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A review of the people and products featured on "Computer Chronicles" between 1983 and 2002.

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A review of the people and products featured on "Computer Chronicles" between 1983 and 2002.

    3. Quotations from Chairman Morrow

    3. Quotations from Chairman Morrow

    George Morrow was a regular contributor to the early seasons of Computer Chronicles, providing commentary on industry trends and filling in for Gary Kildall as co-host. He was also the chairman of Morrow Designs, a manufacturer of microcomputers founded in the period before the IBM PC took the market by storm. But the company's 10-year run came to an arbupt end in early 1986 after losing out on a key government contract to provide portable computers to the IRS.
    Computer Chronicles Revisited Special No. 8 — Morrow DesignsComputer Chronicles #202 — Portable ComputersComputer Chronicles #430 — Business Applications, Part 4The Computer Entrepreneurs (Levering, Katz, and Moskowitz, 1984)CBS Inc. v. Morrow (Federal Circuit, 1983)Peter Campbell, "At the Forum" (Morrow Owners' Review, June 1984)Sypko Andrae, "Auction at Morrow" (Morrow Owners' Review, August-September 1986)"Last Word with George" (Morrow Owners' Review, Dec. 1987-Jan. 1988)"Morrow's Micro Stuff" (PC History)

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    2. One Tax Program to Rule Them All

    2. One Tax Program to Rule Them All

    In 1987, three small software companies appeared on "Computer Chronicles" to demonstrate their income tax preparation programs. One of those programs, TurboTax, continues to dominate the market today. But while TurboTax now belongs to Intuit Corporation, back in 1987 it was still owned by a literal "mom and pop" company called ChipSoft. How did Intuit end up taking over TurboTax? And what happened to the other two products?
    Computer Chronicles Revisited, Part 80 — The Tax Advantage, MacInTax, TurboTax, and PC/Tax CutComputer Chronicles #421 — Tax Preparation SoftwareIn$ide Intuit (Suzanne E. Taylor and Kathy Schroeder, 2003)Oral History of Scott Cook (Computer History Museum, 2019)Oral History of Scott Proulx (Computer History Museum, 2019)Podcast Music: "Scenic Detour" by Melody Ayres-Griffiths

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    1. The Forgotten Desktop Publishing App

    1. The Forgotten Desktop Publishing App

    PageMaker was the program that defined desktop publishing for the Macintosh platform back in 1985. But what about the PC? Three ex-Digital Research employees believed that desktop publishing could reach the masses of IBM and compatible users as well, so they started Ventura Software. Today, their product "Ventura Publisher" is a largely forgotten footnote in desktop publishing history.
    Computer Chronicles Revisited, Part 69 -- PageMaker, Ventura Publisher, and the DEST PC Scan PlusComputer Chronicles #408 -- Desktop Publishing, Part 2 (1986)Oral history with Paul Brainerd (Computer History Museum, 2006)Oral history panel with Paul Brainerd, Jonathan Seybold, Lee Lorenzen, and John Scull (Computer History Museum, 2017)Ted Silveira's review of Ventura Publisher (PROFILES Magazine, 1987)Podcast Music: "Scenic Detour" by Melody Ayres-Griffiths.

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