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Learn how to deliver your message effectively and receive engagement and investment on your Insta-time. Delivers action based techniques to get your women-owned business in front of your ideal follower. Show airs weekly.


Authentic Online Marketing with Ruthie Gray Ruthie Gray

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Learn how to deliver your message effectively and receive engagement and investment on your Insta-time. Delivers action based techniques to get your women-owned business in front of your ideal follower. Show airs weekly.


    Ep. 35: How to grow your biz by doing less with Alicia Byers

    Ep. 35: How to grow your biz by doing less with Alicia Byers

    Today’s episode is all about how to grow your biz with Alicia Byers! Alicia is a business coach who helps entrepreneurs create the right business plans and strategies to help them stay well-rested and avoid the hustle. She hosts  the well-rested entrepreneur podcast and regularly secures clients on Instagram without having the pressure of a huge following and without being on the app all the time – two things we love to advocate here at authenticonlinemarketing.com! Today you’ll hear how she runs her business, home life, and homestead while building in the rest we all so desperately need, but often don’t know how to build time for. This gal is funny, spunky, and smart, and you are going to come away with three solid ways to build in more time for rest, as well as learn how she uses Instagram strategically with her business.  It’s brilliant.  And now, listen in!

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    Alicia, I am so glad to have you on the podcast. Thanks for taking the time to meet with us. 

    A: Thank you so much for having me, you know, I love a good discussion 

    I am pumped. I’m ready for it. 

    R: All right, let’s go. Alicia, you’re a wife, a mom, a rookie homesteader, and a business owner, and that’s a lot of plates to spin! In this day and age, the hustle mantra of “you can do it all” is prevalent and yet your own mantra of rest over hustle goes against all of this.

    When did you first become passionate about rest? 

    A: I had this thought, “What I am doing [the hustle] is going to take me so far away from the things I value.” That’s the moment that things really shifted. I’m a very achievement oriented person, a very goal minded person.

    It’s a gift, but it’s also a kryptonite. That’s the thing that drives me to work a lot. It’s the thing that says “there’s still more potential– reach your potential!” And so, for me, this idea of resting meant I’m not meeting my potential. So I had this moment where things were wild.

    I didn’t recognize myself. If you had asked me, what are you doing for fun? I don’t think I could’ve answered. Truthfully, I don’t even know what fun looks like anymore. I started to experience the symptoms of burnout– not recognizing myself; losing my identity. I became very consumed with coaching, being a mom, being a wife, working all the time, when I lost my sense of self and who God has created me to be, and the things He put in my heart that I desire and want.

    That’s when things shifted into understanding, I don’t want to live like this and I won’t live like this anymore. It has been a struggle ever since, but having that moment, it doesn’t make it better or easier. It just reminds me that it’s so important that I keep striving for this anti-hustle living!

    R: Wow. You have to fight for it– that’s something that I have learned through my own business. Building running it, is that I could literally do this 24/7, because I love it so much.

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    Ep. 34: Steal my Instagram engagement tip

    Ep. 34: Steal my Instagram engagement tip

    Hey friends, what’s my Instagram engagement tip? Read on to find out!

    This week’s episode is an excerpt from one of our Insider Mentorship Zoom calls where one of our members asked for my number one Instagram engagement tip. I’m pulling back the curtain to let you in on what I’ve been doing because I know it will work for you IF you take the time! So this brief episode maysurprise you, but it definitely is what’s working right now. So listen in!

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    Ep. 34: Steal my Instagram engagement tip

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    Steal my Instagram engagement tip!

    Elise: Ruthie, what is your number one tip for engaging with other people? Cause I do find lots of people like my stuff, but as far as comments go,they often come from you guys so that it doesn’t really go beyond that. Kind oflike, you know it a little bit, but not much.

    Ruthie: Okay. So the one thing y’all have to do is, on sharedays, nurture each other.

    When it’s not a shared day, don’t nurture each other.You don’t have to do that. You need to go out and find other people. And the way you do that is through your hashtags.

    SEO is here right now.

    Hashtags are here, but they still have a purpose. So what I encourage you to do is go out and try to find people through your hashtags or SEO that are not necessarily in your same industry, but would becomplimentary to your entire industry. That’s one group of people and startcommenting comment, give value comments on their posts.

    You don’t necessarily have to follow. But you might follow them. If you think they might be a potential, follower, a good ideal candidate.

    The other kind of people that you want to interact with are people that are your ideal candidate. They’re not just like a complimentary to your niche. When you find people that are complimentary to your niche, they could collab. It could be a potential collection.

    At least with your four people that you collabbed with, you really should do more ofthat collaboration so that you can share audiences. You should be able to get newfollowers through that.

    Then what you want to do is kind of go see who is following these people and start interacting with them to go through their followers, interact with them and you will get some new followers from that. The best thing I can tell you to do is 10 to 15 minutes before you post start interacting with people that in that come from your hashtags or your SEO, I just do hashtags.

