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Beyond the Uniform is a show to help military veterans navigate their civilian career. Each week, I meet with different veterans to learn more about their civilian career, how they got there, and what advice they'd give to other military personnel.

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Beyond the Uniform is a show to help military veterans navigate their civilian career. Each week, I meet with different veterans to learn more about their civilian career, how they got there, and what advice they'd give to other military personnel.

    BTU #355 - Army to the NFL (Nate Boyer)

    BTU #355 - Army to the NFL (Nate Boyer)

    Today’s episode originally aired all the way back in February of 2017. I was just getting my feet underneath me with Beyond the Uniform, and this was one of my first big episodes. I still think of this episode today. And, I have to disclose that I don’t follow football… I’m not a football fanatic… my appreciation of today’s guest has nothing to do with what he did in the NFL and EVERYTHING to do with two things that helped him get there:
    Failure - Nate has achieved the impossible - repeatedly in his life. He talks about being a grinder, of just working hard to go after his dreams. And he talks about how it's not about not having fear - it's about having the courage to realize that there is no downside, that the only risk is not taking an opportunity. There are far too many incredible words of wisdom to summarize here, but believe me - it's a lesson every single veteran will benefit from hearing.
    Passion - Nate talks about how many veterans fall back on what you know. He talks about how tried many things - and failed at many things - in his journey to find his calling and what he enjoys most. Again, these are lessons I found inspiring and hope you do too.

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    BTU #354 - The Slight Edge

    BTU #354 - The Slight Edge

    Today’s episode originally aired all the way back in Oct ober of 2017. I recorded it a few weeks after episode #115 with Ray & Samantha Allen. They recommended a few books, and I read one that continues to impact my life called, The Slight Edge.
    I think about this book all the time. In fact, in the last four weeks, I’ve discussed it twice with my Executive Coach, as the principles I learned in this book continue to impact the way I approach work and life. I’m also currently co-hosting Beyond the Uniform’s Purpose Mapping Seminar with Craig Filek, and I just sent a copy of this book to all of our seminar participants - it is such a great complement to any intended career path in life.
    In this episode, rather than interviewing something, I play Levar Burton from Reading Rainbow and do a book review for you. While I still recommend reading the book, I hope this episode gives you some tips and tricks you can apply today in your personal and professional life.

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    BTU #353 - Career Advice with Andy Chan

    BTU #353 - Career Advice with Andy Chan

    Andy Chan works at Wake Forest as Vice President for Innovation and Career Development. He oversees The Office of Personal and Career Development (OPCD) which is creating a supportive university-wide career community designed to empower and equip students to successfully navigate their path from college to career. Previously, he was the assistant dean and director of the MBA Career Management Center at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.  Before joining Stanford, he served as president and CEO of eProNet, an online recruiting and career network based on exclusive relationships with university alumni associations.  Earlier, he was president and CEO of MindSteps, a corporate education software start-up. He has extensive executive leadership and career coaching experience as well as business experience in venture-backed start-ups, The Learning Company, The Clorox Company and Bain & Company. He earned his BA and MBA from Stanford University.
    Why Listen: 
    Today’s episode originally aired back in June of 2018 and I’m guessing that a lot of our newer listeners have not heard it. If that’s the case… fix yourself. If you HAVE already listened to it, this is one of a handful of episodes that i believe is worth a second or even third listening for everyone - whether you’re currently in uniform, hung it up a long time ago, or never wore a uniform. 
    Andy brings over 20 years of experience helping more than 11k students at both Stanford University and Wake Forest figure out their next career move. In this interview he covers ground about the most common challenges people face in a career transition, and simple actions to take to approach this change with more confidence and skill. Andy packs in so much incredible information in a very short amount of time - I hope you enjoy and benefit greatly from his advice.  

