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CE Center Podcasts are for architects looking to learn more about today's built environment.

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CE Center Podcasts are for architects looking to learn more about today's built environment.

    Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Floor and Wall Panels for Multifamily Buildings

    Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Floor and Wall Panels for Multifamily Buildings

    One product that has been used extensively overseas is now becoming very popular in the United States as well. Boards or panels made from magnesium oxide (MgO) are showing up on projects across the country to act as a subfloor, sheathing, wall board, or underlayment material. In the process, they are bringing enhanced fire resistance and acoustical performance to many building types, most notably multifamily projects.
    Today we are talking to Kate Andrews Land, General Manager, EXA COR MgO Products, and Ben Richardson, the Technology Manager for EXACOR™ MgO products at Huber Engineered Woods.
    By the end of this podcast you should be able to:
    Learning Objectives:

    * Identify the physical characteristics of magnesium oxide (MgO) panels in terms of their makeup and basic performance attributes for use in floor and wall assemblies in multifamily projects.
    * Investigate the fire-resistance capabilities and testing standards that demonstrate the ability for MgO panels to provide fire-rated assemblies in buildings.
    * Assess the acoustical capabilities of MgO panels in terms of meeting or exceeding code requirements for multifamily buildings and providing for the welfare of occupants.
    * Compare and contrast the use of MgO structural panels with other floor underlayment options, particularly wet-laid gypsum, to specify MgO panels appropriately in multifamily floor assemblies.

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    Unique and Innovative Fire Rated Applications

    Unique and Innovative Fire Rated Applications

    Architects have always pushed the limits of what building products can do, and fire rated glazing is no exception. In this podcast, Tim Nass, talks about the projects that have spurred unique & innovative fire rated glazing products to the market.Learning Objectives:

    * Review the history of fire rated glass from wired glass and ceramics to high performing, multi-functional fire rated glazing products
    * Explain the difference between fire protective vs. fire restive glazing products
    * Examine how the architectural community's demand for large sizes, increased optical clarity, unobstructed views and thermal performance have shaped fire rated glazing product development through a project case study
    * Discover the importance of multi-functional fire restive glazing products providing additional performance features such as hurricane, blast, ballistic, forced entry and more through a project case study.

    KCode: K2008S - 0.25 AIA LU/HSW
    Speaker:Tim Nass, VP of Sales
    Tim Nass has over 25 years of experience in the architectural glazing industry.  As the Vice President of Sales at SAFTI FIRST, leading USA-manufacturer of fire rated glass and framing systems, he brings his extensive knowledge and expertise when working closely with architects, consultants,  general contractors and glaziers to deliver a code-compliant glazing solution that meets all the aesthetic, performance and budget requirements of the project.  Tim also oversees SAFTI FIRST’s global network of architectural sales representatives.Tim Nass is a dynamic presenter and speaker who has been delivering our AIA-registered presentation to various architecture firms, AIA local chapters, CSI local chapters, at the CSI National Convention and other architectural and glazing industry events.

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