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In this show, we share the struggles and challenges of growing and building stuff.

Build in Public Daily Jethro Jones

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In this show, we share the struggles and challenges of growing and building stuff.

    What Limitations?

    What Limitations?

    It's Adam W. Barney, Energy Coach again - today I talk about limitations based on this quote: ​“All limitations are self-imposed.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes
    If there’s one thing humans are great at, it’s setting up illusory boundaries for ourselves that don’t actually exist in reality.
    You can… do anything you want. The only limits are those you place upon yourself.
    I'm also hitting the checkbox on revisions for the introduction and chapter 1 of Make Your Own Glass Full. Let's get inspired!

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    Feedback Friday (at least it's not Fire Drill Friday)

    Feedback Friday (at least it's not Fire Drill Friday)

    It's Friday and Adam W. Barney, Energy Coach just got introduced to his revisions editor for Make Your Own Glass Half Full. This brings him around to talk about feedback, and how to take feedback, and he even bungles a reference to Jay-Z by saying it was Snoop Dogg. Who needs a nap?
    Anyway, feedback can feel overwhelming, but a structure and plan for how you take that feedback and evolve can decrease the weighty feeling.

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    Reflecting on my experience with the cold plunge after a hiatus, I admit it's not my favorite activity. Nonetheless, avoiding it due to a minor back wound was perhaps just an excuse to evade the discomfort. The cold water never fails to challenge me, making me wonder about its benefits beyond mere weight loss or physical health improvements. What I do appreciate about such challenging tasks, however, is how they fortify my ability to tackle other difficult endeavors with greater resilience.

    Recently, I embarked on a new project called EduNews, which was born out of a sudden idea. Rather than idly contemplating its potential, I decided to set a timer and dedicate 45 minutes to developing it. The result is EduNews, a platform accessible at Edune.ws, where individuals can stay updated on the latest developments in K-12 education and actively contribute their own insights. The platform is open to all, free of charge, with the aim of fostering a vibrant community passionate about education. Building EduNews was not only a fulfilling task but also a testament to my love for creating meaningful projects.

    I take pride in the simplicity of the domain name, Edune.ws, as it encapsulates the essence of what EduNews stands for. This venture is driven by a desire to provide a space where education enthusiasts can come together, share valuable information, and engage in fruitful discussions. I encourage everyone interested in the field of education to explore EduNews and become part of a community dedicated to empowering and informing others. The process of crafting this platform has been immensely rewarding, reaffirming my belief in the power of creation and collaboration in enriching our lives.
    (00:00) - Cold Plunge Reflections
    (00:50) - Finding Strength in Challenges
    (01:14) - Introducing EduNews

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    Imposter Impostures

    Imposter Impostures

    Adam W. Barney, Energy Coach, is back after a long break and he talks about his experience with finishing up the presale for the upcoming fundraiser event, Make Your Own Glass Half Full. He also shares some tips on how to get back into the swing of things after kids have been on break for a week. This recording was made during a morning walk with his two dogs, Welly and Winter, on a beautiful late-February day that feels like spring. You might hear a slight jangle of dog tags in the background.

    • 3 min
    Just Start?

    Just Start?

    Adam W. Barney, Energy Coach and author of the upcoming book Make Your Own Glass Half Full starts his journey with Build In Public Daily by (appropriately) talking about the concept of "just start."
    Strap in! Let's go!

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    In this episode, I delve deep into the power of scriptures and their relevance to our lives. As I explore this topic, I find myself unexpectedly relating more to the wickedness of Laman and Lemuel in the Book of Mormon rather than the righteousness of Nephi. Despite being in a good place presently, this realization intrigues me because it highlights my own shortcomings and my yearning to draw closer to God and Christ.

    I can't help but ponder on what might be holding Laman and Lemuel back from attaining their spiritual goals. While I strive to lead a righteous life and establish a strong connection with God, I also recognize the ease with which one can stumble and falter along the way. As I continue to develop and better myself, I become increasingly conscious of the areas in which I still struggle.

    However, I refrain from judging myself for these experienced guilt and instead gain a fresh perspective on the barriers that hinder my spiritual growth. It is a thought-provoking realization that prompts me to examine the obstacles preventing me from fully reaching my potential.
    (00:00) - Identifying with Laman and Lemuel in their wickedness
    (01:17) - Examining what keeps them from being where they need to be
    (01:27) - Gaining a new perspective on personal struggles and potential

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5.0 out of 5
4 Ratings

4 Ratings

tehjunction ,

Love the vulnerability

Stacey is so vulnerable and willing to share her success and struggles. Really appreciate this daily content to help inspire me to take on new challenges.

rrpodnet ,

Powerful journey

Building in public is a new and powerful concept in business, content creation, and life. Seeing the daily ups and downs of building provides relevant ideas and inspiration for listeners along their own journey. Stacey's journey is worth following!

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