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Stay on the cutting-edge of Bitcoin and layer-2 by following the latest research and development happening at Blockstream.

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Stay on the cutting-edge of Bitcoin and layer-2 by following the latest research and development happening at Blockstream.

    Blockstream Talk #19 - Digital Securities Future

    Blockstream Talk #19 - Digital Securities Future

    Welcome back to Blockstream Talk. Today’s conversation is with Kyle Fry, CEO and Co-Founder at DIGTL Markets. Kyle and his team have been deep in the digital security trenches for a number of years already and have built up the network of securities exchanges and alternative trading venues to support digital security or security token trading. It's great to get Kyle's perspective on where they see the digital security industry evolving and why the Liquid Network is the best choice for issuers. If you enjoyed this conversation share it with your network.

    03:25 What makes MERJ unique
    07:35 Different reasons for offshoring business
    11:25 The Blockstream Mining Note and US markets
    12:43 Security tokens & digital securities
    24:16 Evolution of capital markets
    34:35 How STOs can improve markets
    43:19 Building on the Liquid Network
    48:37 Risks and regulations after FTX crash
    52:31 Future outlook for asset issuers
    54:58 The STO industry in 10 years

    • 57 min
    Blockstream Talk #18 - Lightning Signal

    Blockstream Talk #18 - Lightning Signal

    Welcome to Blockstream Talk. Today's conversation is with Rusty Russell, a senior Lightning Network Developer at Blockstream. Rusty is an OG contributor to open-source software and was tasked with helping transition the Lightning Network from an academic paper to a real world payment protocol seven years ago when he joined Blockstream. Lightning Network capacity is now up around five thousand bitcoin, pretty close to an all time high despite recent price weakness. Rusty highlights, reasons for growth, some new applications and also gives us a sneak peek into new features expected to be rolled out in the coming months.
    01:27 Starting work on Lightning at Blockstream
    03:44 Lightning Network global adoption
    04:46 Work on Bolt12 Lightning spec
    10:41 Factors driving Lightning adoption
    15:15 Bookkeeping with Core Lightning
    21:31 Lightning Network unlocking micropayments
    23:45 Integrating Lightning into Blockstream Green
    26:02 Lightning wallet recommendations
    28:48 Thoughts on El Salvador Bitcoin and Lightning adoption
    32:55 Working in the open-source software space
    38:43 Comparing Bitcoin to Linux
    47:33 Exciting things coming to Lightning

    • 55 min
    Blockstream Talk #17 - FTX Lessons

    Blockstream Talk #17 - FTX Lessons

    Welcome to Blockstream talk. Today’s conversation is with Blockstream's CEO and Co Founder, Dr. Adam Back, he joins us for a review of the ongoing meltdown of FTX and Alameda research. Adam is a wealth of knowledge and market context who offers a unique perspective when you try and figure out what has happened so far, how things could evolve going forward, and what are the key lessons for users and investors. As well as how would happen to Alameda and FTX matches up to previous blow ups. If you find this conversation useful, don't forget to share it with your network.

    00:43 FTX failure overview
    04:45 Bankruptcy vs recovery token
    09:55 FTX post mortem
    33:43 Exchange revenue rights model
    39:05 Proof of keys day
    52:14 Lessons for investors from FTX insolvency
    59:16 The future of DeFi
    1:20:48 Asset issuance on the Liquid Network
    1:25:02 Bitcoin mining market conditions
    1:29:15 Crypto bailout pool
    1:32:47 Looking ahead on the Bitcoin network

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    Blockstream Talk #16 - Bitcoin's Financial Layer

    Blockstream Talk #16 - Bitcoin's Financial Layer

    Welcome to Blockstream Talk, today's conversation is with Matthew Haywood, product manager for Blockstream’s asset management platform.

    The Liquid Network was originally conceived as a faster, cheaper, more confidential way to move bitcoin around. Over the last couple of years though, it's evolved to allow a lot more flexibility including the ability to issue and manage a variety of different assets. That includes transfer restricted assets which can be used to facilitate security token issuances.