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    BTU #352 - Vets in Hollywood (Tyler Grey)

    BTU #352 - Vets in Hollywood (Tyler Grey)

    Why Listen: 
    My guest today has done the seemingly impossible - he went from medically discharged from the Army Rangers to consultant, director, and actor on CBS’ Seal Team, amongst other impressive accomplishments. But what sets Tyler apart isn’t his incredible accomplishments, it is his attitude. In this interview, Tyler talks about how we are all equally unprepared for our military transition - be it from medical injury or after 30 years of a career. He talks about giving up control, and putting in the effort even if it takes decades to achieve your dreams. He talks about networking, about what one wants to do versus what one NEEDS to do in life, about how Veteran is a status, not a job title, and more. Regardless of your interest in Hollywood, I guarantee there are multiple inspirational and motivational lessons for you in today’s interview.
    About Tyler
    Tyler Grey is an consultant, director, and actor on CBS’Seal Team. Tyler Grey is an Army veteran who served with the 75th Ranger Regiment, 2nd Battalion as a sniper in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was medically discharged in 2005 after he ran into some explosives during a nighttime raid in Afghanistan. He's spent years working in Hollywood as a military advisor


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    BTU #351 - Veteran Careers in Education (Daris McInnis)

    BTU #351 - Veteran Careers in Education (Daris McInnis)

    Why Listen:
    Often on interviews my guests talk about how - after they leave the military - they struggle to find a purpose, mission, or calling like they had in the military. One of the things i love about my guest today, Daris, is that his time since the military has been spent addressing a new purpose. I haven’t had anyone on the show before to talk about the education space. Daris has spent time as a teacher, leading a classroom of four year olds. He talks about how this is one of the best and most challenging job he ever had, and how it taught him resilience, leadership, and perseverance. He has continued in education, now as a full time doctoral student at Penn’s Graduate School of Education. He talks about meeting two different US Presidents, all in one crazy day, and more.
    About Daris:
    Daris McInnis is full time doctoral student at Penn GSE (Graduate School of Education) and a summer learning curriculum specialist at the Free Library of Philadelphia. Prior to Penn, Daris served as an early childhood teacher in Washington, D.C., an Education Pioneer in New Orleans, LA, and five years on active duty as an Ordnance Logistics Officer in the United States Army.

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    BTU #350 - The semiconductor industry & Micron Technology (Art Behnke)

    BTU #350 - The semiconductor industry & Micron Technology (Art Behnke)

    Why Listen:
    A lot of Veterans I speak with are interested in technology. Most of us in the military get a fair amount of experience with technology, and we hear about the high growth this industry has seen. It’s a pretty broad industry - to me, 10 years out of the military, hearing someone refer to Tech feels like someone referring to “the military” - it’s a great catch all phrase, but there is so much beyond that high level term - branch of service, MOS, warfare speciality, etc.
    Today’s interview feels like a gateway to that world of tech. My guest, Art, works at a company called Micron Technologies, which is in the semiconductor industry. Which, as you’ll learn, is a foundational element in pretty much every technology industry: drones, autonomous vehicles, tablets, social media… it’s everywhere.
    I don’t think I’ve ever had an interview that has packed in so much information at the end. I really try to keep these interviews to 45-50 minutes, based on feedback I’ve received from listeners. Today was a rare case where we kept going because there was so much richness in what Art was sharing. We talk about translating one’s experience on both a resume and interview. We talk about diversity of perspective as a strength when one is applying to a job. We talk about three things I rarely hear on these interviews: how important it is to evaluate a company by the size of the company and what this offers to you in terms of a community and mentorship opportunities, evaluating a company’s team and how those individuals will challenge and support you to grow, and also looking at how a company behaves in a crisis… like the one we’re going through right now. All of these are fantastic lenses through which to evaluate a company and job opportunity, and they’ve never come up in the 349 episodes that precede this.
    As always, at BeyondTheUniform.org you’ll find 350 other free episodes, just like this one. You’ll find show notes with links to everything we discuss today. And you’ll also find a special, limited time offer at BeyondTheUniform.org/micron, where Art is graciously offering to connect with 20 of you to help you with your resume, and answer your questions about job transitioning (side note: he has conducted thousands of interviews), the semiconductor industry, and Micron Technology.
    About Art Behnke
    Art Behnke is a Manager of Talent Acquisition at Micron Technologies, which is a world leader in innovative memory solutions that transform how the world uses information. Micron Technologies has over 37,000 team members in 18 countries who work with the world’s most trusted brands, delivering memory and storage systems for a broad range of applications and sparking countless possibilities in technology.
    Art served in the Marine Corps for 21 years as a FA/18 Hornet WSO and is a graduate of the TopGun program. He has held a wide variety of roles throughout his career and has completed 173 combat flights, with 2,500 total flight hours. He has completed an MBA and is a graduate of the Naval War College

