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​Turn pennies into dollars, become debt-free and build the life of your dreams!
Budget Coach "CentsAble" Bobbi Olson delivers resources, tools & hope to help you reach your financial goals. 
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​Turn pennies into dollars, become debt-free and build the life of your dreams!
Budget Coach "CentsAble" Bobbi Olson delivers resources, tools & hope to help you reach your financial goals. 
Check back every week for new and informative episodes.

    Sammy Rabbit’s Money Habits

    Sammy Rabbit’s Money Habits

    Lead the Way
    Kids practice what they’re taught
    Your children need you to lead the way, from how to dress, how to eat properly, how to interact within a polite society and especially how to handle money. Learning good money habits sets them up to respect the power of money and what it means to them. In this episode, SammyRabbit.com creator, Sam X Renick leads you through fun and important tips, tricks and lessons that you can pass along to your kids.
    Make Money Fun!
    Sammy’s the solution!
    A visit to Sammy Rabbit’s resource hub opens up a world of financial literacy with the click of your child’s mouse! With dozens of tools at your child’s fingertips, they’ll have fun, be entertained and take part in the interactive methods that lead them through the world of money.
    Make Your Kids Strong
    Knowing how money works gives them confidence
    Through interactive play, your kids will understand that money is a tool. This leads to a confident child that spends smartly, saves efficiently, giving them the ability to make their dreams come true and live their ultimate life!
    Family Fun
    Bring everybody together with family money fun!
    Activities geared toward children are a great way to bring the family together. There’s nothing more exciting, for a parent, than watching their kids get excited to learn, and that’s exactly what these lessons do. While creating an opportunity for fun family time, it presents possibilities for parents to learn something new. Most importantly, parents can speak to their children about money on a whole new level! So, lead the way, sit down with your kids, and learn all about Sammy Rabbit’s Money Habits!

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    Fighting For Financial Freedom

    Fighting For Financial Freedom

    Fighting For Financial Freedom
    It’s easier than you think
    Spending your days, the way you want, is much more satisfying than being stuck behind a desk. To walk away from a job that no longer aligns with your values, because you are no longer a slave to debt or employer is empowering. Who wouldn’t want total control of their financial life, or to send their children out into the world, free of a burdensome paycheck to paycheck life?
    No one! In this episode, you will learn how fighting for financial freedom is easy to start and leads to you being a commander in your quest to live your ultimate life.
    Freedom Can Be Yours
    Command your troops
    Freedom is a choice. Even if you’re in debt, living paycheck to paycheck, you have the power to command your money and take back your freedom. Don’t depend on someone else to give you a raise or inheritance. Stop waiting for change and start creating it. Regardless of your income level or the size of your debt, there are small steps you can take today, which lead to a better tomorrow.
    Living The Dream
    What freedom feels like
    After you slay your debt and start building your financial foundation, life looks different. You begin to think about money and its purpose differently. You begin strategizing and focusing on what you can accomplish, instead of what’s holding you back. To live life on your terms and plan, instead of bracing for what life might throw your way. The stronger the financial foundation, the more freedom you have, to start living the life of your dreams!
    Welcome to the Journey!
    Don’t forget your patience
    If you’ve come to the realization that fighting for financial freedom is possible, welcome to the journey! Don’t expect your situation to change overnight; it’s a journey, not a bullet train. Gather your resources, map out your path, take the first step and then keep going!
    Thank you!
    Many thanks to Financial Freedom Fighter, Virginia Woolf, for contributing to this episode! Visit her website and get a copy of her e-book “The Bag Lady.”

