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Interviews with makers for makers and everyone interested.

    Hackerspace Vs Makerspace, The War of Words

    Hackerspace Vs Makerspace, The War of Words

    Dominic Morrow speaks with Jo Hinchliffe aka Concretedog, about the etymology of Hackerspace, Makerspace and FabLab, the differences, Makerspace-gate as well as topics relating to shared workshops spaces. 

    • 1 hr 11 min
    13 Rob Ives Paper Engineering & automata

    13 Rob Ives Paper Engineering & automata

    Show notes can be found on bricolage.run as they don't paste properly into here. 

    • 44 min
    BONUS The last UK Maker Faire

    BONUS The last UK Maker Faire

    Dominic & Gillian (@ddiasco) explore the last UK Maker Faire in April 2018. They start outside on Times Square. They chat with Dave of Rowan Wood Carving before heading inside to chat with a couple of makers. 
    This bonus episode was recorded in April 2018, at the time we did not know that this was to be the last UK Maker Faire (though please don’t be confused there are OTHER UK based Maker Faire’s they’re just not called the UK Maker Faire).
    I managed to chat with Ruth Amos, an inventor and engineer who is the star of YouTubes “Kids Invent Stuff” and an initiative to help build confidence for kids and especially girls to be more at ease with using tools.
    Some links to Ruth’s work:
    https://twitter.com/RuthAmos on Twitter
    #GirlsWithDrills for her initiative with Kisha Bradley
    KidsInventStuff on YouTube with Sean Brown
    We got to speak to Colin Furze, probably the most successful British maker on YouTube.
    Colin’s YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/colinfurze
    Colin on Twitter https://twitter.com/colin_furze

    • 51 min
    12 Becky Stern Youtube, Make, Maker Faire, Hackerspace, New York City

    12 Becky Stern Youtube, Make, Maker Faire, Hackerspace, New York City

    Dominic meets with Becky Stern of Instructables.com and YouTube whilst at Maker Faire in New York. They talk all things making including some tips on how to hoard googly eyes and how Becky’s distraction train derailed and killed a village of Canadians.
    In this episode of Bricolage I talk with Becky Stern in a noisy cafe at the New York Hall of Science, in Queens during the World Maker Faire event at the end of September 2018.
    We talk about:
    The importance of audio quality
    Tinkercad & online courses
    Train of thought derailment (killed a village of Canadians)
    Dominic likes to pioneer new things
    How do you know Dominic founded a Hackerspace? Don’t worry he’ll tell you…
    NYC Resistor the Brooklyn based makerspace where Becky is a member
    Makerbot in Brooklyn found space for NYC Resistor
    Bree Pettis proto-YouTube-Maker and influence on Becky & Dominic
    The “Death” Elevator (see Instagram)
    Instructables (where Becky is product manager)
    Mini Golf Hole at Figment Festival (Human Cell)
    NYC Resistor Dead-mans-shoes - invite only
    “What 3D Printer should I get” question
    Becky wins a Makerbot Cupcake no:44
    Providence AS220 Fablab
    Make magazine Cupcake article
    Makerbot Replicator 2
    Creality Ender 3
    Naomi Wu
    Becky’s filament box
    Alex French Guy Cooking with Becky Stern
    Dominic laments the speed the last 10 years has gone, because he’s a man of a certain age.
    Early days of Make with Colin Cunningham (an example)
    Bree goes to ETSY
    Make YouTube channel
    Dominic & Becky recall the joy of watching Make’s “Weekend Projects”
    Bree goes to Other Mill (now Bantam Tools)
    My Life in New York City
    Becky is put in a box
    On making in Brooklyn, New York
    Rules for not hoarding
    What is an obscene quantity of googly eyes?
    Becky’s boyfriend, Smokey Nelson is a cinematographer
    Project discipline
    Becky has an extreme personality
    Laura Kampf (name drop)
    Amount of content that Becky likes to put out
    Becky on Instructibles
    A kid says Hi to Becky
    Becky’s Vespa
    Dominic talks about his “Starbucks transaction" theory regards to access to cheap laser cutting, ask on twitter if interested
    A kid makes a wonderful noise
    Dean Segovis Hackaweek
    Alex Bate
    Pi Zero PeepHole Camera
    Coping mechanisms for distraction
    video with Estefanie (explains it all) & Naomi Wu coming up (not published at this point)
    Vespa project mentioned and linked earlier
    Becky plays GTA 5 online (and so does Dominic)
    Optics matter & Becky takes advantage of her privilege to put funny lights on her scooter
    Scarry spy gadgets from the electronics market in Shenzhen (up coming video)
    Domestic violence counselors & the internet of things
    Naomi Wu gives tips on spy gadgets & tastes candies with Becky
    Estefannie Explains it all
    The safety trolls
    You can find more about Becky Stern here:
    @Bekathwia Twitter
    @Bekathwia Instagram
    Bekathwia on Instructables.com
    and on her website https://beckystern.com/
    You can find out more about this podcast on twitter and instagram linked above Or by following Dominic @ChickenGrylls see a video of the “death” elevator operated by Becky Stern at NYC Resistor! Here.

