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Siblings celebrating and borderline obsessing over their favorite records.

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Siblings celebrating and borderline obsessing over their favorite records.

    Christmas Portrait

    Christmas Portrait

    You can listen to Carpenters’ Christmas Portrait on:

    Apple Music

    Or purchase Christmas Portrait on:

    Amazon Music

    Carpenters’ “Superstar”, featured in this classic car ride karaoke scene from Tommy Boy.
    Episode 3: “The Christmas Draft”, where Marc drafts “Merry Christmas Darling” & discusses at length with Michael & Aimee. Check it out for a more thorough discussion on the track.
    Brian Wilson & The Beach Boys

    Brian Wilson (self-titled, 1988). Certain segments and tracks on this record strongly resemble Richard’s on tracks like “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear”.
    That’s Why God Made the Radio (2012), which Michael felt too strongly resembled Richard’s vocal style (and not in a good way).

    We listened to Christmas Portrait (Special Edition) from 1984, which is a compilation of select tracks from…

    Christmas Portrait (original 1978 release)
    An Old-Fashioned Christmas (1984)

    Karen’s voice type is contralto, which is a somewhat rare vocal range you might recognize from artists like…

    Beach House’s Victoria Legrand

    May Crowning, you know, where songs like “Ave Maria” actually belong.
    “Is ‘Ave Maria’ really a Christmas song?” by Marc Minter, a senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Diana, TX. The correct answer is, “it’s not.”
    Michael’s “A Christmas Song” judgements

    S Tier: Nat “King” Cole
    So close! Amy Grant (see Episode 3 for the context behind Michael’s “branded by an iron” joke)
    Honorable Mention: Bing Crosby
    Clunker: Christina Aguilera
    Surprisingly Good, But Blows It: Shawn Mendes
    Just No: Pentatonix
    Self Important Rubbish: Michael Bublé

    More on the history behind Merry Christmas Darling
    The app Michael mentioned is Marvis Pro, one of the finest music players available today
    “It’s Over 9000!”
    HBO’s The Last of Us Trailer (Marc was confusing it with the HBO 2023 Lineup trailer)


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    Shuffle Roulette

    Shuffle Roulette

    Our shuffle results (Spoilers!)

    Marc: “Michicant”, off Bon Ivers’ self-titled
    Michael: “Empty Room”, off Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs
    Marc: “Who Can I Turn To?”, off Tony Bennett & Bill Evans’ Together Again
    Michael: “Won’t Want for Love (Margaret In the Taiga”, off The Decemberists’ Hazards of Love
    Marc: “I Want To Tell You”, off The Beatles’ Revolver
    Michael: “Quiet Air / Gioia”, off ~Robin Pecknolds’ solo album~ Fleet Foxes’ Shore
    Marc: “Wake Up Sunshine”, off Chicago’s Chicago II
    Michael: “Blue Ridge Bazaar”, off River Valley Rangers’ Wide Open
    Marc: “It Was A Pleasure Then”, off Niko’s Chelsea Girl
    Michael: “This Changes Everything”, off The Last Bison’s Dorado EP

    Michael’s etched stone slab he calls a laptop, the 15” Mid 2012 MacBook Pro.
    Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us: Part 1
    The iRiver iFP-390T, the old MP3 player our sister & honorable co-host, Aimee, bestowed onto Michael many years ago

    Bewilderingly in a triangular Toblerone shape. What a wild time that was.

    Link to high resolution Bon Iver artwork to explore the details discussed on the show
    Deep Blue, the Chess artificial intelligence that was the first to beat Grant Master Garry Kasperof in a game on February 1996 (though Kasparov did indeed pull through and win the overall match that year)
    No Dumb Questions, Episode 141: “Weak People Make Bad Times”
    The Incomparable Episode 173z: “Human Santapede”, the undisputed king of all Christmas music podcast episodes where Tony Bennett & Bill Evans’ Together Again was mentioned.
    My Brightest Diamond
    Tim Burton
    Admiral Fallow
    Paul McCartney & Wings
    Marc got the name wrong, that repulsive laboratory-clean band is called Pentatonix. It’s bad.
    The Last Bison’s first and independently released LP, Quill
    Marc’s a bozo, “I Want to Tell You” is technically in the A major key and simply features intentionally harsh and dissonant chords in the later-half of the verse progression. Please write in to tell him how wrong he is.
    George Harrison’s “Something” off The Beatles’ Abbey Road and his double LP, All Things Must Pass
    Fleet Foxes’ current members, as of November 2022:

    Robin Pecknold
    Skyler Skjelset
    Casey Wescott
    Morgan Henderson
    Christian Wargo
    Christopher Icasiano

