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Intersectional, Liberational & Decolonial approaches to birthwork, healing & life.

Birth Bruja Podcast Eri Guajardo Johnson

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Intersectional, Liberational & Decolonial approaches to birthwork, healing & life.

    Ep 26 | We Walk in Abundance: The Bridge Directory's Story of BIPOC Serving BIPOC

    Ep 26 | We Walk in Abundance: The Bridge Directory's Story of BIPOC Serving BIPOC

    This episode is a love & inspiration fest. You've been warned!

    Eri is joined by Emilie Rodriguez and Guramrit LeBron of The Bridge Directory (www.thebridgedirectory.com). Em & G share their journey as Black and Brown birthworkers who answered the needs of their community through building The Bridge Directory- a direct response to addressing the Black maternal mortality rate in NY and a community that is spreading across the US.

    We talk about building a business & community that is based in activism, mentorship, and connection. They share experiences & strategies that range from how to build community through social media, building accountability with a council of elders, connecting to funders, and more.

    Learn more about their work!
    @The BridgeDirectory & @BridgeCommunityFoundation


    Emilie Rodriguez (she/her)
    Founder, Operations
    Emilie is a Black traditional birth and postpartum doula and founder of Ashe Birthing Services based in the Bronx, New York. After spending several years supporting hundreds of families in NYC, she dreamed of creating a resource to help families of color find providers who understood, believed, and trusted them. We know the statistics. Emilie believes we can create real change from grassroots efforts by community.

    Guramrit LeBron (she/her)
    Founder, Chief Marketing Officer + Communications Director
    Guramrit is a birth and postpartum doula and Certified Lactation Counselor. She studied Magazine Journalism at Syracuse University and spent the first few years post college working at various publications including Parenting Magazine before working in marketing at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Guramrit completed training as a holistic health counselor and transitioned to working at GrowNYC Farmers Markets as a Market Manager all while publishing her first cookbook, Yogi Eats. After much resistance to birth work, she jumped right in and immediately felt in alignment. Guramrit believes that all people deserve to have the birthing experience they desire in an environment where they feel safe and supported because birth is sacred and transformative. Nurturing, educating and uplifting families during such a transformational event is essential to her work as a doula.Guramrit calls the boogie down Bronx her home and lives with her partner and son. Guramrit is currently pursuing a masters in Infant + Maternal Nutrition with a focus on a holistic approach to pregnancy, postpartum and infant/toddler feeding.

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    Ep 25 | The Transformative Power of Baby Wearing with Angelique "Omi" Geehan

    Ep 25 | The Transformative Power of Baby Wearing with Angelique "Omi" Geehan

    In this episode we are joined by Angelique "Omi" Geehan (any pronoun); a baby wearing consultant focused on transformative justice, cultural competency and diversity.

    We discuss the ways in which baby wearing has helped Omi heal through reparenting, parenting their own children, their journey to becoming a baby wearing consultant; and ways in which birthworkers and people alike can advocate, and help ensure baby wearing remains accessible to everybody that wants to baby wear.

    Angelique works as a coach, consultant, editor, and facilitator to support and repair the connections people have to themselves and their families, communities, and cultural practices. She builds intergenerationally, with a commitment to transformative justice, to question and depolarize the beliefs and practices that can lead to isolation and feelings of powerlessness — and co-create or reclaim ways that can promote resilience and healing from historical and social harms.

    A queer asian gender (binary) non-conforming parent, Angelique founded Interchange, a consulting group that offers anti-oppression support through materials and process assessments, staff training, and community building. She organizes as a part of Baby Carriers Provided, the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance, Houston Babywearing Resource, National Perinatal Association’s Health Equity Workgroup, the Health and Healing Justice Committee of the National Queer and Trans Asian and Pacific Islander Alliance, the Houston Community Accountability and Transformative Justice Collective, the Taking Care Study Group, QTPOC+ Family Circle, and Batalá Houston.

    ag@angeliquegeehan.com / fb and twitter: mumwooga / linkedin and ig: AngeliqueGeehan

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    Ep. 24 | Decolonize Birth: A Traditional Birthworker's Story with Mickey McHenry

    Ep. 24 | Decolonize Birth: A Traditional Birthworker's Story with Mickey McHenry

    Ep. 24 | Decolonize Birth: A Traditional Birthworker's Story with Mickey McHenry

    Mickey McHenry (she/her/ella) is a Traditional Birthworker and the Operations Manager at Birth Bruja!

    She shares her journey of being raised with ancestral knowledge of birth & postpartum care, navigating the pressures for certification to be a "legitimate" birthworker, how she has woven social justice/political consciousness into her birthwork, and more.

    Visit www.BirthBruja.com for episode transcripts.

    Micaela "Mickey" McHenry (she/her/ella) has been a full spectrum doula for over a decade. Mickey's work is rooted in her ancestral traditions; Lakota/Apache/Mexika, and focuses on navigating reproductive care, birth and the postpartum experience holistically.

    Mickey has worked with various family centered non-profit organizations throughout her lifetime, and believes that through healing families we can heal communities. Additionally, she enjoys spending time in community with other birthworkers, and is always ready to lend an ear, and share experience. Some of her hobbies include cooking, eating, napping, writing, yoga, hiking, dog momming, and traveling.

