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Welcome to the BizSouls podcast! We talk about the business of everything and we get to the heart, soul…and humor… of business and the people who make it happen.

Biz-Souls Jeffrey Hansler & Rona Lewis

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Welcome to the BizSouls podcast! We talk about the business of everything and we get to the heart, soul…and humor… of business and the people who make it happen.

    Episode 125: How To Retrain Your Brain with Kelley Raleigh

    Episode 125: How To Retrain Your Brain with Kelley Raleigh

    Get ready for a transformative journey on the Biz-Souls Podcast with hosts Rona Lewis and Jeffrey Hansler! Our special guest, Kelley Raleigh, is here to revolutionize your understanding of brain training.

    Meet Kelley Raleigh is an unschooling mother, Intuition Coach, Certified Brain Trainer, and the visionary Founder of KINDbrain. With over 20 years of experience as a Family Coach and Director of youth programs nationwide, Kelley brings unparalleled insights into overcoming the challenges of new motherhood, feeling scattered, and healing from trauma.

    Imagine a life where your brain is always "in the flow"—invincible, connected, and loving. Kelley’s innovative approach at KINDbrain uses the NeurOptimal brain training machine to facilitate relaxation and enhance natural brain function without actively manipulating brain activity. KINDbrain also incorporates self-connecting tools to help clients manage everyday challenges effectively. Discover how to achieve this state consistently and unlock your full potential.

    Kelley Raleigh’s mission is clear: to transform how we view and heal from trauma and anxiety. Her groundbreaking work demonstrates that sustainable nervous system regulation can lead to profound changes—eliminating anxiety and depression, improving relationships, and enhancing focus and sleep. As a widow, Kelley’s dedication to this cause is deeply personal, and she’s here to guide you on your healing journey.

    Tune in to Biz-Souls with Rona and Jeffrey as they delve into Kelley’s methods and explore the path to mental and emotional wellbeing. This episode is a must-listen for anyone ready to retrain their brain and transform their life!

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    Episode 124: The Multigenerational Advantage and Strategies for Success

    Episode 124: The Multigenerational Advantage and Strategies for Success

    Rona and Jeffrey, hosts of the Biz-Souls podcast, dive into generational differences and their value in the workplace. In their latest episode, you can sense their fatigue, reminiscent of Tony Robbins' final audio tape in one of his early series, where his voice was strained, and energy was missing. Despite this, their insights remain sharp and relevant.

    In today's workforce, each generation adds unique value to their respective organizations and clients. Traditionalists and Baby Boomers bring job security and loyalty, while Millennials and Generation Z prioritize flexibility, authenticity, and connectivity. However, biases and misunderstandings often arise when dealing with new people and situations.

    Rona and Jeffrey explore strategies to bridge these generational divides, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and appreciating the distinct values each group brings. Their discussions offer practical advice and humorous anecdotes, making it easier to navigate the challenges of a multigenerational workforce. Tune in to the Biz-Souls podcast to learn how to harness the full potential of your diverse team, even when the hosts are running on empty.

    • 28 min
    Episode 123: The Power of Humor in Learning and Development

    Episode 123: The Power of Humor in Learning and Development

    Join hosts Rona Lewis and Jeffrey Hansler on the Biz-Souls podcast as they delve into the transformative power of humor in Learning and Development (L&D) programs. In this episode, Rona and Jeffrey explore how incorporating humor can create a more engaging and effective learning environment.

    In 2022, Chief Learning Officer’s article "Humor is an Underutilized Tool for Learning Programs" highlighted the advantages of humor in L&D. It credited improv as a tool to help participants stay in the moment, listen actively, and build on each other’s ideas while fostering creativity and collaboration.

    Rona and Jeffrey understand that incorporating humor can reduce stress, improve team collaboration, and enhance communication and trust among team members. They are leading the charge to dispel the misconception that work must always be serious.

    Discover practical tips on using improv techniques to enhance creativity and collaboration, the importance of appropriate timing in humor, and how a positive and enjoyable learning experience can reduce stress and improve team dynamics. Learn how to challenge the traditional belief that work must always be serious and find out how humor can foster a more productive and positive workplace culture.

