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A show about the makers, creators, innovators and entrepreneurs in Birmingham, Alabama.

Birmingham Shines Sheree Martin

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A show about the makers, creators, innovators and entrepreneurs in Birmingham, Alabama.

    East Lake Market on Birmingham Shines: Local, Healthy Food for All

    East Lake Market on Birmingham Shines: Local, Healthy Food for All

    East Lake Market is a small-but-vibrant farmers and crafters market operated by Peer, Inc., a nonprofit, in the parking lot behind East Lake United Methodist Church.

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    Pack Health

    Pack Health

    This week on Birmingham Shines my guests are Uma Srivastava, who
    is the product development manager for Pack Health, and M’kayl
    Lewis, health adviser manager for Pack Health.

    Pack Health is a Birmingham startup founded by Mazi Rasulnia
    & Will Wright with a mission to help individuals suffering from
    chronic medical conditions take ownership of health and achieve
    positive outcomes through health advisers and condition management

    Find out more at http://birminghamshines.com/pack-health

    Episode Sponsor

    Episode 39 of Birmingham Shines is sponsored by Vulcan Security
    Systems, a Birmingham company that offers customized commercial IP
    video surveillance services in the greater Birmingham metro

    Owner Jason Maddox and his team offer video surveillance system
    sales and installation and monitoring through an IP-delivered video
    system for commercial property, churches and daycare facilities,
    private schools, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and related
    commercial enterprises.

    If you are a business owner, facilities manager, church trustee,
    daycare operator and would like more information on how video
    surveillance can be an added part of your risk management program,
    visit http://birminghamshines.com/vss to learn more about
    Vulcan Security Systems and schedule your free consultation

    Happy 1-Year Birthday

    And I also want to mention that this episode is coming out on
    the 1-year anniversary of the launch of Birmingham Shines. So Happy
    Birthday to the podcast!

    Changes are coming, moving forward, and I’ll be sharing more
    about those changes in the next episode.

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    Dr. Shelley Stewart

    Dr. Shelley Stewart

    Dr. Shelley Stewart, Birmingham businessman, radio legend, philanthropist and pillar of Birmingham, is the guest on episode 38 of Birmingham Shines podcast.

    If you’ve been in Birmingham very long you’ve probably heard some of Dr. Stewart’s story. I’ll just say that I was honored to have spent a couple of hours with Dr. Stewart in late March to do this interview.

    I’ve heard Dr. Stewart speak on several occasions and have read a good bit of his biography and I feel like he takes us, in this conversation, down some paths in this interview that don’t usually come up in other interviews or when he’s sharing stories from his life at various events around town.

    As always, Dr. Stewart offers many gems of life wisdom, truths, if you will. And I didn’t see a single ox in the room.

    You can find a couple of blog posts at Birmingham Shines.com to supplement this audio conversation.

    I hope you find inspiration and hope in Dr. Shelley Stewart’s words in this episode of Birmingham Shines.

    Thanks to the great folks at o2 Ideas for making this interview happen.

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    Birmingham Dance Walk and More - Out and About in Birmingham

    Birmingham Dance Walk and More - Out and About in Birmingham

    This week's offers something of a hodge-podge, centered around the theme of out-and-about town.

    We start with the Birmingham Dance Walk event organized by Sherri Ross.

    Last Sunday, March 20 I hung out at Railroad Park for a while to be a part of the first Birmingham Dance Walk of 2016. It was the Dance Walk that inspired this episode to share some sound bites about what makes Birmingham Shine and to let you know about a few events coming up over the next few weeks.

    All of these events and festivities are in Birmingham, except for one. That one is a camping-and-yoga trip for women that some of my Shoals friends are doing at Cane Creek Canyon near Muscle Shoals. If that’s something you’re interested in, listen through to the end because there’s a registration deadline looming.

    When I started Birmingham Shines last year, I went out in April to Pepper Place Market to gather some sound bites from folks about what makes Birmingham Shine. You heard from two of those in the teaser: Preston and Eric. Thanks to you two guys for sharing your thoughts on what makes Birmingham Shine!

    One of the things I discovered that weekend in April of 2015, just before I launched the podcast is that folks are shy around microphones, even when there’s no camera involved. I had a bit more success at this year's Birmingham Dance Walk.

    First we’re going to hear from Sherri Ross, founder of Birmingham Dance Walk and her hubby, Daniel Walters. They give us some info about Dance Walk and Daniel also talks a bit about living downtown.

    Then we hear from Trudy Bezet about what she loves about Birmingham.

    After Trudy, we hear from Panama Jack You Up of the Tragic City Rollers about their next roller derby meet at the Zamora Shrine Temple in Irondale.

    Then we have Laura Gaines talking about the Sol Dance Experience for women.

    She's followed by Jennifer King, who has the blog Stellar Fashion and Fitness, gives the heads-up on an upcoming free 5K on April 2.

    After that, my friends Summer and Ashley share a bit about the camping and yoga trip set for April 9-10 at Cane Creek Canyon near Muscle Shoals. You can still register as of March 24, 2016, but you’re running out of time. If you’re interested and don’t have time to listen, you can find out more at ashleybakeryoga.com. This is an excerpt from a full interview available in the Discover Grow Shinecast.