    I go to the hashtags, I start interacting with people like that. Andpeople complimentary to my niche. Then I post and two times out of three, those people will come back and comment on my posts.

    They may not always follow me, but they’ll comment. That’s how you get newcommenters.

    Suzanne: When you say hashtags and SEO, am I just going to the little magnifying glass and search and put in a word like family care...

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    Ep. 33: 5 Features for your women owned website

    Ep. 33: 5 Features for your women owned website

    5 Features for your women owned website. Welcome to our new website! We’re celebrating the official launch of AuthenticOnlineMarketing.com, and this is an invitation to join in!  If you are listening the week of May 9th, 2022, we want you to celebrate with us. All week long, we’ll have special activities going, so hop over to my Instagram at @authenticonlinemarketingpod and follow along to see the activity of the day so you can win some cool stuff! We’ve got a giveaway, 24-hour scavenger hunt, lives and a special Instagram Reels session but you won’t know when or where unless you hop over there. 

    So because we’re launching this week and getting rave reviews about the new site, I thought it would be good to give you 5 features for your women owned website. These are important things I feel any website owner needs. These were definitely part of our women owned website building process.  So if you want a killer women owned website, I’m sharing what to do, so now, listen in!

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    5 Features for your women owned website.

    Obviously a lot of things could be said about how to build a strong website.  My advice for bloggers or podcasters is to get your own domain. Go with WordPress.org so you’re not at the mercy of another hosting site that may go down or go away.  When you own your site, you call the shots.  I learned this the hard way when I was over at the free Blogger domain where I started out.  

    Another things that you want is obviously a visually appealing aesthetic. Use the color wheel if you don’t know what colors to put together, or get a website designer like I did.  I’ve mentioned before that I built my site at Ruthie Gray.Mom and I’m super proud still of all I accomplished over there, including the colors.  But for Authentic Online Marketing, I wanted more color options, accents, and a softer, yet more professional, look.  

    I cannot stress enough that having a professional website developer is ideal in this situation, and as we chatted with last week’s interview with Sara Motes on Pinterest, you probably learned that she built my new website.  I am thrilled.  The woman is a genius.  If you need a website, call her.  She worked tirelessly with me to create the color palette and logo that perfectly fit with my personality.  

    My personality is fun, my favorite color is turquoise, and I love the beach.  Hence, beach accents and colors are reflected on the site in ...

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    Ep. 32: Using the Pinterest search engine to drive traffic with Sara Motes

    Ep. 32: Using the Pinterest search engine to drive traffic with Sara Motes

    Hey y’all, today’s all about upping your Pinterest search engine game. Welcome back!  Today my special guest is Sara Motes, a Pinterest strategist who helps service based businesses learn how to use Pinterest to get more email subs, website traffic, and dream clients. We are so happy you’re here, Sara, welcome to the show! 

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    Pinterest Challenge

    Ep. 32: Using the Pinterest search engine to drive traffic to Instagram 

    Ruthie: I’m so glad you’re here.

    Sara: Thanks for having me. I’m really excited about this. 

    Ruthie: I have wanted to have you on the show for a while now because I’ve been into Pinterest for years, but I feel like I’m just now I’m getting my footing. Sara is helping me and my daughter work on our Pinterest account on our new website.

    Ruthie: When did you first become passionate about the Pinterest search engine? 

    Sara: It’s actually a pretty roundabout story. It’s not like I woke up one morning and said, I want Pinterest for a business. That is not what happened.

    It’s such a God story. So basically in college I was an advertising major and I took a web design course. I fell in love with the coding and the website design and all that. After a few years working in the advertising world, I branched off on my own and started a web design business. What I was finding was people were coming back to me. My clients, they were coming back to me and they were saying, Sara, we love our websites, but how do we get more traffic to our websites?

    I said, oh, you know, that blog content and stuff, you’re already creating, just put it on Pinterest and people will come over to your website. They said, cool, can you do that for us? I said, yes, absolutely. I can. So that’s kind of how we started was simply going from websites to getting more traffic to now focusing on Pinterest and helping other small businesses and nonprofits to get more traffic to their websites and therefore serve more people by putting their content on Pinterest.

    Ruthie: So you realized, even back then what a giant the Pinterest search engine was becoming. 

    Sara: Yes. So the way that kind of started is one of my first clients was a pregnancy resource center here in the middle of nowhere, Oklahoma. They were trying to get more clients and trying to help more women in these scary situations, but no one was coming in.

    So I said, hey, let’s start a blog. Let’s get this stuff on the Pinterest search engine. They started out with about 60 website visitors per month and six months later, at the beginning of 2020, they hit over 600 website visitors. Today, two years later, they’re hitting 10K website visitors per month.

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    Ep. 30: 2 Easy ways to repurpose stories to Reels

    Ep. 30: 2 Easy ways to repurpose stories to Reels

    Today’s episode is a quick win containing two ways you can repurpose stories to Reels! A lot of times, we create this image in our minds that Reels is too hard, or we just don’t have the right content. We all make excuses, but actually you have the tools right at your fingertips!

