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Join me for an honest conversation about walls I've over come and learning to overcome still. I will share from my own life and experiences in hope that it might inspire you to go beyond the walls in your way and create the life you really want!

Beyond The Walls Kylie Cross

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Join me for an honest conversation about walls I've over come and learning to overcome still. I will share from my own life and experiences in hope that it might inspire you to go beyond the walls in your way and create the life you really want!

    76. Beyond the Self-Imposed Wall

    76. Beyond the Self-Imposed Wall





    In this episode, host Kylie Cross interviews Linda Bonner, a multi-passionate creative and author. Linda shares her story of raising her son with Down syndrome and the self-imposed wall she built around herself after his birth. She discusses her journey of breaking through that wall, seeking professional help, and finding healing and acceptance. Linda also highlights the lessons she has learned from her son, including patience, acceptance, and letting go of judgment. Linda Bonner shares her experiences raising a child with Down syndrome and offers advice on raising kind and loving children. She emphasizes the importance of interacting with people with disabilities and treating them with kindness and acceptance. Linda also discusses the use of people-first language and the need to recognize that individuals with disabilities have the same human needs as everyone else. She encourages self-reflection and personal growth, as well as educating communities about inclusivity and celebrating people with disabilities. Linda's book, 'Blessed with Extraordinary: Support and Resources for Families of Children with Down Syndrome,' provides valuable information and resources for families on this journey.


    • 49 min
    75. Beyond the Walls of Dreams and Goals

    75. Beyond the Walls of Dreams and Goals

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    In this conversation, Kylie and Maral discuss the journey of going beyond personal walls and reimagining one's life. Maral shares her story of transformation and how she navigated unexpected turns in her life. She talks about her childhood dreams of success and her parents' influence. Maral also discusses her experience as a stay-at-home mom and the internal struggle she faced. She then shares how she started a business selling shampoo and the lessons she learned along the way. The conversation highlights the importance of embracing change, overcoming societal expectations, and finding personal fulfillment. In this conversation, Maral Ayala and Kylie discuss the journey of self-discovery and finding one's authentic self. Maral shares her experience of being a people pleaser and constantly seeking validation from others. She talks about the fear of failure and the pressure to meet societal expectations. Kylie emphasizes the importance of embracing the process and not being fixated on the destination. They discuss the significance of being true to oneself and finding joy in the journey. Maral also expresses her passion for uplifting and empowering women, which aligns with her dream of making a positive impact in their lives.


    00:00 Introduction and Background

    01:57 Childhood Dreams and Unexpected Paths

    08:30 Reimagining Life and Pursuing Dreams

    13:33 Challenges and Internal Struggles

    26:47 Breaking Societal Norms and Overcoming Fear

    33:20 Lessons Learned and Supportive Relationships

    35:43 Taking Personal Responsibility for Your Life

    40:57 Uplifting and Supporting Other Women

    46:58 Being Gentle with Yourself as a Young Mom

    52:18 Continuing to Be Adventurous in Midlife

    58:07 Listening to Your Own Desires and Being the Main Character

    • 1 hr 5 min
    74. Finding New Solutions

    74. Finding New Solutions

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    In this episode, Kylie uses the analogy of dealing with ants in her kitchen to discuss how we can process our emotions and overcome challenges in life. She emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and naming our upsets, as well as taking a step back to see the bigger picture. Kylie also encourages listeners to separate their worth from their upsets and to be open to trying new solutions when their usual methods don't work. The goal is not to avoid pain or upsets, but to develop resilience and find sustainable joy in life.


    00:00 Introduction and Analogy of Dealing with Ants

    02:21 Processing Emotions and Recognizing Responsibility

    05:45 Growth and Acceptance

    08:05 Managing Life's Challenges

    12:15 Finding New Solutions

    15:19 Recognizing Blind Spots and Seeking Help

    • 19 min
    73. Beyond the Walls of Infertility with Amanda Beard

    73. Beyond the Walls of Infertility with Amanda Beard


    In this conversation, Amanda shares her journey of motherhood, infertility, and loss. She talks about her struggles with infertility and the various treatments and specialists she has seen. Amanda also discusses her health issues, including hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's disease. She shares her decision not to pursue IVF or adoption at this time and the importance of trusting her own instincts. Amanda emphasizes the need for support and understanding from others and the importance of setting boundaries. She also shares her experience of miscarriage and the healing process she went through. Amanda finds comfort in scripture and the belief that her journey is part of God's plan. In this conversation, Amanda and Kylie discuss the challenges of infertility and the impact it has on relationships and personal identity. Amanda shares her journey of struggling with infertility and the emotional toll it took on her. She talks about the importance of being present and fully engaged in life, rather than waiting for circumstances to change. Amanda also emphasizes the significance of being intentional in relationships, especially with her daughter, and creating special moments and memories together. She highlights the importance of being honest about emotions and seeking healing. Amanda and Kylie discuss the role of faith in navigating infertility and finding hope in the midst of disappointment. They encourage listeners to trust in God's plan and to choose joy and gratitude in every season of life.




    • 1 hr 3 min
    72. Beyond the Walls of Assumptions

    72. Beyond the Walls of Assumptions


    In this episode, Kylie shares her personal experience of making assumptions about people based on limited information and how those assumptions were proven wrong when she got to know them better. She emphasizes the importance of examining our own insecurities and fears that may be driving these assumptions. Kylie also provides practical steps for addressing assumptions, including seeking clarity, having open conversations, and considering the potential for growth and connection. She encourages listeners to challenge their assumptions and give people the opportunity to prove themselves.

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    • 31 min
    71. How Do You Want To Show Up?

    71. How Do You Want To Show Up?

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    In this episode, Your Coach Kylie discusses how to show up in relationships even when it's uncomfortable. She shares a personal example of a friend who had overcome emotional walls and was now ready to be in a new season of life. Kylie provides three tools for showing up in relationships: 1) considering each party's maturity levels, 2) separating long-term satisfaction from immediate gratification, and 3) creating and owning who you want to be in the relationship. She emphasizes the importance of taking personal responsibility and having realistic expectations.

    • 27 min

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5.0 out of 5
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3 Ratings

ruthe18 ,

Ideas that are relatable

Kylie helps you identify mindsets that have trapped you

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So relatable and helpful!

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