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Women are becoming stronger, claiming our power, and being true badasses. Host Bonnie Marcus interviews some of the most groundbreaking badass women and shares their stories of doing extraordinary things to change perceptions and challenge the status quo

Badass Women at Any Age Bonnie Marcus

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Women are becoming stronger, claiming our power, and being true badasses. Host Bonnie Marcus interviews some of the most groundbreaking badass women and shares their stories of doing extraordinary things to change perceptions and challenge the status quo

    077: Ginny Whitelaw, PhD: A Badass and Zen Leader

    077: Ginny Whitelaw, PhD: A Badass and Zen Leader

    Inspired by space travel, Dr. Ginny Whitelaw knew she wanted to be an astronaut by the time she was in middle school. At the age of 13 she wrote a letter to NASA asking how to best prepare to reach her goal of space travel. Receiving a genuine reply, she followed every step, eventually majoring in biophysics all the while taking martial arts classes throughout her time in school. With a 5th degree blackbelt in Aikido and Ph.D in Biophysics, Dr. Whitelaw landed a job with NASA working in operations that became the turning point in her career. Her observation of the lack of mind and body focus in leadership training led her to create an entire system of training that would impact the culture of leadership.  Dr. Whitelaw spent 10 years at NASA, where she became the Deputy Manager for integrating the International Space Station Program. She led a large-scale change effort to re-align the management of the Space Station Program using cross-functional teams and was awarded NASA’s Exceptional Service Medal for her efforts.
    Dr. Whitelaw is the founder and CEO of the Institute for Zen Leadership. She has more than 25 years of experience in developing global leaders combining her rich scientific background with senior leadership experience at NASA. Together with Mark Kiefaber, she developed the FEBI® to measure four mind-body patterns of personality and trains practitioners worldwide in how to apply FEBI in their work. She is a recognized expert in leadership development and executive coaching.  Dr. Whitelaw has authored 4 books, including The Zen Leader and Resonate. She has served as adjunct faculty to Columbia University’s senior executive program and worked with leaders in some of the world’s top companies, including Merck, Dell, Avon, XL Capital, Sprint, Cemex, EMC, Novartis, Hospira, Marsh, Ascension Health, T Rowe Price, and Bank of America. a Zen Master in Rinzai Zen, as well as President of Focus Leadership
    What You Will Hear in This Episode
    Early inspirations and aspirations leading to NASA and martial arts.
    Ego driven leadership and unspoken needs.
    Ginny’s observation of leadership training being about the mind and completely leaving out the body leading her to study and create Zen leadership.
    Learning to be your true self and knowing yourself
    Lessons in learning to cultivate energy and use it.  
    The impact of Zen leadership. 
    Daily practice.
    Connectivity with self and others.
    “Deep and enduring change involves the body.”
    “When an idea resonates with us and we follow it, it can really help guide us toward work that is ours to do.”
    “Listen to life and the things you naturally vibrate with, the people you naturally resonate with, will keep pulling you in the direction of where you can live your most significant life.”
    “We can’t know anyone else better than we know ourselves.”
    “Zen training not only shows us our ego but helps us see through it.”
    “Energy is not local, energy travels long distances.”
    “Your work becomes a manifestation of what you’re about.”
    “Our health is sort of like a barometer of what’s going on in our life.”
    Working with Resume
    Institute for Zen Leadership Institute
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    076: Badass Balance and Alignment with Wendy Coren

    076: Badass Balance and Alignment with Wendy Coren

    Dr. Wendy Coren was determined from a young age to do things herself.  With a strong conviction of rejecting limiting beliefs and her passion for helping others, Wendy has spent many years focused on finding balance in her life and continues to do the same for others.  An equestrian amateur all her life, Dr Coren combined her love of horses with fitness and performance becoming a chiropractor in 1980, and certified in multiple animal methodologies since 1998 including AVCA ( American Veterinary  Chiropractic ).  In 2006 Wendy founded Equalign with her husband David Lundquist DC and son Dustin Coren DVM. Wendy currently resides in Florida and travels the world teaching, coaching, and aligning equestrian and canine athletes, two legged and four legged, with an emphasis  on fascia and mobility. She is the author of numerous books including recent releases on Equine and Canine mobility. 
    What You Will Hear in This Episode
    How Wendy’s lifelong love of animals influenced her transition from working as a chiropractor with humans to working with animals.
    Gaining confidence through accidental experience.
    Trust and cooperation, the relationship between a doctor and a patient.
    Human practice vs. animal practice.
    Lessons learned through practice.
    The importance of process and questioning.
    The effects of COVID on Wendy’s life and practice.
    Tik tok and learning impactful ways to use social media.
    Reducing fear and false limitations.
    Finding balance and the ability to choose.
    “It’s amazing how much they (animals) understand the difference between someone who is there for them and someone who is going to hurt them.”
    “The process is more important than anything else.”
    “Where you see a problem is generally not where the problem is, it’s where you’ve compensated.”
    “We can interact and connect in a social media way without it being less authentic.”
    “Intermittent craziness keeps you young.” 
    Tiktok @equidoc
    IG @equalignk9
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    075: Celebrate the Gray with Stephanie O’Dell

