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In the introduction I give you a little bit of my background, my experience with benzodiazepines and discuss some of the topics I would like to tackle moving forward with the podcast.

Benzodiazepine Awareness with Geraldine Burns Garrett Burns

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In the introduction I give you a little bit of my background, my experience with benzodiazepines and discuss some of the topics I would like to tackle moving forward with the podcast.

    Ep. 24 Paula - Never Give Up on a Friend / 40 Years on Benzos and Antidepressants

    Ep. 24 Paula - Never Give Up on a Friend / 40 Years on Benzos and Antidepressants

    This podcast is very special and personal to me because I’m going to be speaking with one of my childhood friends, Paula. We have known each other since kindergarten, went to the same grammar school and high school. After high school she went off to Marquette University in Wisconsin where she got her Bachelors Degree. She majored in English Literature with an additional major in Elementary Education.

    She returned home and started her career at a college. Eventually she opens up her own very successful school for preschoolers and kindergarten children. After suffering some migraines and a few panic attacks on the highway, a trip to a doctor ends her up on not only a benzodiazepine, but an antidepressant right at the first visit. Here we are 40 years later and she is now tapering.

    • 45 min
    Ep. 23 Wayne Douglas World Benzodiazepines Awareness Day Founder

    Ep. 23 Wayne Douglas World Benzodiazepines Awareness Day Founder

    In this episode, I speak Wayne Douglas who is a New Zealander living in Japan teaching English and does translation. He is currently writing his book Under the Rising Sun which will be on his website Undertherisingsun.com. He is the Founder of World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day on July 11 and frequent guest on Dr. Peter Breggin’s podcast. He is an advocate for a change in the prescribing of benzodiazepines and is currently working on a self made documentary based on a speech he gave at the House of Representatives in Japan which will eventually be on his YouTube Channel.

    • 34 min
    Ep. 22 Teryn - From Hopeless to Healthy

    Ep. 22 Teryn - From Hopeless to Healthy

    In this episode you are going to be hearing from Teryn who when she was a 19 year old girl was prescribed Paxil then later klonopin after the death of her mother. Eventually, she gets married and finishes school to become a speech therapist, and has beautiful daughter as her life is turned upside down from pharmaceutical drugs. She is unable to work and care for her daughter and her marriage dissolves. She develops multiple chemical sensitivities, moves into a green/echo friendly type of housing and had decides she couldn’t live like this any more. See how her faith in God and her determination to not live sick any more helps her recover her full health, go back to work and enjoy life to its fullest.

    • 41 min
    Ep. 21 Josh - Owner of SLYKShades.com

    Ep. 21 Josh - Owner of SLYKShades.com

    In this podcast I interview Josh Fitzmaurice who was a certified public account who was misdiagnosed and in January 2017, became chronically ill after his nervous system was damaged by a prescribed benzodiazepine. He was too ill to continue his job as an accountant and had to move back home with his mother to begin his road to recovery. His life became a constant battle to keep a positive mindset and never give up hope that he would get better. He knew he had to find a healthy distraction to keep his mind busy and that’s when he had the idea to try to learn fashion design, something he had always been interested in. His company SLYKShades.com was born out of his iatrogenic illness. SLYK Shades is the first part of a much bigger lifestyle brand focused on positivity, compassion and kindness. No matter what, find the good. His story will inspire anyone listening.

    If anyone orders from his website and uses the code: WARRIOR, 20% will be given to the documentary AS PRESCRIBED.

    • 33 min
    Ep. 20 D E Foster - Benzofree.org

    Ep. 20 D E Foster - Benzofree.org

    D E Foster is a former database developer, contract screenwriter, and writing instructor at the University of Colorado. For the past seven years, D has experienced an odyssey of debilitating withdrawal complications from the long-term use of clonazepam (Klonopin), a prescription benzodiazepine. Unable to continue to work in his previous professions, D turned his focus to writing a book, "Benzo Free: The World of Anti-Anxiety Drugs and the Reality of Withdrawal," which was published in the fall of 2018.

    The following spring, D launched "The Benzo Free Podcast" which is now on its 67th episode and reaches thousands each month. And in March of this year, he started a new YouTube channel called "Easing Anxiety" which helps people who struggle with chronic anxiety find a way to a better life.

    D spends his remaining time researching a new book, speaking about benzos, and relaxing at his home in northern Colorado with his wife and dog.

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    Ep. 19 Ken: Prescribed a Benzo during the COVID-19 outbreak

    Ep. 19 Ken: Prescribed a Benzo during the COVID-19 outbreak

    Since the COVID-19 virus started, most of us wondered how many more innocent people were going to be prescribed a benzodiazepine. An article came out stating that anti-anxiety drugs have risen 34% during this pandemic.

    In this episode, I interview one of those innocent patients prescribed a benzodiazepine during the pandemic. After leaving a message for his doctor, 20 minutes later he gets a text his prescription is ready. No conversation with his doctor, no conversation with a pharmacist, no informed consent. Had he been informed first, he would not have taken this medication. Thankfully he found out early benzos were his problem. He is now tapering and has a clear picture of taking his life back.

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4.9 out of 5
56 Ratings

56 Ratings

Roger from NY ,

Interview with Jennifer

I just listened to the podcast. I must say, you and Geraldine did an excellent job with this. The Q and A was exemplary, and the interview was presented in a way that was most engrossing, keeping the listener craving more information as you went along. The rapport you and Geraldine have is profound, which made for a great presentation. I learned so much more from this than what I already knew.

The chronological account of you and your daughter's relationship was especially moving and expressed the insurmountable love you have for her. I hope that someday she will realize that what you did was in her best interest, and did it out of unconditional love for her.

I am sure that people listening to this podcast would find this to be a prodigious learning experience, and wake-up call, if they are considering taking a benzodiazepine. I believe that this interview would also be valuable in educating the prescribers of benzos, indicating that they are harmful, and that they should think twice before prescribing them.

I believe that the podcast would have a profound impact on the medical profession and should be included in all teaching files at hospitals, medical centers, clinics, and private practices.

I congratulate you and Geraldine on doing an outstanding job with this podcast.


punkrockmichelle ,

I needed this

Thank you ! I , personally have struggled w mental health issues most of my life. The last ten + years my doctors have prescribed me Xanax, which led to Klonopin. At the end of 2019, my beloved psychiatrist retired & I was left without a prescribing doctor. My primary care doctor refuses to write the rx despite my begging & pleading & even for a referral. I’ve argued about how sick I am & pleaded to even have a safe medical weaning if they aren’t comfortable writing the script. I’ve been to the emergency room twice & searched for a new doctor to no avail. The emergency room will provide a one day supply. I’ve been breaking what pills I can get from those visits & a friend or even drug dealers. Down from 6mg total a day to .5 in a day. I’ve cracked a tooth grinding them .. I never realized what an addict I had become bc of these pills. If I had any idea, I would have pulled myself off of these years ago.
I made choices like not using drugs like heroin etc bc of what it does to users & how it owns them .. I see myself now in the very same grip only .. bc I obeyed my doctors orders and did what I thought was best.
I’m so angry w the doctors who just flippantly write these prescriptions & never really educate people about what they are truly getting into.
I’m so angry that they just dropped me despite all of the dangers & it feels like health don’t care.
Hearing your podcast made me feel like , at least I’m not alone & maybe I will get thru this.
Thank you


What you need to know

Geraldine is delving into territories that so many of us need to know about and that can save lives. So many of us trust and go along with prescribed medications with absolutely no idea about the rabbit hole of addiction that can follow. Kudos to Geraldine for making a difference and her unwavering passion to inform and educate.

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