    “Wading In Waist-High Water” guest artist is Uwade Akhere, who apparently did record her part in-person
    Examples of Chicago “Necedah Oldies” at our Aunt & Uncles’ property:

    “25 Or 6 To 4”
    “Saturday Tn the Park”
    “Feelin’ Stronger Every Day”

    “Gary needs a new pair of shoes!”
    Special shoutout to Amos Housworth for his kindness at Philadelphia’s World Cafe Live back during the Süda tour, hope to see you & the band again soon!
    Trixie & Katia’s UNHhhh
    Check out our site’s new dark theme! Switch your operating system into “dark mode” to view.
    In contrast to what’s reported in the aftershow, Marc ended up fixing their previous, subpar typeface by replacing it altogether with Work Sans (and did end up regenerating all previous episode art, after all)
    B.O.A.T stands for Bust Out Another Thousand”, by Dude Dad


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    Vide Noir

    Vide Noir

    You can listen to Lord Huron’s Vide Noir on:

    Apple Music

    Or purchase Vide Noir on:

    Amazon Music

    Lord Huron’s discography leading up to Vide Noir

    Mighty - EP (2010)
    Into the Sun - EP (2010)
    Lonesome Dreams (2012)
    Strange Trails (2015)

    Berkley (Michael and Kailie’s dog), certified best doggo in the world
    Riverside Theater in Milwaukee, WI
    Lord Huron’s “Video Postcard” promotional shorts
    “Fool For Love” music video from 2015’s Strange Trail
    Vide Noir 2 minute album teaser
    Vide Noir’s 30 minute album promo “Products of the Universe with Marsha Tanley”, which among many things spoofs shopping channels from the 80’s
    Vide Noir’s listing on IMDb
    Mentioned credits

    Mixer: Dave Fridmann
    Masterer: Greg Calbi

    Fortune teller machines (the one we remember was “Zoltar”)
    Long Lost, Lord Huron’s 2021 follow-up to Vide Noir (don’t worry, we’ll get to it at some point)
    Direct link to our Episode 2: Strange Trails conversation where Aimee asked where we thought the band would go next for their then-unannounced third LP.
    Jesca Hoop’s Memories Are Now
    The Power Of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg
    IMDb’s Vide Noir page
    Michael’s Easter Egg Hunt

    “The Night We Met” Official Lyric Video

    Flash of the Emerald Star at the very end (watch closely!)

    “Products of the Universe with Marsha Tanley”

    “Spiritual Advisor to Ms. Tanley: GEORGE RANGER JOHNSON”

    “Brain Scratch”, Cowboy Bebop’s 23rd episode
    Hannah Hillam’s relevant comic


    “Balancer’s Eye” is one we created ourselves, making up our own myths as we go. We’re trying to keep it so all that stuff is still around in this world too. You’ll see things that appeared on other records, ideas or names cross over to [Vide Noir]. In movies and literature and comic books, I’ve always liked where there’s connectedness or crossover. We need someone to control the lore and keep tabs on it [laughs].

    Inverview with Ben Schneider in Stereogum’s “A Look Inside The Insular World Of Lord Huron”, by Ian Cohen

    SCHNEIDER: You know, I guess I haven’t had to yet, so I’m not sure, at least with “Strange Trails.” On “Lonesome Dreams” there was kind of a central character named George Ranger Johnson, who is this really underappreciated, prolific author.

    BLOCK: Who you invented, yeah.

    SCHNEIDER: Who I invented, yes. But he - yeah, I do kind of miss George. You know, he might pop back up again some time.

    BLOCK: You haven’t seen the last of him yet?

    SCHNEIDER: Haven’t seen the last of George Ranger Johnson, no.

    Interview with Ben Schneider in NPR’s “Lord Huron Wants You To Dance At The Apocalypse”, by Melissa Block



    • 2 hr 6 min


    You can listen to Grizzly Bear’s Shields on:

    Apple Music

    Or purchase Shields on:

    Amazon Music

    Grizzly Bear’s discography

    Yellow House (2006)
    Veckatimest (2009)
    Shields (2012)
    Painted Ruins (2017)

    “Damn BOI HE THICC”
    Albums: available now for free on the iOS App Store
    Mentioned credits:

    Ben Wilkerson Tousley
    Richard Diebenkorn
    Michael H. Brauer
    Ryan Gilligan
    Bob Ludwig

    “That Guy” is Real Estate’s Alex Bleeker, who famously writes a token song per album, such as:

    “Wonder Years” from 2011’s Days
    “How Might I Live” from 2014’s Atlas
    “Diamond Eyes” from 2017’s In Mind

    Shields: B-Sides
    Aftershow: The Last of Us Part II. If you haven’t played it, play it. It’s a masterpiece.


