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Build Phase is a weekly technical podcast discussing iOS development and design.

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Build Phase is a weekly technical podcast discussing iOS development and design.

    119: eyeOS

    119: eyeOS

    Jack & Nick discuss what's new in iOS 11 for Developers, Xcode 9, refactoring in Swift 4, being lazy about watching WWDC videos, and ARKit experimentation.

    Swift Archival & Serialization
    What's New in iOS 11 for Developers
    Nick on Giant Robots
    Drag & Drop
    AR Ruler
    Apple Acquires SensoMotoric Instruments

    • 48 min
    118: Infected By Enthusiasm

    118: Infected By Enthusiasm

    Nick Charlton joins Jack as the new co-host of Build Phase to discuss client expectations, hypermedia APIs, Reactive Swift, and the continued existence of FTP.

    Why Founders Should Know How to Code
    Roy Fielding complains about so-called REST
    Designing the Public Artsy API
    ReactiveCocoa and friends
    Swift archival & serialization proposal
    Ole Begemann has produced a nice playground for use with Xcode 8.3 and a Swift 4 toolchain to let you try out this and other new features of Swift 4: What's new in Swift 4 playground
    Nick on Twitter

    • 31 min
    117: Cheap Assets

    117: Cheap Assets

    In this episode, Jack is joined by David Ventura to talk about hackintosh build servers, the hopelessness of the Xcode project file, and Unity3D.

    Unity post-build processing
    Ultima: Shroud of the Avatar

    • 36 min
    116: Is It About Vaping?

    116: Is It About Vaping?

    In this episode, Jack stuns Gordon with a true story about a bizarre Swedish Christmas ritual, Gordon talks about his adventures creating a simple web app using Swift, and finally Jack reveals his true feelings about the new MacBook Pro.

    Sweden's bizarre Disney Christmas tradition
    A recording of the Swedish Disney Christmas show from years ago
    IBM's Kitura web framework
    The Vapor web framework

    • 36 min
    115: All Quiet on the Tech Nerd Front

    115: All Quiet on the Tech Nerd Front

    Mark & Jack discuss beards, politics, Swift 2.3 deprecation, and day to day Swit 3.0 development.

    The PyThong
    Advanced NSOperations
    Podcast Swag Bundles

    • 31 min
    114: I've Been Unfollowing a LOT of People

    114: I've Been Unfollowing a LOT of People

    Big week! Jack and Gordon sit down to talk about the new Macbook Pros and explain why it's totally OK for you not to buy one, as well as a possible solution to the missing escape key. They then move on into discussing CoreData, Swift bugs, and missing features in Swift Package Manager. They wrap up by discussing performance issues in Argo and the problems with benchmarks.

    BNR Core Data Stack
    Fix your own escape key with the international keyboard
    PR demonstrating a Swift bug in Argo
    Argo #422: "Worst performing JSON mapping framework"

    • 57 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
45 Ratings

45 Ratings

MalikMadiba ,

Great iOS Dev Podcast

Just stumbled upon the Build Phase podcast. One episode in and love it so far. Time to listen to the archives. Informative iOS Dev talk.

SpillyMcDeez ,

Intelligent, in-depth iOS programming discussion

Love this podcast because it's only one I found that has truly in-depth, from the field, iOS software development discussion

Brenntron ,

Awesome show for all levels of programmers

Amazing show that gives insight into soft and sometimes functional programming. I this junior Dev lives it!

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