable in the feed, but separate from Reels on profile. You’ll also now be able to schedule your Live sessions 90 days ahead and post reminders via story stickers and sign ups! 


    What this means...

    You are not losing IGTV, Live, or any of those things, but the rebrand of Instagram Updates will implicate there will be no more “IGTV” as it is named. However, you are still able to record long-form videos up to 60 minutes long with editing options! This means although IGTV isn’t currently called IGTV anymore, Instagram Video is still giving you the same benefits. The new profile tab also means your videos are more easily found, so take advantage of that!



    Algorithm Updates


    For the second of the major Instagram updates, we wanted our members to know that although there are a lot of video updates happening, this doesn’t mean videos are going anywhere. In fact, they are considered the future of social media apps, so make sure you are taking time to record and post anywhere between 1 and 3 videos a week (more if you have the bandwidth!). The update shows us that it’s always worth your time to post a video, no matter how simple or complex. 


    We can also see that Instagram is categorizing videos based on length. Since all long form videos are bussed into the Instagram Video category and Reels will have their own tab, we can see that IG is trying to ensure all users have a place to be entertained whether they want to stay on the app for awhile taking in the long form content or be briefly entertained by Reels. 



    Transparency Tools 

    Lastly, Instagram will be offering new and improved transparency tools such as notifying users of technical issues WITHIN the app. Remember the great IG / Facebook / WhatsApp blackout of 2021? This is exactly the type of situation this update is for. 


    With all the Facebook-owned socials down, users took to Twitter and TikTok to figure out what was going on. Some even downloaded those apps for the first time during the blackout. The in-app transparency notification update ensures users don’t need to head to another social media app to find out what’s going on, which is a win-win for both parties. 



    Now I have two more new Instagram updates that have just popped up wi...

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    Episode 11: 6 Email providers for newsletter marketing

    Episode 11: 6 Email providers for newsletter marketing

    Today’s episode covers how to choose email providers that will simplify your routine!  

    In this special series we've been bringing you all month long in September, we've discussed best practices for email list building. We started out with episode 8, 7 Link in bio apps for driving traffic, because if you're on Instagram, you need to be building an email list.


    It doesn't matter where you are, if you are an online marketer or trying to drive traffic somewhere, you need an email list! So go back and listen to episode 8 if you haven't caught it already. I recorded that one with my son and daughter, and we all just kind of conversed about these seven different options for Instagram Link In Bio.

    We have sample screenshots and links of all of them in the show notes for that episode. 

    Episode nine was about effective newsletter opt-ins for email list building. My special guest was Sarah Geringer and she taught us more about exactly how to do this and the different places to put it on your website. She also gave us a biblical spin on this and how to give your list up to God and how to honor your readers and to just treat them with respect.

    Episode 10, How to write newsletters they actually WANT to read.

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    Episode 8: 7 Link in bio apps for driving traffic


    Episode 9: Effective Newsletter Opt-ins for email list building


    Episode 10: How to write newsletters they actually WANT to read




    Now, for the email providers! Let's go through them one at a time.


    1. Mailchimp


    "I'm still with Mailchimp. I just clean out my list every time it looks like I'm getting close to the limit. It's one of the easy and it's free email providers, and I have it set up so I don't have to even think about it most of the time," says Dawn Klinge. Sarah Geringer says, "I am a loyal customer to MC as long as nothing goes wrong. I've used them for five years and plan to continue!"  



    Click image to visit website!



    2. Mailerlite


    Marva Smith says, "I still have my old 'SunSparkleShine' blog email list on Mailchimp but I'm using (and liking) Mailerlite for my coaching...

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5.0 out of 5
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86 Ratings

glorylm1 ,

Easy helping topics on IG

I’ve been trying to grow on IG for my business. Ruth has a way to make it easy and implement some of those tips and suggestions for growth. Love listening to her authentic style! Makes me bring out mine out to connect with others!


Instagram Simplified

I get so much value from Ruthie! I’ve never really known what to do with my Instagram. I’ve lacked connection and engagement and have always wondered how I could do things better. Ruthie takes all things Instagram and makes it easy for me to understand and then gives me simple steps so I can take immediate action. I’ve gained so much knowledge and feel more confident about my IG presence then ever before. I know with her help, I can truly serve my audience and make sure they connect with my message. Thanks Ruthie!

the 9 of us ,

Very helpful Instagram tips

I have worked my way through the podcasts during my work commute. I find Ruthie and her guests very down to earth. The tips are super helpful.

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