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5.0 out of 5
133 Ratings

133 Ratings

marz2019 ,

10%. Maybe?

SEALs, Rangers, SF, West Point, Admirals, CEOs.

Google, Amazon, US Congress and Fulbright Scholars, NFL, Olympics, Mercedes Benz.

Is this what’s beyond the uniform? Maybe for 10%.

What about the nameless cooks, mechanics, fuelers, and plumbers who were told to stand guard and wait, either for a VBIED or for nothing. Or the ones who never even deployed and now account for ~45% of the suicide epidemic in our broader DoD/VA community? These people who ask for help and are ready to train and learn and apply themselves in meaningful work back here at home? And yet many of them continue to be overlooked in hiring decisions because they don’t know anyone in the company and their military history is either irrelevant or, worse, could grind against the organization’s non-inclusive, pre-established culture.

What actually happens beyond the uniform? This podcast illustrates a gleaming fantasy reserved for those who had prospects to begin with. West Point grad who was approached by Google? You don’t say.

This isn’t meant to take away the achievements of those who earned them. But there is something deceiving about what’s Beyond The Uniform when so many veterans can’t relate. The experience of what’s beyond the uniform is starkly different than what’s portrayed here for so many others.

This is for those who served our nation in the highest - and most highlighted - capacities. We are proud of and grateful to all of them. But as they are the elite, so are they the fewest.

Is this supposed to be about what happens beyond the uniform? Or is this about what could happen if you had the right MOS, the right degrees of education or degrees of influence and network? Is this an attempt to broadcast a familiar veteran message that we all struggle together and can still have meaningful professions after we leave our boots behind? Or is this the same shining tinsel that, like the VA and many nationwide veteran programs, either overlooks or simply cannot manage the volume of people who - and variety of challenges which - actually need support?

Are we just trying to celebrate the small and much fewer wins here? If that’s the case, the title needs changing. Because what happens beyond the uniform for a silent majority is more struggle than triumph.

I know veterans with MBAs, professional certifications of all kinds, and years of leadership experience and team development. And they still have a hard time getting jobs after service. So what about all of our soldiers, marines, airmen, and sailors without even these credentials and especially without the branded Green Beret or Trident or Stars or rank in the Long Grey Line?

You want to accurately represent the what, the how, and the who beyond the uniform? Check your range card and shift fire. Our friend, the average GI Joe, needs a louder voice.

- 22 a day. Former EOD.

Katiemarie3716 ,

Great resource!

And a great host who truly cares about helping the military community to successful transition. Keep it up BTU!

jgp2010 ,

BTU - Jumpstart Networking

Beyond The Uniform has been a jumpstart to my transition networking. I find episodes with topics that pique my curiosity, listen to the podcast as I drive between meetings or appointments on base, then go on LinkedIn, follow the company, and follow the individual interviewed. The podcast interview itself also gives me something to mention if I choose to send them a message- I can comment on something I found interesting about their interview as a conversation-starter.
It is a very simple tactic that has helped me expand my network and is made possible by Justin’s variety of individuals and topics featured on the show. I highly recommend this podcast and the resources featured to active duty servicemembers, military spouses,

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