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Welcome to Awakening Clarity Now Podcasting. You can listen to these tracks here, download them to your computer, or access them directly through the Podbean app on both Apple and Android devices.

    A Human Journey Through Spirituality and Reality

    A Human Journey Through Spirituality and Reality

    In this interesting episode, Dennis, Boden, Ian, Awakening Clarity Now Team members plus a Community Guest offer an insightful conversation about personal spiritual journeys and existential questions. They break down complex spiritual experiences into relatable terms and ponder upon the teachings of spiritual teacher Fred Davis, demonstrating how those teachings have influenced their lives. The group discusses challenging notions like free will and the authenticity of one's reality, with the conversation embodying a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect. They also share moments of enlightenment and tale-telling analyses such as thoughts being reactive to actions and individuals being compared to film subtitles.
    This episode stands out as an enlightening conversation where the borders between spirituality and reality beautifully blur. For everyone seeking profound wisdom, or those wishing to immerse themselves in an enlightening talk about spiritual awakening, this episode is promisingly invigorating. Listen in as this intimate and enriching dialogue offers inspirational and deeply reflective insights for spiritual enthusiasts and those seeking meaning amidst the chaos of life.
    The narrative further introduces 'compassion' as a tethering tool for absolutist views and emotional responses. The hosts also contemplate the idea of suffering as a part of awakening, as experienced by German author, Eckhart Tolle. With moments of shared silence and reflection, this podcast leaves listeners contemplating their spiritual journeys and the transformative power of openness. Through a deep exploration of existential concepts and insights, the podcast provides ample thought-provoking material for those on their paths to awakening and enlightenment.

    • 1 hr 13 min
    Q&A Session Community Forum 6th January 2024

    Q&A Session Community Forum 6th January 2024

    A new FREE casual community discussion forum for those who are seeking to "wake up" or find out more about
The Living Method of Spiritual Awakening
    Curious to know more (there's so much more)
& have questions about how Fred's teaching can benefit 'you'?   Whether you are new to Fred's work or have been following him for some time, come and join us to talk about what "The Living Method” of Spiritual Awakening is all about and how it could benefit you and those around you.  Get answers to your questions about “The Living Method” and non-duality from the First Authorized Teacher of “The Living Method” of Spiritual Awakening. Hear from people from all walks of life who have worked with or been taught directly by Fred and now form part of the wider support community.    
Get clarity for yourself.  
Get your questions answered. 

And it's Free!Discover what it means to live as the greater truth of life through Awakening Clarity Now's "The Living Method" of Spiritual Awakening.
Join us for this event to discover how this revolutionary practice has guided its participants to the recognition of  Truth.

Dr. Glenda M. Tavormina will be answering your questions and guiding you to clarity. Members of the Awakening Clarity Now Team and experienced, clear students of "The Living Method” of Spiritual Awakening will be available to share their journey and insights into how the direct teaching of “The Living Method” has impacted their lives.

Get clearer & get your questions answered in a FREE small group setting.
It's a comfortable way to put your toes in the water of this groundbreaking teaching of non-duality!

    Register for next Q&A event :

    • 1 hr 24 min
    Living Relative & Absolute Levels at the Same Time

    Living Relative & Absolute Levels at the Same Time

    Fred discusses the concept of responding on both a relative and absolute level, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and accepting the reality of situations. Suffering is often a result of resisting the reality of a situation and holding onto the belief that things should be different. He shares his personal experience of trauma, emphasizing that suffering can be a friend if it brings awareness to the fact that one is resisting reality. He encourages the listener to accept what is, and to interpret experiences from a non-dual perspective, rather than seeing oneself as a separate individual. Life is not fair, and that accepting this can lead to freedom from suffering. He concludes by encouraging the listener to be brutally honest with themselves and to compare their feelings with reality.

    • 24 min
    How to Stay Awake!

    How to Stay Awake!

    Does your awakening seem to be coming and going? Perhaps it's not your awakening!

    • 28 min
    ’The Living Method’ of Spiritual Awakening WELCOME!!

    ’The Living Method’ of Spiritual Awakening WELCOME!!

    An introduction to this teaching.
    Fred's website is www.AwakeningClarityNow.com.
    Come and explore the Method.
    This video is part of a long series that presents different aspects of “The Living Method” of Spiritual Awakening, which began to present itself in 2012 through Fred S. Davis. It's a new and original approach to Realization. This is not a path leading to "awakening." There is no path to awakening. In 2023 Fred Davis appointed Dr. Glenda M. Tavormina to be the first authorized teacher of "The Living Method" of Spiritual Awakening. Glenda’s initial awakening was an explosive experience in 1988. That experience was followed by 32 years of seeking to recreate it, until seeking ended in 2020 when she experienced “The Living Method” teaching. “The Living Method” was the death of seeking, the birth of true Realization, and the door to the Freedom path. “The Living Method” approach helps students and clients uncover immediate Realization. This is achieved purposely through one-on-one Awakening Sessions, small group Awakening Sessions, using pre-recorded on-demand video courses, or spontaneously through reading Fred's books, watching his videos, or in Sunday Satsang. Following Realization there IS a path - the path of clearing away the believed thoughts and assumptions that have kept us from noticing the immediacy of Freedom.
    Fred's website is www.AwakeningClarityNow.com. Come and explore the Method.
    Book an AWAKENING SESSION or CLARITY 1:1 SESSION https://awakening-clarity-now.newzenler.com/book-1-1-sessions
    Skillful Means Series : Group Awakening Series - https://awakening-clarity-now.newzenler.com/skillful-means-series-booking-page
    CLICK HERE for COMPLIMENTARY SATSANG : https://awakening-clarity-now.newzenler.com/f/complimentary-satsang
    FREE Monthly Q&A Community Forum : Ask anything about Nonduality, "The Living Method" of Spiritual Awakening and hear from others who have lived with this teaching for many years: https://awakening-clarity-now.newzenler.com/live-webinar/free-awakening-clarity-now-community-q-a-event-copy/register

    • 13 min
    Claim Your Awakening

    Claim Your Awakening

    Book a 1:1 Awakening Session with Fred Davis
    Fred discusses the concept of awakening, emphasizing that it is not the individual or the physical body that experiences awakening, but rather the collective consciousness or "awakeness" itself. Fred encourages listeners to claim their awakening, acknowledging it as a moment of clarity where they realize their true nature as part of the collective consciousness. He also discusses the limitations of the human mind in comprehending concepts like infinity and nothingness, and the illusion of separateness that humans often operate under. Fred concludes by urging listeners to notice the act of noticing, as this is the constant element in their experiences.

    • 37 min

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
30 Ratings

30 Ratings

Tiny taint dancer ,

Real deal

I’ve had the privilege to sit with Fredness in person and to be expertly guided into the Absolute undifferentiated self in which all abides and returns to. He’s here to point to That. Thanks Fred!

ybhVo00s6 ,

Right on Fred! Spellbinding! I shall be a consistent listener for sure!

Keep it going!

Stranger than a total stranger ,

Strangely, I love this

I plug my brain into this to keep it from collapsing in on itself. The burden and heaviness of ego identification - rooted in so tight to the nervous system- it’s a tough trunk to saw. Fred was deep into this ego structure and pretty much “talked” his way out ie inquiry. When I listen I feel I can follow his escape route. While I sometimes I like a little more sugar in my tea - magical and spiritual frameworks and their promises of potency etc- the straight talk is a go to when I’m looking to get real about exactly what our options are for dealing with the pain of existence.

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