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Join us as we challenge the norm by breaking all the rules of business.

Changing the Script Zach and Hannah Pippins

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Join us as we challenge the norm by breaking all the rules of business.

    The Customer-Centric Revolution: Navigating the Future of Business

    The Customer-Centric Revolution: Navigating the Future of Business

    Ever wondered why some businesses just seem to "get" their customers? Dive in with us as we chat about the "Customer-Centric Revolution." We're breaking down how the successful folks in the business world are putting their customers front and center, and why it's the way to go for the future. Grab a coffee, and let's navigate this journey together. 🚀

    • 52 min
    Algorithmic Overdrive: Are We Still in Control?

    Algorithmic Overdrive: Are We Still in Control?

    Today, we're chatting about algorithms and how they're everywhere in our digital lives. They decide what we see online and can even influence what we buy. But are we really making our own choices, or are algorithms guiding us? We talk about the sneaky ways technology can get us hooked and how it might make us feel like we're missing out. Plus, we share some tips on how to take back control and not let our screens run our lives. If you've ever felt like your phone knows you a little too well, this episode is for you!

    • 46 min
    Income Claims: Are they worth it?

    Income Claims: Are they worth it?

    In this episode, we delve deep into our perspectives on how income claims can potentially influence the market landscape. Please bear in mind that the views and opinions expressed in this episode are solely ours and are presented for educational purposes only. They should not be construed as legal advice or guidance. Always consult with a professional or legal expert before making any decisions based on the content of this episode. Join us as we explore this fascinating topic!

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    Changing the Script: Introduction

    Changing the Script: Introduction

    Welcome to Changing the Script Podcast with your hosts, Zach and Hannah Pippins. We are the team that brought your the Roadmap on TikTok and are excited to share with you our next phase in the journey. Head over to changingthescript11.com to find out more!

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5.0 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

Debsview ,

Excellent! So relevant to today’s business model

Such interesting and informative topics about online business development. I am SO happy to have found out about your podcast and community. It’s really going to help as I try to navigate my next moves and hopeful chapter in business life! Thank you so much for what you’re doing!

Mirandra1 ,


Enjoyed this so much and look forward to more!

CliffordMama0731 ,


Really found this podcast valuable! Took home a bunch of nuggets! Looking forward to more!

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