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A podcast from Maureen Towns Consulting

    Broken Open #21: Erin Ekman: A Deeper Dive

    Broken Open #21: Erin Ekman: A Deeper Dive

    Erin Ekman is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation(ICF), and the principal facilitator and leadership consultant with Centrivity.

    This is our second podcast recording - and in this episode Erin and I do a deeper dive and chat about adversity, and her journey to resilience through loss and disillusionment.  Listen to the end to hear us talk about how we worked through the discomfort we experienced during the recording!   

    Erin's website: centrivity.ca - subscribe to her newsletter to stay up to date on her upcoming online program.  It sounds incredible.

    Erin's linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/erin-ekman-2026811/

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    Broken Open #20: Adele Fedorak

    Broken Open #20: Adele Fedorak

    The beautiful Adele Fedorak and I chat about the power of storytelling.   Adele, speech pathologist and certified coach, has combined her many passions into a new program for those wanting to become great storytellers.   

    She's understated, genuine, and very, very talented.  I hope you enjoy our conversation. 

    Website (under construction): adelefedorak.ca

    Email: adele@adelefedorak.ca

    The Story Edge on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/storyintelligence/

    Mentioned on the podcast: Parentology - http://www.stephenbatchelder.com/

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    Broken Open #19: Claudia Jungert

    Broken Open #19: Claudia Jungert

    Claudia Jungert, Portfolio Coordinator, Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Studies at SAIT, shares her story of becoming a widow and supporting her son through drug treatment.   Claudia shares how the experience changed her, how she became a more empathetic leader and a better listener, how she has learned to "stop trying to control everything", and how those things have helped her during COVID-19.

    Mentioned in the podcast:

    AARC - Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre: https://aarc.ab.ca/

    PCHAD- Protection of Children Using Drugs: https://www.alberta.ca/protection-children-abusing-drugs-program.aspx

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    Broken Open #18: Kristin Moore

    Broken Open #18: Kristin Moore

    Kristin Moore is a Certified Professional Recovery Coach and Intervention Specialist.  The founder of Shift Recovery Solutions, she specializes in supporting professionals, executives, and business owners with concierge level Recovery Coaching and Intervention Services.   Shift Recovery Solutions is the first Canadian Certified facilitator of Addiction Awareness in the Workplace. 

    Shift Recovery Solutions Website: www.shiftrecovery.ca

    Kristen's linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristin-j-moore-0444293/?originalSubdomain=ca

    Shift Recovery on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/shiftrecoverysolutions/

    Hazelden Betty Ford Family and Children Program: https://www.hazeldenbettyford.org/treatment/family-children/family-program

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    Broken Open #17: Karine Dazé

    Broken Open #17: Karine Dazé

    Karine has been a snow and skateboard coach for 18 years.  A graduate of the National Coaching Institute Program at the University of Calgary, she blends her formal education with her 26 years as a snowboarder - specializing in the half pipe -  and is passing on her passion for sport to the next generation.  Not growing up in sport, I've been fascinated to hear her credit the lessons learned through sport for her own tenacity and resilience.   This podcast is being released on her birthday!   Follow Karine's personal Insta @kadaisies

    Push to Heal https://vimeo.com/281117753

    Read about the Jesse D Foundation here: https://calgary.ctvnews.ca/remembering-jesse-d-calgarians-celebrate-life-of-local-skater-1.4517554

    For information about qualifying for the Jesse D Legacy Fund contact The Compound staff - info on their webpage.

    The Compound: http://thecompoundyyc.com/

    fb: https://www.facebook.com/thecompoundyyc/        Insta: @thecompoundyyc

    Riders On Board: http://ridersonboard.com/              

    fb: https://www.facebook.com/RidersOnBoardSnowboardClub    Insta: @ridersonboard

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    Broken Open #16: Donna Hughes

    Broken Open #16: Donna Hughes

    Donna Hughes is the President, Executive Director and Clinical Director of Inner Solutions in Calgary.    Hear her story - how she went from being a registered psychiatric nurse therapist to pioneering new programming for the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder and creating an organization that specializes in the delivery of Dialectic Behavioural Therapy.   

    Inner Solutions: www.innersolutions.ca

    Visit https://linktr.ee/maureentowns for links to the podcast

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