    Blockstream AMP allows you to quickly issue standards-based digital assets for applications such as security tokens and stablecoins. It offers detailed reports on user balances and allows you to track assets throughout ownership transfers. You can enforce granular ownership restrictions either through Blockstream AMP or your own authorization API.

    We also touched on some really fundamental considerations in the security token space like, what is tokenization?

    03:06 Path to Bitcoin
    05:56 The Liquid Network
    07:22 Other assets and AMP management
    09:06 What is the Liquid Federation?
    13:56 Governance within the Federation
    16:17 L-BTC Peg in growth
    18:03 L-BTC as the native token
    20:15 L-USDt transaction volume
    22:54 Different layer-2 use cases
    25:44 Liquid documentation for institutions
    26:58 Asset management platform
    33:24 Threshold for Tokenisation
    36:22 The new Asset Management Tool
    42:10 KYC responsibilities on the Liquid Network
    43:57 What’s next for the Blockstream Asset Management Platform

    • 44 min
    Blockstream Talk #15 - Bitcoin Venture Investing

    Blockstream Talk #15 - Bitcoin Venture Investing

    Welcome to Blockstream Talk, today's conversation is with Alyse Killeen founder and managing director of Stillmark, a Bitcoin focused venture capital firm. Alyse is very clear about the distinction that needs to be made between Bitcoin and crypto and we discuss how this applies to capital allocation within the venture capital industry, how Bitcoin VC is different from both traditional internet focused VC and also often more narrative driven crypto VC. This was a really good conversation if you found it useful don't forget to share it with your network.

    04:05 Health of the VC industry
    06:49 Pitching Bitcoin to investors
    09:08 Differentiating Crypto and Bitcoin VC
    12:10 Narrative investing within Crypto tokens
    28:18 Capital allocation framworks
    32:55 The future of security tokens
    36:14 Bitcoin's importance globally
    39:41 Most exciting work within Bitcoin

    #Bitcoin #Investing #Blockstream #Stillmark

    • 48 min
    Blockstream Talk #14 - Roadmap for Blockstream's ASIC Bitcoin Miner

    Blockstream Talk #14 - Roadmap for Blockstream's ASIC Bitcoin Miner

    Welcome to Blockstream Talk. Today's conversation is with Assaf Gilboa, Blockstream Executive Vice President of Hardware Engineering. We discussed Blockstream’s acquisition of ASIC manufacturer Spondoolies and the new synergy created. We also went in depth on the centralization around the semiconductor foundry business and the bottleneck that is TSMC and Samsung as well as equipment order logistics and whether energy is the big pinch point constraining Hash rate growth.
    If you find this conversation useful, don't forget to share with your network.
    05:29 Boom or bust in Bitcoin mining

    07:22 What makes Spondoolies different?

    09:20 Making ASIC parts easily replaceable

    10:46 Blockstream and Spondoolies synergies

    13:07 Optimizing Blockstream's Bitcoin mining

    13:52 Air cooled and immersion mining

    16:00 Institutional investment entering Bitcoin mining

    18:17 Road map for Blockstream's upcoming ASIC machine

    20:55 Centralization of chip foundry services

    25:32 Essential advanced manufacturing processes

    28:17 Foundry services planning rigidity

    30:02 Difficulties in securing chip allocations

    31:00 Bitcoin miners foundry requirements

    32:14 Current selling pressure on miners

    34:19 ASIC acquisition industry dynamics

    39:24 ASIC price change implications

    41:34 Mining industry consolidation during the bear market

    43:33 Hashrate is looking for stability

    46:43 Modelling Bitcoin hashrate and price

    49:11 Why more manufacturers aren't in Bitcoin

    53:00 Bitcoin mining in 5 years

    58:39 The upcoming Blockstream ASIC

    • 57 min

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