    Follow Mickey on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bossa_novaaa/

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    Ep. 23 | Running an Anti-Capitalist Doula Business with Khye Tyson

    Ep. 23 | Running an Anti-Capitalist Doula Business with Khye Tyson

    Ep. 23 | Running an Anti Capitalist Doula Business with Khye Tyson

    We are joined by Khye Tyson (they/them) to discuss the foundation of building an anti-capitalist doula business.

    We answer the following questions & more:

    *Why is having a critique of capitalism, let alone a strategy for anti-capitalism, something that we should be considering when we are shaping our business plans?

    *What did the process of evaluating their relationship with giving & receiving look like and how did they use this information to inform their business structure?

    *What are some examples of reciprocity outside of monetary exchange?

    *What can it look like to weave your values into your business plan? How do you know if you've veered off track?

    Khye Tyson (they/them) is an unapologetic southern queer Black femme who enjoys yoga, building community, laughing, subverting the gender binary, and reminding people that they can fire their doctors. Khye is a sacred transition guide, entrepreneur, healer, consultant, and educator. As the founder of Kuluntu Reproductive Justice Center (founded in 2018), Khye is working toward a world in which Black women and femmes can live, thrive, and raise healthy families freely within a healthy community. Khye loves to hike, sew, thrift, create art, sing, and dream of a world in which education is intuitive and culturally responsive. They are originally from Nashville, TN and currently reside in Atlanta.

    Follow Khye on social media: https://www.instagram.com/kulunturjc/

    Check out the Kuluntu Center's Birth Justice Guardians:
    Birth Justice Guardians is a 3 month container for birthworkers who are working toward birth justice, burnt out, and looking for a community to strengthen their work. This pilot program will be a group of 10-15 birthworkers looking to deepen their practice through self and community care.

    Check out their full list of courses & resources: https://kuluntureproductivejusticecenter.vipmembervault.com/

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    Ep.22 | Decolonizing Strategies: Consciousness Rooting Gatherings with We Rise

    Ep.22 | Decolonizing Strategies: Consciousness Rooting Gatherings with We Rise

    This is Part 1 of the We Rise Series- a series dedicated to showcasing soulful decolonizing strategies.

    This episode is for all of those who are wanting to move from theory to action.

    Consciousness Rooting in the Heart of Autumn

    Inspired by the legacy of Consciousness Raising circles from 1960s & 70s freedom movements, Consciousness Rooting is about: grounding & deepening ~ reflecting on our origins, our ancestors’ lineages & histories ~ storytelling & remembering as a form of resistance, to begin to heal and to help us navigate these tumultuous & transformational times…

    This work aims to inspire deep reflections, help us center through ongoing distractions & stresses, and support us as we face daily struggles & many frontlines.

    racialized as white circle
    Tuesdays 6PM-7:30PM PST

    pilipinx circle
    Wednesdays 6:30PM-8PM PST

    open circle
    Thursdays 6PM-7:30PM PST
    by donation / no one turned way for lack of funds

    to register email:
    by October 13th*
    *Please email us if the date has passed and you are still interested in registering!

    We Rise Production is a collective of cultural producers who engage creative collaborations to support the freedom movements of our time.

    Through multimedia, digital and live productions, We Rise challenges audiences to think critically about the systems that oppress us all, and uses community-driven art to inspire active solidarity.

    Our collaborators include Movement Generation, Palestinian Youth Movement, KPFA/First Voice Media, DiaspoRADiCAL, Mycelium Youth Network, Liberation Spring, Birth Bruja, Cal Shakes, TheatreFIRST, the Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective, and decolonial, feminist artists, educators, and organizers. We vision with ancestors and future generations in mind.

    IG: @weriseproduction
    TW: @weriseproducers
    FB: @weriseproduction
    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/werise

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    Ep 21 | Identity, Spirit & Movement Building: Becoming a Queer, Black Student Midwife

    Ep 21 | Identity, Spirit & Movement Building: Becoming a Queer, Black Student Midwife

    This is Part 2 of the Black Diamonds Series: Journey of a Queer, Black Student Midwife.

    Rafeal joins us 1 month into her student midwifery journey and has a powerful & juicy report back! She speaks to navigating an education that centers the cis, white experience while grounding herself in her practice of self nourishment. We speak to the themes of healing & justice, Dharma and spiritual practice, the need to uplift our youth and our elders, how to have a sex life amidst a student midwife life, and SO MUCH MORE!

    Be a part of Rafeal's journey! Support their work by donating and including #BlackDiamondsSeries in the notes 3

    Venmo: @cypressdoula
    Paypal: paypal.me/cypressdoula
    Cashapp: $cypressdoula

    Learn more: https://www.cypressdoula.com/midwifery

    Visit www.BirthBruja.com to access upcoming workshops & events 3

    Producer: Catherine Petru of We Rise Production |www.weriseproduction.com |@WeRiseProduction
    Theme Song created by DiaspoRADiCAL Soundscapes @diaspoRADical

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5.0 out of 5
46 Ratings

46 Ratings

ErroC19 ,


This podcast is everything I’ve ever wanted a birth podcast to be. Thank you so much for the work you’re doing!!!

OneGreatJourney ,

This podcast gives me LIFE!!!!

As a birth worker navigating the patriarchy and systems of oppression in supporting birthing people is challenging, frustrating and often defeating. Birth Bruja beautifully addresses the issues surrounding folks who have many intersections of marginalized identities and ways to find a connect with healing for ourselves and how to hold space for the healing of others in this work. More please!

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