    075: Celebrate the Gray with Stephanie O’Dell

    Inspired by the example of her grandmother and the stories she heard about aging and limitations, Stephanie  O'Dell embarked on the journey of shifting focus from her 10 year career styling women to representing them.  Recognizing the lack of opportunity and representation for women over 50, Stephanie began a blog called Celebrate The Gray.  She realized the visuals and stories women are given as they age are messages of anti-aging vs pro-aging.  She knew something had to change.  After 10 years of fashion styling with Athleta and Stitch Fix Stephanie founded her Celebrate The Gray company, a full service agency for and about the 50+ woman.  Stephanie represents over 45 gray haired models and works with companies to use real faces and authentic stories of positive aging. She is passionate about updating the face of aging for the 50+ woman and showing the possibilities of positive aging working with brands like Athleta, Kikoko, Gennev, Revel.  Stephanie has been a speaker at the San Francisco Commonwealth Club, Gennev, YWCA, Rotary, interviewed on numerous podcasts (The Rant, Brand Fifty, Mean Magazine) and featured in local and national press (AARP “DIsrupt Aging”).   Stephanie hosts a bi-monthy speaking series “How She Revels” for Revel and is a featured podcast contributor for Brand Fifty, brandfifty.com.
    What You Will Hear in This Episode
    How and why Stephanie created her 50 plus agency.
    Shaming, aging and normalizing and rewriting  the messaging around grey.
    Brands and authentic representation.
    Aspirational marketing, anti-aging messaging vs positive messaging.
    The challenge of selling the concept of the power and importance of 50 plus woman.
    Promoting the positive aspects of aging.
    Ageism in the workplace and working towards embracing positive aging.
    Jane Fonda
    The effect of Stephanie’s mission and experience on her own life.
    Shifting from focusing on the end goal to focusing on daily accomplishments.
    Lifting limitations.
    “There is this power behind gray hair.”
    “Gray equals old primarily for women…...Men are distinguished and women are old.” 
    “We buy into the age denial.”
    “You can’t be what you don’t see.”
    “I’ve learned to be patient and believe in the path that I’m on.”
    “Listen to what the universe is serving you.”
    “If you’re doing something you are passionate about, stick with it and it will work out.”
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    IG : @celebratethegray

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    074: Badass Leadership with Julie Stern

    074: Badass Leadership with Julie Stern

    While most kids were preoccupied with toys or sports at the age of eleven Julie Stern carried around a briefcase everyday.  From an early age, she meant business and was keenly aware that being an executive in the entertainment business was her passion.  Julie spent much of her free time as a kid volunteering at her father’s motion picture rental company.  Influenced by her early behind-the-camera exposure,  Julie began pursuing her goal of working in production immediately.  Starting from the bottom running errands, pulling cable, copying scripts, filling the water cooler and getting lunch to understanding production budgets, working with talent and building rapport, she took every opportunity she could to learn the industry .  She attributes understanding the nuts and bolts of production as a vital piece of her success.  Her impressive resume includes serving as Senior Vice President of Production for OWN: Oprah  Winfrey Network and Vice President for Production for Lifetime Entertainment where she was responsible for oversight of all unscripted programming, including the Emmy Award winning hit series, Project Runway.
    What You Will Hear in This Episode: 
    Recognizing and pursuing her passion at an early age.
    Early exposure and first jobs..
    Setting the stage for success.  Learning on the job 
    Finding good mentors and asking questions are the key to success.
    The magic of strong, kind, smart, supportive women.
    Overcoming difficult obstacles.  C-Suite and lateral loops..
    Self doubt and limiting beliefs.
    Julie’s open leadership style and her nickname “The General”.Advice for ambitious women to realize their goals. 
    “Learn the money and you can do anything you want.”
    “Whatever you want to do in this entrepreneurial world, if it’s something that brings you joy and you really feel that it’s something that you love, then do it, whatever it is, to get you there.
    “Be exposed to as much as you can.  There is no replacement for hard work and learning the nuts and bolts.”
    “The most important thing is to ask for help.”
    “We are all people and we learn from everybody.”
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    073: Find and Fulfill Your Purpose with Nikki Porcher

