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Are your family finances not where you want them to be? That's because you don't have a CFO at home! Certified Personal Financial Wellness Consultant Vince Carter and his amazing guests discuss Personal Finance fundamentals and ways to better navigate the relational aspects of money to help listeners become the CFO at THEIR home!

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Are your family finances not where you want them to be? That's because you don't have a CFO at home! Certified Personal Financial Wellness Consultant Vince Carter and his amazing guests discuss Personal Finance fundamentals and ways to better navigate the relational aspects of money to help listeners become the CFO at THEIR home!

    Managing Medical Debt

    Managing Medical Debt

    Despite our best efforts to budget, save, invest, and be careful with our spending, a single medical emergency can present significant challenges to even the most thorough of financial plans. Given the ever rising price of healthcare and healthcare insurance, what can we do to help manage the impact of these costs on our finances? That’s the conversation that Vince has on this episode of CFO at Home with Robert Hertz, retired insurance agent and crusader against medical debt. You can learn more about Robert and his mission by going to theantidebtagenda.com
    (05:10) Initial Avoiding and dealing with accumulated medical debt 
    (13:50) Beyond the initial steps 
    (14:05) Under some federal legislation, unpaid medical bills are not reported to credit bureaus
    (21:03) Some doctors and even some hospitals will give you a payment plan
    (25:12) There are a couple of things that can be done nationally to reduce medical debt
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    Crypto, Blockchain, and the Future of Money

    Crypto, Blockchain, and the Future of Money

    Remember a couple of years ago when everybody was talking about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and NFTs? Hear much about them today? Was it all just a passing fad, or are there things about Cryptocurrency and the technology behind it that it would be beneficial for us to be aware of from a financial literacy standpoint? That’s the discussion Vince has on this week’s episode of CFO at Home with Professor Tonya Evans, Author of Digital Money Demystified, and host of the Tech Intersect podcast. You can learn more about Professor Evans, Digital Money Demystified and the Tech Intersect podcast by going to DigitalMoneyDemystified.com, or TechIntersectPodcast.com
    Show Notes:
    (3:16) Defining cryptocurrency and blockchain technology
    (9:46) The trust factor behind crypto and how it compares to traditional currency
    (17:15) The potential for marginalized communities to gain a first-mover advantage in the digital currency space
    (26:30) The importance of becoming financially literate in the digital age and the role of crypto assets
    (31:00) How recent events have affected the crypto market and what it means for investors
    (42:02) Practical steps for beginners to start exploring and understanding the world of crypto
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    Tonya M. Evans
    Tech Intersect Podcast
    Digital Money Demystified
    Tonya M. Evans #DigitalMoneyDemystified (@ipprofevans) • Instagram
    Tonya Evans - Facebook
    Unchained Podcast
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    Financial Strategies for a Civil Divorce

    Financial Strategies for a Civil Divorce

    Google “Stressful life events”, and more often than not the results will list divorce as #2, right behind the death of a spouse or loved one. For all of the stress and pain that comes with the process, how can the financial part of a break-up be handled in a civil, respectful, and fair manner? That’s the topic that Vince dives into on this episode of CFO at Home with Leah Hadley, founder of Intentional Divorce Solutions, and host of the Intentional Divorce Insights podcast. You can learn more about Leah and Intentional Divorce Solutions by going to IntentionalDivorceSolutions.com
    Show Notes
    (06:27) Leah serves as a financial neutral or an advocate during divorce
    (08:49) Common mistakes people make when going through divorce include giving up marital home
    (12:49) Taking the time to fully understand your assets
    (18:57) The importance of liquidity, having access to cash during transitions
    (21:43) Protect your credit throughout the divorce process
    (26:43) The importance of Financial Transparency 
    (29:13) Prenups
    (32:30) Leah offers support groups for women and men going through divorce
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    Let’s Talk Credit!

    Let’s Talk Credit!

