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Dentistry is evolving - Is your practice BULLETPROOF?
Marketing. Systems. Leadership. Proven strategies to grow your practice with co-hosts Dr. Peter Boulden and Dr. Craig Spodak.

Bulletproof Dental Practice Dr. Peter Boulden & Dr. Craig Spodak

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Dentistry is evolving - Is your practice BULLETPROOF?
Marketing. Systems. Leadership. Proven strategies to grow your practice with co-hosts Dr. Peter Boulden and Dr. Craig Spodak.

    Craig's FB Drama, Investment Framework, Acquisition Evaluation, Routines.club

    Craig's FB Drama, Investment Framework, Acquisition Evaluation, Routines.club

    Buletproof Dental Practice Episode 313
    Hosts: Dr. Peter Boulden & Dr. Craig Spodak
    Guests: Dr. Trey Tippit & Dr. Dwight Peccora

    ·          Craig's interest in social media content and dental discussions
    ·          Questioning the purchase of 7% of a dental practice for $500,000
    ·          Examination of the math behind company valuation
    ·          Discussion on dentists' retirement savings and early retirement
    ·          Trey's questions about investment returns and the value of a $500,000 practice
    ·          Comparison of fractional ownership and traditional practice buying
    ·          Identifying risks and success markers in practice ownership
    ·          Evaluation criteria for dental practice investments: yield, appreciation, downside protection, and tax efficiency
    ·          Craig's 10yearold dental practice undergoing interior remodeling
    ·          Initial low yield expectations for the investment
    ·          Projected appreciation in the second and third years
    ·          Value of dental practice real estate with longterm leases
    ·          Discussion of return on capital and tax efficiency
    ·          Benefits of investing in a new facility for organizational profitability
    ·          Importance of a clear evaluation framework and vision
    ·          Challenges and benefits of being social and patientoriented
    ·          Introduction to an acquisition opportunity for discussion
    ·          Costs associated with acquiring a dental practice
    ·          Trey's approach to negotiating deals and profits
    ·          Exploring the entrepreneurial profit and purchase price
    ·          Building relationships with bankers for safe leverage and returns
    ·          The role of EBITDA in arbitrage and economies of scale
    ·          Sharing experiences with new and existing practices
    ·          The evolving perspective on entrepreneurial freedom and growth
    ·          Managing risk and expanding the business through strategic partnerships
    ·          Success leaves clues, referencing Peter's routinesclubs.com website
    ·          Insight into Peter's daily routine and health tips
    ·          Information about Peter's morning routine
    ·          Dentistry's need for successful role models and influencers
    ·          The challenge of aligning choices with one's desired lifestyle
    ·          Peter's creation of a custom bulletproof GPT vector database
    ·          The podcast's purpose in gathering diverse data and insights
    Bulletproof Mastermind
    Bulletproof Summit
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    Cyberattacks on Dental!! Aspen Dental, Human Hacking and More with Jeff Hopeck

    Cyberattacks on Dental!! Aspen Dental, Human Hacking and More with Jeff Hopeck

    Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast Episode 312
    Hosts: Dr. Peter Boulden  and Dr. Craig Spodak

    Guests: Jeff Hopeck
    Introduction Introduction: How to Become Bulletproof
    The OPM Hack and Sophisticated Hacking
    Existing Problems and Vulnerabilities
    Rise of Human Hacking and Exploitation
    Social Hacking and Target Exploitation
    Protecting Investments and Expanding
    Practical Advice for Protection
    Web Scraping and Dark Web
    Taking Action and Seeking Cybersecurity
    Establishing Cyber Baseline
    Transparency and Cybersecurity
    Cybersecurity Concerns and CEO Worries
    Facing Competitive Challenges
    Micro-Awareness and Key Insights
    Safety Measures and Human Hacking Story
    Conclusion: Creating Awareness
    Bulletproof Mastermind 
    Bulletproof Summit
    Mighty Networks: Bulletproof Dental Practice

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    The Bulletproof Panel - Hating Work, Marketing, Body Aches, Team Drama