    • 47 min
    11 Mark Mellors, Makevember, Hackspace, Robot Wars, EMF Camp

    11 Mark Mellors, Makevember, Hackspace, Robot Wars, EMF Camp

    In this episode I chat with Mark Mellors who is a prolific maker and a familiar name in the British maker and hacker scene. 

    We specifically talk about:

    Jelley & Marshmallows http://jellyandmarshmallows.co.uk collaborations with Simon Jelley
    Derby Mini Maker Faire 2012 https://makerfairederby.com/
    Hitchin Hackspace http://hackhitchin.org.uk/
    Alex Palforman-Brown https://twitter.com/APalfremanBrown Founder of Hack Hitchin
    Makevember Manifesto #Makevemeber hashtag
    Renovation at Hitchin Hackspace
    Cruft https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cruft
    EMF Camp https://www.emfcamp.org/
    Nottingham Hackspace http://nottinghack.org.uk/ 
    Dominic has a rant about the frustration of volunteer labour
    Hitchin Hackspace is a former public toilet 
    Hack All The Spaces Podcast, defunct podcast project with Dominic & Kate @katemonkey now lost in the mists of time
    Pareto's Law https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareto_principle
    Male to Female ratio in Hackspaces
    Mark & Dominic attempt to check their privilage
    Red Rabbits https://twitter.com/matingslinkys
    Lapin Luminare Inflatable RGB IoT Rabbit  
    Projects for EMF 2018
    Hacky-Races at EMF 2018 http://hackyracers.co.uk/
    Power Racing Series USA http://www.powerracingseries.org/
    Donald Bell of Maker Project Lab see Episode.3 
    Laminar Flow Fountain 
    Robot Wars UK https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0873k9n
    The challenges of getting a robot onto Robot Wars
    Battle Bots https://battlebots.com/
    Robert Berwick https://twitter.com/robberwick & Robert Kapinsky 
    BigHak https://twitter.com/thisisbighak
    Richard Sewell "Unsuitable Materials" #Makevember https://twitter.com/jarkman/status/935268956813905921
    MarkMellors.co.uk http://markmellors.co.uk/
    For hyperlinked version visit bricolage.run

    • 55 min
    10 Estefannie Explains It All, on Youtube & Instagram

    10 Estefannie Explains It All, on Youtube & Instagram

    I met Estefannie at the Bay Area Maker Faire when I shot a bit of video for Pimoroni, she had made a Daft Punk helmet as a wearable prop showing off her work. She was kind enough to agree to speak with me for Bricolage podcast.
    Estefannie Explains it all YouTube channel Bay Area Maker Faire Computer Science Tutorials on YouTube Pumpkin Droid, BB8 Jack-o-lantern Smart Gingerbread House Alex Bate from Raspberry Pi Foundation Tough Mudder Deadlines & stress Finding the thing McMaster-Carr Catalogue Instructables.com Paul Beech again Matter Hackers Joel Telling the 3D Printer Guy Laura Kampf  Bob Clagett, I like to make stuff Daft Punk Helmet Estefannie Ranch Elon Musk The Boring Company Hat Hack-Farm NFC LED false nail Twitter https://twitter.com/estefanniegg Instagram https://www.instagram.com/estefanniegg For hyperlinked version visit bricolage.run 

    • 24 min

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