    After the Summer and Ashley excerpt, I have a short promo from Michael Syms about Zyp Bikeshare and close it out with a another bit of sound from Ben of Jones Valley Teaching Farm, recorded in April 2015 at Pepper Place.

    Promotional Disclosure: At the time I recorded the full interview with Summer and Ashley for the Discover Grow Shinecast (available at http://shinecast.tv) I had not received any promotional consideration from them. During the week of March 20, however, I was asked if I would like to receive a discount to attend the April 9-10 yoga and camping outing at Cane Creek and I said yes. So, at the time of THIS episode, I have received something of value from these guests and want to disclose that to make sure I'm in compliance with FTC rules for bloggers and podcasters.

    Check out the new Birmingham Shines Podcast page on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/BirminghamShines

    Complete show notes and links available at http://birminghamshines.com/37

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    TEDxBirmingham 2016 - Ideas Shared

    TEDxBirmingham 2016 - Ideas Shared

    TEDxBirmingham 2016 was March 12 at the Alys Stephens Performing Arts Center on the UAB Campus.

    This episode features a recap of the ideas shared by speakers, through performances, and in a few short films interspersed throughout the event.

    The theme was Pure Imagination and the speakers and performances were curated into three sessions:

    Take a Breath, Make a Wish, Change the World

    Full show notes are available at http://birminghamshines.com along with links to the videos and other resources mentioned in this episode.

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    Sheree Martin - Time to Shine

    Sheree Martin - Time to Shine

    When I was three a lawnmower turned over on me and crushed my left temple, I have a noticeable but faded scar in the shape of a cross. I can actually remember bits and pieces of the moments before, during, and after the accident. My head on my mother's chest, covered in blood, as we raced to the nearest hospital 10 miles away.
    Today, I call it my Harry Potter scar. The girl who lived.
    I'm Sheree Martin, host and producer of Birmingham Shines, and I want to say thank you for listening to the podcast and for sharing it with your friends. I've been blessed to have met so many awesome individuals through Birmingham Shines, both guests, fans of the show, and others who simply love Birmingham or love podcasts.
    It's hard to believe that it's been a year since I started scheduling interviews for the first episodes and now we're just a few weeks away from the anniversary of the first episode release.
    This week's show is a bit different. I decided to make myself the guest, to tell you a little bit about my own story, why I started Birmingham Shines, what I'm trying to do here and some other things I'm working on. Some bits and pieces of this have been woven into my conversations with guests, but a lot of what you're going to hear in this episode is new and I'm going to try to do it more in a storytelling format.
    Some of you know that I'm a big fan of Seth Godin, who's both an inspirational force for the adapting to the new economic realities we live in, and someone's who helped to change the face of marketing in the digital arena, through his book, Permission Marketing, and later on, through his messages of empowerment. As Seth recognized years ago, the internet enables everyone—from brands to individuals in basements and bedrooms—to bypass the traditional media gatekeepers and to find and speak directly to their tribe of fans, followers and kindred spirits.
    When I began making plans to leave my faculty job at Samford a few years ago, I decided I wanted to stay in Birmingham, if possible, and that meant I would be leaving academia because there are only a few teaching jobs within driving distance for someone whose focus is social media marketing, digital content strategy and media law. Within academia, the traditional approach to PR and advertising doesn't accommodate the perspective that I bring to the table. And marketing departments in business schools typically don't consider faculty with a Ph.D. in Mass Communication, those programs want a Ph.D. in marketing or, perhaps, psychology of consumer behavior. It's all very siloed and that's not a topic I care to get into in this podcast.
    My point in bringing this up BEFORE I get into the official part of the episode is to say that when I left Samford my plan was to demonstrate how on-demand audio, especially audio content with a longer shelf life, can be a key part of business marketing strategy.
    That's a message I've been talking about behind-the-scenes for quite some time. More recently, I've ramped up my own marketing efforts to explain this approach to CEOs and business marketing and corporate communications managers to sell my own on-demand audio content strategy and production services.
    My target clients are B2B companies, and professional service providers, like lawyers and accountants, and other certain business sectors like real estate, construction, and banking/finance, healthcare and veterinary medicine.
    If you're a business owner, a marketing manager or someone who handles PR and corporation communications in house or with an agency:
    Perhaps the best way to think of it is this: Podcasts are like having your own business radio station and you are the DJ. You can decide whether to have short news features, product-specific episodes, answer the FAQs of your customers and clients
    You get to explain what you do in a way that lets you speak directly to each unique

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4.8 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

Homebirthhoney ,

Encouraging podcast!

As a fledgling entrepreneur, I love the encouragement and inspiration that comes from this podcast consistently!

Lover of Birmingham ,

Birmingham Shines

I'm a life-long Birmingham native and I just discovered Sheree Martin's Birmingham Shines Podcast. Sheree has put a great deal of work and effort in researching, locating, and interviewing folks in Birmingham who are making a difference. I find the podcast interesting, fun, and insightful.

SteveHerronRealtor ,

Fresh and engaging!

I am very pleased to hear about all the good things going on in Birmingham! This show is a great resource and I will keep listening to gain new ideas and insight on what’s happening in the area.
Keep up the great work Sheree!

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