    The Bulletproof Panel - Hating Work, Marketing, Body Aches, Team Drama

    Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast Episode 311
    Hosts: Dr. Peter Boulden & Dr. Craig Spodak
    Guests: Dr. Trey Tippit 
    Emphasis on content that resonates with audiences over a perfectly crafted message.
    Recognition that well-executed videos can achieve wider reach and engagement than ideal messages.
    Insight into the key elements that contribute to impactful videos, such as choreography and meaningful content.
    Discussion on the rapid onset of burnout and its underlying causes.
    Identifying the significance of mentorship, challenge, and personal fulfillment in preventing burnout.
    Addressing the importance of progress and setting goals for career satisfaction.
    Highlighting the value of personal development and planning in achieving fulfillment.
    Recognizing the value of self-awareness in finding purpose and fulfillment.
    Addressing office drama and advocating for open communication and constructive criticism.
    Defining the negative impact of office gossip and its role in creating problems.
    Encouraging a culture of autonomous problem-solving and growth.
    Emphasizing the need for dental professionals to acquire essential life skills beyond dentistry.
    Prioritizing mental and physical wellness, especially in high-stress professions.
    Discussing physical challenges faced by dentists and strategies for alleviating discomfort.
    Stressing the importance of addressing health issues proactively.
    Insight into the long-term benefits of investing in health and finances early on.
    Recognizing the value of flexibility and holistic well-being.
    Importance of goal-oriented profitability and cash flow management.
    Empowering dental professionals to understand and analyze financial numbers for business success.
    Advocating for diversifying cash flow and building autonomous business systems.
    Discussing key factors in evaluating investments, including yield and downside protection.
    Recognizing the fear factor in pursuing professional growth.
    Advising against simplistic approaches and acknowledging the power of positive outcomes.
    Emphasizing the significance of branding and patient-centric experience.
    Discussing marketing strategies and patient engagement techniques.
    Detailing the impact of personalized patient interactions and internal marketing.
    Encouraging online presence and strategic planning for practice success.
    Exploring the challenges of dental advertising and its financial implications.
    Advocating for building a strong foundation before investing in marketing.
    Recap of key discussion points and appreciation for guest participation.
    Bulletproof Mastermind
    Bulletproof Summit 
    Perio Protect - SPECIAL BP DEAL!
     Mighty Networks: Bulletproof Dental Practice

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    Takeaways: Summit Recap with Randy Smith

    Takeaways: Summit Recap with Randy Smith

    Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast Episode 310
    Hosts: Dr. Peter Boulden  and Dr. Craig Spodak

    Guests: Randy Smith
    Key Takeaways: 
    ● Energy and Impact of Events: The episode begins by emphasizing the significance of energy in driving the world and events. The hosts share their experience at a dental conference organized by Randy, highlighting the unexpectedly engaging atmosphere and the effectiveness of Randy's event management skills.
    ● Randy's Insights for Financial Independence: Randy imparts his top 20 tips for achieving financial independence, reflecting his lifelong dedication to learning. These insights garnered substantial interest and led to valuable feedback from attendees.
    ● Building Networks in Independent Business: The podcast underscores the challenge of operating as independent business professionals and stresses the importance of collaboration and networking within the industry.
    ● Mastermind Group Power: The hosts discuss the transformative power of mastermind groups, where collective thinking and shared expertise drive business success. The episode emphasizes the value of vulnerability and learning from others.
    ● Patient-Centric Approach: The conversation touches on the significance of patient engagement and how joining a mastermind group can enhance business strategies, as illustrated by personal anecdotes from the hosts.
    ● Navigating Success and Challenges: The hosts delve into the dynamics of success, cautioning against complacency during favorable market conditions and highlighting the advanced skills required to sustain growth in more challenging times.
    ● Unveiling Dental Business Insights: The episode explores the concept of uncovering unknown aspects of dental business, including leveraging personality testing for team optimization and drawing unconventional business education from non-dental sources.
    ● Effective Communication and Collaboration: The hosts share their experiences and insights into effective communication and collaboration, highlighting their ability to problem-solve and innovate within their respective fields.
    ● Balance of Rationality and Emotion: A contrast is drawn between the hosts' approaches to decision-making, with one emphasizing rationality and the other valuing emotional connection. The process of business valuation is discussed within this context.
    ● Mastermind Evolution and Alpha Dynamics: The origins of the mastermind group are detailed, along with the evolution from its initial stages to mastery. The importance of diverse perspectives and engaging with leaders in various domains is emphasized.
    ● Entrepreneurial Definitions and Success: The hosts debate the concept of entrepreneurship and its implications, referencing the experiences of successful figures like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs. The episode also touches on the success of female dentists and business leaders.
    ● Listener Interaction and Humor: The hosts engage with a listener's question and share light-hearted moments on stage. Personal anecdotes and connections between the hosts are explored, revealing past collaborations and interactions.
    ● Tax Planning and Financial Strategy: The importance of strategic tax planning is underscored, with a focus on how minimizing adjusted gross income can reinvest capital into business growth. The hosts stress the year-round nature of tax planning and its impact on decision-making.
    ● Health Industry and Patient Experience: The unique position of doctors in the healthcare industry is discussed, particularly their ability to enter the field with significant financial investment. The hosts highlight their attention to improving the patient experience within their practices.
    ● Online Resources and Contact Information: The episode concludes by mentioning specific online platforms and websites, including the Bulletproof Mastermind website and its resources.