    Did you know that March is National Credit Education Month? To mark the occasion, Vince thought he’d share some info from the National Financial Educators Council Credit Education Guide. If you’d like a copy of the full guide, just drop him a note at vince@thecfoathome.com
    Credit Bureaus are
    Companies that collect information about your credit and other financial obligations
    Credit History
    Companies that you have loans with report how you have managed your debt to the credit bureaus. All this information is compiled into your credit history. 
    Credit Score
    Credit scoring companies (FICO and AdvantageScore)  use credit history info to calculate and assign you a credit score, which is used as a measure your creditworthiness
    The FICO scoring system is currently the most widely used and currently evaluates the following credit history elements with the following weights:
    35% is based on your payment history.
    30% reflects the amounts you currently owe.
    15% is from the length of your credit history.
    10% is from new credit and the number of recently-opened accounts.
    10% is based on the types of credit you use.
    FICO credit score ranges
    Exceptional 800 - 850
    Very Good 740 - 799
    Good 670 - 739
    Fair 580-669
    Poor 300 - 579
    Credit Report
    A summary of your credit history and credit scores is published by the credit bureaus as a credit report
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    Money and Relationships - Money, Relationships, and Happiness

    Money and Relationships - Money, Relationships, and Happiness

    In the final episode of CFO at Home’s Money and Relationships series, Vince talks with Greg Davis, retired Senior Finance Executive, academic, and author of the book "Checkmate: Tips & Lessons to help you Make the Right Moves to Achieve Happiness!”, about how both Money and Relationships ultimately impact our happiness. You can learn more about Greg and Checkmate by visiting davischeckmate.com
    Show Notes:
    (00:00) Introduction to CFO at Home's financial coaching and education services announcement
    (01:30) The staggering statistics on American happiness and financial preparedness
    (6:47) Greg’s CHECKMATE framework and how it relates to money and relationships
    (12:00) Work-life balance
    (32:18) The concept of 'money dates' and how they can strengthen a couple's financial unity
    (39:00) Take the time to find a good life partner 
    (46:18) Greg’s upcoming course based on "Checkmate" and the release of the audiobook
    Ways to contact/follow:
    Contact the Host - vince@thecfoathome.com

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    Money and Relationships - Marital Money Talk

    Money and Relationships - Marital Money Talk

    On this Money and Relationships episode of CFO at Home, Pastor, marriage coach and author Kelly DuPee and I dive into the subject of marriage and money. We discuss how Kelly successfully navigated through his own marital challenges, marital friction and financial disagreements, the importance of oneness, trust and communication when managing finances as a couple, and more. You can learn more about Kelly, his coaching services, and his book Turn It Up, How To Have The Lifelong Marriage That You Really Want by visiting turnitup.coach
    Show Notes:
    (00:00) Introduction to CFO at Home's new financial coaching and education services
    (01:48) Kelly’s background and the personal experiences that shaped his approach to marriage coaching
    (11:40) Financial arguments (explosive anger)
    (15:34) The importance of financial unity (oneness) 
    (19:45) Strategies for couples to discuss and manage their finances collaboratively
    (25:27) The importance of trust
    (28:41) Kelly's techniques for effective communication and conflict resolution in financial matters
    (40:46) The offer of discounted access to Kelly's book for CFO at Home listeners
    - Website: turnitup.coach
    - Book Offer: turnitup.coach/75
    - Contact the Host - vince@thecfoathome.com

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
24 Ratings

24 Ratings

AKShelley ,

Great help for family finances

This podcast is a great listen for better understaning family finances. He covers a broad range of topics and then gives you ways to learn more if you want to go into depth a topic. Vince is a great host and keeps things rolling efficiently.

Mari Collins Harris ,

Always a good conversational flow - learn new stuff!

I love the CFO at Home. Vince does a fantastic job of sourcing interesting people with new information to bring to the table. I always walk away with 5 more things to do or research afterwards! He keeps the conversation flowing, and it’s easy to follow, even if you don’t have a background in finance. Love this podcast!

andyxbeefeater ,

Looking for help with your finances? Look no further!

Vince has a big heart to help others get better with money! This is a great podcast if you are looking to get a leg up with your money. Vince makes it easy and approachable to take your finances to the next level.

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