    Chris Bear and I went to Mexico for a month. It was in Baja, this cute little cheap place. There was no one around, no cell reception. We could focus on doing stuff. We wrote ten songs and were so stoked. Then we brought it to the other two guys and they were like, “We’re not understanding what you’re going for here. This isn’t really our vibe.” We were deflated. The only song from the Mexico sessions that made it was “Yet Again.”

    Ed Droste, genius.com



    • 1 hr 22 min


    You can listen to Supertramp’s Breakfast In America on:

    Apple Music

    Or purchase Breakfast In America on:

    Amazon Music

    Michael’s review on 2014’s “Relief”
    Vacationer’s Discography leading up to Mindset

    Gone (2012)
    Relief (2014)


    Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (2009)
    Entertainment (2013)

    Kenny’s other projects

    The Starting Line
    Person L

    “Mindset” Cannabis strain merch
    Paul McCartney & Wings’ “Let Me Roll It”
    Mumford & Sons



    “And that’s one of the things that I really enjoyed, was that first time I’d hear him hunting for a chord change and I’d think ‘Man, he’s just gone right off the edge because he’s not ever gonna get close. He’s way out there in some area that’s just–he’ll never get back. And if he’s successful, gets out of there, people are going to say, I’ve lost my tone center, don’t know where the hell I am and stuff. And then, eventually, he’d figure out what it was he wanted to do. A lot of it was just hunting and pecking, the way some of us type.”

    “Tony Asher Interview”, AlbumLinerNotes.com



    • 1 hr 30 min
    Breakfast In America

    Breakfast In America

    You can listen to Supertramp’s Breakfast In America on:

    Apple Music

    Or purchase Breakfast In America on:

    Amazon Music

    I Spy book series by Scholastic
    Breakfast in America chart position data
    Supertramp discography leading up to Breakfast In America:

    Supertramp (1970)
    Indelibly Stamped (1971)
    Crime of the Century (1974)
    Crisis? What Crisis? (1975)
    Even in the Quietest Moments… (1977)

    Hello Internet
    High-level Supertramp biography from AllMusic.com
    Wurlitzer keyboard
    Calvin and Hobbes’ “Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs” (the beanie arc)
    Learn about Muzak, listen to Muzak, become one with Muzak
    Sturgill Simpson’s “Call To Arms”
    Lord Huron’s “Ghost On the Shore”
    Similar, but different

    Supertramp’s “Child Of Vision” compared to Gorillaz’s “Empire Ants” ft. Little Dragon
    Blondie’s “Heart Of Glass” compared to Arcade Fire’s “Sprawl II (Mountains Byeond Mountains”)
    Arcade Fire & Debbie Harry of Blondie performing “Heart Of Glass” together then gracefully segueing into “Sprawl II” in Coachella 2014

    Gym Class Heroes’ “Cupid’s Chokehold” ft. Patrick Stump


    Q: Was the goal going into the sessions to create the kind of record that could be that sort of huge commercial breakthrough for you?

    A: Well, you know, it was no different to other albums. I was usually the one who chose the songs and tried to create the best 40-minute listening experience. With “Crime of the Century,” it was a much more introverted kind of deep. I don’t know what to call it. It was an introspective journey, maybe. And then with “Breakfast in America,” Rick (Davies), the other songwriter, we wrote separately, and I had to really look at what songs he had and he wasn’t as prolific as I was. I’ve always had 40 or 50 songs in my pocket to choose from. And so, I kind of saw what he had written and then kind of dipped into my bag and chose the songs that matched his and created the best kind of listening journey. ‘Cause that’s how I viewed it. It wasn’t, “What’s the hit on this album?” The song “Breakfast in America,” I wrote that 12 years before I chose it. But it felt like “OK, this is the collection of songs that this song might belong on.” So we included it. And obviously it was a great album title so we chose that.

    Q: What was the appeal for you of leaving England for America? What brought you over?

    A: I loved America as a whole but when I landed in California, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I was raised in England. I’d been in England for 23 years. And I was really a young, confused man who really needed to kind of reinvent himself. I was doing a lot of experimenting. I’d become a vegetarian. I was looking into spiritual things. And that was not in vogue in England at the time. So it was very hard for me to be either, a vegetarian or interested in spiritual things. But I landed in California and there was a health food store on every corner. It was like “Wow.” Everyone spoke my language. I just loved it. The space and the weather. For a very introverted Englishman, it was wonderful. It was very medicinal. And I kind of started to reinvent myself and reawaken sides of me that had been dormant up until that point.

    “Interview: Roger Hodgson of Supertramp looks back on ‘Breakfast in America’”, azcentral

    “In three days with the band, I don’t think I saw Davies and Hodgson converse once, other than to exchange courteous greetings.”

    Harry Doherty in The Supertramp Book, by Martin Melhuish



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