    Don’t miss this insightful episode as Rona and Jeffrey break down the essential elements of humor that can make everyone’s day better and contribute to their ability to engage at work and learn new skills faster. Tune in to Episode 123 of the Biz-Souls podcast and revolutionize your approach to L&D with the power of humor.

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    Episode 122: Kevin Mayer is the Legal Maestro

    Episode 122: Kevin Mayer is the Legal Maestro

    Join Rona and Jeffrey as legal expert Kevin Mayer talks with them again on Biz-Souls.

    Kevin C. Mayer, Esq., is a distinguished trial attorney and partner at Logan Mayer LLP, with offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Kevin's career journey includes a significant shift from working at a large law firm to joining a smaller, two-lawyer firm. This transition has allowed him to leverage his expertise in various facets of the legal field, including OSHA regulations, where he has become a trusted advisor and "superhero" to his clients.

    Kevin's insights cover a broad spectrum of legal practices, including the strategic use of expert witnesses, effective jury selection, and the importance of jury duties. He also emphasizes the significance of courtroom dress code and the theatrical elements of being part of the courtroom "show." Additionally, Kevin has shared his thoughts on the evolving role of AI in the legal industry, noting that tools like ChatGPT still have room for growth but hold potential for future integration.

    A graduate of the University of California, Hastings College of Law, Kevin's innovative problem-solving skills and risk management acumen make him a formidable presence in the courtroom. His recent appearance on the Biz-Souls podcast highlights these themes, offering a glimpse into his professional philosophy and approach to legal challenges.

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    Episode 121: Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Spirit with Biz-Souls!

    Episode 121: Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Spirit with Biz-Souls!

    Join hosts Rona Lewis and Jeffrey Hansler on the latest episode of the Biz-Souls podcast as they dive deep into the essential question: "Will an entrepreneurial mindset serve your career?"

    Whether you're climbing the corporate ladder or venturing into your own startup, adopting an entrepreneurial mindset is your key to success. This episode explores how thinking like an entrepreneur can transform your career, regardless of your current path. Learn about the incredible benefits and learning opportunities that come from both career choices and personal ventures.

    In today's digital age, it's never been easier to launch your own project. While you may have the next great idea for a new company, you might discover affiliate marketing can turn your passion into profit, monetizing your hobbies could be your next big move, and being the entrepreneur at your company may catapult you to the CEO’s seat.

    Rona and Jeffrey share their stories as a guide for you on an entrepreneurial mindset to take your ideas from concept to cash flow.

    Don't miss this empowering episode filled with insights, inspiration, and actionable advice. Tune in to Biz-Souls and start crafting the career of your dreams today!

    • 20 min
    Episode 120: From New York to Wyoming to Italy with Li Corn - a Food Odyssey

    Episode 120: From New York to Wyoming to Italy with Li Corn - a Food Odyssey

    Who doesn’t love Italian food? Our guest this week, Li Corn, shows Jeffrey and Rona and all Italian food is NOT alike—not by a longshot.

    Li Corn is the Director of Client Relations at Bona Furtuna, a 350-hectare organic farm in Jackson, Wyoming. She has a profound passion for food and beverage, driving her commitment to create personalized, memorable experiences. Bona Furtuna, known for its premium organic products and sustainable practices, is where Li weaves narratives of authenticity and flavor in every interaction. In this podcast, Li will share her unique journey from New York to Wyoming to Italy, revealing her dedication to enriching biodiversity and preserving heritage food, making each Italian food experience distinct and special.

    Li's role isn't just about fostering relationships; it's about building a career with Bona Furtuna – a business she loves to spread the word about like you might artistically spread a delightful pesto on a freshly made Italian bread.

    Tune into this week’s podcast as we delve into Li's journey, exploring the intersection of passion, purpose, and premium produce. And speaking of longshots, this story has all the making of a spaghetti western movie – just kidding, everyone lives through this 120th Biz-Souls Podcast.

    • 27 min

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3 Ratings

Tom Goss ,

What a joy!

Love hearing these two. They bring so much positivity and energy to everything they talk about. It’s motivating and mood hosting!

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