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    The Excitement of Budgeting

    The Excitement of Budgeting

    Money is stressful!
    Don’t worry the big stuff
    Dealing with money is stressful, until you recognize the excitement of budgeting. Budgeting your money relieves stress, because you don’t worry about having the money to pay a bill – it’s already there. It helps you plan for future big-ticket items like a new car or vacation. If money problems are constantly stressing you out, budgeting is the answer!
    Finding An Answer
    Be the commander
    Creating and following a budget puts you in command of your money, because you make the rules, instead of money dictating your life! A budget keeps track of money and everything it needs to do for you. “Can I afford it?” becomes a question you answer instantly! Doing the work to create and maintain that budget may seem boring at first. But the payoff is exciting, especially when it comes to planning for things like a dream vacation. Budgeting is preparing for your best life!
    A Dream with a Plan
    Creating your best life
    Budgeting leads to debt-freedom, resulting in bigger and better choices. The ability to stay home with your kids, pay cash for a car, pay off your home – can be accomplished with a budget! If dreaming and planning for the future is exciting, then you already understand the excitement of budgeting!
    Do the Math!
    Finding Hope
    If you believe your situation is hopeless, do the math to prove it! Math doesn’t lie – and you might find that the reality of your situation is completely different. Create your financial picture to visualize where you truly stand, then use that information to create a budget that can help you hit any financial goal! Think it will take forever to pay off your debt? Use this calculator to find the truth – how small change really does make a big difference!
    Take The First Step
    It’s easy with the right information
    Change is within your grasp, all you need to do is take the first step and create your financial picture. Once you can see where you are, it’s easy to see where you’re going. Brace yourself for the excitement of budgeting, because once you get, your life will change – forever. Reach out to “CentsAble” Bobbi for help, tips or advice.

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    Achieving A Better Life Experience

    Achieving A Better Life Experience

    The Path To Achieving A Better Life Experience
    A 529 ABLE Plan leads to less stress
    Until 2014, achieving a better life experience for the disabled was difficult and resulted in a lot of heartache for them and those caring for them.
    Too many assets meant reduced or lost SSI or SSDI benefits, therefore financial struggles were almost a given.
    According to Author Patricia Roberts, help is available through a 529 ABLE Plan. A visit to nast.org is a great start to gain more information.
    Independence Is Attainable
    Tax-free money leads to more control
    The freedom of a 529 ABLE plan is indisputable, because it provides tax free earnings on the money you save and the ability to spend that money, tax free, for a wide range of expenses.
    Independence is no longer a pipe dream, because these plans give more control and allow for more discretion in their quest to achieve a better life experience.
    Benefits That Change Lives
    Help is available from friends and family
    Benefits of a 529 ABLE plan are vast and life-changing!
    Although capped at $15,000 per year, contributions are not limited to a disabled person’s minimal earnings, because friends, family and employers are allowed to contribute, as well. Furthermore, accounts valued at up to $100,000 will not affect SSI or SSDI benefits. And even though there’s no federal tax deduction for contributions, many states allow for this. These tax-free funds may be used for a variety of expenses including medical care, housing, transportation and education, to name a few, but a good place to get a full handle on benefits is ablenrc.org.
    Who Qualifies
    How to determine if a 529 ABLE is for you
    Medically qualified persons whose disability started before the age of 26 may take advantage of this plan, even if you don’t receive SSI or SSDI benefits, as long as you meet Social Security’s criteria and receive a letter of disability certification from a licensed doctor.
    Take The First Step
    It’s easy with the right information
    Opening an account is fast and easy! A good place to start is giftofcollege.com because they outline available options for all 50 states, and be sure to check out their helpful flipbook.  Also, many online brokerage firms can help you set up a 529 ABLE plan.

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    Budgeting For School Choice

