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A new podcast dedicated only to Bachata! In every episode we invite an international artist and get to know their unique story. Hosted by Lucie & Yann

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Backstage - The Bachata Podcast Yann Schaub

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A new podcast dedicated only to Bachata! In every episode we invite an international artist and get to know their unique story. Hosted by Lucie & Yann

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    The art of Instagram with Ofir & Ofri

    The art of Instagram with Ofir & Ofri

    There are only very few who mastered the art of social media. Ofir & Ofri are one of them.

    Their content is unique and entertaining all while staying 100% authentic and true to themselves.

    But it wasn't always like that for the israeli couple.

    In this episode they'll share with you the long journey & battle they had with social media and how they finally managed to let their true selves shine. And Ofir will share some general wisdom in the form an analogy or two...maybe three...four?!

    Sit back, relax and prepare for an hour of fun and lighthearted conversation with these two amazing people!

    on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ofirandofri_official/
    their new online dance school: https://www.bebachata.com/

    • 1 hr 1 min
    How to set & communicate boundaries? With Isabella MacKrill

    How to set & communicate boundaries? With Isabella MacKrill

    Someone asks you for a dance and you turn them down. Maybe that person was not respecting your personal space or they were dancing in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. But instead of being honest about why you turned them down you make up an excuse. Sounds familiar, right?

    But why is it so difficult for us to be honest about it? Why are we unable to clearly communicate our boundaries and that the other person overstepped them?

    This episode is all about setting boundaries and how to communicate them. With us today is an expert on the topic: Isabella form Australia, a lifelong dancer and now bachata sensual teacher. In her classes she puts a big focus on boundaries & safety. She is dedicated to fighting the stigma of not being able to say no, whether you just started your dance journey or you are already an established dancer.

    On instagram: https://www.instagram.com/isabella_mackrill/
    On facebook: https://www.facebook.com/isabella.mackrill.7

    • 54 min
    Gatica's womens day Q&A

    Gatica's womens day Q&A

    She's back for another episode!

    In honor of internationals womens day we teamed up with Gatica and collected all sorts of questions from her followers on Instagram about being a woman in the dance scene.

    In this hour she goes in-depth and answers your questions from establishing boundaries to relationship advice.

    All questions with timestamp:

    2:15 What inspires you to be better in your dancing?
    6:30 How do you keep your level of dance now in the pandemic?
    10:30 How do you improve your body control?
    14:45 What can I do when a guy leads very rough?
    23:05 What can I do when my dance partner doesn't respect my personal space?
    27:20 I want to make more out of my passion and take it to the next level but I don't know how I can go big with it?
    33:00 I see a lot of people dancing similar styles and being copycats. How do you keep your style authentic and unique?
    35:25 How can I start to learn how to lead in the pandemic?
    37:15 People think it's weird that I want to lead. What is your advice?
    39:10 Sometimes I get jealous when I see my boyfriend dance with other girls. Have you been in that situation? What can I do?
    43:05 I have a new boyfriend but he doesn't like that I dance. He trusts me but not the other guys. What can I do?
    46:15 How do you manage to have a boyfriend that doesn't dance but also dance so sensual as you do?
    49:20 A Bachata artist was hitting on me in a bad way. I was scared to say anything because he is a famous dancer. How can I handle these situations?

    • 56 min
    From 0 to 1600 online students in 9 months | Brenda Liew

    From 0 to 1600 online students in 9 months | Brenda Liew

    As was the case for many dance teachers, Covid-19 completely turned Brenda's life upside down. It forced her to take all her regular in-person classes online.

    In April 2020 she gave her first online lesson and today - barely 10 months later - over 1600 students subscribed to her online dance platform where she teaches Salsa & Bachata.

    A lot changed for her in this short amount of time and perhaps most surprisingly she is not teaching actual live online lessons anymore.

    Find out why in this episode where Brenda reflects on her journey and shares everything from signing up the first students to growing it to what it is today: A successful online dance platform.

    on instagram: @brendaliew_official

    • 55 min
    Are you taking care of your mental health? | With El Tiguere

    Are you taking care of your mental health? | With El Tiguere

    El Tiguere runs Island Touch - one of the hottest dance companies in the world - together with Ataca & Alemana.

    Known as a dancer, DJ, entertainer and managing director of a global dance company he's seen many sides of the dance scene. A scene & community that has completely changed ever since the global pandemic hit.

    Dealing with those changes affects us all in different ways.

    In this episode we talk about an incredible important aspect that is often over looked: Our mental health. As dancers but first and foremost as human beings.

    As we mourn the loss of social dancing, dance classes and festivals, how can we cope and continue to keep the dance community together and stronger than ever?

    Sit back, grab a drink and find out as El Tiguere shares his inspiring take on this.

    • 55 min
    The perfect spins | With Felipe Ramirez

    The perfect spins | With Felipe Ramirez

    Spinning is an art. One that Felipe Ramirez has mastered. He is a lifelong dancer with a classical education in dancing and in this episode he goes in-depth on everything he knows about spinning and proper technique.

    Some topics we will cover:
    - Common mistakes people do when spinning
    - What proper spotting looks like
    - Identifying what you're doing wrong
    - Solo spins vs in partnerwork
    - Going from flat shoes to heels
    - Different types of spins
    - And much more such as different ways to teach technique and an insight into judging competition

    Felipe on instagram: @feliperamirezdance and @felipeytiago_official

    • 1 hr

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