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Chill & Prosper is a weekly podcast by money mindset mentor, Denise Duffield-Thomas, covering topics including money mindset and clearing your money blocks.

Chill & Prosper with Denise Duffield-Thomas Denise Duffield-Thomas

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Chill & Prosper is a weekly podcast by money mindset mentor, Denise Duffield-Thomas, covering topics including money mindset and clearing your money blocks.

    Growing your email list and social media

    Growing your email list and social media

    You might not want to hear this, but there are key numbers in your business that you need to track and have a plan to grow. 
    It’s possible to both love your people and want to grow your numbers quickly. 
    Don’t be afraid to look at these numbers. The success of your offers, launches, and, in fact, your whole business is directly linked to the size of your audience. 
    The truth is that the more people see your stuff, the more money you’ll make - it’s a numbers game, so it’s essential to get clear on where you’re at and have a target you want to grow to. 
    On today’s podcast episode, I’m sharing how I grow my list and following.

    • 29 min
    Failing businesses and hard economic times

    Failing businesses and hard economic times

    We have such a joyful podcast episode today! It's all about failing businesses and tricky economic times. Urgh. 
    But if you've been in scarcity, feeling fearful, or worried about failure, you'll feel better after listening. 
    The feeling of uncertainty and concerns about the cost of living are real for a lot of us at the moment, so it's normal if you're feeling stressed.
    It's also normal if you've noticed these feelings starting to have a knock-on effect on your business, but this doesn't have to be disastrous. 
    If you've made a mistake or your anxiety is peaking (I've been there), then today's episode will help you.

    • 30 min
    Business & mindset lessons from 4 months traveling

    Business & mindset lessons from 4 months traveling

    Last year, I took my family to Europe for four months - hubby, three children, and my mom - and it was intense and magical in lots of ways. 
    We were so lucky to spend time in the UK, seeing Mark’s family and traveling to places like Paris, Barcelona, and Lapland - I hope it was an unforgettable trip for the kids.
    I tried not to work much on the trip, but so many experiences stood out while we were overseas I just knew I had to share them in a podcast episode.
    So today, I’m diving into the business, marketing, and mindset lessons I got from my Europe trip.

    • 26 min
    Business Besties 101: Finding your people

    Business Besties 101: Finding your people

    Let’s talk about finding your people - the communities, coaches and business besties you need to thrive. 
    This is one of my favorite topics because I love talking about my business besties and sharing their work. 
    Which inevitably leads to questions like “How do I find more besties?” or “Which community should I join for XYZ?”
    Having friends who understand your business and have similar experiences is so important. It will play a vital role in your success as an entrepreneur for four main reasons:
    Support from someone with a shared experience who can offer empathy, compassion, and advice on overcoming business challenges.
    Ideas and feedback on improving parts of your business or marketing.
    Contacts and recommendations of great systems, contractors, or staff you’ll need along the way.
    Opportunities to uplevel and network by opening doors to new audiences, stages, or events.
    More than someone to vent or cry with, a business best friend can be invaluable for masterminding, partnering, and cheerleading. 
    On today’s podcast, I share my tips on finding new business besties and the right coach to help you grow this year. 

    • 34 min
    How to have a life and business

    How to have a life and business

    On this week's episode of the Chill and Prosper podcast I'm talking about how to balance life and business and how you can have both! 
    Now, I'm no expert in this, and it's something that will constantly change as you evaluate your business and your goals. But there are some tried and true tips I've learned along the way that I think you'll love.

    • 35 min
    How to close the sale

    How to close the sale

    Don't freak out. We're going to talk sales, but not in a sleazy or pushy way. 
    If you don't like sales and you're thinking of skipping this episode, don't worry—I've got some chillprenuer tips that actually work. 
    Let's make it as easy as possible for you to close the deal and make more money. 

    • 23 min

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4.9 out of 5
187 Ratings

187 Ratings

ihateyouihateyou ,

Great Advice and Encouragement

I love this show. I especially love putting the show on when I’m feeling scared or worried about my finances. There are great businesses tips and also techniques to relieve the anxiety that can surround money. Plus, I use her theme song almost as an affirmation. lol! 🎶Welcome to Chill and Prosper…🎶

55Rain55 ,

So real and motivating

I love her books and this podcast is just as wonderful. Perfect way to start my business day and keep motivated. She’s just the best!!

Bona and Team Capsho ,

Great show!

This podcast offers a refreshing take on entrepreneurial success. Denise deftly balancing mindset shifts with practical advice, an engaging listen for those navigating the business landscape.

From Bona and Team Capsho :)

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