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    Strategies for Scaling Your Dental Practice: Insights from Trainual Founder Chris Ronzio

    Strategies for Scaling Your Dental Practice: Insights from Trainual Founder Chris Ronzio

    Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast Episode 309
    Hosts: Dr. Peter Boulden 
    Guests: Chris Ronzio
    Key Takeaways: 
    Introduction of Chris Ronzo: Founder of Triennial, author of "The Business Playbook" and "100 Hacks to Improve Your Business," and host of the podcast "Organizing Chaos” The Genesis of Bulletproof Dental: Chris Ronzo discusses the inception of the idea to adapt the IP from Bulletproof for dentistry, highlighting the challenges of maintaining and financing software Industry Agnostic Approach: Chris shares his industry-agnostic approach to developing processes, procedures, playbooks, and business strategies, drawing from his diverse business experiences Chris's Background: Chris delves into his entrepreneurial journey, including his start in the video production industry and his successful transition to Trainual Game-Changing in Dentistry: Chris discusses being ahead of the curve with configurable software and his motivation to create a training software platform Trainable Software: Exploring the software-based platform "Trainual" and its impact on various businesses, with a focus on the four key areas: Profile, Policies, Procedures, and Playbooks Tailoring to Dentistry: Chris emphasizes the uniqueness of dentistry as a combination of artistry and clinical practice, underscoring challenges related to hiring, firing, attrition, and retention in the dental field Building Scalability: The importance of employee experience, customer experience, and business experience in scaling a dental practice, along with the significance of training and retention Protecting Dentistry: The rationale behind the name "Bulletproof" podcast, with a mission to empower dentists against industry consolidation through education, IP, tactics, and tools Business Information Workshop: Highlighting the value of capturing comprehensive business information and setting clear expectations to foster alignment and accountability Clear Communication: Chris emphasizes the role of setting clear expectations in a fast-paced dental office, enabling success and minimizing misunderstandings Simplification for Success: Chris shares his approach of explaining concepts in simple terms to facilitate understanding and growth Minimizing Friction: Chris addresses challenges related to onboarding and aims to enhance the user experience The Vision for Business: Chris discusses his vision of a business as a tool for life enhancement and offers a $100 discount coupon (code: "Bulletproof") for those signing up at BPTrainual.com  
    Bulletproof Mastermind 
    Bulletproof Summit
    Mighty Networks: Bulletproof Dental Practice
    Four P’s:
    • Profile of your Business – Mission, Vision, and Background
    • People – Roles and Responsibilities
    • Policies – Rules of the workplace
    • Processes to deliver the product – The step-by-step place on how you do and what you do.

    • 30 min
    Unleash Your Practice's Potential: Differentiation and Cash Flow Mastery

    Unleash Your Practice's Potential: Differentiation and Cash Flow Mastery

    Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast Episode 308
    Hosts: Dr. Peter Boulden & Dr. Craig Spodak
    Guests: Dr. Trey Tippit & Dr. Dwight Peccora
    Key Takeaways: 
    Business owners and leaders should set a clear vision for their teams to follow Investing in team development should not be feared, as it leads to better outcomes Differentiation strategies for dental practices - using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Search Console Understanding analytics and data migration is crucial for business success Personal runway and transparency in business negotiations The power of the multiple model EBITDA and its importance in dentistry Private equity's focus on cash flow and value impact Due diligence is crucial when buying a dental practice, focusing on patient numbers, tax returns, and economies of scale The significance of cash flow statements for tracking expenses and trends Leverage is a key factor in generating wealth, and financing depreciating assets should be considered carefully Reflecting on past financial mistakes is advised for better financial decisions Leverage can extend beyond debt and involves various types of balance sheets and financial analysis Arbitrage = the difference in prices for practices in different environment References:
    Bulletproof Mastermind
    Bulletproof Summit –
    Mighty Networks: Bulletproof Dental Practice

    • 1 hr 4 min

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4.8 out of 5
240 Ratings

240 Ratings

Time to Floss ,

Craig is absolutely right

Rumi’s is fantastic. Do more metro Atlanta area restaurant shoutouts.

sonlieb ,

My #1 podcast !

Love this podcast - you guys rock. I wish Craig would stop speaking over Peter 🫶. Peter - I love your tin foil hat I am right there with you. You literally speak my mind and are into all the things I find interesting myself. I appreciate you all for sharing your knowledge. I specially appreciate you guys talking about how selling the practice to cash out is not the solution as the money is in the practice. I never saw things that way, and now I look at everything though that lense. Keep teaching us how to think like businessman.

juliasnyderdds ,

Awesome Dental Podcast

This is an amazing podcast - I get both tactical info and higher level thought-provoking insights from these guys. Whether you are an associate or an owner, you will benefit from giving these guys a listen. Thanks for doing this Peter and Craig!

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