    073: Find and Fulfill Your Purpose with Nikki Porcher

    Experiencing life serving as a member of the Armed Forces, working with non-profits, becoming a master seamstress, studying phlebotomy, earning multiple degrees, running marathons, and teaching in the public school system, Nikki ultimately found the fulfillment of her purpose in the creation of her own non-profit organization, Buy From A Black Woman.  With the mission of serving, supporting and providing tools and resources to help Black Women Business Owners succeed, Buy From a Black Woman was born out of Nikki’s passion for service and her recognition of the lack of support and resources available to black women business owners. Black women have been leading the numbers when it comes to starting a business, but the reality is that annual sales for black women business owners is 5 times smaller than all women owned businesses due to a lack of support and awareness.   Since 2016 Buy From a Black Woman has empowered, educated and inspired black women business owners and the people who support them. A registered tax-exempt nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, Buy from a Black Woman ensures that Black Women have the tools and resources that will allow them to be successful. Through educational programs, an online directory, and funding. Buy from a Black Woman continues to grow as a trusted resource that helps Black Women in business.  

    What You Will Hear in This Episode: 
    Nikki’s belief and search for her purpose.
    Intention behind starting a blog and the buy from a black woman challenge.
    Listening to what you should be doing and doing it.
    Reasons why black women businesses aren’t more successful.
    Understanding the difficulty  and the major challenges of starting a business.
    Bringing on experts to help grow and maintain.
    The importance and power of sharing your story.
    Nikki’s activities before starting her business and the turning point.
    Listening to your intuition and fulfilling your purpose with intention.
    Success story and the Black Women Business Grant.
    “The wage gap is real…..When it comes to black women businesses and all women businesses we have the biggest wage gap.”
    “People don’t understand how difficult it is to start a business until they have to start a business.”
    “You have to be properly educated so you can properly market, maintain and sustain your business.”
    “There is no way you can grow doing everything yourself….I have to be able to allow other people to put soil and fertilizer into my garden as well.”
    “You have to listen to your intuition.”

    Buy From a Black Woman
    Hip Hop Tea Company
    Buy From a Black Woman Directory
    IG, Twitter, Facebook @buyfromablackwoman
    Youtube @buyfromablackwoman or @buyfromablackwomantv
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    072: Kicking Glass with Pattie Grimm

    072: Kicking Glass with Pattie Grimm

    Pattie Grimm has always been a badass.  Encouraged by her father,  since early childhood Pattie learned about courage, conviction, sports, cars and always doing your best.  Achieving great success early in her career Pattie quickly climbed the corporate ladder but took a downturn and ended up hitting rock bottom.  Acknowledging the need for self care, Pattie took time to rediscover herself, her purpose and her passion.  With over 25 years experience,  Pattie is an empowerment expert for organizations, leaders, and women. Her presentations/interviews are empowering, educational, and engaging.  Pattie was a senior leader for several Global Fortune 100 companies. She owns a company focused on empowering women to be the best they can be. She is an author/speaker/ podcast guest/trainer/coach/ women’s advocate.   Pattie was recognized by Executive Women’s Association, Who’s Who in Women’s Leadership,  Women of Influence and the State of California. She is the author of Quiet Women Never Changed History – Be Strong, Stand Up and Stand Out – “Let’s Go Kick Some Glass.”

    What You Will Hear in This Episode: 
    Pattie’s early lessons about courage and conviction.
    Career moves motivated by the passion to make a difference and play big.
    From rock star to rock bottom.
    Self doubt and self care.
    5 principles of how to be a strong, confident leader.
    Taking your power back through self reflection.
    How to become a strong, confident, empowered woman leader.
    Avoid giving away your power.
    Women leaders vs. men leaders
    What makes a good leader.
    “Women of any age can be bold, brave and brilliant.”
    “If you want to be your true confident person with courage you can’t give up on you.  You have to make sure that you are number one on your things to do list.”
    “Confidence is more important than your competence.”
    “You can’t give away what you don’t own.”
    “Confident shows in your body language, in your height and space.  Don’t make yourself small.”
    “Be strategic.”
    “Do what you love and money will follow.”
    “Women leaders see around the corners.”
    “Courage isn’t the absence of fear, courage is the ability to work through fear to get to the other side.”
    Women Kicking Glass
    Quiet Women Never Changed History
    Amy Cuddy
    DISC profile
    Strength Finder
    Advantage Training

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17 Ratings

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