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Join host Blane Singletary as he brings you the voices from Oklahoma's CareerTech system, and how they're working to make the state a better place to be.

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Join host Blane Singletary as he brings you the voices from Oklahoma's CareerTech system, and how they're working to make the state a better place to be.

    Episode 2 – “Helping Small Business Grow” with Carter Merkle

    Episode 2 – “Helping Small Business Grow” with Carter Merkle

    Have you started a small business? Do you know someone who has?

    The challenges of starting out from scratch are well known, but what you may not know is that CareerTech has resources to help make growing a small business easier.

    Carter Merkle of Oklahoma's Procurement Technical Assistance Center sat down with us to talk about the ways in which OkPTAC connects small businesses in the state with government agencies.

    You can view a video of our conversation with Carter Merkle here:


    You can view videos of the business leaders we talked to at ICBSSHOW here:


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    Episode 1 - "A Time Of Transition" with Lee Denney

    Episode 1 - "A Time Of Transition" with Lee Denney

    How do you lead in a time of transition?

    CareerTech's Interim State Director Dr. Lee Denney sat down with Russell Ray to tell us about her unique role at the agency.

    She also shares her thoughts about the CareerTech student organizations and the many ways the system delivers on its promises to students and businesses across the state.

    You can view the video version of this conversation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIRLsErd3e8


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    Introducing CareerTech Conversations

    Introducing CareerTech Conversations

    CareerTech Horizon is becoming CareerTech Conversations!

    We will still be bringing you the amazing stories from people within Oklahoma's CareerTech System, but with a slightly different approach, as they tell their stories in their own words. We will also be bringing you some of our episodes in video format on CareerTech's YouTube Channel.

    Thanks to everyone who stayed subscribed to us during our hiatus. You should already be on track to hearing our newly revamped podcast. Our first episode, featuring CareerTech's Interim State Director Dr. Lee Denney, will be hitting your feeds soon.

    Be sure to spread the word about our new rebranding, and we'll see you soon!

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    Season 2 Episode 2 - "Here's the Beef"

    Season 2 Episode 2 - "Here's the Beef"

    Do you remember last year when meat was difficult to find?

    When the lockdowns went into effect, and major meat producers had to scale back production in the fight against COVID-19, many Oklahomans sought out local sources of meat. However, that highlighted a new problem: workforce shortages.

    In this episode, we examine Oklahoma's meat shortage, and how teamwork from all over the state seeks to train more meat processors to prevent another one.

    We'll examine how Oklahoma lawmakers responded to the initial meat shortage situation and began to expand the state's local processing capacity.

    Forging a partnership that paid dividends, we'll look into how CareerTech teamed up with the Department of Agriculture Food and Forestry to train up a new workforce.

    We'll hit the road to check out high schools and tech centers adding meat to their curriculum.

    Check out the new Mobile Meat Processing Lab; a refrigerated semi-trailer converted into a classroom on wheels.

    A new Oklahoma Certified Beef standard seeks to help farmers and ranchers market their meat direct-to-consumer.

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    "Challenges and Opportunites" in Agriculture

    "Challenges and Opportunites" in Agriculture

    Have you ever thought about where your food comes from? Have you thought about the processes and the people involved with getting it to your plate?

    In our Season 2 premiere, CareerTech Horizon takes a dive into Oklahoma agriculture, the challenges the industry faces, and the new opportunities for people to get involved in it.

    State Agriculture Secretary Blayne Arthur gives us a look at the industry and how it fared during the pandemic.

    John Patrick Lopez of Lopez Foods tells us about food processing. Some things changed with technology, but he still needs hard-working people, too.

    OSU's Cynda Clary takes us through the many jobs available in agriculture, many of which don't involve farm work.

    CareerTech's Scott Nemecek explains how they are training the next generation of ag workers.

    Nikki Snider of the Oklahoma Pork Council works to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers.

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    TRAILER -- Season 2 Episode 1: "Challenges and Opportunities"

    TRAILER -- Season 2 Episode 1: "Challenges and Opportunities"

    Head over to our Facebook or Twitter to see the video version of this trailer!

    In the lead-up to CareerTech Horizon's Season 2 debut, producer Blane Singletary takes you behind the scenes, onto the set of the show, to talk about how the pandemic changed the way the shows were put together.

    We also talk about our next episode about how Oklahoma's agriculture industry went through its own trials, as many in the state faced a food shortage. Through these difficult times, however, new opportunities have emerged, and a variety of jobs are available for those willing to step up.

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