    Budgeting For School Choice

    Get Active In Your Kids’ Education
    Explore the options
    A lot of stress is placed on parent’s shoulders when it comes to their kids’ education; considering health risks, controversial material, dedicated teachers – can leave people wondering what is best for their young ones.
    Kids must go to school, but what’s the best option? Send them to the public school in your district, homeschool, pay for a private, charter or other alternative education program? With so many choices, budgeting for school choice can be harrowing, but necessary to assure the best outcome.
    Scholarships Aren’t Just For College!
    Finding ways to pay
    Many would be surprised to know that there are scholarships for K-12 available, or that fourteen states offer education vouchers to low-income families and those with special needs, and eight states provide a tax credit for tuition and related expenses. Many states offer charter schools and several alternatives to traditional public education, so spend some time researching all available options.
    Budgeting For School Choice
    Be Intentional!
    Create a budget that focused on money for the school of choice. It may sound impossible but try it before the idea is dismissed. It’s a welcome surprise how much is found after looking closely at income versus expenses and making some changes. Being intentional with money produces astounding results!
    Plan Ahead
    Time is a powerful tool
    Once the money is found to cover this year, start planning ahead. With time on your side, there’s a lot more you can do.
    Low-income families can open a Coverdell or education savings account and contribute up to $2,000 per year. Earnings are tax-free when used for your child’s education.
    Another option is the 529 plan, which allows the flexibility to save a lot more. GiftOfCollege.com CFO, Patricia Roberts outlines the details, benefits and strategies in her book, “Route 529: A Parent’s Guide To Saving For College And Career Training With 529 Plans.”
    The Budget Scavenger Hunt
    Look for money in unexpected places
    Go beyond the traditional “found money” such as tax refunds, bonuses and salary increases, and consider life changes like the end of potty training or aging out of daycare as places to re-direct those expenses to pay for education. You can also look for “spare change” in your budget or consider other surprising ways to save money.
    Getting Started
    Can you spare 15 minutes?
    “Route 529” Author, Patricia Roberts says you can open a 529 plan in as little as 15 minutes, and there’s a ton of information and plans to choose from at giftofcollege.com!
    It Takes A Village!
    Give and receive the gift of education!
    You don’t have to go it alone, because friends, family, even employers can contribute to 529 plans, and you can contribute for friends and family! GiftOfCollege.com embraces the adage “it takes a village to raise a child” by offering gift cards for any occasion, redeemable to a new or existing 529 plan, leading you to successfully budgeting for school choice.

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    Keep Your Eyes Open

    Keep Your Eyes Open

    Keep Your Eyes Open
    What you don’t know can cost you!
    A first paycheck garners a lot of excitement, until the reality of taxes sets in, which usually leads to shock. But fear not, because there are benefits and perks that many young employees don’t know to ask about and/or aren’t explained. It’s important to remember that salaries and benefits can be negotiated, in many cases, so it’s important to consider more than just base pay.
    Consider What You Want From A Job
    Interview the company, while they’re interviewing you
    Employment is a mutually beneficial relationship. Yes, you want the job, or you wouldn’t be sitting in an interview, but they need you, or you wouldn’t be sitting in an interview, so let them know how you can benefit them. It’s important to keep your eyes open to potential by being sure to ask about all the ways they can benefit you.
    Benefits Have Monetary Value
    How to benefit your budget
    What can your employer offer you, besides a paycheck? Things like discounts on products & services you already use, including health insurance, leaves more money to budget elsewhere. A 401K helps you save for retirement and lowers your tax bill. And a lot of companies offer a match, which is free money!
    Vacation Time, Or Emergency Fund?
    A way to start your emergency fund without cash
    Many states require an employer to pay for any unused vacation time if the company has layoffs. Keeping a portion of vacation time on the books is a great way to beef up a job loss or 6-month emergency fund, while trying to save cash. This way, there’s a little cash immediately, regardless of how much or little you’ve managed to save.
    Give Yourself A Raise!
    Using taxes to balance your income
    You dictate how much of your paycheck is withheld to pay federal income tax. Withhold too much, and there’s a good chance for a bigger return at tax time; too little, and it’s time to pay up. Finding the magic number is confusing, but it’s worth learning about, especially for someone who struggles to make ends meet, all year long, but gets a hefty tax return. A visit to the IRS’ Federal Tax Withholding Calculator can help you balance it out and cut the stress! You can also cut the amount you owe by contributing to your 401K or Health Savings Account (HSA).
    Bottom Line
    What’s in a job?
    When it’s time to look for a new job, consider more than the salary. The benefits and perks could do wonders for your budget, that’s why it’s important to keep your eyes open.

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19 Ratings

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