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The stories of everyday Chicagoans as told to Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Chicago Stories Mayor Rahm Emanuel

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The stories of everyday Chicagoans as told to Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel

    Thanks for listening! On this final episode of "Chicago Stories," Mayor Emanuel swapped mics with legendary broadcaster Bill Kurtis for a look back on his own life and career, from his first steps in politics, to the countless lessons he learned in the White House, and everything else in between. Tune in as Mayor Emanuel gives his take on Chicago's larger-than-life political culture, his advice to young people, and what it was like serving the greatest people in the greatest city on Earth.

    • 43 min
    Nancy Pelosi Rules

    Nancy Pelosi Rules

    How do you win the speaker's gavel twice? One vote at a time. Tune in as Mayor Emanuel sits down with the one and only Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for a wide-ranging discussion on politics and power, leadership and public service, and why after over 30 years in public life she’s still going strong.

    • 31 min
    Theaster Gates's Community Canvas

    Theaster Gates's Community Canvas

    Theaster Gates is many things, but he doesn’t see it that way. Tune in as Mayor Emanuel talks to the world-famous artist about connecting art with neighborhood development, discovering the spiritual life of abandoned spaces, and the “aha” moment that brought it all together.

    • 36 min
    Chemi Peres and the Empires of Tomorrow

    Chemi Peres and the Empires of Tomorrow

    Chemi Peres is a man on a mission. Tune in as Mayor Emanuel speaks with the venture capitalist and chairman of the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation about impact investing and peace through technology, Israel and its recent elections, and his work in advancing his father’s legacy of visionary leadership.

    • 35 min
    Richard Haass's Global Vision

    Richard Haass's Global Vision

    Foreign policy is never what it used to be. Tune in as Mayor Emanuel joins Council on Foreign Relations president Dr. Richard Haass for a sweeping conversation on America's evolving role since the Cold War, his advice for 2020 candidates, how to prioritize big problems, and the blurring lines between foreign and domestic policy, along with much more.

    • 34 min
    Helene Gayle is Making a Difference

    Helene Gayle is Making a Difference

    Dr. Helene Gayle has made a career out of making a difference. Tune in as she and Mayor Emanuel talk about her early career fighting HIV/AIDS, how to create inclusive economic growth, what brought her to Chicago, and her vision as president of the Chicago Community Trust.

    • 27 min

Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
106 Ratings

106 Ratings


Great podcast

Mayor Emmanuel is very knowledgeable & entertaining. I hope he returns to do more podcasts! I’ve learned a lot from listening to him.

gwlk ,

Recipe for a Great Podcast

I am keeping this podcast in my library for a long time. I will re-listen often.

Elements for continued and successful interest are
-Variety of topics
-People who have something to say -The involved host who listens and anticipates the next question

It was a good run Rahm, thank you.

ChicagoDawg ,

A Great Listen!

Mayor Emanuel continually has great and informative guests on Chicago Stories, which keeps me excited to listen every week. This discussions heard on Chicago Stories are both eclectic and enlightening. This is truly a great podcast and is one of my favorites!

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