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I help people break negative relationship cycles by shifting from Insecure to Secure Attachment.

Boundaries & Grace with Taylor Chandler Taylor Chandler

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I help people break negative relationship cycles by shifting from Insecure to Secure Attachment.

    The Disease to Please

    The Disease to Please

    Welcome to Season 7! I'm so excited to share with you.

    This episode I'm breaking down people-pleasing -
    What it looks like for the Anxious Attachment Style & the Avoidant Style
    Why we have this disease
    How to break it

    Thank you for believing in me to help you break these patterns! It just keeps getting better.

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    • 48 min
    COVID, Trauma, and Relationship Anxiety

    COVID, Trauma, and Relationship Anxiety

    It's the season finale and Dr. Dawn is here for a trauma check-up before we go!

    We're talking about respecting others' perspective,
    -the traumatic surprise of COVID,
    -the ecosystem of therapy and why we refer
    -tips for entering healthy relationships in this strange time
    -reflection on: Are you relationship material?
    -making excuses for bad relationships
    -the question of: "What has happened, happened. What's the point of going to therapy if it won't change it?"

    Thank you for a great season! See you soon -

    Sanity Session Podcast

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    • 56 min
    Purpose in Pain feat. Courtney

    Purpose in Pain feat. Courtney

    Courtney and I talk about how she overcame the pain of the past to find purpose in her life. She is doing things she couldn't imagine doing before after doing the work to free herself from what was holding her back!
    Often going forward means redefining relationships with those who have been closest to us. It's among the hardest parts of this work - but she did it, and she keeps doing it. She keeps choosing herself and sees that by choosing herself, others actually benefit!

    Great for you Courtney :)

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    • 51 min
    Love you to Death

    Love you to Death

    This is about enabling. The ways we support problematic dynamics through our own actions (or non-action).

    -What is the difference between helping and enabling, and why does it matter so much?
    -What it looks like in individuals and within relationships
    -What you can do about it
    Two episodes left in the season. Turn on your notifications so you know when we come back!

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    • 1 hr 5 min
    Mind and Body Alignment feat. Robyn LPC

    Mind and Body Alignment feat. Robyn LPC

    Robyn Minefee provides mind-body therapy, like yoga and walk-and-talk therapy! I love that she helps you see the importance of holistic health. We’re going to talk about how compulsion, obsession, and other addiction-related behaviors show up in relationships (like with people-pleasers), how you can begin managing your anxiety or depression now, and what was was so hard about the job where we met!
     Robyn is a licensed professional counselor and you can find her here:

    @iamtaylorchandler on IG and TikTok
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    • 57 min
    The Mindset to Change feat. Arabia

    The Mindset to Change feat. Arabia

    First, I start with 'The Big Reset' where I address boundaries and expectations and you get a better idea of who I am! This was actually a great reflection for me especially as I get more grounded in my role here.

    Perfect pairing with Arabia! Arabia and I worked together 1-on-1 first. She shares about realizing her achievements did not fulfill her, so she set out to embrace the relational part of her. She did the work and came into awareness of her ability to balance, which took a lot of unlearning and re-learning a more relaxed way to experience herself and relationships.

    If you're interested in working together 1-o-1, use the Free Consult Call link below!

    Enjoy :)
    20-min Consult
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    • 1 hr 11 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
81 Ratings

81 Ratings

124zj ,


This podcast speaks to me. Wish I discovered taylor months ago! So many things make sense to me now

MamaMac13 ,


Taylor’s knowledge coupled with her personality are spot on! I know that everything isn’t for everyone, however, you’re going to get at least ONE nugget from her content that will resonate with you and your relationships with others. I dare you to check her out!

Bethlehem123 ,

Incredible Podcast

Highly recommend this podcast!! I had so many Aha-moments and tangible strategies after listening to this podcast! Can’t wait for more ❤️

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