    To repurpose stories to Reels, listen in!

    Welcome back. In the last episode, “How to overcome your fear of Reels,” I mentioned a story that I repurposed into a Reel which generated lots of organic comments. This Reel was not glamorous or glitzy.

    Today I wanna share why it worked and how to test your own content before sharing to Reels. The two ways you can repurpose content are by repurposing stories and highlights to Reels. So first, we’re gonna talk about stories today. I’m going to share why my Reel worked, repurposing it from my story and how to test your own content before sharing to Reels. 

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    2 Easy ways to repurpose stories to Reels

    One thing we keep hearing from Instagram is they’re looking for original content. You don’t have to dance or mouth words like everyone else, but you do need to be unique because that’s what’s going to separate you from the pack. How can you use your own unique content to generate organic engagement that helps you get ideas for even more organic content? Here’s how I did. 

    Repurpose stories to Reels via testing your audience

    My story that I turned into a Reel was super simple, but first I did my research. Stories, as I said in the last episode, are where you meet people and you test their pulse. You see what they respond to and what’s dead. Stories are fantastic for learning what your audience wants. And if you’re not using stories, let me just say, you’re leaving a huge opportunity on the table for reaching your target audience.

    Lots of times, I open the conversation in stories with a poll, which I did in this case. The poll was, are you struggling with Reels? Yes or no? So people started responding to that. Then I talked on my stories, showing my face and asking, what’s your biggest hangup with Reels? What’s holding you back?

    One thing you wanna do when talking in stories is add the caption sticker, because many people scroll through without sound. This is another way to reach scrollers. So I used the caption sticker to translate my question and people started answering in the DM and the answers that I got were hair, makeup, and fear.

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    Ep. 29: How to overcome your fear of Reels

    Ep. 29: How to overcome your fear of Reels

    How to overcome your fear of Reels

    Do you ever get all in your head about posting and experience a little spark of fear? It ignites then it starts catching. Pretty soon, you are frozen and can’t do anything! 

    You can’t post, so you go back in your hole and decide “I’m not going to post today,” or “It’s not meant to be,” or “I’m too busy. I’ve got other things going on. Nobody cares.” If that sounds like you, today’s episode is for you because it’s all about fear of posting. 

    Let’s talk Instagram anxiety: I looked it up on Google, and it’s a real thing. Instagram anxiety, fear of posting social media, anxiety of putting yourself out there. Are you ready? Because I’ve got some answers for you. Listen in.

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    My former fear of Reels

    Now, before we start, I want you to know that I totally relate to your fear of Reels! I know what it’s like to be there and wonder, does anyone care? Are people going to laugh at me? Do I look old? Do I look like, I don’t know what I’m doing. Do I just look silly or foolish? Who am I to sound like an authority on Instagram.

    Oh, the excuses.

    I hear you, however we know what works on Instagram. Number one, consistency and posting anything! But also number one for 2022 is Reels. Reels are powerful. We’ve been saying this all year. It’s a proven fact.

    Overcoming fear of Reels to succeed in 2022

    You could post three Reels a week, and even if they dove and you only got a few views, they would most likely be useful. I’m not saying there is not space for posts too. Carousels, I still do those. 

    What I’m saying is you can get things done faster and reach your audience faster with Reels. So back up a minute and let’s talk about stories first, because stories are your gateway to Reels. And I’m going to talk about more of that in our next episode, how to repurpose stories to Reels, but stories is one form of video.

    That’s very powerful and helps you connect with people in the DM, because that’s where the conversation starts. That is the intersection of your life. And your followers’ interests because of how they connect with you and resonate with you have a lot to do with how much you share of your life in stories and the behind the scenes of your work, your message, and just things about you.

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
89 Ratings

89 Ratings

laurakbeckwriter ,

For anyone who wants to grow their following

I started listening to this podcast about the time I started posting on Instagram. Ruthie walked me through some of the most mysterious and scary parts of the platform through her encouraging words. She is a joy to listen to and so helpful with insight. Plus she isn’t just about the “follows” but about real community which is what I was looking at building. I also joined the free Facebook group. Her challenges got me to jump out of my comfort zone and into new, exciting territory. Thank you Ruthie!

glorylm1 ,

Easy helping topics on IG

I’ve been trying to grow on IG for my business. Ruth has a way to make it easy and implement some of those tips and suggestions for growth. Love listening to her authentic style! Makes me bring out mine out to connect with others!


Instagram Simplified

I get so much value from Ruthie! I’ve never really known what to do with my Instagram. I’ve lacked connection and engagement and have always wondered how I could do things better. Ruthie takes all things Instagram and makes it easy for me to understand and then gives me simple steps so I can take immediate action. I’ve gained so much knowledge and feel more confident about my IG presence then ever before. I know with her help, I can truly serve my audience and make sure they connect with my message. Thanks Ruthie!

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